Saturday, December 26, 2009

2010: Time for a Change!

Transplanted Midwesterner said...

I don't feel like the amount of property tax is really the issue here. The value and return those dollars fail to generate should be the focus of our ire, not the actual dollar amounts. I did a little research and found that the Mississippi Delta counties containing larger towns (Washington, Bolivar, Coahoma, Sunflower, and Leflore) do tend to have higher tax rates in comparison to other Mississippi counties. Tunica County is the exception, but I think we all know why. Yazoo County is a little lower as well, and I haven't quite figured that one out.
Nevertheless, the "high" tax rates in these Mississippi Delta counties pale in comparison to many across the country. I checked my native county in the Midwest, and its tax rate is just shy of double that of Washington County. However, they have usable roads, storm sewers that function, an effective police force and sheriff's deputies, and a variety of city and county services that bring value into the equation.

Herein lies the problem with property taxes in Greenville and Washington County, the value proposition is just not there. The tax issues are most certainly enhanced by the ineptitude of our local leaders and a huge disparity of wealth found in the county, and I really don't have a hard line solution for these problems. As has been discussed in this forum ad nauseum, the entitlement masses far outweigh the taxpaying minority when it comes to the polls.
I don't have a smooth segue into this next point but here goes. In my mind, the major problem in Greenville can be summarized into a relatively simple statement. Greenville is a micropolitan area with metropolitan problems. Based on Greenville's small size and rural nature, we have a limited ability to generate the funds needed to offset the costs of the more traditionally urban problems and programs that are needed to provide for all of its residents. Granted, the state and federal governments provide the lion's share of the funds required to support the personal needs our impoverished masses, but there is still a sizeable load to bear for the local government.
Think about the cost of infrastructure maintenance alone for those areas of Greenville that do not generate or generate a minimum number of tax dollars.

Obviously, the lack of industry in Greenville is at the root of the issue for generating tax dollars. Individuals and retail businesses can only be taxed to a certain point before they flee or close their doors, respectively. We have read many times on the Delta Scoop about people pining for our local officials to "bring in" industry. In my mind, this is no different than the welfare mentality criticized by those same individuals that want an industry "brought in."

What we need to do is build industry in Greenville. We need to utilize what resources we have, however minimal, to their fullest potential. The biggest example of this, likely, is the port of Greenville. Hopefully, the forthcoming expansions of the port are a step in the right direction for the port and Greenville.

I often hear people in Greenville state that the biggest problem in Greenville is a lack of jobs. I have to disagree. Gone are the days of unskilled and semi-skilled labor in the United States being overcompensated for their toils. Unskilled and semi-skilled labor is largely what Greenville can provide, as can China, Mexico, India, and a host of other Asian and Central American countries. We simply cannot be competitive in the global marketplace due to our higher cost of living and their willingness to use suspect governmental and business tactics.

The problem for Greenville, in my mind, is a lack of businesses and/or industry that can generate tax dollars for Greenville’s coffers. These businesses do not have to employ scores of people to generate the dollars needed to make progress toward the ultimate goal of a better Greenville. As far as I’m concerned, there are few basic tenets that can be applied to building industry in Greenville:

1. Scalability – We need to be building businesses that can employ 3-5 people, then maybe 30-50, and ultimately 300-500.
2. Independence – We need an industry not connected to those already prevalent in the Delta. Specifically, we are talking about businesses not solely dependent on agriculture, aquaculture, or forestry. These types of industry are already present in the Delta and would easily be transplanted into Greenville as other industry begins to take a foothold.

3. Minimal start-up cost – The matter of fact is that it’s a lot easier to get someone or some entity to invest $500,000 in an enterprise than $5,000,000.Of course, the best laid plans can be thrown out the window when personal responsibility is replaced with entitlement, and that is the first major hurdle we must overcome. If we can find a way to eliminate gettin’ by on the government dole for a large number of our residents, without being called racists, then many other things can fall in place. Any suggestions?

"Transplanted" makes some very valid points about Greenville. Compared to other similar sized communities throughout the country, our taxes are relatively low... but as he also points out, these communities get certain services for their tax dollars, such as roads, sewers, police, garbage pick-up, and education. Here is where Greenville differs. All of these services are "substandard" at best in Greevillie and yet our taxes continue to rise.

Why? Well, in the past 20 years, Greenville has shrunk from a population of almost 55,000 to its current 42,000, and with them went the tax base.

Most residents have lost hope and trust in our leaders! In one fell swoop, Heather broke through the age, gender and race "glass ceilings"; however, today, we are none the better for her pioneering efforts. Have we learned anything from this experience?

"Gettin' by" on the government dole is a way of life in the Delta, proudly transferred from one generation to another. The stereo-typical image of a welfare recipient as being poor, starving and destitute, simply doesn't exist here. The system works to their advantage and they know how to work it well!

We are losing the battle of "Entitlement v. Work" by mere numbers. We all agree that there is corruption and waste at every level of government... so why don't WE do something about it?

How about a bill that limits the number of illegitimate children a person can have that the state will support? How about mandatory monthly drug screens for all public welfare and Medicaid recipients? How about mandatory prison sentences for first time drug and weapon convictions?

Why have we not demanded any of these things? Because, as "Transplanted" states above, we would all be called "racists". We continue to "fold" every time the race card is played, so there is no way we will ever win the game. Until we change the laws that support and promote "Gettin' by" we will continue to pay the price as taxpayers.

Greenville doesn't need another city election. It needs a revolution!



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Man!! Thats a lot of words for saying so little.!!

Anonymous said...

Amen and amen! Do anyone have any more informaton on the new church at Greenville Christian School?

Anonymous said...

GIt 'er done!

Anonymous said...

This is the best commentary offered on the Delta Scoop in a year. I say that having read some interesting viewpoints within that time frame.

Micropolitan area with metropolitan problems.....very well said!

Anonymous said...

The Greenville Public Works Director said that the City will not be chipping up Christmas trees this year for free mulch because people have not been coming to the Public Works Compound to pick up the mulch in the past. Duh....Why doesn't the City use the mulch around the flower beds on City property.....What about the the Keep Greenville Beautiful Campaign? And to think that the Public Works Director has a degree in horticulture....geeze. Stupid is as stupid does.

Anonymous said...

What else do THE Public Works employees have to do after Christmas, besides chipping up Christmas trees for mulch?

THEY need to "chip" regardless of the outcome for free mulch.

As mentioned earlier, it will not spoil and come springtime it will come in handy for the downtown area whenever renovations are started!

If THEY don't 'chip', then THEy will just be sitting around with nothing to do while 'on' the timeclock.

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic, but has anyone else posted comments on the DDT website and not had them approved. I posted a comment to the "Delta vs. Delta: Tale of Two Cities" article that has yet to be included on the paper's website. It is a sad day indeed when downtown Clarksdale is touted for economic development.

