Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Teflon Ray"

Current Employee notes...

Yes, you should have seen them all, the DRMC Executive suite, last night at Harlowes casino, wining and dining the doctors. It made me sick to look at them.

The biggest Baptist of them all, Sunday school teacher Ray Ray drinking in the casino at a DRMC sponsored event. What happened to the county not being allowed to pay for alcohol?

How does the hospital have the money to pay for a fancy shindig at Harlowes yesterday, when today they made us send staff home because of low census "flexing"?

Former Employee offers:

Allison Williams is simply a bitch. At least Florence has a few friends... Allison has none!

Alphe Wells is the biggest joke of all. He was hired as a token black at the board's direction. He ran off all of the competent staff he inherited from KD and spends his days polishing his fingernails and conversing with Ray via his blackberry.

Alphe is probably the biggest stooge Ray ever hired. He is not only incompetent, but he presents himself as a complete buffoon who knows nothing about human resources.

I agree with the writer above that Courtney Phillips is the only one with any scruples; however, Ray's power to corrupt is mighty strong! Woody White fled Greenville when he finally saw the depth of Ray's corruption and decided he wouldn't look good in stripes!

The physicians practice mess is real! I have friends who are knowledgeable of its finances and DPP is in deep trouble! Ray Humphreys is going to spend his way out of Greenville. Everything he owns is for sale including his house and hunting club membership. He will flee Greenville one day like a scalded dog and we will be left to clean up his mess... just like in Hattiesburg!

I vote we kick his ass out of here before he bankrupts DRMC and leaves the Delta with no viable healthcare. The entire administration needs to go... they are all Ray's peons who have no other interest than to protect their "outrageous" incomes!

Greenville needs to get off their asses and demand quality healthcare for the delta. DRMC is one of the biggest disgraces in the Delta! 4 million dollar ad campaign?... what a waste! It is like dressing a may be more pleasing to the eye, but at the end of the day, it is still a pig!

Sleeping Giant adds:

The sad part is, Ray does not realize the incompetence of the so called "administrators" he has surrounded himself with. Nor does he care to notice. It does not matter to him because he is not held accountable nor challenged.

As for DPP, Alyson Williams is the head idiot in charge. DPP has lost millions over the past several years. Physicians are employed at three times the national average. If exposed, these extreme overpayments would definitely border on Stark and Anti-Kickback law violations. These physicians have very little incentive to perform since most of there salaries are guaranteed.

Some people have business sense but Alyson Williams has none. As for the wine and dine, I am not surprised. As for religion, it is sad in business when religion is invoked to diminish the possibility of a decision being questioned.

How many times have we heard the announcement of stupid decision begin with, "Well, I have done a lot of praying about this and.......!" I believe God endowed some with the intelligence to make good business decisions without having to ask. I know Ray Humphreys and Alyson William are not of these.

Sleeping Giant

Anonymous Dittos...

To "sleeping Giant" Ditto, Ditto, Ditto..... were you and I at the same meeting or do these people always say- well I have prayed about this and it would be in the best interest in the hospital if we replaced your job with someone less competent-mmmmm- always beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing.....

Ray Humphreys in a casino... surely NOT... an upstanding deacon of the Baptist Church drinking and gambling in a den of inequity? Perhaps Ray had prayed about it and been directed to go forth and save the fallen souls of these misguided MDs? Huummm?

Ordinarily, I would suggest that the "Boards" be notified; however, I would bet that they were also present at the county sponsored shin-dig, lapping up the spoils of being "bought and paid for".

Lately, I have heard a great deal about the woes of Delta Physicians Practice. It seems that this LLC is where Ray hides much of the massive debt incurred through the outrageous salaries he has guaranteed physicians to come to Greenville.

These physicians get paid the same whether they are productive or not; while, the clinical and nonclinical staff of DRMC are sent home daily due to low census. Periods of low census are a reality in all health care settings and can be adjusted for through proactive, sound fiscal planning.

However, sending low paid workers home to offset the six figure incomes of MDs and Administrators is simply not good practice, not to mention a real morale-buster! It is no wonder their employees are fleeing by the day.

