Monday, November 30, 2009

Say What?

GREENVILLE — The phones will soon be ringing at one new business, after all, that is its business.

Call Center Outsourcing Solutions, 747 W. Alexander, is scheduled to hold its grand opening 4:30 p.m. Tuesday,

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is scheduled to be on hand for the ribbon cutting; entertainment will be provided Eden Brent and Mississippi Slim.

“I’m extremely excited,” said Regina Luke, CEO, Call Center Outsourcing Solutions. “It has finally come together after three months of lots of hard work.”Call Center Outsourcing Solutions will be a fully operational call center taking inbound and placing outbound customer service calls. Luke said the business currently holds contracts with 28 Fortune 500 companies.

“We recently went to the Global Outsourcing Expo in New York City and we were the only English speaking call center there,” Luke said. “We had people lined up at our booth wanting to speak with us and to see what we could do for their business.”

One of Luke’s clients is happy to have made the move because according to Luke, the company was losing eight percent of its customers monthly due to language barriers.

“More and more of these jobs are coming back to America because of language barriers,” she said. “Customers get fed up with dealing with someone who they can’t understand, and this is good news for us.”

The call center will open their lines for business with 15 new employees and will add an additional 10 new employees each month until they’re up to 50, said Luke.

“We’ve had to temporarily outsource some of our contracts to other centers because of the delay in being able to open,” Luke said. “But we’re ready now and our business will increase over the next few months and we’re still actively seeking new clients.”

According to Luke, a positive for attracting new clients is that the business is a minority-owned American company, Luke said.

“We’re getting lots of positive feedback from the clients we already have and even potential ones,” she said. “The clients love the fact that we’re in an area that so desperately needs jobs. They like us because we’re an American owned company and that our customer service representatives are native English speakers.”

The public is invited to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Language barriers? I am a native Deltan and I can barely understand our "native" language! "Let me axked you a nudda querstion bout dat"?

Who in the hell is going to use this service? Okay, I get pissed when I call Dell Computer Service center and get someone from India with a heavy accent, but they are generally polite, patient, articulate and educated, so you get the job done.

Physically, this new "business" still looks like a deserted building. "Call Center" is a generic word for everything from credit card scams to porn! They are generally a venue for businesses to disguise their identity from both the customer and the IRS.

Does anyone know what the actual "business" of this call center will be? It's not that I don't trust our city council to have done "due diligence" regarding this enterprise, but as P.T. Barnum once noted... there is one born every second!



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Anonymous said...

Most small businesses fail in their first year...I predict there won't be 50 jobs. No offense, but you need English and brains to provide effective customer support.

Anonymous said...

I recall a trip to Houston, TX, years ago. We stopped to get a burger at a local owned burger drive in. The owners/Managers were apparently Asian, Vietnamese, etc....we could not for the life of us communicate our order through the speaker. Finally, we drove around to the window and asked if any Americans worked there. At that, a black man, the cook, stepped forward to the window. We repeated our order and he got it right the first time!haha

Most frustrating event of the trip, but funny too.

Talking to India folks is even more frustrating!!! I hate it. Yes, they are polite, but I get so tired of saying "pardon me? what was that?" I am glad to see the call center corporations wake up and start bringing these jobs back home!

Anonymous said...

Delta vs. Delta: A tale of two cities

Sunday, November 29, 2009 12:13 AM CST

Last month, I penned an editorial about Clarksdale.

The editorial stated that I felt a breath of fresh air when I crossed the Coahoma County line. It also stated that Clarksdale citizens seemed to build consensus and work together to build bridges throughout the community, all the while achieving results.

The point of reference here were two new restaurants opening in the same month downtown, and how other merchants were redoing their store fronts to better attract customers. This is truly refreshing. The city, county and financial institutions all worked together to make this happen.

Mayor Espy, even after a heart attack this summer, has constantly made himself available whenever anything needed a boost through the city and all county councilmen (just like Washington County) are always ready, willing and able. The police chief is always accessible and willing to work with festivals and downtown.

One other definitive fact is citizens formed a “Downtown Redevelopment Committee” and staffed it with a paid executive: Mac Crank. Crank has proven to be indispensable in finding willing buyers, sellers and grant money to make things happen.

After being nudged by several citizens in Greenville about the Clarksdale editorial, I have put this short editorial out to the residents of Greenville who shop, the store owners that try to keep their store fronts up, and, those that don’t do anything.

Clarksdale is not perfect by any means — they just seem to be willing to work together better than we do here in Greenville. Clarksdale is an example of what Delta cities and towns can do to “bring it back home.” The stores downtown don’t worry about the strip centers or the chain stores — they’re making their own market downtown again — and it’s exciting to see. Vicksburg is doing much the same; they seem to have a more positive outlook about revitalization of their once thriving downtown.

What does it take to get the citizens of Greenville to actually revitalize downtown, or anywhere else in the city for that matter? Maybe another savior can come in from Texas like Ken Dowe, who has made the largest impact in the shortest amount of time in recent history with the Greenville Challenge.

He put his money where his heart is, and now locals are doing the same thing.

