Friday, July 07, 2006

Scoop for the "Scoop"?

This cryptic message was submitted by an anonymous writer:

"I love the smell of MasterFoods in the morning. It smells like....industry.
Ha! A fan of Robert Duvall!"

I can only assume that this comment may have something to do with the secret industry that Washington County has been courting. Of course MasterFoods is already in Greenville, but perhaps they are proposing some type of expansion or new product line. This is only speculation on my part, but if true, it would be great news for Greenville.

Perhaps the anonymous author would care to confirm or deny my assumptions.


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Anonymous said...

From another anonymous writer....
IMHO, the other anonymous writer is speaking in satire. Robert Duvall was standing in the middle of a battlefield with everything being blown up around him when he made the statement.... smells like victory.
Industry in Greenville has been blown to hell and the city still thinks that it is winning in the effort to find jobs.
MasterFools is not expanding off it's property. It is actually shrinking it's manpower and support for some of the remaining hourly employees.
Any skilled labor that is looking for work in Greenville needs to turn elsewhere. Salaries around here are being evaluated by the wages paid when this town was a cotton king - real cheap.
Greenville and Washington County may hail many laurels in their endeavors to improve business and employment, but everytime I see a company hire in people for the lowest wages that they can, it makes me sick.
The Delta is the laughing stock of the nation and Greenville is the handle of the stick.