Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Local Reflector" Speaks Up

Look higher up the social totem pole if we're searching for reasons why the work force isn't strong and why industry recruitment is such a tough job. To lay industrial recruiting efforts solely on the "lazy" gives the "lazy" class credit for working hard enough to actually ruin industrial development.

I'll argue that we should look to those who oppose too much Greenville connection to the proposed I-69 and those who oppose running I-69 through Bolivar County because it will make it more difficult to plow the fields. These are well-regarded families and individuals in the Delta....."visionaries."

The DDT piece on the I-69 disunity leading the interstate to omitting Washington County is more spot-on than readers will imagine. Greenville will continue drying up until that Inter state's built in 15-18 years IF base changes aren't made to leadership's thinking. Then, new infrastructure will only be a piece of the Economic Recovery Pie. The I-69 article was compelling but didn't hit the heart of this highway building issue as it's opposition is local in nature not at the bureaucratic levels.

Another article was the Greenville Public Schools' ten-point plan of action. The wording was vague and its terms are not measurable to any standards. But, it's a step forward from what previous school administrators have done. The people reflect the schools' abilities and vice versa. If you look at workforce issues, consider the training sources your tax dollars mandatorially (is that a word?) support and their effectiveness.

But, we run in circles on these issues and you keep paying an ever-growing tab. Sorry to hear about the balloon festival and air show. It's better to have no event than one that doesn't meet the standards of the organizers. Pretty much every major city event is on ice, isn't it? Besides the sanctimonious Blues Festival - that requires public financing but would fold had it been any other event - is anything standing on its own legs these days besides the Catfish Races?

I hate to break the news L.R., but not even the Blues Festival is flourishing! The first problem is that all of the true Blues artists are dying off. Note that the name has been changed to the "Delta Blues and Heritage Festival"... "heritage" encompassing everything from Rap to Reggae.

It is not the same Blues Fest that began in the '70's on the back of a flatbed trailer. I am a fan of Blues music and appreciate its true art form; but I abandoned the "Festival" years ago as its quality wained.

Surely Greenville's footnote in history will be more significant than "home of the catfish races".


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