Monday, December 14, 2009

Hope for Downtown Greenville

Just take a look at paducah, ky, startkville, ms. oxford, ms. thomasville, ga., several small cities in North Carolina and many many more small cities I have traveled through have made a big turn around by shutting down building more and more strip malls.

G'ville must stop the movement to the south if we want to begin to grow the downtown area. The city needs to call or visit these places or ones like the cities mentioned above. It works and they can help us to jumpstart our city by learning from them.

It's not by steadily fleeing south but improving the downtown area. Whatever it takes it must be done to save G'ville. The downtown committee and the chamber of commerce need to work together along with the commercial real estate people. They are the first to know who is looking for a place to open a business. They should recommend the downtown area first and foremost. Then have grants and incentives for them so good it would be impossible for them to turn down.

The writer speaks the truth... for most small communities, but the one thing lacking for Greenville is hope. Most residents have totally given up on the belief that our downtown will ever come back. Much of that belief has to do with our downtown's proximity to major crime, drug dealers and the poverty that surrounds it.

Casinos only made it worse by attracting alcoholics and drug users to their "domain". The few establishments that remain are churches, banks, Jim's Cafe and Mr. Nelkin's Greenville Museum, which is a wonderful treasure... that most Greenvillians have probably never seen.

When the Greenville Mall closes, and it will soon, perhaps we will reconsider that we have failed as a "metropolis", but may have hope to once again become a charming community. If it takes three guards on every block of Main and Washington, it will still be cheaper than Mall rent!

Greenville is on life-support... but to abandon the downtown area as our future is simply pulling the plug on our last hope.



Anonymous said...

Forthright is beginning to delete entries that he doesn't agree with. This blog is no longer an open forum. He obviously works for the government and took down a post that gave the facts regarding the high pay that government employee's are now getting.

You're a loser Forthright.

Anonymous said...

9:06 PM

I beg your pardon.

Forthright removed not one, but TWO
identical posts (at different entry
times) because THEY were scammers!

Additionally, HE removed the entry you are referring to about Federal employees pay wages. Again, ANOTHER "scam"!

He is consistant in removing "scam"!

Anonymous said...

How was that a scam?!? It was an article from USA today???

It's censorship plain and simple. Forum no longer open. Forthright is an overpaid federal employee who is controlling your conversation through censorship now.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the federal government increases its regular operating budget by 10% -- that's 4x the rate of inflation. This is spending not related to Medicare and SS.

Anonymous said...

The number of federal workers earning six-figure salaries has exploded during the recession, according to a USA TODAY analysis of federal salary data.

Federal employees making salaries of $100,000 or more jumped from 14% to 19% of civil servants during the recession's first 18 months — and that's before overtime pay and bonuses are counted.

Anonymous said...

Federal workers are enjoying an extraordinary boom time — in pay and hiring — during a recession that has cost 7.3 million jobs in the private sector.

The highest-paid federal employees are doing best of all on salary increases. Defense Department civilian employees earning $150,000 or more increased from 1,868 in December 2007 to 10,100 in June 2009, the most recent figure available.

Anonymous said...

The trend to six-figure salaries is occurring throughout the federal government, in agencies big and small, high-tech and low-tech. The primary cause: substantial pay raises and new salary rules.

Anonymous said...

The growth in six-figure salaries has pushed the average federal worker's pay to $71,206, compared with $40,331 in the private sector.

Anonymous said...

Forthright is an overpaid federal employee who sits on his butt and collects his 6 digit salary.

Has time to talk about problems--he is the problem.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn Weathers won. Great--another woman running the place into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:03pm, What are you talking about?

Carolyn Weathers will be a great asset to our city! She is known for getting the job done and done well for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Federal a scam! Can't you take a joke?

Anonymous said...

Who...exactly...IS Forthright?

Is HE really a Federal employee?

What agency does HE work for?

What IS his job title?

What IS his real name?

Where does HE live?

Do YOU know HIM personally?

Anonymous said...

Carolyn Weathers might be a woman, but SHE sure as hell does not have personal body guards on the payroll.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn Weathers is an incredibly motivated and strong woman who won't put up with shenanigans from ANYONE, much less fellow councilmembers or the pampered mayor. She will take on any problem and do her best to straighten out this town. Her only reason for doing so is to make it a viable community for her children and grandchildren (pretty good reason, I'd say) and for her friends and neighbors and the average citizen. She is a tremendous asset to the community, and I'm grateful for her willingness to serve.

Anonymous said...

9:52 PM

'Fess up. Do YOU know Forthright?

Anonymous said...

9:52PM post....

Talk the talk...but, can YOU walk the walk.

Where is YOUR proof concerning Forthright?

Anonymous said...

All I can say is those that voted for Obama got what you deserved. As Doctor Phil says " Hows it working for ya?"

Anonymous said...

Do you remeber what Times Square looked like just a few years ago? There were nothing but porn shops and peep shows. But Rudy came along and was elected mayor and he cleaned it all up. Now times square is thriving and all the crime and drugs were eliminated. All it takes is someone with leadership skills and the will and know how to get it done. He did it just the way the post says by stopping the fleeing from downtown and offering incentives to those to move to times square. Now it is the place to be. G'ville can do the same but it will take the chamber of commerce, real estate agents and city leaders to come together and work as a team to get those grants and incentives put in a package for those who wish to open up a new business. If other towns and cities can do it so can G'ville. There is someone out there that has the know how we just have to find them and bring them here to get us on the right path to recovery. Just talking about it is not going to get it done. Someone in the city has to put forth the effort to visit and call those towns and pick their brains on how to get it done. Heck maybe even call Rudy here to G'ville and see what he says. If he can clean up Times Square he can certainly tell us how to clean up a 4 block area like G'ville.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Downtown:

1. You recommit the police to ensure super safety of any potential customers.

2. You begin building a new downtown from the areas that currently show some economic flow (like Walnut Street)

3. You seek not the advice of non-profit boards but people who can build business and have built business

4. Don't be too grand in the vision it will overwhelm the early effort.

5. Encourage business to locate there that do not require much foot traffic to exist and thrive.

6. Pick up the phone and actually call other cities who rehabbed their downtowns to your liking.

Anonymous said...

9:58 Those are good points. Now who in our city will step up and do these things. It certainly isn't our present leaders. All they want is the prestige of their post and a pay check that so far they don't deserve. If a business that is unique in what they have to offer then people would go there to buy it. These are the type of business's we need downtown. Not something that every store has but unique items.

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Anonymous said...

12:18 PM

Dear Spammer,

YOU will be repoted to the law enforcement agencies.

Anonymous said...


I don't care if you are a Federal employee or not (as implied by previously poster)...but, will you please, remove the "spam" post.

