Friday, June 08, 2007

Bigotry: Alive and Well

Ex-Greenvillian writes:

"I lived in G-Ville for over five years; thank God I was able to get out! I was even lucky enough to find a sucker to buy my house and I actually made a little money on the sale. That was three years ago, I guess I would even have a hard time selling it for a lot loss now."

"I must say, as I pulled out of town on my last day I sighed breath of relief. I was so sick of the hatred and bigotry I experienced there, and I'm talking about the reverse discrimination of the Black leaders to anyone white. The likes of the Rankins, Hudsons, Giffiths, etc will not be happy till every position with any kind of authority is filled by a Black. "

"Just look at what those idiots did to Bill Serate! Now they can put one of their "own" in that position, that’s what that was all about anyway. And Bill, he has a much better job in a much better city, and you can bet he’ll take some of the business he could have secured for G-ville to Vicksburg. (Good for him)"

"But the really sad part of the demise of G-ville is the fact that all the blacks that think or thought things will be better now that “our people” are in charge are in worse shape than ever, and the only blacks that are better off are the “Black Good Old Boys Network”.

"The poor blacks just don’t seem to get it, so I don’t feel sorry for them, let them cheer on their leaders and continue to live in a crime infested dilapidated dying city. It really will be Mound Greenville in a shorter time than the folks think. White flight is happening and will continue. Game over. "

This writer's philosophy reminds me of an early letter to the Scoop (pre-Hudson), in which the author posed the question... "Who are they going to blame when every city and county official is black, and things continue to get worse every day?"

"Good Ole Boy Networks", whether black or white, have long been a by-product of local politics in the Delta, which only supports my belief that Greenville's current plight is not the result of which race is currently in "power". Who among us believes that blacks want crime and drugs in their neighborhoods and schools?

The reality is that crime and drugs do pay in the Delta, and with very little risk of being caught. Crime is simply a business and like all businesses, if some group were not profiting from it, it would cease to exist. Are the police and politicians "on the take"? Sure, some are and always have been, but at the end of the day, we have only ourselves to blame for allowing it.

So, is there hope for Greenville? Sure, there is always hope. NYC was able to clean up the crime-ridden Time's Square section of their city to almost "Disney-like" standards. How did it happen? It happened when a small group of people stood up and shouted, "I am as mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!" It scared both the criminals and the politicians into believing that change could happen...and in ten short years, it did.

We probably need to start tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Yes, but Times Square and 42nd Street are reverting to the old businesses of porn, prostitution and drug sales. Bloomberg?

Anonymous said...

It's me again, Of course no one wants crime and drugs in their neighborhoods and schools! But you are so wrong, it is about who is in power! Because the ones in power now are full of hate and want to even the score of past injustice. They are only concerned with their well being and lining their pockets and the pockets of their cronies. Again I say "GAME OVER for Moundgreenville" Health care sucks, population slides, and look who gets rich... Why has anyone ask our Mr. Rankins or Willy how did you get so much money serving the county?