Friday, September 11, 2009

"Boil the Mayor" Alert?

Wow! I had minor surgery over the last three weeks, but it pales in light of the "dissection" our mayor has taken on the Scoop! She and Obama seem to be in a race to the bottom for public approval.

On the mend now, I have to catch up with the "calling a spade a spade" political arena... both locally and nationally. Unfortunately, the Med in Memphis does not have wireless Internet, so I have become delinquent in my duties as blog master.

Glad to see the "sparks" becoming "fires" in the Delta... Fall brings both change of season as well as hope.



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Anonymous said...


Who's the lady in the photo?

Anonymous said...

May be the new Mayor elect !!

Anonymous said...

Why you didn't have your surgery at DRMC?

Anonymous said...


Look what's on the City Council Agenda for Tuesday, September 15, 2009: "Consider approval of travel/training requests for Charles Patterson (Chief of Police) and Melva Carpenter (Mayor's Secretary) to travel to Las Vegas, NV, Oct. 19-25, 2009 to attend the National Conference of Black Mayors in the amount of $894.00 (Hotel Only). Two questions are to be asked: 1. Why would either of the above have to attend that conference due to the fact that neither of them are a Mayor and 2. Who's paying for their travel and meals for that week? Well let me guess....Chief Patterson is going to bodyguard the Mayor who is the President of the NCBM and has to be there and Melva is going to be her gopher. And AGAIN, the City taxpayers will be picking up the tab. Let's watch and see if Council approves bet is THEY WILL.

Anonymous said...

Not ALL of the comments on the
previously headlined "Council Makes Good Decisions" have been transferred under this "new" headline.

Please, go to the previous headline and click on "newest" comments (201-204).

Anonymous said...

The "supposedly" planned trip for October 19-25, 2009
is NOT crucial, NOR is it a necessity to perform one's mayoral duties in Greenville, MS.

It is yet, another, selfish attempt of "using" the City of Greenville, MS. to promote herself.

Trips CAN and WILL be canceled due to budget cuts.

Perhaps, the Chief of Police or another designee could attend a conferece on gang activity.

Instead of her personal secretary going to Las Vegas-send the "part time" grant writer to a grant writing conference.

Additionally, there still IS the possibility that THE mayor may be called to Jackson (at the end of the month)as a character witness in a murder trial.

Trials can go on for days or for weeks.

She needs to be within driving distance to Jackson, to make her possible court appearance for her friend and classmate.

Anonymous said...

If SHE does appear in court in Jackson as a character
witness, she MUST take personal leave time from work (vacation days), she MUST personally pay for the trip to Jackson (gas,meals,hotel) and she MUST travel in her personal auto.

Daddy MUST hire a private security guard to travel with her.

It would not look very kosher for her (or her friend/classmate)for her to appear at court, as a character witness for a murder trial, with three bodyguards.

Anonymous said...

People im not 100 percent sure because i have not seen the fellow but i have been told the new Er Doctor at DRMC is the same dr that is on youtube tryin to get in god we trust removed from money, he is a atheist and now a doc at DRMC i dont know about you but i wouldnt want him treating me... GOOGLE mike newdow

Anonymous said...

Is Agape (in Greenville) an Unitarian Church?

Anonymous said...

OMG! Is he really a doctor in Greenville at DRMC? I Googled him and I can't believe it.

Anonymous said...

What's the "cover up" for the drama in the life of the Mayor?

Anonymous said...


Went to an all female college.


Married for 9 yrs. and no children.


Anonymous said...

yes the fellow is a doctor in greenville i see the christian good ole boys of administraion have thrown there christian values out the window by hiring this guy..

Anonymous said...

I think the DDT needs to know about this doctor. Someone should call Ed Nichols.

Anonymous said...

Some women can't have children due to female problems or botched abortions in high school.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well, the christian good 'ole boys
of the Greenville Public School administration subjected the WHOLE staff to their guest speaker,
Muhammad Somebody?, at their 2006 convocation meeting?

He jumped up on the stage, and
yelled, "Do you BELIEVE?"

His next statement was, "Everyone that BELIEVES, please stand up".

Afterwards, according to the recount by staff members...they were literally "scared to death".

They did not know WHO he was, WHAT he was, WHERE he came from, and most importantly, WHAT he BELIEVED in.

They regretted the fact that they
had STOOD UP, not realizing that they did not know WHAT they had stood up for.

Anonymous said...