We do not associate with their kind. They are dishonest, a nuisance,and very annoying.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! I just got my PROPERTY TAX notices in today!!! WOW, I have 7 properties in greenville, they have raised the taxes 75.00 to 150.00 on each property. One property when I bought it was 1400.00 a year,, its up to 1800.00 now!! OUCH!!!! The thing about these houses are they are just little junk houses, nothing big!! Anyone want to buy some rental property?? the taxes are killing my profit!!! I need out of this town!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Mayor is on her way to Washington DC again, according to tonight's edition of the DDT. This time "to dine with the President". She's taking her mother with her. Well isn't she lucky! LOL. THROW UP! It's probably because she is president of the National Council of Black Mayors. I KNOW it's not because she is just the Mayor of Greenville. Have fun Mrs. Mayor and leave Greenville to continue to rot while you are away.

Anonymous said...

I really wonder WHO will invest money in opening a business downtown? Can you feel safe having your doors unlocked there for patrons to come in?? Who is going to invest money and open a business where every day they have to wonder if they will get robbed while trying to keep the business going? The crime situation has to be cleaned up before people will open a business or come to shop at one...

Anonymous said...

6:46 PM.

Good point.

As a woman, I would not feel safe having a business in downtown Greenville and I really don't know many men who would knowingly take that risk ,either.

Naturally, (as you "point out")I would have to leave the "door open" during the business for possible "customers", but would fear that possible "robbers" would see the business as an "easy target" for their "drug" fix.

The possibility of the "lower" rent,
nor the committment to my
"downtown" area would have priority
over my own personal safety and the safety of my employees.

Several years agon, a "drug crazed" man entered
Michael Boyd's law office (across the street corner from THE mayor's parents' home on Main Street) and kidnapped and assaulted a female employee.

I would need a security guard with me at all times.

Would the city of Greenville invest in providing a full-time bodyguard for the businesses?

If THEY can do it for THE mayor, then (fair is fair!), THEY must provide for the others.

I would just be "following HER example" and her life is not any more important than mine!

Forthright said...

I never delete any posts from local writers, regardless of their personal or political views. Unfortunately, the scammers have discovered a new venue for free advertizing from which I try to protect our readers! I remove scams, vulgarity, and slander only... and NO, I am definitely not a federal employee!

My anonymous nature was suggested to me by the former author of the "Scoop", because as he stated, once they know who you are, they will attack you instead of the issues that are vital to this blog.

I will leave the prvious "scam" post for all to read. Censorship is not now, nor ever will be, a part of what this blog is about.

I think the loyal readers of the "Scoop" trust me to be fair and unbiased in publishing all views for a lively debate. To those who think I am paid a salary to publish this blog... I wish!


Anonymous said...

The truth always comes out!

So,...the reason THE mayor insists on personal bodyguards is NOT because... of alledgedly threats to her.

But,...merely because of an actual assault and kidnapping of ANOTHER a law office (hmmmm!) which is located across the street from her childhood home (hmmmm!).

Is there presently a security guard at Daddy's law firm office?

Anonymous said...

3:39 PM

Does THE mayor have an "invitation"
to THE White House...or will SHE and mother attempt to "crash in"?

And...does a divoced woman still use the title of "Mrs."...even if Daddy "arranged" for the marriage and the bride is now divorced?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for putting THAT poster in his/her place!

We've got your back!

Anonymous said...

"THAT" poster appreciates you NOT censoring posts now. Perhaps you are...forthright

Anonymous said...

Amazing how there is absolutely NO outrage over the government salaries. Must mean everyone in Greenville is tied to the federal dole one way or another....

Anonymous said...

I go downtown all the time and never feel afraid or unsafe. Perhaps it's just your perspective and fear of poor people.

Anonymous said...

6:24 AM

THAT poster is REALLY 'hung up' on the issue of Federal employees' salaries.

Maybe, he/she IS a city or state employee and simply wants a 'hike' in his/her own salary!

Or wants to divert attention AWAY from city and state employees.

None the less, it's a diversion to "change the subject" on THIS blog!


Anonymous said...

6:26 PM

Perspective and fear of 'poor' people?


Just plain ole' common sense.

Women have learned to "knowingly"
NOT put themselves "into" unsafe environments and situations.

And...the men are not too far behind us ...on safety issues for themselves, also.

And...I repeat the previous posters' question: "Does the Mcteer law firm have a security guard or "daytime" alarm system for it's downtown business?"

Anonymous said...

Until we 'get rid of' THE mayor and HER flock of bodyguards, GREENVILLE will always have the ISSUE of downtown safety!

WE will never be able to 'promote'
Greenville with THE present mayor in office.

Get rid of HER and put the bodyguards to work doing what THEY should be doing...getting rid of crime in the downtown area!

Once, THAT area is cleared and order is restored, then THEY can hire more for the other areas of Geenville.

Anonymous said...

This board has the biggest bunch of cry babies I've ever heard. It's the same thing over and over and over. Never a new thought--yes, I know there are bodyguards....yada yada yada...

I read something about blogs the other day: Angry blogs lose their appeal over time.

I'm removing this link from my favorites because it is not doing anything other than pointing out the obvious.

Anonymous said...

7:30 Go ahead and leave. We don't need you here anyway. Instead of posting your thought of this blog ,why didn't you come up with a different thought? We know you kiss the mayors butt so GOODBYE , oh by the way you have something brown on your nose.

Anonymous said...

7:30 AM

And while YOU'RE removing this link from your 'favorites' because (in YOUR opinion) is NOT doing anything other than pointing out the obvious...why don't YOU also, remove the 'blinders' from your eyes and 'face' THE truth...instead of 'pushing' THE
delete buttom.

Anonymous said...

7:30 AM gets angry when others voice THE truth!

Oh, my! Must be on THE mayor's payroll.

Anonymous said...


THE 7:30AM poster is trying to censor what is voiced on this blog.

"Censorship is not now, or ever will be, what this blog is all about."

Anonymous said...

I bet my paycheck 7:30 has already been back to this blog to check it. But now 7:30 can't post anything because they said they wouldn't be back. So now they are stuck by just reading the blog and can't post or 7:30 will be considered a BIG FAT LIAR cause 7:30 said they wouldn't be back. LOL LOL

P.S. You still have something brown on the end of your nose 7:30 LOL LOL

I bet 7:30 is so far up the mayors butt they had to write 7:30's name on the bottom of 7:30's shoes.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone on any board reads this blog and takes some of these suggestions to heart and considers them to bring back our downtown. I think that we on this blog have hit on some very good ideas and they need to be followed up on by those on the chamber of commerce, real estate board, city council and city leaders. We certainly can't write to the editor of the DDT to voice these ideas because they wouldn't print it anyway because it would make their mayor look stupid by not thinking of it herself. She's too busy thinking that Obama gives a doo doo about her and the small city she is from. He has more important things on his mind other than us here in G'ville. Why doesn't she take someone from the city council with her to really get things done instead of her mother. That would make more sense to me.

Anonymous said...

2:01 PM

Just curious.

