Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bringing Up the Rear

So much for my decoding of cryptic messages... another anonymous writer clues me in on the previous cinema quote...

"IMHO, the other anonymous writer, is speaking in satire. Robert Duvall was standing in the middle of a battlefield with everything being blown up around him when he made the statement.... smells like victory.

Industry in Greenville has been blown to hell and the city still thinks that it is winning in the effort to find jobs. MasterFools is not expanding off it's property. It is actually shrinking it's manpower and support for some of the remaining hourly employees. Any skilled labor that is looking for work in Greenville needs to turn elsewhere. Salaries around here are being evaluated by the wages paid when this town was a cotton king - real cheap.

Greenville and Washington County may hail many laurels in their endeavors to improve business and employment, but everytime I see a company hire in people for the lowest wages that they can, it makes me sick. The Delta is the laughing stock of the nation and Greenville is the handle of the stick. "

"Laughing stock of the nation"... I doubt that we are that important, but the message is clear, you get what you pay for. I believe that it was a Textron manager who coined the phrase "Delta time", which is defined as getting 40 minutes of productivity for 60 minutes of pay. Until we make "working" more lucrative than "not working", we will continue to be at the rear of the pack. As they say in Alaska about sled-dogs, "If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes."



Anonymous said...

In the Anonymous comment that I wrote I was simply refering to the fact that when the North wind blows, the city smells like cooking rice. Therefore industry.
Blame the North American Free Trade Act for the lack of jobs
(NAFTA) or (SAFTA). With free trade millions of factory jobs have been outsourced to other countries.
It's not just Greenville.

Anonymous said...

NAFTA has little to do with the job situation in Greenville. The problem lies within the community. Industry will move here because it can get cheap labor, only to find out later that the workers are not worth even bothering with. And that hurts the qualified skilled labor force that can actually provide reliable service to an employer.
The whining, welfare workforce in this town will forever make it even less desirable to future investors unless they just want people to push brooms or hire the type that stand in the aisles of Wal-Mart to ignore you.
If the North wind blows in the smell of cooking rice to the city, I wonder what comes through when the South wind passes over the waste water treatment plant?

Youth Movement said...

Really ??
Greenville can not compete with five dollar a day wages or sweatshops working childern in a country that has no Goverment oversight, No minimum wage, If you loose your hand your just simply out of a job. Wake up !! Quit blaming Greenville, Its leaders
Its people. Our problems are not unlike most Mississippi towns.
I hope the south wind blows you and every negitive thinker right out of this town.