Normally, when a person "puts on a WHOOOOLE lotta' DRAMA, it's merely a "cover up" what's really going on! And usually, what they are "hiding" is not good!

Anonymous said...

Hiding???? Her whole life is hide and don't seek.

Anonymous said...

Hiding to get out of work?


Hiding because she's "up to no good"?


Hiding because she did somebody


Hiding while she and her "gang" do their underhandedness?

Anonymous said...

All of the above.

Anonymous said...

All of the above.

Anonymous said...

Gang activity in Greenville?

Oh, yes, and THE mayor is a "gang" leader.
She and her "gang" members are
constantly causing and planning

And the "other" gang is the teachers' union,
led by THE mayor's friend's mom.

Often, the two "gangs" work together.

If THE mayor does NOT like someone that works with the school, she calls on the union's "other" gang to "work on them".

And if THE school union does NOT like someone (either with the school, or not), then, they in turn call on THE mayor's "other" gang to "work on them".

They follow, stalk, and harass their victims.

They are "gang" connected.

Anonymous said...

Hide and don't seek another elected office?!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the 6:23 pm post. Once you are on the outs, then you are COMPLETELY out forever.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that the Mayor has any clue at all as to how much she is disliked in Greenville?

Anonymous said...

Anyone sure this is the same Mike Newdow featured in Time? Why would he come the the Bible belt?

Anonymous said...

7:14--They both (THE school and THE mayor)"pick and choose" their friends for employment.

The "others"-not the "chosen" ones-
are treated like poo-poo and must always continually "walk on eggshells", look over their shoulders, and basically kiss a..!

I don't kiss anyone's a..!

Never have and never will!

And I don't respect anyone that does kiss a..!

Anonymous said...

Rev. Dr. Mike Newdow!

O.K. My internet seach is complete.

He's an attorney, emergency medicine physcian, and an atheist and ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.

Does he also have a law office here?

Does he also have a chruch here?

Some brave soul needs to "fake" an
illness and go to the DRMC emergency room with his photo in hand.

And when he starts the examination, start praying, repeatedly and loudly, throwing in a couple of "so help me Gods" and see what his reaction is!

Then, we'll know if it's him or not.

Anonymous said...

The Agape Church in Greenville is of what denomination?

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope DRMC has not hired this man as an emergency room doctor. Surely he was checked out better than this. God help Greenville....

Anonymous said...

Leading by example:

We appreciate that four Greenville City Council members exhibited when
they decided to forego spending the city's money on travel to Mississippi Municipal League annual
conference in Biloxi in June.

Three did not attend:
Ward 1 Councilman Kenny Gines
Ward 3 Councilman Lee Owen
Ward 5 Councilwoman Ann Hollowell

Ward 2 Councilman Carl Mcgee traveled at his own expense, although it was not a huge expense as he explained later. He had access to housing accomodations there.

"There's no halo over my head," he quipped.

Ward 4 Councilwoman Betty Watkins did attend, but she explained during the council meeting at which the trip was discussed, she already saves the city $6,000 per year because of her retirement status.

Ward 2 Councilman Erick Simmons was absent from the meeting and his name remained on the list of those attending.

Mayor Hudson also attended and even urged the others to do the same, but they were not swayed.

Anonymous said...


In this time of tightening budgets, up and down sales tax revenue reurns and economic hardships, it's good to know that our City Council representatives are thinking ahead to a time when they may have to ask city employees to make sacrifices as well.

Applause! Applause!

City Pool chairman said...

To all local and former Greenville Bloggers:

copy and paste to be taken to the DDT Link:

Greenvillians, speak up for parks, pools
Sunday, September 13, 2009 2:51 AM CDT


It has come to my attention, through the recent DDT articles concerning the Robert T. Henry Memorial Pool closing, that there is misinformation being presented to the media, by the mayor of Greenville.

As the pool chairman, I am constantly searching for any type funding to restore the pool and for the revitalization project.

In June of 2009, I, a state official and professor John Poros had plans to investigate the possibility of the Miss. Development Authority having grant funds for the pool.

The state official made the phone contact with the MDA office and after conversation with the staff was informed that the MDA organization does not fund anything to do with pools, parks and recreation. They also stated that no Stimulus funds would be available for the pool needs, as well.