Of course, THE mayor's mother paid for "her own way" on this D.C. trip-right?

And, more than likely Betty Lynn Cameron from THE Chamber of Commerce reads this blog, but probably does not admit to her staff for fear of a "leakage" and possible actions by THE mayor.

And, yes, certain city council members DO read this blog, but, again..."silence is the game".

And WE know that some of the police officers read this blog because WE all read a lengthly letter from Susan Grazio with the department in reponse to the "outcry" about the bodyguards.

And, THE editor of the newspaper DOES read this also. It's HIS job to keep track of the competition in the "news" media!

Hey, and WE are the "news" media!

Anonymous said...

Supplemental Services for Solomon Middle School....

Supplemental Education Services for students at Solomon Middle School have been approved by the Greenville Public School District board of trustees.

Solomon Middle School is designated by the Mississippi Department of Education as an improvement school based on accountability results and test scores.

The No Child Left Behind Act requireds that schools designated in improvement must offer Supplemental Education Services (SES) to students as additional academic instruction designed to increase the academic achievement of students.

O.K. So,...what about the other schools within THE district?

WE need the whole story here.

Why didn't the OTHER schools "make the headlines" as a failing school because of test results and as a result needs "improving".

WE have ALL seen the test results.

WE also, ALL know that MR. BUCK, an approved vendor, gave many, many tennis lessons to students in after-school programs.

Did the tennis lessons not improve THE test scores?

Oh, dear.

Hey where did you go?? said...

The estimated time when whites will no longer make up the majority of Americans has been pushed back eight years — to 2050 — because the recession and stricter immigration policies have slowed the flow of foreigners into the U.S.


I wonder if white people will be able to get the Gov assistance and others will not? Who will be the Majority?

Scoop Fan said...

The Delta Scoop is the best thing that ever happened to Greenville. The DDT is bought and paid for by DRMC and the few remaining patrons. This is the only way for Greenville residents to express their opinions!

Sure, the mayor, council members and just about everyone I know reads the Scoop. Try sending a letter to the DDT complaining about one of their "supporters" and see if it gets published. To those who don't want to read the Scoop.. just go away or fight for your opinion, but quit bitching about personal views that don't match yours!

The highlight of my day is reading the Scoop and being able to share my opinions without being targeted! I think Forthright is doing an excellent job in offering Greenville residents a safe place to vent. the Scoop shows that there are still residents who want to work to save Greenville. It gives us all hope!

Anonymous said...


Well said.

Anonymous said...

That's right.

I'm not "paying" the DDT to say what I tell them to say.

You don't have to "pay" for THE truth.

You pay for "lies and cover ups"!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If they do read this then we must not be getting through to them. If even one of them would take our suggestions to their meetings and insist on discussing the options we have all talked about here then at least we know they are trying. But maybe they like the way G'ville is steadily sliding backwards to keep their jobs by acting on nothing. How hard is it to pick up the phone and call the small towns and cities to find out where to start the recovery of our downtown? Maybe forthright should get a local talk show in the mornings while we all drive to work so we can call in and be heard. I'm sure he could get advertisements from many that feel the way we do about our city leaders. Just a one hour talk show from 8 to 9 in the mornings would be great. Surely a local radio station would be willing to give up one hour monday thru friday to help improve our city. This way even the ones that don't know about this blog or even own a computer could be informed about what really is going on in G'ville. What about it forthright, are you game? If you are worried about being in the public eye, we could all chip in and buy you a mask to wear like the wrestlers.
Then our city leaders will be asked to be guests on the radio program and answer the hard questions and we could listen to them squirm. Those that do not except invitations to come on the radio then we would all know they have something to hide and are not worthy of holding their position. That way everyone would know and we could weed out those people.

Anonymous said...

Going green is the biggest scam or hoax since when I was in elementary school, being told we would run out of land to live on by the year 2000. It is nothing but a scam for some fat cats in politics to get even richer. Don't fall for this global warming and going green hoax. Just follow the money and your eyes will be opened wide to who is behind this hoax.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Mr. Buck gives "FREE" tennis lessons. He's an "Approved Vendor" of the Supplemental Educational Services that gets monies from the federal gov. Somehow I just knew that he wasn't giving those lessons for free out of the goodness of his heart.

How come the general public didn't know about available funds to be an approved vendor for this program? How does one find out about these things?

Looks like Dr. Cindy Ayers with the Delta Foundation knows how to find federal monies and has certain people that share this program with her for the big bucks.

How do I go about getting to be an approved vendor? I have lots of things that I could do to help the students improve their basic skills for future advancement. No one has ever told me about this program. I had to learn about it on the SCOOP!

Anonymous said...

9:25 AM

O.K. Here's what you need to do:

First of all, call BARBARA McCOY,
director of Federal Programs with THE Greenville Public Schools.

By law, the Federal Programs MUST have a committee and they generally
meet once a month.

By law, the committee MUST have members from CERTAIN agencies, such as a law enforcement agency(police),government officials (THE mayor has been a past member,but mostly sent HER secretary to attend the meetings!)hospital or health agencies (THE GPSD school nurses!)local businesses (JCPenney's manager was a pas member),Washington County Attendance Officers (truancy officers!) and others.

Like I said, it is "listed somewhere" in THE Federal
Programs Title 1 "monitoring instrument" or guidelines about the certain agencies that MUST serve on THE committee. Barbara McCoy can meet with you and acually show you this document. It is public information.

Also, I really don't think that the majority of the past members (or present members, either!) were really ASKED to serve. THEY just kinda' got an invitation to THE Federal Programs meeting!

(I think it's a "You scratch my back and I'll scratch your back" type of unspoken understanding.)

Also, ask Barbara McCoy to allow you to see a list of the Federal Programs committee members. Next, ask to see the attendance "sign-in" sheet for each meeting and the minutes from each meeting. Again, this is ALL public information.

Bear in mind that the list of names that you see as Federal Programs committee members are ALL
(well, at least 90% of them) employed with either a state agency, federal agencey, or a
"wanna be" politician!

Anonymous said...

9:25 AM continued


Ask Barbara McCoy to show you THE NEEDS ASSESSMENT SURVEYS. She has "on file" a talley sheet
from EACH AND EVERY SCHOOL, showing the survey results.

The 'ACTUAL' Needs Assessment Surveys are 'on file' at EACH & EVERY SCHOOL.

(Except, one year, I think 2006, Greenville High School did not "do" the surveys. Leeson Taylor was the
principal and said, "It was too late in the school year and HE would never get the surveys returned so what is the point!"

I guess Barbara McCoy just "made up" answers THAT year!)

So anyway the schools have these surveys "on file".

Elementary: principal survey, staff survey and parent survey

Jr and High School: principal survey, staff survey, and student survey

Supposedly,on the surveys are "multiple choice" answer type questions about what each school
"needs"---hence, the name Needs Assessmenet Survey.

These surveys determine HOW the principal of EACH
AND EVERY SCHOOL should spend their Federal Programs money.

