Thursday, November 15, 2007

James Lowe: Hope for the Future

The feud at Leland Public School District has been going on for years. Why? Because the Board of Trustees felt that Dr. Ilean Richards, and her staff were doing a superb job, and her son’s inappropriate behavior was fine. I think those issues are justification for concern. But their cry to be heard apparently fell on deaf ears repeatedly, because Dr. Richards gets reappointed as Superintendent year after year.

Dr. Richards has been Superintendent, consultant, and held various other titles over the years Yet, the problems of old that plagued the Leland School District still run rampant. Citizens continue to bring charges against Dr. Richards who is perceived to be incompetent, lacking in compassion, poor people skills, and, insultingly, charges continue to be downplayed—if not ignored—by both the Board President, and the Trustees.

When the Trustee Board fails to do what is necessary to assure that only the most capable trained, compassionate leaders are assigned to the district, insurrection is the result.And insurrection—in the way of sexual misconduct, disrespect of faculty, and staff, and cussing and fussing of every stripe—will continue to be the sad legacy of the Leland Public School District, until the Board of Trustees exercise the courage to do the things that's right consistently---- they will never be able to do what is right—not what is convenient or popular, until they allow their decisions to be controlled by the indwelling of clean minds, and spirit--- instead of by whatever external influences currently render them impotent to do the will of the citizens.

Let us pray that the new members of the Board of Trustees will do their work and make the tough choices that will ensure that, someday, The Leland School District will be in good, competent, compassionate hands, and move our school to the head of the pact in all areas, where it belong.

James Lowe

Thank you Mr. Lowe for your diligence and concern for the students of Leland Public Schools. We share your hopes for a brighter future for our public schools!



Anonymous said...

Agreed. It is time for people in public positions to stand up and do what is right, not just what their buddies entice them to do.

Anonymous said...

I Believe In Greenville! Do our City Leaders?

I was just looking to see if the cities website information had been updted and I ran across the "BUY HERE" program. There is an impressive list of Businesses and merchants but the one listing I was really hoping to find was Greenvile.
Although I was not surprised to see that Greenville does not support it's on BUY HERE program, I was very disappointed. How can you support such a program when our City leaders don't support it? I might have Missed DRMC on the list but I don't think I did.


Anonymous said...

The Buy Here, and I believe In Greenville are only good if you can buy it here cheaper than you can elsewhere. Also to buy it here, it would be nice if you had a better selection. It's a money thing. Do you really think anyone would pay a hundred dollars more for something if they could get elsewhere? Of course not. Slogans are fun things for people to sit around a table and come up with. It makes them feel like they are making a difference, when in fact Greenville is doomed period!

Anonymous said...

If you or any resident of Greenville feels that it is "doomed"-- why do you stay here?

Anonymous said...

Let's not live in a fantasy land. Greenville is in serious trouble. Don't kid yourselves and believe we're not.

Anonymous said...

Oh Greenville is DOOMED!! and yes people ARE getting out as fast as they can. Have you looked at the City Data lately? I still have family here is my reason for staying.
Where doomed I tell you, DOOMED!!

Anonymous said...

enough said! a $17,000 increase!! not even enough for inflation

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

In responce to Anonymous said...
If you or any resident of Greenville feels that it is "doomed"-- why do you stay here?

The answer, I don't! I got out 3years ago, I saw the writing on the wall! And as others have said if you look at the data, many more were right behind me!
Live in your fantacy land if wish, but, all would be wise to get out while the getting is good. You are running out of time. (with the exception of the old money who could care less, they have theirs and could care less about the rest of you.)

tencent said...

I wish that I could tell one 'anonymous' reader from another. So, I will respond to ALL.

Folks that have left Greenville; best of luck in your new communities. And I wish that someone would explain 'old money' to me. I see families that have 'earned' money over many generations. Why should they be belittled for the work done by the present or past generations? The 'old money' debators sound like they are still in the old plantation ideology.

Current Greenville residents; I still urge you to get out and vote. You have a voice. Let it be heard regardless of what the nay-sayers shout. Whatever the outcome, you will have had your day at the polling booth. It is your right and responsibility.


Lorie said...

Thanks for writing this.