A successful, productive hospital has to have competent leadership and satisfied employees. DRMC has neither! I know of two types of employees at DRMC: those who dred going to their jobs and are vocal about it; and those who dred going to their jobs and are silenced by fear and intimidation from administration. It is sad that anyone has to work in a place they despise.

Like a former mafia leader, Ray's nickname should be "Teflon Ray" because nothing ever sticks to him. His "protective coating" is graft, corruption and bribery. As an added defense, Ray uses God's words and "prayer" to justify his self-serving deeds.

I predict that Ray Humphreys will disappear from Greenville overnight, like a passing storm front. We will awaken to the disaster and devastation that he will leave in his wake, and like all stunned victims, we will suffer and lament, "If only we had been warned..."

Take heed Greenville. The casualties of DRMC will be real; they will be numerous; and they will be among you all.



Anonymous said...

Regular staff are made to take off on holidays, even if they don't have any leave time, BUT Allyson and Her cronies, don't be misled, they are hers and not Rays, work when they want. I bet they never use any of their plt.

Not conned by the cons said...

With all of these complaints, where are the Board members? Where is the County Bd of Supervisors? Surely, one of the so called leaders should see all of this too and throw in an investigation before more damage happens???

You know, careers in local politics do not pay really well, so for the life of me, why would a person take on such a job of responsibility to his community and have no intention of making better changes?? They like the power? They like the perks? They like the attention in the lime light of a small town??? Go figure!All of that does not come to a really big deal. If they have no intention of doing right and making right wrong doings, I wish to God that their souls would come forward and realize the damage that their host is causing or allowing, for the hometown. They should do us all a favor and pack their bags and go home!

They were voted into their jobs because of voters believing in what they promised. Either make good on the promises or move on.

Stop self serving your needs, bullying your employees with your self importance or wants and start serving your community! Believe me when I tell you that right here in Greenville, regardless what most may think, there is still a lot of big money and old money names who, with a little encouragement, could help the most.

Anonymous said...

I agree with "not conned" that there are a lot of people here who would help if they could trust the people in charge. Look at what Charles Bevil did to Benjy Nelken: just boot him off a board "because I can but I do not want to give a reason" said Mr. Bevil. Look at the investment that Nelken has put into Greenville: the Nelco, the Greenville Museum and more. And a county appointed no-nothing can boot Nelken off a tourism board with no reason? If this is the way people get treated when they invest in this town its no wonder more do not do so. You are never safe from a power hungry no-nothing around here. DRMC's county appointed board seem to follow the same blind eye procedure as every other politically appointed board in this town. Hey how about the school board? Is that any different? Do not think so.

Anonymous said...

I was one of those outsiders who attended the extravaganza at Harlows. Wow, what a spread! Alcohol was flowing and the tables were filled with massive amounts of shrimp and prime rib. Yum. For some reason, they invited odd for a coding seminar? And yes, Ray Ray was there; wining and dining his providers. Funny thing is, halfway thru the speaker's presentation, he confidentally rose from his seat with his wife at his side and left. I guess he made it for cocktail hour and ate a good meal and he was done. Just like he is gonna do the folks at DRMC. He will be gone in a flash after he has feasted on DRMC. And, yes, he had his little blackberry companion there with him, Alphe. Mazie was present too smiling like there was no tomorrow ready for a "yes sir, Mr. Humphreys" on command. And, let's not forget Allyson, large and in charge in her stiletos. There is no telling how much that deal cost and just today I was in the hospital listening to nurses being sent home for "low census" as their nurse manager assured them, "we gotta be productive, they are watching us closely". What a JOKE! How productive is that brand spanking new NICU? It is a lonely unit with no docs or nurses. Ray is such a brilliant visionary, isn't he? This board should be ASHAMED of themselves. They know full well exactly what is going on and they allow it to continue. We can only surmise that the board is IN on it all or else surely someone would do their job and put a stop to this irresponsible team of liars who identify them as the DRMC administration! When will it end??