If the survey answers show a "need" for a school nurse, then THAT school has a school nurse. If the survey answers show a "need" for an elementary school social worker or an elementary school counselor, then THAT particular elementary school has either an elementary school social worker or an elementary school counselor.

Be sure to ask Barbara McCoy, if Leeson Taylor's wife is paid a salary from Federal Programs funds by one of the
elementary schools...either a social worker or acounselor. And, also ask about Chief Kaho's wife (social worker).

Anonymous said...

9:25 AM still continued...


Greenville Public Schools "uses"
purchase order forms for ALL purchases of supplies or services.

Let me repeat that.

Greenville Public Schools "uses" purchase order forms for ALL purchases of supples or services.

(This excludes employees' payroll checks!)

So, whenever an employee of Greenville Public Schools wishes to make a purchase for supplies or services....they must first "fill out" a blank purchase order form.

On the purchase order form, they must list each and every item (or service)that they wish to purchase and include a description (or serial number) and price.

At the "top" of this purchase order form is a section that must also be "filled in". It is the "VENDOR" portion of the purchase order and must include the name and address of the VENDOR, or person/place whom the purchase was made from.

This is approved by a "higher up",
and then another "higher up", until it finally gets to the GPSD Business Office and is "keyed" into the computer, deducting the money from the appropriate account ,and then mailed to the vendor.

No purchase or service is paid for at the time of the purchase or service.

All purchase orders MUST "go before" the school board of trustees for approval of payment.

EVERYONE that receives payment from Greenville Public Schools is a VENDOR.....and ALL VENDORS ARE APPROVED!!!

Not only was MR. BUCK a VENDOR, but his resturant, also was a VENDOR. The resturant catered meals for the Federal Programs committee meetings. (He, a lady that catered from her house, and Lenny's Sub Shop, owned by THE mayor's husband! did all of the catering.) White caterers never got the Federal Programs committee meetings business!

So, call Barbara McCoy and set up a meeting. You just need to know what questions to ask!

Anonymous said...

3:31 to 4:58...Thanks for your insightful dissertation. Sounds like red tape and the buddy system. All the money in the world and all the Supplemental Educational Services are not helping GPS students, but are just adding dollars to grown up's pockets. The kids continue to suffer in spite of all of the grown up's so called "efforts". GPS is still at the bottom in the educational field and the employee morale is at an all time low. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. Yes, it is what it is.

Anonymous said...


THE employee morale at GPSD has been at an all time low since...
two superintendents and one interim
superintendent ago!

And, also, ever since Barbara McCoy
became THE director of Federal Programs!

And, during Sammie Felton's reign as THE Duputy Superintendent.

And, during Leeson Taylor's reign
as THE Duputy Superintendent.

And, WHICH parents got "elected" for parental services at Solomon Middle School?

Criteria? I guess it ALL depends on WHO they know!

Sorry, but that's just the way it is. Yes, it is what it is!

Anonymous said...


EVERYONE can be a VENDOR for Greenville Public Schools...if they are willing to "set up" a charge account...and willing to wait for two or three months
before receiving payment!

Anonymous said...

Additionally, the students' test
scores are "tied into" Federal Programs monies.

If the student(s) or school(s) do poorly on state test scores, then THEY (both the students and schools) "qualify" for more, additional Federal programs monies to be used for tutorial programs.

Previously, Barbara McCoy was BOTH...THE director of Federal Programs...and THE district test the SAME TIME.


Oh, dear.

Do I smell fish?

Anonymous said...


Buddy system.

Loretta Shannon ,a member of THE Greenville Public School board of trustees AND Barbara McCoy, THE director of Greenville Public Schools' Federal Programs are former classmates and sorority sisters!

Barbara McCoy, THE director of Greenville Public Schools Federal Programs has served on the board of trustees for MACE.

The SAME MACE that a certain Mrs. Buck was formerly the director of... until her untimely arrest.

Anonymous said...


I hate to be THE one to tell you this, but if you presently are NOT a teacher at THE Solomon Middle School...then YOU can NOT be a teacher or tutor in Solomon's Supplement Education Services, or more commonally called, "after-school tutorial program".

The current teachers "housed" at Solomon Middle School are "under contract" with THE Greenville Public Schools District and their workday ends at 4:00PM.

However, if an "after-school tutorial program" IS hosted at Solomon Middle School,...then THE teachers are NOT obligated to fulfill those's not in THEIR contract.

So,...those teachers already at Solomon that wish to
"work" in the "after school tutorial program" must send in a "letter of interest" to the Federal Programs director.

THE "after-school tutorial program"
teaching position is a part-time job...SEPARATE from their regular
contractural job.

THE principal of the school is not even "involved" with the "operation" of the "after-school tutorial program". A "lead teacher" is designated for that position.(It's not in THE contract!)

So,....where do THE Solomon students go...between dismissal time and the designated 4:00PM starting time
of the "after-school tutorial program?

Surely, THOSE "after-school tutorial program teachers"
are NOT double-dipping on THE time clock!

Oh, yes, and then THE "after-school tutorial program"
students need a snack, and then THE food service dept. gets paid for providing those snacks with Federal Programs money.

And then, the bus driver (an hourly) employee must be paid to drive the students directly to their homes after the 6:00PM dismissal time.

Again, with Federal Programs money.

Are both, the "snack money" and the bus drivers' wages, deducted from each student's $1400 allocation?


Former Taxpayer said...

Greenville Public Schools' administration is as corrupt as our city government. Discrimination is rampant and the incumbants feel that they are immune to all laws and regulations. Public education has become just another "free ride" to high paying jobs. They don't give a damn about education or kids... they are in it for the money!

Health care, education, city government... they are all corrupt and self-serving SOBs!

The true reason for all the high turnover in GPS positions is that they know they need to "steal" as much as they can, as fast as they can. We just replace one incompetent criminal with another... and then we act astounded that the results are always the same! Duh?

Anonymous said...

And then the honest, hard working,
lower level employees, who try to "speak up" about the injustices and corruption get... "shut up" ...either, by bullying or firings!

Anonymous said...

Will someone please, explain to me about the following:

I "goggled" (well, I actually "yahooed")

cindy foundation

The THIRD 'heading' that "popped up" was:

Financial Services and General Government

I clicked on it....and it was
Bennie Thompson's website....and this was listed:

Delta Foundation located at 819 Main Street, Greenville, MS. 38701, Cindy Ayers-Elliott, C.E.O. at 662-335-5295


*for their business incubator project to promote Mississippi Delta business growth development

WHAT "business incubator project to promote Mississippi Delta business growth development"?

What does THE Greenville Public Schools' Supplemental Educational Services... have to do with... "promoting Mississippi Delta business growth development"?

Sorry, but I just can't figure this one out.

Anonymous said...

How does a person "activate" the
"whistle blower's law"?

I'm serious.

Anonymous said...