Why can’t our city council get things done, as a group, and not always split along the same lines. Why can’t we have a mayor who’s accessible, as well as a police chief — no hot lines — just someone you can make appointments with and see at a later date?

There are many towns that are known as Delta Towns and no two are the same. But why not try to be the best?

— Ed Nichols, DDT publisher

Amen!!!!! Finally a voice in the darkness shines a real light on the real culprits of Greenville's problems. We have all known it, but now it is coming into the public light!

Election time came and some will not return, elsections are coming again in the next few days, even though some slipped through the cracks and have guaranteed jobs for the next four years, the others do not. There is one who says she is going on to a State her dreams! But we have to make sure she goes no matter what! Our so called City Leader, the DIVA Mayor, needs to be held accountable, before she goes and then booted out the front door of City Hall!

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else becoming weary of folks re-posting here what has already been printed in the newspaper? Garsh. Write your own opinions.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the mayor lately? Was she helping at the Thanksgiving dinners for those in need? She seems to be MIA...

Anonymous said...

8:14 Lots of us don't get the fish wrapper(DDT) much less read it. We are grateful for those that post news worth reading on this blog. Especially when it shows how G'ville is still lagging way behind in going forward because of the leaders not doing their jobs very well or at all.

Anonymous said...

THE mayor might be in Florida at
Daddy's, plotting and planning her next marriage and political strategies. Remember, SHE wants to be THE Governor. LOL!

And did SHE give a report or summary from her recent mayoral trip for black mayors?

Did SHE learn anything "useful" for the city of Greenville, or did SHE just gain "useful" information and supposedly contacts for her own personal "use"?

Has SHE taken the bar exam for the
state of Florida, yet? It might be "useful" if SHE does not win the governorship.

OneWhoOpines said...

Our Mayor wants to be the Lt Governor in the next election, NOT the Governor. After that successful bid, then she wants to be the Governor.

Anonymous said...

3:44 PM

Well,excuse the hell out of me! My mistake! LOL!

Anonymous said...

No one seems willing to disclose any of the national or "international" clients of our new call center. What are the qualifications to work there? If all they are doing is re-routing calls from one place to another, doesn't that seem a bit suspicious? When I call a company with a question, I want to talk to someone at the physical location, not some 6th grade graduate in Greenville reading from a script. I agree with Forthright, this call center place doesn't pass the smell test!

Anonymous said...

6:49 PM

Is the new "call" center registered with the Better Business Bureau?

Does the Chamber of Commerce have any info?

Economic Development?

What "funding" or grant provided the "call" center with "start-up" money? Isn't that public information?

What is Regina Luke's salary?

Which 28 Fortune 500 companies does the "call" center have contracts with? Again, public information? (especially, if federal grant money was obtainied!)

Sounds like a scam! Call the police!

Anonymous said...

Here are some facts:

Mr. Regina Luke, the "owner" of this call center company…didn't even own the company two months ago. It was called North GA Virtual Services, and was owned by Mr. Steven C Stamey, who ran into medical problems. He sold the business to her. From what I could find, the company had 4 full time employees: Stamey, his wife, Regina and one other person. Regina was VP, and appears to been in outside sales.

They most likely hired out outside Indian firms and/or other part-timers to handle contracts as they came along and what was called "Virtual Assistants" which had a brief flash in the pan in popularity. I also understand that there is a grant that she received to help defer her salary for a short period (maybe a year).

The best way to find out how the company is doing is look at the parking lot in about 3 weeks.

Does anybody have any other information?

Anonymous said...

6th grade education? In Greenville, that will be more like 2nd grade, since all of our schools are apparently failing.

sign me:

Gladly writing the check for tuition each month, so my children can read and write complete sentences when they graduate.

OneWhoOpines said...

Important Notice:

Due to recent budget cuts, the stock market decline, and the
rising cost of electricity, gas, & oil, the light at the
end of the tunnel has been turned off.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Government

Anonymous said...

7:29 AM
...."the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off."

Does that include "Christmas" lights? LOL

Anonymous said...

Is THE mayor again, requesting a
"night time" Christmas parade, as SHE has done in the past?

Anonymous said...

You call what we have a Christmas parade. It's more like a waste of tax payers money to me. It looks more like a social gathering for acorn. How many of you will be attending the Christmas parade? I am willing to say NONE of us will be there.

Anonymous said...

You call what we have a Christmas parade. It's more like a waste of tax payers money to me. It looks more like a social gathering for acorn. How many of you will be attending the Christmas parade? I am willing to say NONE of us will be there.

Anonymous said...

HIV/AIDS cases increase in Washington County

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 8:17 PM CST

The Mississippi State Department of Health estimates there are more than 200 people infected with HIV/AIDS in Washington County. In fact, Washington County has seen an increase in the past year in HIV/AIDS cases, according to Henri Tillmon, disease intervention specialist, Mississippi State Department of Health in Washington County.

“We’ve had a slight increase over last year,” said Tillmon. “And we’re noticing and increase with the younger population.”

