Friday, August 24, 2007

Nepotism in Leland School District?

Anonymous writer suggests...

This summer, there was apparently a "by invitation only" class offered to a select few students. There were 7 or 8, including Dr. Richards 2 granddaughters, the daughter of the elementary school secretary, who is not a Leland student, the child of a person running for school board, and a few more.

The certified teacher/babysitter for this group was the married, but alleged girlfriend of the superintendent's son. Their inappropriate behavior has been going on for over a year and has been observed by many both on and off campus, and even photographed.

Most recently, the superintendent's son's ex-wife has been rescued from her computer lab and given a "position" with a room and no children. It would be interesting to know if this new job comes with a raise. Of course, this very qualified individual is one of the few teaching assistants who gets to work and get paid in the summer.

It appears that since Dr. Richards would have to pay for all of her son's responsibilities and indiscretions, she just takes care of it all very neatly on the school district bank account.

She gives her ex-daughter in law a job to increase her pay. The grandchildren therefore need a babysitter, so she hires the alleged girlfriend to babysit for them and while she's at it, makes brownie points with a possible future board member by including his child in the group.

This is obviously nepotism. Is it ethical, legal or even something that happens anywhere else where a board of trustees is supposed to approve decisions? Can someone please look into this?


I assume that "Dr. Richards" is the Superintendent of Leland Public Schools. I am certainly no expert on public school politics, but if the author is correct in his/her allegations, this matter certainly warrants closer scrutiny.

In an age when no public servants are held accountable for such "indiscretions", why should we expect our educational leaders to be any different? Nepotism is just the biological version of the "good ole boy" syndrome that rules our local politics.

Oversight by boards of trustees seems ineffective at best. Most members are more than willing to "turn their heads" to such chicanery as long as they get their slice of the public pie.

So, how does this type of blatant abuse of power go unchecked? Simple... you surround yourself with people whose hands are just as dirty as yours, and no one is likely to blow the whistle!



Anonymous said...

Playing favorites is only one of Dr. Richard's many character flaws. As a former employee of the Leland School District, I have persoanlly witnessed her complete disregard for the feelings and opinions of others.

After enduring Dr. Richards' reign of terror for four years, I removed myself and my children from Leland Public Schools.

Due to her over-inflated ego and complete lack of professionalism, she is quick to verbally assault coworkers and children alike.

With Leland being almost 95% black, this is not a racial issue. Dr. Richards holds the respect of neither the black nor white community. She answers to one person: herself; and has no regard for the welfare of the board, parents or children.

Recently, it was told to me that in addition to being paid as the full time superintendent, Dr. Richards is also being paid as a consultant to other shcool distrcts (on LSD's time). Double-dipping?

Dr. Richard's hand are definitely dirty and if the Leland School Board continues to let this ego-maniac rule with unchecked authority, teahers will continue to flee in droves.

Anonymous said...

In a follow up to a previous post:

In today's DDT. Mississippi was honored as the most obese state in the U.S.

"Mississippi became the first state to pass the 30% barrier for adult residents to be obese"

Health officals say the latest state rankings provide evidence that the Mississippi has a public health crisis in its hands

Now is second hand smoke a public health crisis.

As I have said before. Anything that might hurt local business at this time is bad. I don't tell you where to eat.

James W Lowe said...

I have met with the Leland School Board President, written letters, and editorials to no avail concerning the allegations of drug use (crack cocaine etc.), sexual misconduct, and concealed weapons on campus during working hours by certain faculty members which one happens to be the Superintendent’s son who is a known drugs user. I have had audiences with faculty, and staff members who would like to come forward, but are afraid of reprisals from the administration who has warned them that everything that go on there stays there. I have personally witnessed the individual in a known area for drug sale, and distribution during school hours, it was also brought to my attention that the individual’s husband who was caught having sex on duty was stalking the school in hopes of catching the individual driving his vehicle which his wife often allowed. I pray that the State Superintendent of Education, and/or the Attorney General’s office will intervene, and conduct an independent investigation in order to give this community some relief, and /or before someone is injured or worst. I am also sending a copy of this letter to the Attorney General Jim Hood for posible prosecution if there are any laws being broken.

Anonymous said...

Now this is what everyone has been talking about!!!!! Go Mr.Lowe, You da man!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lowe, If they don't intervene and someone is hurt or killed, this will be on them (school board, Attorney General, and State Board Superintendent) and you can honestly say you and many others have done all they could do to try to prevent it. It is sad and scarey that this continues to go on and on.

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone brave enough to speak out! The rest of us wish that we could sign our names, but it would come with Hell to pay. Yes, there is an open-door policy if you are coming in support of Dr. Richards, but quite the opposite is true if you have a legitimate problem or concern! It's a sad, sad day when you continue to allow your child to embarass you on a daily basis! Please someone save this district! One person shouldn't have this much control. Thank you Mr. Lowe.

Anonymous said...

Mothers, is this what we do to our sons, coddle and protect them at any cost? She knows that if her son was employed anywhere else, he would have been fired a long time ago. This would create a really big problem for her. We have to realize that she is not just a controlling boss, but a controlling mother also. Who would have to pay his bills, pay his child support, and support his habits? Mommy Dearest! BINGO! So having him work for you allows you to control him to a certain degree.

Anonymous said...

These are some very serious allegations.