Good news! Positive news!

In September 2009, Ken Dowe of Dallas, TX, former Greenvillian challenged the Citizens of Greenville to match his donated funds of $50 grand, in order to use these funds to help Greenvillians help themselves. This has been a Citizen Driven effort, not political, no Mayor or Council accomplished this success. Greenville citizens did it, one dollar at a time! Way to GOOOO Greenville!

E-mail from The Challenge Team- the desk of Betty Lynn Cameron-Main Street Greenville-

*The Greenville Challenge -
UPDATE.....D R U M R O L L....

The end of 7th week, Dec. 13, 2009:$ 53,000 (186 donors)

Total does not include pledges: only monies received.

(More to come in Week 8; collections remain open...stay tuned)

54% $$ INCREASE THIS WEEK.......... 106% goal.



A giant step to a new and improved Greenville, stand with us, support us or get out of the way!

Anonymous said...

I'm a single mother, with several
kids in elementary school. They are not old enough to go to Solomon Middle School. Why do they get snacks after school and my kids that go to elementary school do not get any snacks? I am on food stamps and I already had to feed my kids all week while they were out for Thanksgiving holiday and now I'll have to feed them when they are home for Christmas. It is not fair for Solomon kids to get snacks and my kids don't get any.Also , why can't my kids stay after school and have them there tennis lessons. I have to hurry home from the casino every day to give them chitlings for their snack for when they git home.This is not fair. and sometimes I's be in the beauty shop and they ain't through with my nails and them kids have to stay home til i can git there. Yestaday, i's got my hair weaved but mad it home on time. why can't my kids get no snacks.

:) LOL

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

9:47, I'm glad you think you're so funny. I think you're disgusting.

Anonymous said...

10:58 PM

Is THE truth disgusting?

Does THE truth hurt?

Anonymous said...

Even though THE students at Solomon Middle School do qualify for free or reduced lunches...THE law does NOT "cover" free snacks.

The students that qualify for free or reduced meals receive ONLY the breakfast meal and lunch meal.

The Greenville Public Schools' Federal Programs will have to "pay" or reimburse the Greenville Public Schools' Food Service Department for the cost of the provided "snacks". And also, the cafeteria "hourly paid" worker that will have to prepare 97 snacks. It takes extra time to prepare 97 snacks, after you have
already prepared,served and cleaned up after both breakfast and lunch.

Solomon Middle School is not THE only GPS that has students' qualifying for free or reduced lunches.

Every year, about February or March,THE Greenville Public Schools' Food Service Department provides THE Greenville Public Schools' Federal Program director with a "print out" of EACH AND EVERY SCHOOL'S data. The data gives the number of students enrolled at EACH AND EVERY school and the number of students receiving "free" lunches and the number of students receiving "reduced" lunches.

Then, this data is calculated by the Federal Programs director, Barbara McCoy. It determines how much money EACH AND EVERY school is allocated in Federal Programs money for the next school year.

This data is then forwarded to the State Department of Education.

Anonymous said...

Air ambulances leave some with sky-high bills
Costs range from $12,000 to $25,000 a flight — and insurance may not pay

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Here are statistics RE greenville:

So as long as we are talking facts, crime index is down over the past 10 years.

Anonymous said...

3:13 The reason is crime is down is because so many people have left in the past ten years. But G'villes crime rate is higher than most big cities per capita. When you lose most of your population over a 10 year period sure the index looks like crime has gone down but when you figure the percentage of whats left it is way to high for the amount of citizens left. Just ask all the people in cloverdale and country club estates about crime. Most everyone in those subdivisions have had their cars broken into the past couple of years.Ask the exxon station on hwy. 1 south by the mall about crime. They have been robbed about 5 or 6 times this year. Ask Lowes about crime. Heck, before they even opened the doors they fired nearly everyone there because of stealing. What about our tax collectors. They were registering their friends at false address's to give them a break on their tags. They got caught and got away with it. Of course the city cooks its books to look good. So what do you think about crime now? All crimes are not reported by the city in order to make us think the mayor and the police are doing a good job. Don't be dumb ,just read between the lines.

Anonymous said...

Crime rate down, are you kidding me? We have more shootings and murders than a lot of cities 5 times our size. I think G'ville has had 7 or 8 murders this year.And G'ville has had numerous shootings and stabbings. My sister lives in a city with a population of 200,000 citizens and she said they have had only one so far this year. And it was a police informant that got shot during a drug sting. Those stats about G'ville have been slightly altered to make the mayor look good.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I drove out to UPS and Fred's yesterday and I couldn't believe my eyes. All of the eye sores all along Hwy 82 East and Hwy 1 North made me want to vomit. Vacant buildings EVERYWHERE and most of them painted bright colors like Bright Yellow, Pepto Bismol Pink, and Purple. Come on Greenville, enforce some color ordinances for property both private and commercial. This makes Greenville look like the Ghetto City that it has become. And with Sears closing, the Mall looks like a huge eye sore. It is just awful. I was totally embarrassed at the sight of our City.

Anonymous said...

Louie’s Fine Steaks opens at Harlow’s

Thursday, December 17, 2009 3:45 PM CST

GREENVILLE — Urban sophistication meets Delta grit with the grand opening of Louie’s Fine Steaks inside Harlow’s Casino and Resorts.

The eatery, which features a variety of steaks served in an elegant five-star setting, with riffs of blues music piped in, is the latest feature at the casino.

“We wanted to create an atmosphere that was pleasant and relaxing,” said Jeff Favre, vice president and general manager of Harlow’s. “We wanted to create something legendary, and we did that with Louie’s.”

According to legend, the restaurant’s namesake, Louie Quinton Baxter, grew up playing the cornet in the backroom of his father’s gas station and at a local church before becoming a cook for the U.S. Army during World War II.

He married Ruth Corrina Henderson and took over the family business. Unhappy, Baxter found enjoyment with music and cooking to entertain friends. He and Ruth soon sold the gas station and opened a restaurant in their home. The restaurant was a hit as people gather to eat and enjoy impromptu jam sessions with Louie and other aspiring blues and jazz artists.

Of course the restaurant had a reputation for serving the best steaks in Mississippi, according to lore.

A plaque outside the restaurant states, “Louie is gone but his legend lives on through his restaurant, which still serves his legendary steaks with a side order of Mississippi blues and southern hospitality.”

“The steaks are magnificent,” said Moulay Elabdellaoui, Harlow’s executive chef. “We serve nothing but prime and nothing but the best of everything here.

“We also have a chef’s room where you can actually see what we’re doing in the back,” he said. “I’ll also come out and cook for you anything that you desire. I want to give you an experience that you won’t forget.”

According to restaurant manager Robert Weaver, reservations are coming in.

“We’ve got a lot of people who want to come in,” said Weaver, who also sells Louie’s brand steak sauce for those who want to take a bottle home. “This is going to be a special place. We’re excited about it and we think the Delta is going to be excited too.”