The younger population are aged 15 to 24 and Tillmon said despite the wealth of information on the disease, the numbers are surprising.

“As much education is offered on safe sex, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS, it just doesn’t seem to be ringing home with the younger folks,” Tillmon said

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), It is a call to countries to protect human rights and more access to treatment, and to remove laws that discriminate against people living with HIV/AIDS.

The Southern AIDS Commission reports that African Americans account for 83 percent of new HIV infections among those 13 to 19 years old.

According to Mississippi State Department of Health, in 2008 there was a total of 606 new HIV/AIDS cases reported in Mississippi.

-- African American: Male 326 Female 152

Anonymous said...

Well, if Henri Tillmon can't decrease the HIV/AIDS infection of MINOR "school aged" children, then why in the heck is he the school board president for Greenville Public Schools?

He needs to focus on his "full time" job and let someone else handle his "part time" school board presidency.

Blind leading the blind!

And don't tell me that when a "minor" child reaches a certain age, that they can legally obtain birth control devices without their
parents' consent!

And then, if they happen to get "caught" with someone over the age of 18, then they yell "rape"!


Anonymous said...

Christmas Parade:

Instead of spending all of the money, time and energy on floats,rental cars and a new outfit to wear...why don't the citizens and community organizations put THAT money towards the "matching" Greenville $50,000 fund? Call the Chamber of Commerce for details.

Daycare Centers?
Girl Scouts?
Boy Scouts?
School PTSA?
100 Black Men?

Anonymous said...

When I first started reading this web site I thought it offered interesting opinions and food for thought. Now after four weeks I think these are the most racist group of people I have ever heard of. They hate all black people period. These are the people that my friends talk about when I go on vacation an ask how can I live with people like this. I just pray.

Anonymous said...


You can always go somewhere else to read.

You, in my opinion, are very, very judgemental towards people YOU have never even laid eyes on.

I will pray for you.

You, too, will learn.

Anonymous said...

I attended the local Christmas parade with my young grandson about 5 years ago. I had an open mind about it since I did not grow up here and had not attended the local parade before. But some of the "dancing" of the groups was so embarrassing that I left and have never attended the parade again. There needs to be a little bit of good taste applied to the performances so they are more "family friendly" for all ages.

Anonymous said...

Christmas parade? It is a parade of fools... grinding and bumping like las vegas whores. It has nothing to do with "Christmas"... just another venue for Soul Train to strut their "stuff".

Racist? I own a business in Greenville and meet new people who move into this community. At first, they are appalled by the "racism" that still exists in the Delta, but within six months, they fully understand why the "N" word still survives in the south. Most flee within the next six months. That is why all Greenville businesses are failing.

Racism works both ways!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


..."like las vegas whores."

That is just too funny! True, but still funny. I'll have to remember that one!

Someone else told me once, that part of the "half-time" show at Alcorn and Jackson State was the
"accidently on purpose" peep show.

THOSE young ladies have been "doing it" for years.

Janet Jackson at the Superbowl was just a "copycat" :).

Gives new meaning to "my cup runneth over"!

Still, it's not right.

Just a "hootchie mama". And nine months later, THEY will be a mama!

Anonymous said...

5:02 Evidently you didn't grow up here in G'ville when it was once called the QUEEN CITY of the DELTA. G'ville once was the place to live and people from all over the delta came here to shop and work. G'ville had almost 60,000 citizens now it is barely over 30,000. Back before the gov't forced the schools to intergrate G'ville was a thriving and growing city. G'ville survived a few years but as time went on many were forced to leave due to the schools and the influence of the black culture not having any morals or discipline. Now that G'ville is 85% black just look around and see what has happened. If you can, go look at old pictures of what G'ville once was and then get your head out of your butt and look at what it has become. It isn't a pretty picture that you see is it. We have more shootings and murders per capita than many huge cities. And it's mostly black on black crime that is happening. Those of us on here are not racists but concerned citizens that try to turn the other cheek. But enough is enough and when we say what the problem is the truth hurts and we are sorry but thats the way it is. Why is it when we complain or tell the truth about the problems of G'ville ,we are racists?

Anonymous said...



Have you ever considered a career in carpentry work?

You certainly know how to "hit the nail with a hammer"! LOL!

Anonymous said...

2:01 thanks
I have had enough of these people calling those of us racists just because we point out the problems of G'ville. They know it too and it hurts so the only thing they can come back with is "You're just a racist." I 'm sick of it.

If you dare to go, checkout the Christmas parade and see if you would want your kids to see or act the way they do while marching. It sickens me that they think that it is okay for younger kids to see as one post said, A Las Vegas show of HO's shaking and booty dancing like a bunch of dummies.

Anonymous said...

The Greenville Christmas Parade is ALWAYS totally gross. It sickens me to the hilt that the sponsors and school officials let those girls shake their booties like they do. It is just downright disgusting and imoral.

Anonymous said...

THE Christmas parade has gotten so trashy and low-class with the "girls in the band" truly acting like the
other post implied-"Las Vegas whores"!

Mr. Buck, before you totally commit to the "honor" of Grand Marshal of Saturday's parade,YOU need to enforce some rules and guidelines for proper behavior.

