Friday, August 31, 2007

"Honest Journalism?"

Anonymous said...

Your blog allows people to rail against someone or some entity without a shred of evidence. This Web site is doing a disservice to the very people you claim to be trying to service. While your efforts may be forthright, you are, in most instances, supplying misinformation.

Maybe the rest of the community appreciates the Daily World "Bigfoot was my love slave" type of information, but the rest of us are looking and hoping for people who are willing to put forth honest journalism.

This is a local Blog! It is not the New York Times, CBS Nightly News or even the Delta Democrat Times. I have no control over the "comments" that viewers submit. If I choose to post a writer's view on the "front page" of the Scoop, I rarely edit it unless it is crude, vulgar or threatening.

Every comment on the Leland issue that has been submitted thus far has been "anonymous"... yours included. Whether praising or criticizing Dr. Richards, no one seems to be willing to step up to the plate. Even when writers submit their name with a comment, I generally remove it. I am more interested in what people have to say rather than who said it. That is why most local blogs are anonymous.

As I stated before, the purpose of this blog is to raise the public interest on topics that affect us all in the Delta. Certainly our health care and educational systems fall into this category. If the "issues" brought forth on this blog are true, citizens need to be informed and take action to correct the problems. If the issues are "bogus", they tend to die a natural death because no one responds.

Obviously, this is a somewhat "hot" topic. It has generated more responses than any other topic ever posted on the Scoop. Does that mean any of it is the truth? Absolutely not, but it does mean that many people in the Delta seem to think there may be some validity to the allegations expressed.

Finally, I don't recall a "Bigfoot was my love slave" type of article on the Delta Scoop. I do not consider myself a journalist nor a prophet of the "truth". My advice to those who don't like this blog is simply... don't read it.

My advice to those who enjoy the Scoop, is quit focusing on who said what and concentrate on the issues being discussed. Judge for yourself what is the "truth" and perhaps it will motivate us toward positive change and improvements in the Delta.



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Anonymous said...

With out a shred of evidence? Be Real. It's right before our eyes and everyone elses. Fight the Good fight - Not one so obviously flawed

Anonymous said...

I don't think for one minute that peple are talking bad about her or the reat of her party.The people in leland finally want to speak out about whats been going on in our town.Yes, she is a child of god an so are the rest of the people that work around her ,but that still don't give her the right to talk down to people.

Anonymous said...

truth and justice is worth fighting for- it's worth it to speak out against injustice- the truth will always prevail....Even if there is some suffering it is worth it to speak out!!!!

Anonymous said...

Will the great one(doc)please reply,or even her son if he is not flying to high right now.We would like to hear from you all.

Anonymous said...

I can not help but wonder how the personal issues and lives of people affect professional performance? The school district is a level five which is a great achievement in a system that is 95% black and poverty sticken. Districts with similar demographics including the Greenville school district struggle to attain level five status. Regardless to the moral issues discussed on this board the fact remains that Dr. Richards gets results. The main focus of a school board should be the education of children, that could be why they have not addressed the personal lives of Dr. Richards and her son.

Anonymous said...

Very good point and one that has been discussed and discussed by the teachers who teach those kids cause nobody can beleive that the Leland kids can be a level 5. They see the answers they put down and they know they not making a level 5. But it always come back that way and nobody can figure out how. What goes on with the tests after they are turned in to the superintendents office?