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Everybody is Traveling!

Anonymous writer is leery of ER...

As far as the ER physician's being board certified in Emergency Medicine, this should have been addressed some several years ago. Little did the public know that there has not been an ER physician at DRMC that holds a board certification in Emergency Medicine since 2002.

In May there were quite a few graduates from area nursing schools that have been hired at DRMC. This is the only way that the hospital can function without the travel nurses. Give these new nurses a chance, everyone has to start somewhere and they are being supervised by the very few seasoned nurses left. DRMC needs nurses from this area who care about the community and not the paycheck.

Where else would DRMC get them if it weren't for new grads? Last I checked there wasn't a "nurse store" even close to Greenville. Those guys "nurses" have got to have some help, they are being loyal to the people of this community by sacrificing there time with family and friends to work long hours where the hospital is not solely staffed with travel nurses.

Just think, that could be your family member who just may not have time to drive somewhere else for healthcare. You will be at the seasoned nurses mercy and hope that one of them has been gracious enough to sign up for that extra shift until these new grads are appropriately trained.

Yes, there are some frustrating issues going on at the present time involving healthcare in Greenville, but as said above there are some good hardworking people still left at DRMC!!

I think everyone agrees that there are some excellent nurses left at DRMC. The problem is that, were it not for the deplorable working conditions and incompetent administration, there would be a lot more local nurses there today instead of a constant stream of "travelers".

As previously noted on the "Scoop", most of the KD nurses as well as many DRMC veterans, are now driving to Cleveland, Greenwood or Indianola just to work in a health care setting which doesn't jeopardize their license on a daily basis. So, it seems that all nurses are "traveling", in a sense, just for different reasons.

Obviously, there are some severe problems at a hospital when local nurses would rather drive 80 to 100 miles a day, rather than work in their own community. It simply doesn't make sense!

I commend the graduate nurses for working in Greenville and we should support them with every opportunity to develop their careers. My fear is that they too, will seek "greener pastures" as soon as they realize that being a nurse does not mean that you have to work in a hostile, unsafe environment.

Leadership starts at the top and that's exactly where it is lacking at DRMC. Anyone who has worked there will tell you that management is more about "cliques" and "clubs" than qualifications. Sure working in health care is stressful, but no one is going to stay in a job where employees are not treated fairly and equally.

Health care studies indicate that employees are willing to take less money to have a job that offers them personal recognition, security and a sense of self-worth. They are also willing to drive out of Greenville to seek these things... and with $3.00 gas just around the corner, that should speak volumes about the problems at DRMC.



Anonymous said...

You know you are right. the work I did at DRMC was the hardest nursing work I ever did. I have worked in different states and in different units and different cities. But, although I really enjoyed the Physicians the work was very demanding. If I had to stay and work there for the remainder of my career I would never last as an RN. As far as administration goes, again as I said before- =it's as much about what you know about who you know- agree-agree- agree!!!!!!!! You need the right last name or be a part of the Ole Miss clique!!! Check and see who's related to who when it comes to upper management- and the flavor as well!I love this blog- it is being read all around the world you know!!!! Keep up the honesty- it will prevail!!! God will watch over you .

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Many former employees from this hospital feel validated when reading the commennts on this website. I feel so badly for those that have to work there because of personal circumstances. it's really sad. It really is. It is not like this elsewhere, there are much better working conditions where it is not run by nepotism. These employees- a lot of them are fearful to keep there job. Afraid to say anything or speak out against the current admisnistration- if you do- that's it within a short time you are gone, or forced out of a job. That's why current employees are afraid to say too much. Especially middle management. It is not a good work environment. They have seen it done- especially when KDH was bought- oh my-people were really afraid. But only by speaking out will things change for those still there. It is sad. Also- if anything is said- and anyone who talks about anything- it somehow works it's way back to administration- look out- they are watching everyone- either you are on the band wagon or look out-there is no protection either. A nurse is a little more protected because of the dire shortage- but others are not and it's not fair- it is 2007- how is this allowed to happen?

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