THE "showgirls" need some discipline and more importantly,self-respect.

But, THEY don't have time for a tennis lesson before Saturday.

Any suggestions?

Putting a "church group" either, before OR after them won't work. It's been done in the past to no aveil.

Anonymous said...


THE Mayor of Greenville,
THE City Council of Greenville,
THE Greenville Chamber of Commerce,
THE Greenville Police Department,
THE Greenville Parade Committee,
THE Citizens of Greenville,

WE, the truly 'concerned' citizens for a better Greenville, (and no, I am NOT Joyce Parker!) need your help.

WE have given donations to the "matching" grant fund to "clean up" our city, Greenville.

Please, help, and do YOUR part to "clean up" OUR city.

Keep the dirty, trashy, whores off of our streets this Saturday during the Christmas parade (and there after!)

I know that Christmas time is traditionally known for the "time of giving", but WE don't WANT nor do WE NEED what THE ladies are so freely offering!

WE need some help, but certainly (again) don't WANT nor NEED that particular type of AID(S)!

Anonymous said...

I guess the black "Santa" in our Christmas parade knows these young ladies personally, because he keeps calling them by name... HO, HO, HO!

Anonymous said...

Downtown Greenville is now a "redlight" district!


Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Will THE showgirls be sitting in Santa's lap...or will THEY be sitting in Mr. Buck's lap?

What does "buck" rhyme with?

It's Buck's parade! He can have IT!

Anonymous said...

The theme for this year's parade is....Mr. Buck's Christmas Parade!

Anonymous said...

Buck Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Some "girls" will do anything for a buck!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ho! Hi Ho!

It's off to work we go!

Song from: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Anonymous said...

I really love this blog.

The people "on" here really "tell it like it is".

No bullsh*t, just the truth.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

When my husband was in a management position and tried to hire new people to come here, they would come and then decline...the reason? Schools! Also, when you get off a plane and drive down Hwy. 1 into a hotel, what do you see??? I hope this clean up works because it is definitely needed BUT until the schools improve, young families with children who value education, regardless of color, will not come here.

Just sayin' said...

Come on folks, I love to watch the black school's bands and dancers. They have moves that are very entertaining. Then comes Washington school and those poor white chicks are marching along like they have a stick up their butt. Those Black chicks have it down and have been doing it ever since I was a kid and I'm over 60. Give them a break, it is their heritage.
Did you notice I said "Black Schools"? Greenville is as segregated as ever and the only difference is that now the racism has reveresed.

Down Wit It said...

Yeah Baby, Who's yo Daddy? Them Girls can get down wit it!

Anonymous said...

True, blacks do know how to dance.

But, face it, Saturday morning THEY will not be in a club, but on a public street, for ALL to see.

Public street?

Might explain why the "white" chicks from Washington School don't "really" move much.

THEY have sense enough to know that ALL are watching and are rather "choosey" about WHO gets to see how much certain body parts can move.

Sorry, but that's how their mamas and daddys raised them.

It's called self respect.

And..."them girls that can get down wit it"...will NOT be at school come September because THEY will be home with their newborn babies.

THOSE that "drop it like it's hot" will most certainly be "dropping it like it's hot"...nine months later.

Sorry, but that's how their mamas raised them.

Santana-Clamidia said...

Hope to see you all at Greenville's Ho-Show tomorrow! Maybe Santa will be throwing condoms to the crowd from his sleigh.

I hear that 6 students were culled from this year's marching band... they couldn't find maternity uniforms in the school's colors.

Not to worry though, they will be riding in Santa's purple convertible "Whooptie" with 21" spinin' rims!

Dancer, Prancer and Rudolph... your tired asses have been replaced by Shawnameka, Dion-sey, and Obama-du-laude! And please leave yo back do' open... cause we don't do chim-nees!

Anonymous said...

Y'all make me sick. And why do you have to attact Mr. Buck's character while you're on your hateful bandwagon? What has he done except be a good citizen who is involved in his community? You folks don't like ANYONE.

Anonymous said...

To 9:02 PM:

Excuse me, but MR. BUCK is THE one that was quoted in the DDT newspaper.

Go read it for yourself.

He went on and on about how many children in Greenville he had helped by teaching them to play tennis.

Not only did HE teach them how to play tennis...but HE also taught them DISCIPLINE and RESPECT.

And it was such a surprise when Betty Lynn Cameron called and informed him that HE was the Grand Marshall for THE Christmas Parade.

HE considered it an HONOR.

But, he doesn't "work" very much at the restuarant, his WIFE does ALL of the work and HE just talks and visits with everyone...when HE's not playing tennis.

You know...THE restuarant that OBAMA came and visited when HE came to Greenville.

HE can "talk the talk"...but can HE "walk the walk"!

If HE is going to be THE Grand Marshall for THE Christmas Parade...then HE needs to make sure that ALL paticipants are DISCIPLINED and RESPECTFUL to ALL
(and especially to themselves.)

Have I made myself clear?

Do you understand?

Do I need to repeat mself?