It mirrored somewhat the Scoop's latest entry as it pertained to the port and homegrown industry.

Anonymous said...

The DDT hardly ever publishes responses, letters to the Editor or readers comments. They are communists!

Anonymous said...

THE DDT only writes or publishes
articles, responses or letters from THEIR paying advertising sponsors.

The lowly citizens are never acknowledged or recognized, just
"paying" ad customers and politicians!

More brown nosing!

Anonymous said...

Greenville is full of people that complain all the time, do nothing to improve things and want to put all the blame in the African American community.
I am tired of reading complaints about crazy checks or free daycare for non-working-mom kids or people that buy U.S.Prime(center cut)Filet Mignon for their dogs with the EBT card.
C'mon, Greenville is not the only place with blacks. Look at South Africa, for example. Yes, since Apartheid(?sp)was abolished, delinquency, AIDS and drug abuse exploited, but with true leadership, they are coming along. They will even host the largest sport event in the world next year.

mississippidelta22 said...

The most amazing thing happened to me the weekend of December 11th-12th 2009. I was invited to come down and take a look at merchandise at a liquidation sale! Now, you maybe asking yourself, "What's so amazing about attending a liquidation sale?". I'm taking the time to say this wasn't just an ordinary liquidation sale. It was also a meeting of great minds. Sure, those who attended this sale walked away with some GREAT merchandise (and there was everything there that you could imagine) but friends and customers also had the opportunity to take home some good advice and inspiration. I found out about a local website( was designed for the people of greenville in 2005 but in my opinion, just like everything else in greenville, the people did not realize what they had. I began to browse this website and thought to myself that this site was and is ahead of its time in many ways. It offers free advertising (How I DONT KNOW?) In a tough economy, why arent more business owner advertising FREE on this website instead of paying the others the high cost to run ads but still end up closing? One has to blame tradition plus ignorance. I asked later by email to meet with the owners of this website at Delta Grind. As I was sitting, a young man walked up to me and said hello. At that moment I realized my own prejudices and maybe greenville's prejudices at the same time. I was not expecting an african american young man. As I sat down and talked with him I found out this yound man had been around the world pushing this website on his own.He showed me video of people in china, japan, mexico etc and all of them was singing this E-SELL-YOUR-SELF.COM. I asked him to tell me more about himself and how did he come up with this kind of website.The first thing he said was he loved greenville ,ms and his goal was to create a platform to showcase online what greenville/ the delta had to offer. I then asked him why dont more people in greenville know about or use this free advertising website. He replied with a smile and said his motto is Tell The World But Show Them First! I began to think we all could learn alot from this young man.He never complained about the lack of support nor did he blame race. As business owners, we also have websites but to this young website owner, the website is his business and only god knows why but, he offers it free. Lastly I think if he's going to go around the world and tell people about this website, it bewhose us as greenvillians to get on it so people will know what we have to offer. It's a no brainer but I guess you have to have a brain to know this. WAKE UP GREENVILLE!! PAY ATTENTION!!This website is our future for sales it also has an online auction feature to auction off what you have for sale.No credit cards are needed. God bless that young man who believes in a town who does not seem to believe in itself nor take advantage of the great ideas that can come from the minds of deltians!!

Anonymous said...

The site has stuff that has been on there over a year!! Clean out the OLD

Anonymous said...

Yep. Greenville is always everything!

Anonymous said...

I hope this young man has a business permit, paying inventory taxes, sales taxes, and business property taxes, and has some liability insurance!

Anonymous said...

The young man probably "uses" THE new call center, also!

Anonymous said...

i SAW this ad for the liquidation sale on the internet and on tv. I heard Mr. Hawkins (a realtor) is the owner. I wanted to get some fisher price toys for my child. All that was listed was an address on Wilmont rd. There was no phone # or directions. I know Greenville is a small town but i was still having trouble locating this liquidation sale. My friend found it before me, and told me not to bother going. She said the place looked strange. There were 2 cars there, but the door was locked and no one answered. There was no note on the door. She gave up. I was not aware that anyone needed an "invitation" to go. how can u run a "business" like this?

Anonymous said...

Possibly stolen merchandise.

Anonymous said...

I always thought that to have a garage sale, you must obtain a permit, each and every, separate time that the sale is held.

Anonymous said...

now why would someone say the merchandise is stolen? thats the type of thinking that holds us back in the delta. i myself attended the garage sale and found it to be a good thing to do in our area and in our economy. my brother-n-law who is white by the way ,wanted to get rid of some stuff and got rid of it on this website. this blog has gotten to the point where neg. thinking is breeded about everything. Neg. comments about a garage sale? Wow. Greenville we should support small business thinkers. He loves greenville but to me he is loving a dead horse. mississippidelta, you are right, he is way ahead of his time so that will always breed neg. from people who are stuck in their ways. just like everything else, someone from another city will get ahold of him or his web idea and make us look stupid and old fashion. For God sake change greenvile or at least support those who try. God bless him

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Esellyourself, greenville is out dated and will never advance. they are stuck in its ways.i now live in madison county. I left there years ago and reading this blog keeps me glad I left. You should leave too. I think your biggest business mistake is offering this to greenville,ms only. you should expand this much further out. this idea could be larger than ebay but g'ville will never let it. RUN as fast as you can with this platform and your ideas away from greenville. i just showed my husband the esell website and the first thing he said was why are you only offering this to greenville? Why is it free? they will never appreciate what you are offering them. greenville is dead and stuck on stupid. reading some of these comments let me know why others think greenville is still riding horses and climbing poles to use the phone.

Anonymous said...

i dont think this website is owned my someone from greenville. they may just use it to promote what they may be offering.

Anonymous said...

typical greenville fashion. negitive first. how can we grow like this. i too attended this garage sale, it was the nicest carport sale i've ever been to. everything was organized.they all were in uniform and willing to help us carry our items to the car.the only bad thing was i ran across my ex-husband and his new girlfriend there.

Anonymous said...

Hot damn, we is all farred up about nuthin. We done got all the smarts we need to git these white folks ahead in life. Don't need no more book learnin', just need to keep the nigras in they place. Greenville is populated by a majority redneck population, and we'se proud of it. Watch me and my sister/cousin/wife wave our rebel flag! All them smart folks what started up the private skools has done gone to Madison MS now. Nowadays we just like to point our dumbass fangers at the entitlement folks...wishin we was them. We'd do more'n that if we had more sense.

Fio change vos volo video vidi visum.

