Sunday, August 05, 2007

More Views on DRMC

Anonymous said...

You know you are right. The work I did at DRMC was the hardest nursing work I ever did. I have worked in different states and in different units and different cities. But, although I really enjoyed the Physicians the work was very demanding. If I had to stay and work there for the remainder of my career I would never last as an RN.

As far as administration goes, again as I said before; it's as much about what you know about who you know- agree-agree- agree!!!!!!!! You need the right last name or be a part of the Ole Miss clique!!! Check and see who's related to who when it comes to upper management- and the flavor as well!

I love this blog- it is being read all around the world you know!!!! Keep up the honesty- it will prevail!!! God will watch over you .

Anonymous said...

Many former employees from this hospital feel validated when reading the comments on this website. I feel so badly for those that have to work there because of personal circumstances. it's really sad. It really is. It is not like this elsewhere, there are much better working conditions where it is not run by nepotism.

These employees- a lot of them are fearful to keep there job. Afraid to say anything or speak out against the current administration- if you do- that's it within a short time you are gone, or forced out of a job. That's why current employees are afraid to say too much. Especially middle management. It is not a good work environment.

They have seen it done- especially when KDH was bought- oh my-people were really afraid. But only by speaking out will things change for those still there. It is sad. Also- if anything is said- and anyone who talks about anything- it somehow works it's way back to administration- look out- they are watching everyone- either you are on the band wagon or look out-there is no protection either.

A nurse is a little more protected because of the dire shortage- but others are not and it's not fair- it is 2007- how is this allowed to happen?

How indeed? The consensus of opinion seems to be that DRMC needs a major overhaul. I only hope that Greenville voters remember that several of Ray Humphreys' "bosses" are running for re-election on Tuesday. If they can not see the problems at DRMC, perhaps we should enlighten them.

The conditions at DRMC will never changes as long as the "old guard" is in power. "A new broom sweeps clean".



Anonymous said...

It is amusing to read so many negative comments about the care at DRMC, yet nobody have any data to back it up.
As far as I understand, DRMC was re-accredited this year by the Joint Commission which awards a health care organization that is in compliance with all standards at the time of the on-site survey or has successfully addressed requirements for improvement within 90 days following the survey.
Also, based on National Patient Safety Goals and National Quality Improvement Goals, DRMC performed at the same level that most accredited institutions in this country.
I am by no means saying that DRMC is perfect, in fact, there is a lot of room for improvement. However, bad experiences are not the rule among surveyed patients and bad outcomes happen everywhere. For example, the Lewis Blackman Hospital Patient Safety Act, which requires all physicians in South Carolina to wear identification describing their rank, was introduced when a group of residents in a major university hospital in Charleston screwed up big time.
For those people that sneeze once and fly somewhere else for medical care, I encourage you to review the list of Best Hospitals in America (US News and World Report). Not a single hospital in the State of Mississippi, in any single specialty, has ever made the cut. In fact, the University of Mississippi Medical Center does not even have basic services all the time (Dermatology for example). By the way, some of the doctors in this town have formal training in hospitals that have made that list.
With this negative attitude towards your hospital ("the economic engine of this county"), you are hurting yourself and your loved ones. Be an ambassador for your town, bring up the best qualities and please, chose another topic!!!

Anonymous said...

That last posting was from Rays Wife!

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Local Reflector said...

Don't cheapen the discussion with stupid comments. It's highly appropriate for someone to answer critics by asking for cold hard facts to back the rhetoric.

I enjoy the "back and forth" discussion, but do feel as if there's a personal problem with DRMC leadership as much as a job performance problem. Maybe the two criteria are married in a philosophical sense.

If folks don't like their job, they really should leave. Critics should be able to offer some stastical or factual evidence to back up the "DRMC is failing" argument.

That said, people need to know that "travel nurses" are being employed because local nurses aren't being hired or found.

People deserve to know that ER doctors are leaving and not rely on the local media (who have a vested interest in promoting the shaky-legged local economy and the only public hospital in the county). Also, DRMC buys advertising - or used to.

If the facts back up the assertions, then DRMC deserves changes. It can't exist on status quo, if what we read mixed with mainstream news coverage is correct.

If not, the Delta Scoop is being used as a personal vendetta "machine."

It IS one or the other with neither side being 100% right or wrong. Determining the proper shade of grey is another matter.

I venture to bet the folks reading this blog already "out migrate" to Memphis and Jackson for medical care.

Anonymous said...

Don't be naive and think that a change in the supervisors will cause any change at DRMC. The supervisors appoint the DRMC board; but, it is an independent board that functions entirely without political interference from the supervisors. The "old guard" knows that if they control the administrator, they control the board and the hospital. So - the status quo will go on whether there is a change in the supervisors or not. The sad problems is that the supervisors and the citizens of the county may get stuck with quite a bill if there is any default by the hospital on its ever increasing debt load. What should be a tremendous asset to the county and its citizens, may turn out to be worthless.

Anonymous said...

The worst thing was DRMC buying KDH. The employees at KDH were happy. There was not a better place to work. We were family. When DRMC bought KDH, everyone flew the coop. That is what I did. I could not handle it anymore.