Do I need to "rephrase" it another way so that you will understand?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Look at me!

Look at me!

I AM someone special!

I AM someone important!

I AM in THE parade!

Look at me!

Look at me!

I'm shaking EVERYTHING I've got for EVERYONE to see!

Look at me!

Look at me!

I AM special!

I AM important!

Look at me!

Look at me!

Anonymous said...

Years ago, K.C. and The Sunshine Band had two "hit" singles songs:

1. Shake Your Booty!

2. That's The Way I Like It!

Now, K.C. and The Sunshine Band members are ALL over fifty years old (closer to sixty!), retired and living in Florida.

But, in their "younger" days...they made a lot of money
by "shaking their booties".

I guess "that's the way they liked it", but, I certainly did not like it that way!

Anonymous said...

Who went to the Greenville Christmas Parade?

David said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

9:02 PM:

THE reason Mr. Buck does NOT work at the resturant (OR any where else!) is because HE is a "wanna be" politician!

Politicians don't WORK!

Well, least, in Greenville,THEY don't work!

THEY are much too busy, shooting the BS!

Didn't his mother get "fired" from MACE, several years ago?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I have never been in Mr. Buck's restaurant when he has NOT been there. Take your hate someplace else. S.B. Buck has good friends of all races, all political persuasions, all ages, all demographic areas. I'm an old white lady who loves to eat at Buck's. And your comments are way out of line.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 8:20. Mr. Buck is a good Christian soul. The racial hatred on here is unreal--if you can't like a good black man like Mr. Buck, you can't like anybody ever.

Anonymous said...

8:20 PM and 9:06PM

Go read the newspaper article.

Mr. Buck, himself, said that HE didn't work much at the resturant.

He stated that his WIFE did most of the work while he talked and visited with all of the customers.

HE even mentioned the "word" politics.

Recalling a certain newspaper article and re-canting what a person was quoted as saying and additionally commenting and stating an opinion does not equate to hatred or racism.

Get your panties out of a wad and go read the article.

And, while you're at it...what exactly is YOUR opinion concerning the "supposedly" show girls dancing in the bands.

Would you allow your daughter to act like that in public?

And, if she did, would you want Mr. Buck, the grand marshal of the parade to do something about it?

And do you know Mr. Buck's mother past work history? Any comments?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Buck may have given some "free" tennis lessons to children in Greenville.

But, Mr. Buck certainly was "paid" to give tennis lessons to Greenville Public School children,
under the Project Crossroads Grant.

At the time, Projet Crossroads' director was Janet Brown and she and her team of employees (including Patrick Ervin, a Delta Democrat Times writer/reporter) were housed in a rented building on Union Street.

The building is just past DRMC emergency room's entrance and parking lot--the same side of the street.

Mississippi Delta Community College
formerly held night classes in that same building.

Don't know if Janet Brown and Project Crossroads is still there or not, but Leeson Taylor, Deputy Superintendent of Greenville Public Schools did have an office there.

Check with someone in the Federal Programs division and they will verify that Mr. BUCK was paid to give tennis lessons.

Or ask Patrict Ervin.

Or ask Rev. Gilmore's daughter, Stephanie. She also was a team member of Projet Crossroads.

Any way, he did get paid, just as he gets paid to drive the Head Start bus.

A volunteer can not drive the Head Start bus because insurance would not allow it. Insurance coverage is only for employees.

Most of the community work he did, was not as a volunteer, but as a paid worker.

Anonymous said...

On August 24,2001, after an eight-day jury trial in United States District Court, Northern District of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi, MS RUBY BUCK of the
Mississippi Action for Community Education, also known as MACE, was found guilty of one count of misapplication of Corporation for National Service (Corporation) AmeriCorps grant funds and fifteen counts of submitting fraudulent AmeriCorps participant documents to the Corporation.

Read the article.

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Buck is such a good Christian soul, then WHY didn't he say something to RUBY BUCK?

What about his brother, the attorney? Did he also say anything?

His brother, the attorney, was a former Greenville Public Schools board member.


Anonymous said...

If we bloggers tell the truth on here about those running the city and even back it up with articles to support us ,we are called racists because the truth hurts. One blogger said the teenage girls dancing like Las Vegas whores is their culture . It might be but it is not everyones culture and their dancing should be not be done in a Christmas parade in public. The parade is celebration for everyone and especially the birth of our saviour Jesus. Now what would Jesus say if he saw that? Even better what would the teenage girls do if Jesus was watching and you know he is. Would they still be acting like that? I don't think so or at least I would hope they wouldn't.There are places for that type of behaviour and it's not in public at a Christmas parade. More like a pole in a strip club I would think.

Speaking of culture just take a look at one of the worlds most famous athletes, Tiger Woods. Now even he can't escape his so called culture of the way young black men think about staying true to his family. We know of at least 3 times he has dissapointed his wife and family and now they say it could be as many as 9 women he has cheated with. He hasn't been married very long at all. Now his culture is about to shatter all he has worked for and disapointed many fans and sponsors who have supported him for years. All because now he will be considered just like his culture. Way to go Tiger ,I know you made your deceased father proud!!!! Without him you would be nothing and now you went against all he had taught you to be where you are today.