Within a few weeks of hearing this rejection, the mayor made a grand news release that SHE had APPLIED, on behalf of the city, for a $100,000 MDA grant. She even stated criteria of deadline of August 1, 2009 for $30,000 needed in matching funds and requested volunteers to help restore the pool.

Needless to say, we three (myself, the official and Poros), were confused with this new information. So, I contacted Mr. Steve Hardin of MDA about this “news” in the DDT and sent him the mayor’s news article referring to this grant application. This is his response that I received on Aug. 13, (well past the mayor’s stated Aug. 1 deadline), via e-mail:

“Jennifer — Thank you for the article. To date we have not received an application from the City of Greenville. The program referred to in the article appears to be our CDBG Self-Help Program. We have never funded swimming pool or swimming pool related projects before.

Steven C. Hardin,


Mississippi Development Authority”

So obviously, there is no grant, never was a grant and certainly no grant application or “emergency” application that has been touted by the mayor to have been submitted by the mayor or ANYONE else from the city and no correspondence has been received from the city or mayor by the MDA Office. All false information.


Pool Chairman said...

I really do not understand how, even if this were true, which it is not, it was newsworthy. An application is no guarantee of receiving funds, so where is the news? The former city grant writer and I worked on many grant applications throughout 2007 and 2008 and none of those applications were “newsworthy,” unless we successfully received funds. Until funds are actually received, it is just an application filed.

I believe the Mayor was trying to “appear” to be constructively taking action about the pool, but the truth is, it was all a farce, for a better “concerned image” to her voters. The same voters/parents, who were calling City Hall and complaining of the pool closing last summer and this summer.

The pool was only functioning about three non-consecutive weeks last summer and closed by the 4th of July 2008, due to the pump failing. She knew that very well in 2008, it was NOT news this summer. She failed to take any action in 2008, and now she wants to appear that she has taken action this summer, but again, she has not taken any action at all.

If Mayor Hudson had cared about this pool during her first and second terms, it would not be in the condition it is in today. She knew the pump died last summer. She has always known of the maintenance issues. She said herself (many times) that she frequently went swimming at the city pool, over her two terms, of nearly seven years.

How could she not know? Why did she not care sooner?? It was not important to her, that is why. It took me, a white grandmother of two, to bring attention to the needs of this pool, our community and the children, in 2007. I have been working on solving the pool issues, ever since.

Misinformation, such as this imaginary application for a MDA Grant, will only hinder my efforts for finding funding.

I realize budgets are tight, dollars limited, but the Mayor and Council need to get behind improvements to this pool and our city parks. The Park Commission can only do so much with such limited funds.

We, as a community, need to realize how these parks & pool issues reflect on our city to visitors coming into Greenville and to new businesses, as well. Quality of life in any city is key to building a growing community. Our parks and recreation centers need so much in repairs and maintenance and have for many years, we should all be embarrassed and ashamed.

I hope every citizen of Greenville will speak up for our parks, for this pool and the pool project, proposed by the MSU students and the Carl Small Town Center, in building a real asset to the city. A year round, Olympic pool and recreation center would make such a difference to so many in our community, our children, our economy, and our civic pride.

Thank you for your attention and sharing of this important critically correct information.


Jennifer Jones


The Robert T. Henry

Memorial Pool Committee

*Delta Scoop Bloggers:

If you agree with this letter, please show your support.

Take ACTION to let our City Mayor and City Leaders know we all care about our community, it is obvious on this blog daily. Let these elected officials know that we are holding them accountable for their actions and inactions. Call city Hall, the Mayor, the council members or write to the DDT Editor, where your opinon counts and can make a real difference:

J Jones*

Anonymous said...

oops Jennifer, the spoon is stirring. Hope the soup turns out great! lol

Anonymous said...

Great Letter...about time someone had guts to say what is true or not, rather than look away for Heather and her posse!

Anonymous said...

Stir it up, baby!

Anonymous said...

The 1:04 AM & 1:08AM post was copied from a prior article that ran in the DDT. Glad you found it!

This was "after the fact" involving her expensive trip to Washington D.C.

Still no money!

Or was there EVEN the promise of money from O'Bama?

Did she EVEN talk talk to O'bama?

Anonymous said...

She AND Obama are liers. She just likes to go to Washington to be with Bennie Thompson and try to "show" that she is someone special and important.

Anonymous said...

Obama used her to get votes here and then forgot her as soon as he left town. Proof when he could not remember her name!LOL I hope she is not holding her breath waiting on him...then again, I hope she is! haha

Anonymous said...

