Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Unhealthy Competition"

Anonymous said...

"Peter Drucker and other economists have stated that without competition, any organizations will become incompetent and fail. DRMC no longer has KDH as competition. They lied about how they bought the hospital and are now beginning to become bankrupt because no decent, honest, moral, ethical RN or other medical staff wants to work there. "

There is much truth in this comment; however, don't be fooled into believing that DRMC has no competition. Patients who can afford to choose their health care providers do so... in Jackson, Memphis, Little Rock, etc. The only reason that the doors are still open at DRMC is because most Deltans are uninsured and misinformed about the quality of care that is locally available.

Greenville still has some excellent physicians and nurses, but the number that have recently departed as a direct result of Ray Humphreys' arrogance and incompetence is astounding. Medical personnel do not want to work in an environment of hostility and intimidation.

The Board of Supervisors refuses to acknowledge their mistake in hiring Ray, and therefore continue to sit idly by as our doctors, nurses and patients flee the Delta for a better health care environment.

Greenville needs to speak up on this one before you find yourself being wheeled through the doors of an empty ER.



Anonymous said...

Speaking of an Empty ER....the old one is being renovated,with no clear indication of where one should go in case of an emergency.

For myself, spouse and I have an agreement that if one of us is suddenly taken ill, we'd prefer to be driven to Jackson or Memphis in case of an emergency, rather than face near-certain death in DRMC.

Anonymous said...

Competition is good for the soul. But, when it comes to drmc no one seems to care about quality health care and the cost associated with it. How much proerty does the county rent for all the services scattered all over town. How much of the hospital is not being used and how about KDH property that is not being used. Why can't the services be located in county owned property and the money being spent on rental property be used to reduce cost. WHO IS MANAGAGING THE FUNDS. This a waste of our tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Hey Greenville, wake up! And get the hell out of there before you get sick and need a Doctor. This is just one more factor in the demise of Greenville due to incompetent leadership. The leaders don’t care, haven’t you guys figured that out yet? (maybe a couple do, but they are in the minority, and that would be the white minority) All the others are stuffing their pockets and patting their followers on the head saying, “Ain’t Ya’ll glad we be in charge now?” “Ain’t life grand for you Brothers and sisters now?”
Get out, get out while you can…..