Anonymous said...

10:52 AM

You are absolutely right!

Can't tell the truth, or we'll be called a racist.

Tiger Woods?

His wife was just a trophey!

He did not care about her or their children.

Anonymous said...

Right on!

Tiger Woods only cares about golf strokes!

And,my oh my, now everyone knows about his golf strokes!

Anonymous said...

A cultural thing?

I was not aware that the Bible is available in different
"cultural" versions.

I've visited many libraries and many books stores and haven't seen one yet!

The language and wording are sometimes varied for easily understanding, but the message is always the same.

Which has priority?



Anonymous said...

For more than a hundred years,parents have been teaching their children about moral issues and stressing the importance of not giving in to "peer" pressure.

What has happened?

Do some parents think that their 'culture' is more important than moral issues?

Do they think that it's O.K. for certain types of behavior because "everyone else is doing it" in their culture?

Anonymous said...

Sure they do! Don't you know that you can drink, use drugs, cheat, steal, lie, have sex and make babies all night long and then have all of your "sins" washed away by stepping through the door of a church on Sunday?

Sin has a price, but you can settle your tab every Sunday by tipping a phoney preacher to keep you good with God!

All they have to do is say, "Have a blessed day" as you walk out of Wal-Mart and they are good for another week of debauchery and sin.

They don't worship God, they make a profit on Him!

Anonymous said...

They use a different Bible.

That's why their churches have an
AM after their church name.

Anonymous said...

R.A.C.I.S.T.S. Incredible.

Anonymous said...

Not racists, but truth tellers!

Yes, the truth does hurt.

But, does it hurt enough to make a person change their lying, cheating ways.

It's time for a change.

Anonymous said...

He without sin, cast the first stone.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The ethics committee is checking the Homeland Security Committee!

Sound familar?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but whenever I go somewhere and spend my
"hard earned" money,I want someone to tell me "Thank you!"

I don't care if it's a one dollar
purchase at the dollar store.

This is called "good business" ethics and is a guarantee for returning customers.

Oh, and then you ask, "Why don't people shop in Greenville?"

And 7:28 AM, I'm not 'casting any stones'. It's a valid complaint.

The "wrong doers" don't want to be corrected.

Anonymous said...

7:46 AM

Bennie Thompson?

Last week?

Credit card committee payment?

Anonymous said...

THEY are not held accountable for their sins.

THE government and tax payers are held accountable for their sins.

THE government and tax payers take care of ALL children born out of wedlock!

Anonymous said...

6:45 I have always heard it takes one to know one. You just can't handle the truth. Instead of yelling racist, go and change the ways of the morons we speak about.
I assure you this world would be a better place. Black on black crime is killing any comment you have to say about calling anyone racist by telling the truth. Just look at the population of all jails throughout the country. Just go down to the any jail or prison in the delta. Then come back here and give us all a report on what you have seen. There's nothing in there but wannabe thugs and thieves of blacks living up to their culture. Until they understand morals and accountability it will always be that way.

Anonymous said...

Additionally,conduct a survey.

How many people are on welfare?

What percentage are white?

What percentage are black?

What is the percentage by age?

What is the percentage of unwed mothers?

Then come back here and give us all a report on what you found out.

There's no one on welfare but wannabe thugs and thieves of blacks living up their culture,also.

Until they understand morals and accountability it will always be that way...unless we take a stand and say, "We are not going to take this any more. It IS time for a change."

And we are going to keep on saying

One day, soon, YOU will wish that
Obama had NEVER spoken "those" famous words!

Now, Obama's "new" saying is.."step up and be a dad."

That too needs to be changed.

He needs to say, "Keep your panties and underwear on until you are married and have a job!"

Anonymous said...

Both 8:31 AM and 9:05 AM:

Oh, my oh my!

Now THAT really is the truth!

Anonymous said...

Both 8:31 AM and 9:05 AM:

Oh, my oh my!

Now THAT really is the truth!

Anonymous said...

Well, now, this is the first time that I have heard about any of this.

This is ALL so puzzeling.

Sound familar. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes, it looks like "Teflon Bennie" has finally shown his true colors, threatening credit card companies to keep him in office.

The difference between Tiger Woods and Bennie Thompson is that one is an intelligent, talented and respected role model for the black race... the other is a politician!

Anonymous said...

No one is concerned that ten or more staffers left ONE
department,-either by firings or resignations.


Sounds like "something" is going and "someone",--possibly ten or more people,-- "caught wind of it".

This is puzzeling to me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant to say "something" is going on and "someone",--possibly ten or more people,--"caught wind of it".

Anonymous said...

Let's just put it this way: "It ain't about Homeland Security, it's just all about Bennie".

Anonymous said...

Yes, and didn't HE take his WHOLE family on a trip to Hawaii, several years ago, supposedly to
a meeting with the Airport Commission Committee!

Yes, it's all about Bennie.

Anonymous said...