Anonymous said...

we always talk about new ideas but yet we never get anywhere waiting on others to come to our town and rape our pockets with "this is what tupelo did" B...S... We have great minds right here. they all need to come together. i'm sure this young man need to be at the table to offer some kind of advice. even if its just to ask him what does he see so much in greenville that he limits this to us only. someone said he goes to china. if he got the nerve to travel across the world, what does he learn? what can he teach? the china trip answers the question about the merchandise. duh!! walmart is a big china store itself but nobody says its stolen right? He may need to run for ceo of the edc or maybe even mayor of greenville!! greenville is turning socially segregated. people like this guy will always ot last most of us because he dares to believe.

Ann Weathers

Anonymous said...

I found G'ville or Washington county on this website where it took the worst 101 counties in the United States of America. I was shocked to see where we (G'ville) was ranked in the 101 worst counties in America. Brace yourselevs and read this:

Greenville on our top lists:

· #18 on the list of "Top 100 cities with declining populations from 2000 to 2008 (pop. 30,000+)"

· #43 (38701) on the list of "Top 101 zip codes with the most casinos in 2005"

· #4 on the list of "Top 101 counties with the largest number of people moving out compared to moving in (pop. 30,000+)"

· #25 on the list of "Top 101 counties with the largest number of people without health insurance coverage in 2000 (pop. 30,000+)"

· #29 on the list of "Top 101 counties with the highest number of infant deaths per 1000 residents 2000-2003 (pop. 30,000+)"

· #41 on the list of "Top 101 counties with the largest number of children under 18 without health insurance coverage in 2000 (pop. 30,000+)"

· #72 on the list of "Top 101 counties with the highest number of births per 1000 residents 2000-2003 (pop 30,000+)"

Now if this doesn't wake our stupid butts up what will? I knew it was bad here but this really got me to thinking ,how long am I or you going to continue to think we are going to ever turn things around. This changed my future and am now looking elsewhere to move and give my kids a fighting chance.
Not only is G'ville or Washington county the worst in Mississippi but damn near the worst in the United States of America. Geeez lets all run for our lives before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

What is the web address?

Anonymous said...

She has closed her law office!

McTeer-Hudson Heather Atty - CLOSED - Greenville, MSContact
Address 540 Main St Greenville MS 38701
Phone 662-335-2100
Go to the page
(662) 335-2100 · Lawyers

(Map) · 540 Main St, Greenville, MS 38701 · Cached page

NoRespectorOfPersons said...

Hmmm...well now, uh yes...if the mayor has closed her law office, does that mean she can now devote herself FULLTIME to the public office for which she was elected?

Anonymous said...


Closed for the holiday or closed for good.

No clients?


License suspended?

Does anyone know how to check the status of her license or to see if she is "barred"?

Better check the state of Florida, also. She has spent an awful lot of time there, lately.

Anonymous said...

Someone said that she "formally announced" her candiacy for Lt. Gov. in the Clarion Ledger. I looked it up and I saw nothing.

Anonymous said...

She probably got tired of paying rent in the ICON building for absolutely NOTHING. I know nobody hired her for any legal work. She's a joke for a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes "law" offices can be opened to funnel bribery dollars from black engineering contractors in Jackson who got contracts in Greenville without going through the bidding process. After the money clears, and "expenses" deducted, close the law office.

Anonymous said...

What contractors have recently obtained a bid for a job or recently completed a job?


Anonymous said...

This engineering controversy happened about 3-4 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Would THE contractors be listed in the book of minority owned business that THE school has laying around somewhere?

I saw the book several years ago and the majority of the businesses were black owned.

Anonymous said...

4:50...I think so. But one of the owners of the engineering firm is originally from Greenville. Buddy of THE Mayor. It was a big stink back then.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I heard $65,000 was funneled into the personal checking account and then suddenly the "law" office was opened a few months later. Now, two years later, the law office is suddenly CLOSED. Hmmmm. Smells fishy.

Anonymous said...

$65,000 will go a long way in paying back property taxes and mortgage payments along with other outstanding bills that bill collectors call for on a daily basis.

#1 in Religion! said...

The Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life used polling data to rank them on four measures: the importance of religion in people's lives, frequency of attendance at worship services, frequency of prayer and absolute certainty of belief in God. Mississippi ranked first in all four categories. Several southern states — Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Tennessee — round out the top five most religious states.

New Hampshire/Vermont, Alaska, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut/Rhode Island were at the bottom of the list.

States with sample sizes that were too small to analyze were combined.

“I think the numbers show that people in Mississippi and in the south take religion very seriously,” said Greg Smith, senior researcher for The Pew Forum. “It shows that religion has a bearing on their life.”

Wow, this ought to balance the "scales"! We are 50th in education, jobs, healthcare, and quality of lifestyle, BUT, we are top ranked in obesity, high-school drop-outs, crime per capita, STDs, illegitimate births and now religion!

It is great that we are so certain that God exists and that we go to church and pray so much. My concern is that if this survey "shows that religion has a bearing on all of our lives”, for WHAT are we praying?

Anonymous said...

6:11....I pray for the health, happiness and well being of my family. Maybe others pray for "MO MONEY".

Anonymous said...

7:06PM Or perhaps THEY pray that they won't get caught and end up in jail!

Anonymous said...

4:45 Maybe connected with Dicky Scruggs and closed up shop before sh3t hits the fan!

Anonymous said...

10:39...I heard that it was "daddy" who was hooked up with Dicky Scruggs. When is the indictment coming? You know, Dicky ain't talking, but Ed Peters is talking. Trying to save his own butt.

Anonymous said...

Got my car tag renewal today. Tags went up $10.00 and property taxes went up $100. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know!! Makes ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess the car tag department in Washington County is trying to re-coop those millions that were embezzled and EVERYONE in the office was found innocent. So who did it? Now that is the big question.

Anonymous said...

Who cares! Pack up your family and get out. Greenville is gone, and we all should be as well. Leave the "Welfare Capitol" of the nation and move on with life. It ain't gonna get any better!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Greenville... Let's hope it get better in 2010!

Anonymous said...

Think what $2 million plus could do in keeping our taxes down...that is what our tax dollars have paid for these last eight years of Mayor Hudson's bodyguards ....pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Greenville has paid over $2 million
dollars for bodyguards for an eight year period for Hudson?

THAT money could have been used for the downtown area.

It is really time for her to go,really past time.

Anonymous said...

How many of the "paid" bodyguards went to Washington, D.C. recently with THE mayor and HER mother?

Where their (bodyguards', THE mayor's and HER mother's) travel expenses "approved" prior to the trip or did SHE simply turn in receipts for payment or reimbursements AFTER the fact?

Regardless of whomever THE mayor is now,(past or future) there are certain ways in which business transactions must be conducted.

And THE mayor's "track record" has not been very proper or ethical.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the casinos was supposed to lower the taxes in the city.. What happened to that?

Anonymous said...

And do THE casinos still give money to THE schools?