Louie wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is exactly what the downtown area needed. Why wasn't this business approached by someone in the chamber of commerce or downtown committee to get this steak house to consider opening up downtown? Come on people do your job and recruit these type of places for downtown. I'm sure they would have considered downtown if someone would have offered them a building for practically nothing and throw in some money for remodeling. GEEESH Get of your lazy butts and do something.

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't this STEAKHOUSE offered a building downtown?

This is exactly what the downtown area needed. Why wasn't this business approached by someone in the chamber of commerce or downtown committee to get this steak house to consider opening up downtown? Come on people do your job and recruit these type of places for downtown. I'm sure they would have considered downtown if someone would have offered them a building for practically nothing and throw in some money for remodeling. GEEESH Get of your lazy butts and do something.

Anonymous said...

I would rather have driven downtown to try out this steakhouse instead of going to Harlows. I don't like the casinos and would have preferred that this Steakhouse was located in the downtown area. Maybe when Louies closes down after a few months because of the only ones going to the casinos don't eat or drink unless its FREE then maybe they will consider moving downtown. I think more families would rather go downtown instead of taking their familiy to a casino. Once again a missed opportunity for the downtown area because someone isn't doing their job. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE for one.

Anonymous said...

9:58, Harlow's owns the steakhouse. It is NOT owned by an outside party. Also, you cannot take your family unless your kids are age 21 or over. Harlow's does not allow under aged people to enter the casino due to "insurance regulations", as stated on a sign at the entrance.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! Speaking of THE Supplemental Educational Services Program at Solomon's Middle School will now need an additional "hourly paid" employee--a security guard! Again, Federal Programs funding.

Also, what about the additional cost of the heating and lighting of the building (2 hours a day, 3 times a week).

Traditionally, THE Business Manager and THE Federal Program's director get together annually, to
"calculate" and "deduct" so called
indirect costs from EACH AND EVERY
School's account and it is ALL 'pooled together" into one account. Supposedly, this is a percentage of their allocation that goes towards the utility bills
and other expenses.

The "other" expenses could be administrators' salaries,superintendent's auto, superintendent's auto insurance, monthly in-district gas allowance,
central office's new carpet, interior painting and remodeling,
THE central office Christmas party,
THE winter retreat "planning" session for the board of trustes at an out-of-town casino and the annual luncheon for school secretaries.

Well, "exclude" the annual luncheon for school secretaries...they are given "left overs" from the night before's annual Adopter-A=School sponsor's banquet.

Yes, school board trustees are treated to a very nice "winter retreat" and the "lower level, hourly paid" secretaries' are given
left overs!

This and more...has been going on for years.

And THE employee morale is low...wonder why?

Anonymous said...

I know that THE current buildings are paid for...but do you think that DOE's and SHERMAN'S could be 'talked into" moving to the downtown area.

They both have a sucessful business.

But, stop and think. What does the downtown area need?

The downtown employess have only Jim's Cafe and Buck's to choose from at lunchtime.

So, maybe, just maybe, IF Doe's and Sherman's relocated to "give the others some competition", then other businesses would follow their lead!

Anonymous said...

What about Stein Mart?

Their "new" building is probably not paid for, yet.

Coooould they not move "back" downtown?

Maybe, not in the same, "old" building, but another smaller building similar to the one that they are currently located in.

Would McCormick's Book Store relocate? It IS the only book store in Greenville.

And put Doe's in the Weatherbee House!

Looks like JCPenney's will have to move back "downtown", also.

Has ANYONE spoken the THE corporate offices of the
remaining mall stores about re-locating downtown?

Chamber of Commerce?

$500,000 given to Delta Foundation
"for business incubator project to promote Mississippi delta business growth development"?????????

And, when THE mall closes...allow THE churches to rent "mall" space for their "first Sunday" monthly church service. Imagine that! They could enter the mall and have several choices for church services...ALL under one roof.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to get the Mall stores and shops to re-locate downtown or they will all end up in the old Wal-Mart building!

Where are the TWO largest buildings downtown that could be renovated for JCPenney's and Belk's?

Find out and call the corporate offices and start "cutting a deal"!

Reality said...

Give up Greenville! Put your house on the market, take the $$$ loss, and get the hell out before Greenville is officially designated as a third world country.

I got out 2 years ago and I have never been happier. I took a $100K loss on my home but it was worth it to get away from the stupidity, racism, ignorace and corruption of our leaders. YOU are out-numbered by the entitlement majority who have been feeding on taxpayers for decades. They are only growing in numbers and are quite happy with their "lifestyle".

As a famous General once said, "There is a point at which surrentder becomes valour in the face of defeat."

We are there!

Anonymous said...

So, THE Brent Day Care Center is located in a building owned by the city.

That building is located in Eric Simmons' ward.

And when that building needed a new roof...Eric Simmoms got it approved by the city council.

He just looks after his ward and THE mayor and is not interesting in helping the city as a whole.

And his brother is on THE Greenville Public School district's
board of trustees.

So, brother is ONLY looking out for GPSD administrators and their corrupt ways.

Greenville will never change.

Does Brent Day Care Center pay the city a monthly rental fee for the building?

The Greenville Public School board of trustees voted
recently to not rent out thier vacant buildings.

Can a day care center be allowed to be "housed" in a city owned building due to "insurance regulations"?

Anonymous said...

Do the census workers include the people in jail or prisons when they are gathering their data for the census reports?

Parchman is located in Boliver county.

Are the Parchman inmates included in that county's population and demographics data?

Interesting, huh?

The decline in Greenville's population might be found sitting in Parchman.

Anonymous said...

I just love the idea of a deserted, empty mall becoming
the mall of churches!

You are right. Instead of having one on every corner, have them all under one roof--big churches and small churches.

They'll stay a few months, move out, and then another one can come along and take it's place.

Just about everyone that you meet
"claims" to be a preacher.

Anonymous said...

I think Parchman is in Sunflower county, not Bolivar county.

Anonymous said...

My mistake. Then, are the inmates contained at
Parchmen included in Sunflower county's population and demographics data?

Anonymous said...

Neither Doe's nor McCormick's would move, they are landmark areas to Greenville. We need NEW businesses, like outlet stores and dining locations.

How pathetic that our City Council and Mayor after all the money invested in downtown Greenville streets, especially Washington Ave., neglected to make sure that it was all decorated for the season. Not a bow or a banner on Washington Ave., beyond the second railroad track and ONLY a bow at City Hall on Main!!!!

The excuse is the decorations of the City do not fit the light poles of the two streets! Gimme a break, we are talking bows and banners, modify and make them work! How do you get new interests in downtown, when our leaders drop such a big ball of promotion???? Good grief...this is not rocket science!

I was in Indianola this week, banners and bows all over downtown.

This is flat embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

Now wait a minute.

Didn't THE mayor insist on buying new decorations for the city several years ago?