But, DOES Bennie Thompson KNOW that Daddy Vic wants daughter to get BENNIE THOMPSON's spot?

Word on the street in Jackson is THAT Daddy Vic is a big Jim Hood $upporter. He thinks Jim Hood will run for Governor. Daddy's gameplan is to get Heather to run, which will eliminate the "delta" vote for Luckett,
(who will be running against Jim Hood), guaranteeing a win for Jim Hood.

Also, Daddy will then $et up daughter to run for Bennie Thompson's spot.

However, very few people in the Jackson area have
even heard of -:)-cough, cough,- Heather McTeer Hudson.

But, they KNOW about Daddy's money!
And that Daddy is a wanna be politician.

Benny Thompson needs to be looking over his shoulder! Heather and Daddy are certainly watching him!

Oops-I think I let the cat out of the bag. Hope I didn't ruin someone's plans!

Anonymous said...

I read in Yahoo news yesterday, that the house next door to Obama's house, in Chicago, is for sale.

Maybe she'll tell Daddy and he'll buy it for her.

She needs to be in Illinois with all or the other former dirty politicians.

Birds of feather, flock together.

Anonymous said...

THE mayor lists one of her accomplishments as having reduced the crime rate in Greenville by
50% in three years.

Reduced crime rate, then why bodyguards?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of corrupt Chicago....Her big buddy, the former mayor of Chicago got outsted and is now in prison for embellezing, mis-appropriation of city funds, etc. His name is Quanzee something or another. They were very "close".

Anonymous said...

And another "friend", also the Historian for the National Council for Black Mayors AND THE mayor of Grambling, LA., Mayor Mary W. Andrus, is in "hot water", also.

She's all tied up with her OWN court appearances and lawyers and judges. I guess she won't be attending the conference in October!

Interesting, that THAT is not in the DDT. Maybe, the two have some 'history' that needs to be shared with the public.

Anonymous said...

Almost "overlooked" it. (3:51 PM -yesterday)

Botched abortion in high school.

Do we KNOW anyone that this might be in reference to?

Anonymous said...

If Obama and Heather DO become next-door neighbors in Chicago, do you think HE would then remember HER name?

Maybe, $ome of Daddy'$ money might improve HI$ memory.

Or, perhap$, he wa$ paid to forget-

Anonymous said...

Remember when Obama came to Greenville and Buck's hosted a breakfast for HIS speech?

Why did he serve turkey sausage and not pork sausage?

Does Obama not eat pork?


Does Heather not eat pork?

I've noticed over the years, that
several other Agape church members have mentioned that they do NOT eat pork.

What religions do NOT eat pork?

Anonymous said...

Jews, Muslims & Hindus do not eat pork.

Anonymous said...

1:05 pm post....I think you have heard the same thing that I have heard. So be it.

Anonymous said...

Usually, when a person wants a career in politics, THEY decide in college and choose to major in political science-not social work.

A grown, adult woman, STILL trying to please Daddy and gain his approval. So sad.

Anonymous said...

1:35 PM Post...What have you heard?

Anonymous said...

1:35 pm...I said "So be it".

Anonymous said...

1:52 PM Post:

And, "So be it." means what?

Please, explain.

Anonymous said...

"So be it" means I "ain't saying nuttin else"

Anonymous said...

That's O.K. :)

Anonymous said...

THE mayor wanted to go to Washington, D.C., using the excuse of trying to obtain money for Greenville, MS. We, the City of Greenville paid for the trip.
Now, as a result of THAT trip, where is the money?

Next month she is planning a trip to Las Vegas for the National Council of Black Mayors Conference.
She wants her secretary and the Chief of Police to attend also.

My question is: How many hours of planning for THIS conference was done on City of Greenville's time
clock by THE mayor and her secretary?

Were long distance phone calls made?

On their city issued cell phones?

On the land line phones?

Were their city owned computers used to type programs and brochures?

Was the city owned copier used?

Was the city owned postage meter machine use?

This is a professional organization that she chose to join. It was not mandatory.

If city owned office supples and equipment were used for her personal use, she will need to reimburse th city for ALL expenses.

Anonymous said...

Do we need to call and write to Attorney Jim Hood?

Supposedly, Daddy Vic and he are tight.

But, if there is a possiblilty of ANY wrong doing, "tight" will not matter.

He'll drop Daddy Vic and try to correct the "wrong doing" to get his OWN vote count and ratings up!