And if THEY do contribute funding to THE schools, then, how will that figure into THE school's new ethical policy?

Will teachers be allowed to visit casinos to gamble and drink ?

Never mind. If the teachers go during their "off" time, how can it be "against" policy? Both are legal activities.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The Greenville Challenge - UPDATE...We're Rolling on the River!

The end of 8th week, Dec. 20, 2009: $ 58,435 (204 donors)

(Collections remain open...stay tuned)

No more recent count, but the word is that we have made it to $60,000,$10 grand OVER the Challenge! That makes a bank account of $110,000 available to get Greenville back on track!

Change is coming! Way to Go Greenville Citizens!

Anonymous said...

Run for your lives G'ville residents. I heard things are about to get even worse.

Anonymous said...

Run for your lives G'ville residents. I heard things are about to get even worse.

What a waste said...

Congratulation Greenville on the "challenge". Now we can piss away another $100K that should have been used to get your ass out of Greenville. The crack-heads are celebrating tonight by trashing yet another neighborhood and laughing at us all the way to the welfare office!

Lived here for 40 years and just got a job offer in Texas... I will give my house away to get out of this hell-hole! Either way, I am gone in three weeks!

Long time resident said...

I still love Greenville and think it can come back as a great place to live. I hate all of the negative things people focus on and think they could do more if they would just be positive.

Anonymous said...

8:24 PM

Good luck in Texas!

Mayor Ron said...

Being positive isn't going to do the trick! We need a mayor that will realize that Greenville has the potential for a resort town. We are located in the middle of big cities (mem, jax, lr) We have the atraction of the casinos for start! The Lake second. And the potential Bill Street type down town area.
I know a lot of people do not like the Casinos being in greenville, But could you imagine what it would be like now without them? They employ a lot of people. Good thing the casino bill passed before Hudson was elected.

Anyway, Ive said all this before. I beleive the mayor need to think about how we could build greenville. If I was mayor, I would be known as Mayor Ron! I would promote the down town area as a recreation area. Give Tax breaks to grills and restaurant and promote the area. I would develop our little sand bar we have next to the city front. It could be cleaned, foliage planted, plowed, and sand added to make a clean swimming park for our visitors! I would promote events Like the car show and what ever else we could bring in. I know this has its negatives but it has many more pos effects about it! We have nothing to lose.

Thank You!
Your Mayor Ron!

Anonymous said...



Use what you got!

You got my vote!

Transplanted Midwesterner said...

Mayor Ron:
While your enthusiasm is appreciated, Greenville does not have the potential to become a resort town at this time. The metro areas you mentioned already have access to resort areas. Hot Springs is a mere stone's throw from Little Rock and effectively equidistant from Memphis as Greenville when you consider interstate travel versus US and state highway travel. Additionally, it is only an additional hour from Jackson to the coast as it is from Jackson to Greenville. I doubt you will draw folks away from the gulf to visit the Big Muddy.

Cleaning up the lakefront area itself generates its own set of problems. Unlike Lake Chicot, Lake Ferguson is tied to the main channel and rises and falls with it. This does not allow for a designated beach area as the water level changes throughout the year.

As near as I can tell, Greenville has been trying to develop a Beale Street type atmosphere for a number of years to no avail. I don't see that changing any time in the near future, but that is just my opinion.

All of these, for lack of a better term, amenity type businesses are not in Greenville's best interest at this time. What we need is commercial and industrial development that can improve the infrastructure of the city, get us in the black financially, and move toward gaining some of the amenities we all want.

Mayor Ron said...

I agree, at this time no we are not close to a resort town, and no maybe not a big attraction for the big cities. But with a little effort it could be an inviting place for visitors to come and relax for a weekend. ALOT People already drive for many miles to visit the casinos. Add to that and before you know it, more people will visit.

I am from here and I enjoy the Lake and river every year and is one reason I do like this town. In the summer months the water is low and yes it could be developed very cheap as a nice beach area. Lake Ferguson is a great lake to visit.

The downtown area has not been promoted the way it should/could. Sure there has been a few attempts with bars and grills down there but not the way it could and very easly become.
Believe it or not, I am one of the na sayers of greenville and wish I could leave and dont think greenville will ever recover with out the proper guidance. But I am stuck here, and wish the best would come about for the town.

Industrial development has many times tried to do buisiness in greenville. But have failed due to untrainable work force and being robbed blind by there own employees. I heard that from a CEO of one of the top companies that shut down after several years of being here. Sad but true!!
I would promote Industrail development even more!

I think the only thing that will save Greenville is if we have more vistors and make Greenville a more enjoyable city to live.

But do nothing, you get nothing!! And that is where we are now!!

Anonymous said...

Got a point Ron... why don't you open and nice bar and grill down on Walnut street... they will almost give you free rent. The mall will be closed soon and we will have no where else to go. Hell, Doe's has survived in the ghetto for years! I am sure that the remaining 10% of Greenville taxpayers are looking for a good place to relax and ponder their future. You go RON!

Mayor Ron said...

Point taken!!

Anonymous said...

There is also a vacant law office downtown that is available. They will almost give you free rent!?

Anonymous said...

6:17...Is that "empty law office", by any chance, located in the ICON building? LMAO!

Anonymous said...

11:43 AM

Seems like someone did mention that the "empty law office" was located in the ICON or UCON building! LOL

Contact THE mayor for the specifics.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Ron,
I think your right! We do have the attraction to get people to visit, but nothing to keep them here after they blow there cash.
I would think if there was enough people to invest, it would slowly build up and draw an attraction.
The Lake for me is also one of the best things going for the city, Build an attractive useful beach and they will come.

Two votes for Mayor Ron!

Anonymous said...

Someone had mentioned earlier that it would not do any good to promote a beach area because of the annual rise and fall of the lake, but would it be possible to construct some type of floating pier. The casinos float and THEY have tourists!

A floating pier or boadwalk with benches, planter boxes, snack shops? The "beach" would only need to be raked and litter picked up.

Coney Island?

Many riverfront small towns have boadwalks. We can also.

When do we officially get to cast our votes for Mayor Ron?

Anonymous said...

Tunica has a nice board walk, and its on the river. Greenville officals just arent thinking about thing like that

Anonymous said...

The Yacht Club and Marina were on the lake for 40 years and did quite well. We took the only attractive natural resource in Greenville and trashed it with ugly-ass casinos so New Yorkers could make more money. We should be ashamed of our "lack" of leadership and for allowing this to happen.

Anonymous said...

We allowed it because we were and still are a desperate city. The casinos have pros and cons as far as Greenville goes.

We need to push our city and county leaders to get on the ball and get something happening here. Find an industry, create tourism, open education resources, anything...if not, we will never climb out to a better Greenville.

Anonymous said...