Now, you are saying THESE new decorations do not "fit" the lightpoles!

And the WHOLE purpose of repairing the streets was to "bring people" to the downtown area.

It was supposed to be a "path" leading to the casinos.

And while we're on "the" subject...
What does the city of Greenville's
street crew workers and yard crew workers do in the
winter months,or inclimate weather? I'm sure that they do not go home, but are still on the timeclock with nothing to do. Can't they paint some of the vacant buildings, pick up litter and trash, sweep the sidewalks or something?

Same thing with THE school district maintenance and
yard crew workers. What do they do? Carpenters, plumbers, electricians and yard crew workers can be taught to effectively "use" a bucket of paint and a paint brush!

The office workers (at the school) are required and expected to do numerous tasks, but the maintenance and yard crew are very, very, limited in their job tasks.

The GPSD's central office got painted a couple of years ago (by a "hired" painting crew). You should see some of the classroom walls. They all need a fresh coat of paint.And let's not even talk about ALL of the new
central office furniture.

All of that paint and all of the new furniture has not helped their "appearances" one single bit.

THEY are still dirty looking and dirty acting.

Anonymous said...

Yup, Washington Ave., not even a bow! Main Street, ONE set of lights crossing the street near the City court building and a giant green wreath with a red bow on City Hall second floor...that is it! Oh wow....I am soooo not impressed!

Anonymous said...

THE only reason the downtown streets got repaired is because THE mayor's church, has moved down there.

That might explain why THE mayor is not even attempting to promote the downtown area. She wants it empty and deserted so, that HER church can expand one day.(And the longer the buildings sit there empty--well, then, the lower the price will be!)

There was once "talk" of HER church opening a private school.

Also, there was "talk" of making the downtown area into something similar to Beale Street in Memphis.
Again, because of "personal" reasons---SHE objected.

As THE mayor of Greenville, SHE should 'promote' the downtown area, and then it's HER perogative
to NOT visit certain types of businesses.

Heck, she already does that!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to mention the fact that there are NO white members serving on THE Greenville Public School's Federal Programs committee.

Barbara McCoy doesn't really like them!

Talk about discrimination.

Anonymous said...

The majority of the $1400 per student for Supplemental Educational Services won't go towards actual "tutoring".

Just cut out all of the bullcrap and give the students' homework assignments! Duh!

Isn't THAT what a homework assignment is..."re-enforcement of what has been previously been taught!"

My children had homework assignments on a daily basis, starting in kindergarten, and my husband and I "re-enforced what had previously been taught on a daily basis"--every night at home.

THE parents can help with homework.They are not stupid. THEY know how to "work" the government programs, don't they? Let them "work" the homework assignments. Don't play "down" to them.

Anonymous said...

What is all of this crap that THE Greenville Public Schools now has an ethics policy?

An employee can not be seen buying beer or alcohol or seen in a establishment that sells alcohol?

Excuse me, but when the employee is
"off of the clock" as long as what they ar doing is legal....the employor has no say so.

It is still legal to drink alcohol, if you are over 21 years old.

And something else about proper behavior?

How many teachers are unwed mother?

What are THEY going to do about them? Fire them? Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton will surely make a visit to Greenville.

Oh, yes, and THEY must wear hosiery.

What do pantyhose have to do with teaching?

I hope and pray that THE Greenville Public Schools has some money set aside for the upcoming lawsuits.

Civil Rights?



I guess THE schools won't be accepting any more money from THE casinos.

Anonymous said...

Looks like THEY won't be having any more Federal Programs Summer conferences on the a casino anymore.

Or "other" school meetings at a casino---not even THE school board of trustees winter retreat.

But, don't the schools get money from the Gaming Commission?

Where do you draw the line on ethics?

Having a glass of wine with a dinner meal is legal...if you are not on a school related trip, on school time and paid for by the school.

If an employee wants to go out on a Saturday night and have a glass of wine with their dinner then what? Do they receive a memo the following Monday morning? I don't think so.

Is lying ethical?

Is corruption ethical?

Is going to a casino ethical?

Is having a child out of wedlock ethical?

Anonymous said...

THE former Superintendent of Greenville Public Schools (Taplin)sent out a memo to employees stating that THEY could NOT go to a hair salon or nail salon on their lunch break.(The man was completely bald!)

This particular memo was sent to also, the "Hourly paid" employees.

THEY were outraged. THEY personally, did not 'visit' the hair and nail salon (only ONE person was guilty of THAT), but did run errands and such on their "hourly lunch break--which was off of the time clock".

Some were so scared and terrified, they only went to drive thru windows for lunch.

Others continued with their "running of errands", stating that HE could not controll what they did 'off of the clock'.

Another example of their "bulleying' techniques.

kennard said...

Admit it, we all suck. Greenville sucks, we suck, you suck.........

Anonymous said...

You may suck, but please excuse me, I however do NOT suck!

Anonymous said...

What about TCBY. They probably just received their Christmas Present from the tax assessor's office!!! These tax increases are killing the remaining small businesses in Washington County. Our company now pays more in property taxes than my first building's rent payments 20 year ago!! There is no reason for the increase in these taxes!!!

Anonymous said...

Mayor James Lowe of Leland has gotten Dollar General Distribution Center in Indianola to make donations of blankets, cookies, etc. to the elderly of Leland and to go and check on them during the holidays. What a way to think of others Mayor Lowe. Wonder what Mayor Hudson has done for others who are less fortunate in Greenville? Knowing her, probably absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

6:09 PM

THE mayor only does for others...when SHE is campaigning.

In the past, DADDY's gift to Greenvillians was first, school field trips for GPSD students to watch a basketball game in Memphis and secondly, the gospel concert at the convention center.

I'm proud of Lowe in Leland for helping the elderly.

I would much rather give to the elderly than the children.

Why, you ask?

Because, the elderly do not spend their money getting their hair and nails done, like the mothers of the children do. It cost $15 every two weeks for the acrylic nails.

If the mom's didn't spend their "checks" on hair and nails, then THEy could buy toys for their chihldren at Christmas time.

Before you donate a toy, do a hair and nail check of the child's mother!

Since SHE's not "running again" more gifts.

But, Eric Simmons (with his brother's help)has already "lined up voters" with the christmas toy donation drive.Everyone else donated, but THE brothers are the only ones that got recognition.(That's what happens when you make a phone call to DDT and say, "come look at me and write a story about it-I'm a politician!)

You Go James! said...

Good work James Lowe! Keep showing that you are not one of the "bought and paid for" politicians. There are many worthy causes to devote your time to in the Delta. Let Hudson dine with the Obamas and all of the other "wanna-bees" who will never make it. I would rather be remembered as a person who did good for the residents of Leland, MS than a two-faced politician who abandoned her home-town!

Anonymous said...

Yes, James Lowe KNOWS all about THE "wanna be" politicians. HE worked for THE school for many, many years. HE knows how they think, manipulate and conduct "under the table" dealings!

