Monday, July 17, 2006

"Youth Movement" Responds

Really ??

Greenville can not compete with five dollar a day wages or sweatshops working children in a country that has no Government oversight, No minimum wage, If you loose your hand your just simply out of a job. Wake up !!

Quit blaming Greenville, Its leaders, Its people. Our problems are not unlike most Mississippi towns. I hope the south wind blows you and every negative thinker right out of this town.

I don't think that anyone is suggesting doing away with the minimum wage. Quite the contrary, the national push seems to be in favor of increasing it. After all, you can't even purchase 2 gallons of gas these days for $5.15.

The problem with the local workforce is not how much (or how little) we pay them, but their work ethics. Productivity and profit are the cornerstones of capitalism.

Example: You need someone to rake the leaves in your yard. Two people offer to do the job for you. Worker "A" offers to rake your entire yard for $20.00. Worker "B" says he will do the job for $6.00 per hour. Which offer do you take? Who do you think will finish the job first? Herein lies the question of ethics.

If Worker "A's" goal is to secure a steady income, he will do the job well in minimal time and move on to the next job, increasing his total wage per hour and increase his chance for future income. Conversely, if Worker "B's" goal is to simply "earn" $30 dollars, you can bet that your job will take him 5 hours, and you will probably never see him again.

No one is suggesting that we revert to indentured servitude.... simply an honest day's work, for an honest day's pay. It is our safety net of "entitlement programs" that has lowered the bar of workforce ethics... If I can earn $5.00+ per hour for "hanging out", why would I want to rake leaves?


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Hot Pepper said...

I don't believe the writer was suggesting anything with regards to the minimum wage. I believe he was trying to say that the undeveloped countries of the world (ie. No minimum wage) are whom we are truly competing with (with regard to an uneducated workforce).

Work ethic is a creeping problem in America in general--it is more prevalent today, as we our history has progressed and there are those who feel they have the "right" to a good paying job, etc. Was a time 200 years ago, that a food, shelter and clothing was all folks needed (think about the undeveloped country of USA). Now I see poor people coming to agencies for help with electric utilities....and they also have cable TV and other luxuries that make you shake your head.

Yes, there's a problem alright. There have always been lazy people in the world, we just have more spoiled people now, which breeds more lazy people....