10:51 post...That's what the Economic Development Center is paying Ed Johnson big bucks to do. And what has Ed done? Absolutely Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Tunica was just a hole in the hwy, not even a good place to take a bathroom break. Now look at it! ALL the other cities that allowed the casinos in, have grown and done something with there opportunity.
Greenville has just let them come in and tax the mess out of them and not done anything with the extra income.

Anonymous said...

Tunica still is a hole in the highway. The only thing the casino's have helped build in Tunica proper is the school. Everything else is on the outskirts of town or in the county.

Anonymous said...

You missed the piont there 1:37.
Or maybe I should refer to it as robinsonville

Anonymous said...

It would be more appropriate to refer to it as Robinsonville and I think you may have missed my point. The majority of the development in Tunica County is not taking place in Tunica. If "Tunica" is the model, similar development around Greenville would likely take place outside the city limits (my guess would be close to the new bypass and Harlow's) and have a minimal impact on the city of Greenville. It would continue to push development further south and out of the downtown area.

Anonymous said...

Who is Ed Johnson and what has he done for Greenville?

Who does he answer to?

Can we fire Ed Johnson and hire Mayor Ron to take his place? Mayor Ron would start downtown and then
eventually all over the city.

Call a town meeting!

Anonymous said...

RE: Tunica....the Blue and White Restaurant is still a great place to take a bathroom break and have dinner.

RE: Ed Johnson--he can't be fired--he's black. That's why he is still there. Same goes for the Head of the Greenville Water Department: she got re-appointed today. Only proves you can be a big f&$^ up and still keep your job no matter how poorly you do it. If I were on the council, I would have voted to not reappoint her. Even with a change in leadership in one Ward, the beat goes on.... more important to stay popular I guess--so much for Carolyn speaking her mind.

Anonymous said...

As for Ed Johnson's job... it's like putting lipstick on a pig. Any way you look at it... it is still a pig!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn just came on board...give her a chance! She has to get her feet wet, before she can dive in.

Anonymous said...

GREENVILLE — The Washington County Board of Supervisors started 2010 off by re-appointing all department heads.

The board went into closed session just a few minutes after the Monday morning meeting started. A short time after they went into closed session, Chancery Clerk Marilyn Hansell announced that the board had entered into executive session.

Department heads were called in one by one for the next two hours. When the board ended their executive session, the motion was made by District 3 Supervisor Al Rankins to re-appoint each department head. The board unanimously approved the appointment of the standing department heads.

If nothing else, Greenville's political machine is still quite intact! Why change leadership when we are doing so well???

I would love to have been a fly on the wall in those "private" sessions! I wonder how much they had to pay to keep their jobs?

Sh......t, the beat just goes on!

Anonymous said...

The water dept. manager is not the problem. She is very good. The problem is the I-Tech guy. He doesn't know S--t from shinola. He can't seem to get anything right with the computer system. And, he of all people got re-appointed today. He should have been the FIRST to go. He's got the entire City's computers screwed up not to mention the new system in the water dept. that they had to hire consultants to come in and try to fix the problem. Guess what? It's still not fixed, it's still broken.

Anonymous said...

I understand that Al used to work at DRMC and was just as bad at his job there. I also understand he was offered a raise, or some help to straighten out his computer backlog. Guess what, he took the raise. What kind of stupid offer is that from a manager!?? How about straighten it out, or you're fired!

Anonymous said...

And the IT guy is who?

Al Who?

And he previously worked at DRMC?

Anonymous said...

He previously worked at Lighthouse Point Casino. He was fired.

Anonymous said...

Greenville and fellow bloggers: You need to reverse your thinking. You need to realize that change comes from within, and it starts with your perspective and attitude. If you don't enjoy this video, then you are truly a pessimist who cannot make effective change here.

Anonymous said...

Fired for being inept? ...must be why he still works for the city.

Anonymous said...

9:54 post...That video was great!

Anonymous said...

Do I smell fish?

Big corporate companies "use" their IT staff. If they
want to cover up something, (data, reports,filings)they simple "clue in" the IT staff and then their "public" response is that they simply do not have the necessary data, reports or filings because the computer screwed up. The computer does not screw up. The people operating the computers screw up. The computer had every single bit of information that is keyed in and saved on a back-up file.

There happens to be a teacher oriented insurance company with corporate headquaters in Springfield, IL. that uses this same "corporate policy" with their IT department.

Anonymous said...

If all of a sudden you could not talk about anyone black in a negative term or greenville, what would you have to say? Or would the column just no longer exist?

Anonymous said...

The truth hurts, but everyone wants to hear it. If you don't want to hear it, then don't bother reading this column or blog site.

You can find BS somewhere else, but not here.

Anonymous said...

12:30 post... I don't reall reading anywhere in the blog that anyone we are talking about is black. Why does everything have to be a racial issue with you?

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to sign the voter identification petition. Read the related article in today's DDT.

It simply means that an ID must be presented to cast a vote, which ensures that fraud is not present during an election.

I don't have a problem showing an ID to vote as a citizen of Mississippi.

How else would the authorities know who I am and where I live?

Anonymous said...

Who is the IT guy related to? If he was fired from DRMC and Lighthouse casino, he must be a real idiot!

Sure voter ID should be passed, but it won't. There are too many people in the Delta that vote illegally. A three-legged dog could vote in Greenville as long as they could sign someone's name and give an address!

Get off the race card! If you are milking the system, you are a criminal... black or white! That's the whole problem in Greenville! If anyone tries to do the right thing, they are immediately labeled a racist!

I say pack your bags and get out.. or just wait for the 2010 state budget! That should make you a believer!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The only things that will bring G'ville out of despair will be industry and public schools. Which means G'ville will never be what it once was. Industry won't come because they have all heard of the horror stories from others that have tried to locate here. Public schools, are you kidding me? No one in his right mind would send there kids there unless they absolutely have to. So there you have it all in a nutshell. G'ville is doomed and those of us stuck here may as well accept it. I had some family members visit over the holidays and they really opened my eyes to G'ville. They pointed out things to me that I never realized I guess because I was just use to seeing it or was in denial. One example was when we all went to Walmart and pulled in the parking space and the first thing they noticed was all the debris in the parking lot. As we sat there talking about how filthy the parking lot was a car pulled in the space just in front of us and when they swung the doors open they all just started kicking out there Mcdonald bags and chicken boxes out of the car into the parking lot like it was no big deal. I was so shocked and embarassed. They pointed out the fence along side of Walmart and the trash had blown up against the fence 2 or 3 feet high. This is disgusting and not a good feeling when things like that are pointed out by visitors whereas we all just ignore it or just use to seeing it. The roads and buildings were all run down like a third world country. I was so glad when they left town because it was so embarrassing to me I couldn't take it anymore. They really opened my eyes and showed me what G'ville really has become.

