Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sharing the Blame

Anonymous writer on Outrage:

I certainly agree, we need to keep Greenville money and jobs to Greenville, if at all possible. I have a question, why did all react to the City screw up and nothing was said about the County? Our County officials and DRMC Ray Humphreys have contracted with Greenwood contractors for the update and remodel of DRMC. What is the difference?? Nothing!

What is even crazier is, less than two years ago, Humphreys was planning the third hospital and the shutdown and abandonment of DRMC and KD. Thank goodness certain people screamed about that idiocy! Apparently it slowed Humphreys down and made the Supervisors re-think their open check book policy and re-assess how much the county had already spent over the years to keep these places current and remodeled--Millions!!! And he was going to abandon them or "rent" them ??? Stupid!

If he saw no use for the buildings, who else (in our impoverished economy) could see potential or could afford them otherwise?? By the way, has anyone ever found out why Ray Humphreys was "dismissed" from Forrest General Hospital Administration? Stories are that he was running the place and the doctors into bankruptcy. Seems likely to me from what we see now. Leave it to our Greenville leaders at that time to choose a candidate that had already screwed up one city and county with bad business practice. Oh yeah we need more of that! *sarcasm*

I was unaware of the Greenwood contractor doing the remodel on DRMC, but the questions is... did they accept bids? If local contractors were at least given a chance to bid on the job, that is more than the city offered. The bid system is designed to give the job to the best (not the lowest) bidder. It the process was followed and Greenwood won the bid fairly, then I see no problem.

However, I can understand the writer's skepticism, given that the only person less fiscally accountable than our city leaders, is Ray Humphreys. As for the Hattiesburg fiasco, that is true, although it was not Forrest General, it was Wesley Medical Center. At any rate, he almost bankrupt them before he was literally run out of town.



Anonymous said...

The current DRMC project was advertised and bid. HUD is financing the project and required that all bidders have hospital renovation experience. They received several bids and the Greenwood company was the successful low bidder. I do think any local company bid the general contract, but we are aware of several local contractors that were awarded subcontracts.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Ray was most certainly fired along with all other Officers at Wesley Medical Center in Hattiesburg for gross mis-management of the facility after it was purchased by a for-profit corporation. He was given 6-12 months to make an improvement but could not because of the poor state of affairs. He was fired and without a job. The last resort was DRMC and now he has that facility in the same state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

To bad for you folks in Greenville. It is a play ground for the ones smart enough to talk the majority into voting for them.

The current leadership is such a joke. My advice, leave that hell hole and let them have it.