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope that Obama paid (out of his own pocket) THE $4000 rental fee for the home in Hawaii for THE family's two week Christmas holiday!

My family would just love to spend two weeks at Christmas time on THE island, but simply can not afford it.

Why couldn't he go home to Illinois?

And Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

any updates on our new call center?

Anonymous said...

No updates on the new call center.

Don't know the owner.

Don't know anyone that works there.

Don't know any of their customers.

Don't know what their "product" is, either.

Haven't seen any ads about hiring additonal employees, either.

Nor did I see any ads when the first group of employees were hired.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

3:29 I am with you. Lets all leave this hell hole and let them have this place called G'ville.

Transplanted Midwesterner said...

I don't feel like the amount of property tax is really the issue here. The value and return those dollars fail to generate should be the focus of our ire, not the actual dollar amounts. I did a little research and found that the Mississippi Delta counties containing larger towns (Washington, Bolivar, Coahoma, Sunflower, and Leflore) do tend to have higher tax rates in comparison to other Mississippi counties. Tunica County is the exception, but I think we all know why. Yazoo County is a little lower as well, and I haven't quite figured that one out.

Nevertheless, the "high" tax rates in these Mississippi Delta counties pale in comparison to many across the country. I checked my native county in the Midwest, and its tax rate is just shy of double that of Washington County. However, they have usable roads, storm sewers that function, an effective police force and sheriff's deputies, and a variety of city and county services that bring value into the equation. Herein lies the problem with property taxes in Greenville and Washington County, the value proposition is just not there.

The tax issues are most certainly enhanced by the ineptitude of our local leaders and a huge disparity of wealth found in the county, and I really don't have a hard line solution for these problems. As has been discussed in this forum ad nauseum, the entitlement masses far outweigh the taxpaying minority when it comes to the polls.

I don't have a smooth segue into this next point but here goes. In my mind, the major problem in Greenville can be summarized into a relatively simple statement. Greenville is a micropolitan area with metropolitan problems. Based on Greenville's small size and rural nature, we have a limited ability to generate the funds needed to offset the costs of the more traditionally urban problems and programs that are needed to provide for all of its residents. Granted, the state and federal governments provide the lion's share of the funds required to support the personal needs our impoverished masses, but there is still a sizeable load to bear for the local government. Think about the cost of infrastructure maintenance alone for those areas of Greenville that do not generate or generate a minimum number of tax dollars.

Obviously, the lack of industry in Greenville is at the root of the issue for generating tax dollars. Individuals and retail businesses can only be taxed to a certain point before they flee or close their doors, respectively. We have read many times on the Delta Scoop about people pining for our local officials to "bring in" industry. In my mind, this is no different than the welfare mentality criticized by those same individuals that want an industry "brought in." What we need to do is build industry in Greenville. We need to utilize what resources we have, however minimal, to their fullest potential. The biggest example of this, likely, is the port of Greenville. Hopefully, the forthcoming expansions of the port are a step in the right direction for the port and Greenville.

I often hear people in Greenville state that the biggest problem in Greenville is a lack of jobs. I have to disagree. Gone are the days of unskilled and semi-skilled labor in the United States being overcompensated for their toils. Unskilled and semi-skilled labor is largely what Greenville can provide, as can China, Mexico, India, and a host of other Asian and Central American countries. We simply cannot be competitive in the global marketplace due to our higher cost of living and their willingness to use suspect governmental and business tactics.

Transplanted Midwesterner said...

.... continued
The problem for Greenville, in my mind, is a lack of businesses and/or industry that can generate tax dollars for Greenville’s coffers. These businesses do not have to employ scores of people to generate the dollars needed to make progress toward the ultimate goal of a better Greenville. As far as I’m concerned, there are few basic tenets that can be applied to building industry in Greenville:
1. Scalability – We need to be building businesses that can employ 3-5 people, then maybe 30-50, and ultimately 300-500.

2. Independence – We need an industry not connected to those already prevalent in the Delta. Specifically, we are talking about businesses not solely dependent on agriculture, aquaculture, or forestry. These types of industry are already present in the Delta and would easily be transplanted into Greenville as other industry begins to take a foothold.

3. Minimal start-up cost – The matter of fact is that it’s a lot easier to get someone or some entity to invest $500,000 in an enterprise than $5,000,000.

Of course, the best laid plans can be thrown out the window when personal responsibility is replaced with entitlement, and that is the first major hurdle we must overcome. If we can find a way to eliminate gettin’ by on the government dole for a large number of our residents, without being called racists, then many other things can fall in place. Any suggestions?

mississippidelta22 said...

The most amazing thing happened to me the weekend of December 11th-12th 2009. I was invited to come down and take a look at merchandise at a liquidation sale! Now, you maybe asking yourself, "What's so amazing about attending a liquidation sale?". I'm taking the time to say this wasn't just an ordinary liquidation sale. It was also a meeting of great minds. Sure, those who attended this sale walked away with some GREAT merchandise (and there was everything there that you could imagine) but friends and customers also had the opportunity to take home some good advice and inspiration. I found out about a local website( was designed for the people of greenville in 2005 but in my opinion, just like everything else in greenville, the people did not realize what they had. I began to browse this website and thought to myself that this site was and is ahead of its time in many ways. It offers free advertising (How I DONT KNOW?) In a tough economy, why arent more business owner advertising FREE on this website instead of paying the others the high cost to run ads but still end up closing? One has to blame tradition plus ignorance. I asked later by email to meet with the owners of this website at Delta Grind. As I was sitting, a young man walked up to me and said hello. At that moment I realized my own prejudices and maybe greenville's prejudices at the same time. I was not expecting an african american young man. As I sat down and talked with him I found out this yound man had been around the world pushing this website on his own.He showed me video of people in china, japan, mexico etc and all of them was singing this E-SELL-YOUR-SELF.COM. I asked him to tell me more about himself and how did he come up with this kind of website.The first thing he said was he loved greenville ,ms and his goal was to create a platform to showcase online what greenville/ the delta had to offer. I then asked him why dont more people in greenville know about or use this free advertising website. He replied with a smile and said his motto is Tell The World But Show Them First! I began to think we all could learn alot from this young man.He never complained about the lack of support nor did he blame race. As business owners, we also have websites but to this young website owner, the website is his business and only god knows why but, he offers it free. Lastly I think if he's going to go around the world and tell people about this website, it bewhose us as greenvillians to get on it so people will know what we have to offer. It's a no brainer but I guess you have to have a brain to know this. WAKE UP GREENVILLE!! PAY ATTENTION!!This website is our future for sales it also has an online auction feature to auction off what you have for sale.No credit cards are needed. God bless that young man who believes in a town who does not seem to believe in itself nor take advantage of the great ideas that can come from the minds of deltians!!

Anonymous said...

Ask the people who own the majority of property downtown but refuse to sell to those who want to improve it.

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