Anonymous said...

Why do they litter and kick trash out of their cars and into parking lots? They have no respect for anything or anyone. Everything that they have is given to them on a silver platter,(so to speak) and they have never had to work for a dog gone thing. If they had to work to pay rent, buy food, buy clothing, then maybe they would know first hand the meaning of respect and take better care of their homes, diet and other possessions.
But, what do they care. It was "free" to start with, so why take care of something; they will get more "free" money next month and "buy" something else---after a visit to the hair and nail salon!

Anonymous said...

Now now, 12:58....maybe they were white people who were kicking the trash out their car.

....but probably not.

If I were black, which I'm not, I would be mad at how the majority of blacks act like complete animals. Yes animals. A true leader would try to change it. But the black leaders I know, don't have the balls to change their own culture. They are at the top of this warped little food chain, and if they even chide their fellow citizens a little, they start falling from the top. Therefore, they too are part of the problem as they only concern themselves with their own self-preservation. No courage there at all.

Anonymous said...

6:49...You mare absolutely correct. In the black community it is all about me, me, me, I, I, I. Another words, "Self Preservation".

Get out said...

Right! When everything is given to you FREE, you have no self-respect or any respect for those around you. Greenville is a welfare community and our "majority" doesn't give a damn about community pride, litter or any other social issue. As long as the checks keep rolling in, it is all about THEM! Jobs? No, because they make more on the public dole. Trash breeds trash and they don't give a damn about their neighborhoods, Greenville or civic pride. They don't want to better their lives, they want to "make they statement", which is why Greenville is doomed. I agree, pack up and get out. I did and have discovered a entire new world. Just do it!

Anonymous said...

I want to live somewhere where I can actually go to the Wal-Mart and not see someone in the parking lot working on their cars and eating fried chicken. I am so tired of stepping on chicken bones just to get to the door of the damn Wal-Mart!

And I would really be "pushing it" to expect the cashier to tell me "thank you"!

Anonymous said...

Black leaders??? Really??? I am a Greenville High graduate from 25+ years ago and I see ZERO black leaders. I wish the best for ALL but I can not understand how the Mayor of Greenville can ride a high horse and produce zero results. She needs to quit talking to the paper about all that she is doing and let the paper REPORT on her results!!! Look at Mr. Lowe in Leland...He is at least trying to produce results for the benefit of Leland. He will have to deal with the results as they arise and I am sure he will meet them face on. Not like Mayor Diva Hudson who can do no wrong.

Anonymous said...

i moved when i go to wal mart i dont have my ticket marked anymore. wonder why?

Anonymous said...

I also moved from G'ville. Now at Walmart where I live they have 30 or more self checkout counters. I had never seen that in G'ville. I was shocked to see everyone using them and were never checked by anyone at the door. I wonder why? Even at our Lowes and Home depot along with all the grocery stores have self checkout registers and not one time have I seen anyone stopped or checked. I wonder why? It is so nice to finally live somewhere that the citizens have morals and trust in people. It took me sometime to appreciate my new hometown cause I hadn't ever seen such pride in a community like this in G;ville.

Anonymous said...

I also moved from G'ville. Now at Walmart where I live they have 30 or more self checkout counters. I had never seen that in G'ville. I was shocked to see everyone using them and were never checked by anyone at the door. I wonder why? Even at our Lowes and Home depot along with all the grocery stores have self checkout registers and not one time have I seen anyone stopped or checked. I wonder why? It is so nice to finally live somewhere that the citizens have morals and trust in people. It took me sometime to appreciate my new hometown cause I hadn't ever seen such pride in a community like this in G;ville.

Anonymous said...

Must be Heaven.

Self check outs chicken bones! LOL

Anonymous said...

So,...HER law office is closed?

Was HER office in with DADDY'S?

Did DADDY'S close also?

Now, Eric and Derrick,THE two brothers, have an office together.


Did Eric and Derrick KNOW that something would soon be closing?

Trying to "distance" themselves?

Political strategy?

And Eric will 'try' to run for THE next mayorship.

Connect the dots.

Supposedly distancing himself.

Public recognition for charity work.

Sounds familar.

SHE's already been THERE and done
THAT (with DADDY helping her!)

Anonymous said...

Wow! THE GReenville Public Schools'
Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent really "chewed the teachers' azzez out" over the 12 failing schools. However, neither THE Superintendent nor THE Deputy Superintendent took any of the blame.

Graduation rate is about 66%.

12 schools are failing.

Only 2 schools are succeeding.

Sounds like the students need to be "chewed out" at home and made to do their assignments.

You can't teach a student that is fighing and sent to jail. DUH!

Anonymous said...

Greenville is GONE! Pack up, get out and enjoy the rest of your life!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the letter to the editor section from Jennifer Jones in last Wednesday's, 1-6-2010, paper...full page letter all about pounding our Diva Mayor!hahahaha

If you missed it, it is not online unless you want to pay for a one day subscription. Dig back find that paper, it is worth the read!

Anonymous said...

Well, can you re-type the letter and post it here on this blog site for all to see? I'm sure it will warrant many comments.

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the letter?

Anonymous said...

Too much to type. The title of the letter was "Let's Plan for summer issues now". It was powerful!

Anonymous said...

Here is what the Mayor had to say in last Sunday's paper....made me want to barf! Sooo many lies!!!

Hudson looks back and moves forward

Saturday, January 2, 2010 10:23 PM CST

GREENVILLE — Mayor Heather Hudson said there’s no mistaking where her priorities are.

Despite rumors of making a run at another political office, Hudson said her job is to serve as the second-termed mayor of The Port City.

“I am the Mayor of Greenville, Ms., and I’m proud to be the mayor,” said Hudson during a recent, wide-ranging, year-ending interview with the Delta Democrat Times. “I enjoy my job. I enjoy servicing the people of Greenville. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do.”

Hudson has a vision for Greenville, her hometown; one where she sees a vibrant community with thriving businesses and people living harmoniously.

She also envisions partnerships with smaller communities in the Delta.

It may be utopian in thought, but in Hudson’s eye, feasible to obtain.

“When I first came into office, the biggest thing on my list was the infrastructure,” said Hudson. “It was something that was reverberating through a lot of communities. When I got here, the biggest thing was finances. We were $4 million under and we had to resolve that immediately. I had to make sure our city was on a good financial footing... It took a minute, but I’m very proud that we were able to do that. We’re in a very good cash flow situation today.”

Rumors about Hudson’s political ambitions have been tossed around like a salad. She loves challenges, but she enjoys sitting in City Hall.

“My focus is right here,” Hudson said. “My first priority is that we’re doing the business of the city, and we’re getting everything that we can possibly get, and giving the best service that we can possibly give them. That’s my whole plan. I want to make sure that it’s taken care of.