According to today's Clarion Ledger, police officers at the public schools in Oxford, MS. make
$50,000 per year.

They currently have six (6) officers.

Four are paid with school district money and two are paid with city money.

THE mayor of Oxford wants the city to discontinue payments to the two officers and allow the school ditrict to absorb all payments for school security officers.

THE mayor of Oxford did NOT mention if he had "personal" bodyguards on the city payroll or not!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Maybe you should take down the above ad. Wouldn't want people to think there is such a thing as easy money. We have enough of that with those damn boats here.

Anonymous said...

Yes Forthright: Take the 1:17 post off AGAIN. You took it off last week and now, it's back up again. It's a scam.

Anonymous said...

The scam letter is not even written correctly. It makes no sense. If you are making 2g daily, why are you recruiting on this blog?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Please, remove the 1:17 post.

It's ANOTHER scam. Might be the SAME poster that was removed yesterday.

We are much too smart for this crap!

Thank you Forthright!

Anonymous said...

It might be one of the mayors buddies down in Nigeria she met. You know most of the scamming done on the internet comes out of Nigeria. It is the most corrupt country in the world. She might have given them this blog to rip some of us on here but we are way to smart to fall for a scam. There are streets in Nigeria filled with internet cafe's where they sit all day long sending out e-mails to rip people off. It has had several television reports on Nigeria about these scams. Shows like 20/20 , Dateline and 48 hours have tried to inform the public about Nigeria and its scamming done over the internet.

There latest scam is is telling you that fed ex or ups is trying to deliver you a package and have you fill out a questionaire to get your personal infomation so they can deliver your package. DON'T FALL FOR IT. They are scamming you to steal your identity.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard how the G'ville challenge is doing? Are we close to matching the contribution of Mr.Dowe? When will we start seeing improvements downtown? Shouldn't the committee travel to some that have revived their downtowns and ask questions or even get help on how they did it? I recently took a trip through North Carolina and saw many small cities that looked like Norman Rockwell pictures in their downtown area. I asked how they did it and they told me it took the city leaders and the citizens to come up with a plan to stop building and offer the buildings downtown to business's as an incentive to improve the downtown area. They shut down building anything other than someones addition to their house, and offered those wanting to be in a business a building downtown for practically nothing and even got grants to help them renovate it to fit their needs. Now their downtown is beautiful and thriving. Thats the kind of places the committee needs to talk to and get help from to get G'ville started.

No more strip malls they said were built and once they had 2 or 3 locate downtown ,soon others followed. It took 5 or 6 years they said but look what they have now. I told them it was very impressive and hope someday G'ville could do the same.

Anonymous said...

Also, some thriving downtown areas
have a mixture of residental sites,
condos, shops, cafes and deli shops.

One man, I think in Bastrop, LA.,
converted an old movie theater into a home. I saw the photos on the internet when he had the building listed with a real estate agency. It was completely gutted and was fabulous. But, it was reasonably priced.

Could not some of the two storied buildings downtown be converted to loft apartments? Some people would love to be within walking distance of the "downtown blues area" and casinos.

Some shop owners have a shop downstairs and live in an apartment upstairs.

And I really don't mean to "bring up a sore subject"....but look at New Orleans. A balconied apartment is usually over a shop or store.

So, could not the zoning codes be changed to draw a diversified group of owners.

Owners would take more pride in the area than renters.

Does Greenville have an Economic Development Committee?

Let's Go Back said...

There is nothing wrong with Greenville's downtown area. It has many nice old buildings that would be much cheaper to renovate than new construction for many businesses or residential housing.

The problem is all the crime, reprobates and drug dealers that surround the downtown area. Greenville has fled south to escape this element, but they have followed. When Stein Mart moved, downtown Greenville died.

Many delta towns have revitalized their downtown communities... look at Greenwood. The heart of their shopping area is downtown, bars restaurants, hotels, etc. They don't have the "us verses them" mentality, nor the crime rate.

Greenville promotes malls and separation... which is why we are failing. My prediction is that the Greenville Mall will close in 2010 and where are the merchants going to go? More strip malls going toward Avon? Why not take advantage of the almost free rent you can get downtown?

When the mall dies, the customers will have to come to where you are located. Main and Washington are now the best paved roads in the city, so why not take advantage of the few things that are affordable in Greenville?

The current "Greenville" is dying. Rather than mourn our losses, recreate what Greenville was once noted for... a wonderful downtown shopping area with quality merchandise. Otherwise, we will fall victims to Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree.

The death of a "city" is like any other death. You have to go through the stages of sadness, mourning, hostility, anger, and finally resolution, which brings you peace.

Bury the past and bond together for the future. A funeral "wake" that goes on for more than a year is simply a "pity party"!

Greenville tried to be a "metropolis" and failed, but we still can be a nice small town with a quaintness that people once loved.

Anonymous said...

8:57 PM

Valid viewpoint.

If crime is an issue, couldn't the downtown area be made into a "walking beat" or "bike patrol"
by the police department.

Numerous small towns are located on the waterfront and with the right cafes, shops and even antique shops could attract tourists.