Anonymous said...

“As far as anything I will do in the future, I’m still giving it a lot of thought,” she said. “It is not a quick or easy decision and nor should it be. It’s something I’m putting a lot of prayer and thought into where I think that my skills and motivation (are). Also, I want to see what other people want to see in the state of Mississippi. I’m still in the process of making that decision.

“Listening to the regular folks of Mississippi and seeing where I can be of service, that’s what I’m listening for,” she added. “I was raised in a household where you were obligated to serve the community. That’s my heart. It’s not a Heather thing, or what Heather wants to do. It’s how I can best be of service to my community.”

Hudson has spent a lot of time traveling. However, she says she’s done so with the city in mind. Hudson said that she paid for some of those trips out of her pocket, and there was a good reason for leaving the Delta.

“You have to go to get,” she said. “If (you) continue to do the same things and think that stuff is going to come to you or the city, you’ll end up in the same place where we’ve been, no progress. The traveling I’ve done hasn’t been for pleasure. There have been a lot of long weekends, many long days. It’s part of the sacrifice that I’ve made that hopefully will benefit the city.

Anonymous said...

“I want people to associate me with Greenville. That name recognition is important. I’m proud to say that I’m one of the first mayors in the country to partner up with the current (federal) administration before they won election. I think it has been instrumental in helping us get some stimulus funding before many other municipalities.”

Hudson points out that the construction on Tennessee Gas Road, an area that has long needed repair, will begin this year thanks to stimulus funding. There have also been a COPS grant and an FAA grant that was also successfully obtained this past year.

She says she has heard from many about her travels.

“I’ve heard from people telling me to keep doing what I’m doing to keep fighting for the Delta,” she said. “I’ve heard from others who think differently. That’s fine. I want to be representative of everyone.”

Last year, water quality and water usage bills became problems for Greenville.

In September, the Mississippi State Department of Health issued a Boil-Water Alert for customers who receive their drinking water from the City of Greenville water supply located in Washington County. Approximately 13,492 customers were affected. Of the 12 water samples collected on
Sept. 1, one sample was positive for E.Coli and one sample positive for total coliform.

Anonymous said...

We didn’t do anything wrong,” said Hudson. “That was one of those things that came (because of) operator error. We wish it didn’t happen, but unfortunately, it did happen.”

Because of the installation of a new water billing system, many customers have complained to City Hall about high bills. Hudson said those problems are still being corrected.

“When we made the transition, there was an opportunity for the company doing the transition to do it themselves,” said Hudson. “We were told that we could do it by hand ourselves. That was a mistake, but it has since been corrected. The number of people coming into my office with problems with their water bills has been cut dramatically. We’ve taken a lot of heat behind it, but we’ve also taken the time to work with our customers to get their bills right.”

Recently, Hudson and her mother, Mercidees McTeer, traveled to Washington, D.C., to dine at The White House with President and Mrs. Obama. Hudson said she made it a point to talk to the president about the needs of the Port City. It was her second time dining with a (sitting) president.

Anonymous said...

“It was an honor to be there and a thrill for my mother,” the mayor said. “It was also a good opportunity for me to tell him about Greenville. I’m proud of Greenville, Ms., and I enjoy representing the city every wherever I go.”

Education is very important to Hudson. The latest test scores bother her. It’s also an area of concern for businesses looking to locate — and for those staying — in Greenville.

“I’m concerned about test scores not just for Greenville, but for schools all over the state,” said Hudson, who thinks that charter schools may be an answer. “In order to get business to come to Mississippi and to keep businesses here, we have to have good schools. It’s important and it’s something businesses tell me they want to see.”

Race relations are also important to Hudson. While Greenville and the state have made tremendous strides in that area, she said stereotypes remain and are difficult to break.

Anonymous said...

“We still have a lot of undercover, undermining racial indiscretions,” said Hudson. “It comes across when you have people who come in and bring someone new in the community. (You) go to a Realtor and the Realtor says, ‘You want to live here and not over there.’ It raises questions in people’s minds.

“We are still working and improving our overall attitude about ourselves. We’re a wonderful community. A beautiful community, but we have to do some serious self-imaging,” she said. “If someone comes in from out of town and they go to a store and they ask someone, ‘”What do you like about this place? I’m thinking about moving here.’ And immediately they will hear, ‘Why do you want to move here? This place is horrible.’ I went through that and I’m from here. I made a choice to move back here.

“It was questioned to me, ‘Heather, you have an opportunity to live any where in the world, and make more money than you are making here. You were in Atlanta. You were in Memphis. You were in New Orleans,’” she said. “But I see a beauty in this place. We have a wealth of resources and a culture that is so precious in and of itself, and so wonderful that the rest of the world has yet to really experience who and what we are. I want continue to be a voice to advocate who we are and what we are.”

Hudson has also heard the detractors who think she should be doing something else other than holding public office.

“I’m definitely different than what’s been here before in the past,” she said. “I understand there is a segment of the public that is not supportive of me. Sometimes, they are very vocal segment and there’s nothing I can do about that.

“On the other side,” said Hudson, “there are a lot of people in the community who are constantly coming by, saying, ‘Thank you. We support you.’ It keeps me humble.”

Hudson said she has made it a point to keep her door open — and it literally is on Wednesdays when she invites citizens to come into her office for anything — supporters and opponents. She’s on Facebook. She Twitters. She e-mails. She snail-mails. She phones.

“I want to be accessible,” said Hudson. “I’ve had other mayors, both in the state and across the country, who ask how do I manage to remain so assessable. It’s really very simple, you allow time for people to come into your office to talk to you.

“You call people back on the phone and still have time to do business,” she said. “At the end of every day, I’d like to say that I’ve done something to help somebody.”

****I need a nausea pill after reading and posting that pile of crapola lies!**

Anonymous said...

What the hell is a "Regular" people??? Her supporters??? I venture to say that they are irregular and probably need a good cleaning out!LOL

Anonymous said...

Hudson is just ANOTHER disgrace to the City of Greenville. She should be ashamed of her pathological lying self.

Anonymous said...

Crock of poo poo.

Damn lying politician.

She needs to move to Chicago.

Anonymous said...

I never have my ticket checked at Walmart. And there's a simple reason why--I just walk out. I am not programmed to stop; I refuse to be programmed that way. If they say something, I've always just said, "I just spent my hard-earned money. If you think I am taking something, then go ahead and stop me."

And I just walk out.

As for "self checkout"....why would I have to do the store's job when I'm spending MY money there. I am very technology oriented, but again, if you set the precedent of doing the job yourself, you will find out it will be expected of you. So don't use the those lines--that way, the companies will not invest in more of them.

When I can simply push my cart past the line and get checked out (RF frequency devices, etc.), then I'm in favor of it. Otherwise, the stores that I shop at will not be requiring ME to do THEIR job!

Anonymous said...

Hudson needs to retire to Florida ASAP. Has anyone seen the Lighthouse Mission signs on Hwy1 South?

Anonymous said...

3:51--- I do the same at walmart.

Anonymous said...

No what do the signs say?

Anonymous said...

Yes,retire in Florida because it doesn't look like SHE will be "seeking" an elected office in Jackson?

Anonymous said...

"She" couldn't win any kind of election if "her" life depended on it.

Anonymous said...

12:40 ....

Q: So,...HER law office is closed?
A: I cannot verify.

Q: Was HER office in with DADDY'S?
A: Not in the original offices of Victor McTeer, but in the same building. She may have been doubling up in the foundation office.

Q: Did DADDY'S close also?
A: I do not know if the foundation offices are still open. The law office closed years ago.

Q: Now, Eric and Derrick,THE two brothers, have an office together.
A: They've had an office together for a couple years now with Bennie Richards, long before Eric was even on the council.

Comment: Hmmmmmm.
Answer: Why is that a hmmmm... ??? Of course they are involved in the same political machinery, but I don't think Eric will run this next term.

Carl McGee and Kenny Gines will both be running. If Heather does, she will get she won't because she doesn't want that blemish on her political record.

Anonymous said...

Either Eric or Derrick are taking the "Frank Carlton" route to District Attorney. But this time Christmas is at Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

And not in July!

Anonymous said...

So...why does THE foundation have an office(s)?

Does THE foundation also have salaried staff to "run" THE foundation?

Could not THIS foundation be "run" from an office in his home?

Surely his home has an office?

Surely HE can 'run" THE foundation himself, since HE is retired, and without the added expense of salaried staff?

Will THE foundation be Heather's next job?

Anonymous said...

The Foundation has a single administrative secretary.

I'm sure he has the office away from his house so that his employee doesn't see him in his skivvies.

He is rich and travels, and therefore doesn't have to do anything for himself. Being rich allows a person to hire a personal assistant to write checks, answer phone calls, etc.

I doubt he would hire his daughter to be his secretary.

Any of your other questions can be answered by visiting the office in the ICON building. (aka, what is the secretary's name?, what's her favorite color?, what are her hobbies?, etc.) LOL

Anonymous said...

Donations made to THE foundation (and no McTeer is NOT the sole donator!) are used to pay rent, utilities,
office supplies, and an administrative secretary.

And THE foundation does what?

Helps whom?

Is there an audit available (to the public) for the past five years?

Anonymous said...

I use the self checkout lines where I live when I just have one or two items and the regular lines are backed up. It sure does make a quick trip to the store when you don't have to wait in line just to checkout one item. You can't have those in G'ville just because of all the stealing and ebt cards being used. It's a different world there in G'ville when it comes to technology being used.

Anonymous said...


I did a search for you, and found this:

in bio on Victor McTeer:

"...In his constant desire to help young people, he founded the McTeer Foundation to provide scholarships to children of the Mississippi Delta and students of McDaniel College. He has also provided scholarships for economically challenged students at Mississippi Valley State University, Alcorn State University and Jackson State University and the “McTeer Scholars,” who are chosen on the basis of academic ability to attend the college of their choice...."

I do not know how it is audited. It is unlikely that it is, as many other non-profits do not have an external audit, unless the IRS wants one.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Jesus, he's back... kill him Forthright!

Anonymous said...

6:49 PM

You are nothing but a lying, cheating scammer.

We don't take too kindly to your kind and you will be reported to the law enforcement authorities.

Anonymous said...

At 8:01 this morning, the GPS bus was still driving students around. What time does school start? Does the school board care? Shouldn't they be eating their free breakfast at this time?

Anonymous said...

They were on the way to school after eating free at McDonalds. They don't like what the school provides for them so they just swing by McDonalds on the way to school. It's free at McDonalds cause they use one of their many ebt cards they have scammed out of the state. Or their broker got them one(ebt card) for pennies on the dollar.

Anonymous said...

And why is that bus driver leaving students, unattended, sitting on the bus, parked on the side of the road, while he goes INSIDE the Child Guidance Center? ( And I might add it was not a "short" bus!)

Can he not use the available bathroom facilities at the schools whenever he drops off students and AFTER they
have exited the bus, or BEFORE the students enter the bus whenever he picks them up?

Or is he checking on his bus driving check from the SPED department?

Or is he checking in with his church member in the Federal Programs' department?

My, goodness, Harold!

Anonymous said...

Mama will be mad if the school bus is late and her child does not get a free breakfast before school starts.

She has had to feed them at home for the past two weeks.

And she has to go to the nail salon and the hair salon this week.

And Derrick and Eric had to get people to donate them Christmas gifts.

I hope that they don't drop out of school, or they will never get fed until they reach the age of 18 and start getting their own "monthly" checks and EBT cards!

Anonymous said...

8:24 post

Maybe they were high school students on an early morning "field" trip to the Health Dept for HIV/AIDS testing, bith control pills and condems.

Henri Tillman, the school board president did state earlier in the DDT that HIV/AIDS infection is on the "rise" in minor aged people.

Anonymous said...

bith control pills and condems????

They don't use 'em!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would cut out a check!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Forthright, if you could update the site a bit more frequently (and change the subject), I think the racist rantings might be kept at a minimum. The silly and semi-literate comments that are posted after an average of 30 or so postings lean toward the ridiculous.

I maintain that Man is Good, that Greenville can be a viable community again, and we can all love our neighbor. It's really not that hard.

Anonymous said...

4:49 PM post:

If YOU maintain that Man is Good, that Greenville can be a viable community again, and that we can all love our neighbor and also, that it's really not that hard....
then WHY did YOU suggest or state:

1. change the subject
2. update the subject
3. suggest that there are racist rantings
4 imply that they(racist rantings) might be kept at a minimum.
5. imply that comments are silly
6. imply that comments are semi-literate
7. limit postings to ONLY 30 or so responses
8. imply that ONLY the first 30 or so responses are intelligent responses you love only your neighbors that are included in the first 3o or so responses to this post?

Does the truth hurt?

Do you want to continue to hear it or will you stick your head in the sand or visit another blog site?

Anonymous said...

Meant to say 4:59 PM post (not 4:49 post)!

Anonymous said...

4:47 PM

You got that right!

Anonymous said...

Mr. FOrthright,

Poster 4:59PM is trying to take away our freeedom of speech.

You, as the blog site manager, get to post YOUR opinions and views, so why can't the readers do the same?

If YOU, as the blog site manager, do not WANT the different views and opinions, then WHY do YOU have the blog site?

Should everyone agree with YOUR opinions and views?

Anonymous said...

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