Might mean that Jim's Cafe would have some competition. LOL.

Maybe Benji Nelken could open up another ladies' dress shop, also.

A small flower and gift shop would be nice.

How about a "Blues" gift shop?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Forthright, here we go again with the 12:40 scam post.

Anonymous said...

12:40 PM

Go somewhere else with your scamming self.

WE don't associate with your kind.

Go away and don't return or we will report you to the law enforcement agencies.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Just take a look at paducah,ky, startkville,ms. oxford,ms. thomasville,ga., several small cities in North Carolina and many many more small cities I have traveled through have made a big turn around by shutting down building more and more strip malls. G'ville must stop the movement to the south if we want to begin to grow the downtown area. The city needs to call or visit these places or ones like the cities mentioned above. It works and they can help us to jumpstart our city by learning from them.It's not by steadily fleeing south but improving the downtown area. Whatever it takes it must be done to save G'ville. The downtown committee and the chamber of commerce need to work together along with the commercial realestate people. They are the first to know who is looking for a place to open a business. They should recommend the downtown area first and foremost. Then have grants and incentives for them so good it would be impossible for them to turn down.

Anonymous said...

Need to research for "downtown restoration" grants to paint, install flower planters, benches and wrought iron for all doors and windows and outside lighting.

Build it and they will come!

Anonymous said...

12:29 PM

Yes, and how about some awnings!

And, then they could desiginate an
owners' associate to re-coup some of the expenses or to use for future upkeep, maintenance and security purposes.

And to make it all cohesive, paint colors should be written in the owners' association guidelines.

Don't really want any "wild-azz" paint colors!

Anonymous said...

whAT'S THE scoop on the new church at G'ville christian school? is emmanual baptist church falling apart?

Anonymous said...

5:37 PM
What do you mean..."new church at G'ville Christian School"?

In the past, the majority of the G'ville Christian School students and their families were members of Emmanual Baptist Church.

Naturally, Emmanual Church was very involved in the school and "partnered" with many of the school's functions.

Graduations have been held at Emmanuel.

Are you saying that another church has "partnered" with Greenville Christian School?

Anonymous said...

A Baptist church in Glen Allan has taken over Greenville Christian School.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need 3 or 4 private schools anyway? It has always seemed kinda stupid to me why a small town like G'ville needs this many private schools. No wonder we can't get anything done in G'ville. We can't even seem to get along enough to even go to school together. Just think how much better everything would be if they all combined into just one. There would be so much more resources to pull from.

Anonymous said...


The reason that Greenville needs 3 or 4 private schools is because THE parents of THOSE students want a quality education, even if THEY (the parents) have to "pay" for it.

Just because something is "free", does not always mean that you "jump at the chance" to obtain it.

Additionally, THE parents of those private school students are very much involved with their children's education. THEY do not need workshops or training to show THEM how to be actively involved, not only in their child's education, but also in "said child's" discipline, morally teaching , etiquette, respect,and proper behavior for a parade!

No, THOSE parents do not want to "bust their butts" raising their children right...and then send their junior high school aged daughter to school...and have her sitting next to a pregnant 13 or 14 year old girl.

You do not want to start THIS argument.

Anonymous said...

7:45 I don't think the post above yours was saying to go to public schools. I think they were saying to combine all the private schools into just one. It would be much better for the students and teachers. They would have so much more resources as one school instead of 3 or 4. Why spread them all out and just have a medicore school. Combine them all and have a great school.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Mayor is on her way to Washington DC again, according to tonight's edition of the DDT. This time "to dine with the President". She's taking her mother with her. Well isn't she lucky! LOL. THROW UP!

Anonymous said...

what i heard was that some members of Emmanuel (who were unhappy with the new preacher)were holding church at GCS, and a preacher from Glen Allen was leading the services.

Anonymous said...

3:08 PM

Well, I personally never liked Emmanuel's last peacher (Rip Somebody).

I however, am not a member of Emmanuel, but I did attend a funeral that the Rev. Rip presided over and the whole funeral was just awful.

Everyone in atendance at the funeral had a very,very "negative" feeling.

His actions and preachings were very "un-Christian" like and disrespectful to the deceased.

But, because of his "preachings" at that one funeral, I 'vowed' to never step foot inside of Emmanual church.

I think that the deceased was an "ex" son-in-law to choir members.

Do I need to say more?

Anonymous said...

3:08 PM

If THE church members are unhappy with the preacher...then, "mark my words"...THE whole congregation will actually have a meeting...and THE members will vote for the preacher to "stay" or "go".

This is a common practice with Baptist churches. I've seen it done numerous times.

P.S. That's how the Chief of Police in Metcalf got his "calling" and now is a "preacher"!

So, it must be a method that both the white and black Baptists use.

Anonymous said...

Rip somebody left Greenville in 2004. The last pastor at Emmanuel was Richard Johnson who moved to St. Louis in the spring. The new pastor is great, but some folks don't like to hear the truth.

Anonymous said...

Heard that 80% of the new church offering at gcs is going to support the school. trying to keep it from closing. Sounds like a school fund-raiser more than a church.

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