Anonymous said...

She has been to Washington DC (hundreds of times), California, New York, Illinois, Florida, Biloxi, Tunica, Spain, Germany and you name it on City time and money. She hasn't brought back any useful information or any business and industry to the City. She is gone out of the town or out of the country 90% of the time. She NEVER reports back anything about her "trips" to Council but yet they still approve re-imbursement pay for her expenses. We need to insist that Council start asking questions and getting answers.

Anonymous said...

O.K. 6:16PM post
So what we are dealing with is a person that's never been told "No".

When dealing with a child, you have to get on "their level" and explain it to them.

Wish me luck. Here goes:


Anonymous said...


"Now, honey, we need to talk about your traveling."

"No. Hush. It is my turn to talk and you be a good little girl and sit there in your chair and listen."

(To audience: "How am I doing"?)

Anonymous said...

"You have traveled to Washington,D.C., California, New York, Illinois, Florida, Biloxi, Tunica, Spain and Germany."

"Do you remember ALL of those trips"?

"Do you remember HOW much money we had to spend for you to take ALL of those trips? Look at these receipts. Now, use this calculator and add ALL of those numbers together. Yes, the numbers with the dollars signs in front of them.
Now, tell me what the grand total is." continued

Anonymous said...

"What? Are you SURE that you added those numbers right. That's a lot of money. Why don't you add those numbers, again, just to be sure."

"Oh, you DID add right. But, STILL
that's a lot of money."

"I'm sorry, my little girl, but, we just don't have any more money for you to take any more trips".

Anonymous said...

"Now, please, don't start crying."

"Wait. I just thought of something."

"If you really, really want to take another trip....Just go ask your Daddy."

"But, remember...don't tell your Daddy that I told you to go ask him."

"This will just be "our" little secret."

"Now, and you have really got to start staying at work ALL day long.
You have to be there at 8:00am and you can leave at 5:00pm, but you get to leave for lunch. O.K."

"And, another thing. The people in Washington, D.C. did not vote for you to be the mayor of Greenville.
The people in California did not vote for you to be the mayor of Greenville.The people in New York did not vote for you to be the mayor of Greenville.The people in Illinois did not vote for you to be the mayor of Greenville. The people in Florida did not vote for you to be the mayor of Greenville. The people in Biloxi did not vote for you to be the mayor of Greenville. The people in Tunica did not vote for you to be the mayor of Greenville. The people in Spain did not vote for you to be the mayor of Greenville. And the people in Germany did not vote for you to be the mayor of Greenville."

"The people in Greenville voted for you to be the mayor of Greenville. And you need to "get down off of your high horse", little lady, and BE THE MAYOR OF GREENVILLE."

"And you certainly can't do it... with your little butt always in the

"And if you don't want to do it...then you just write yourself a little "ole resignation letter and turn it in."

"And while I'm on the subject of need to re-write your resume that's posted on the city's website. I'll give you sure is a nice resume', but...remember about what we talked about know, the people of Greenville voted for you to be the mayor of Greenville...well, half of the very ones that voted for you did not graduate from college. I did not raise you to act like your are better than anyone.Do you hear me?"

"And don't you "roll your eyes at me, little girl."

"You need to go to your room and think long and hard about what I just said."

"You can get out of the chair now."

(To audience: I really need to catch my breath.)

Anonymous said...

Shutupimthemayordontaskanyquestions I forgot to mention Nigeria! And oh by the way, 8:45 YOU'RE FIRED!

Anonymous said...

Vic sure did raise a MONSTER. Does she have any true friends at all? If so, who the hell are they?

Anonymous said...

"And, Heather, you can't go to Nigeria again, either. You just may as well "tear up" you passport, because the city is not paying for you to go out of the country. But, you may keep the passport if you plan on "using" it for your personal use and personal trips funded by Daddy."

"But, this city is dog gone broke".

"We have to repair the swimming pool before next summer."

Anonymous said...

10:23, you need to write a letter to City Council and demand that it be read openly during Council meeting.

Anonymous said...

Wait. Another idea. We'll get Forthright to e-mail it.

He's sitting at home resting and could re-type the whole letter.

Remember, ALL of their e-mail addresses are listed on the city's web site.

Yes,yes, yes. A group send to ALL department heads also.

And the DDT.

Anonymous said...

I think the woman in the picture posted by Forthright is THE Mayor in HOT WATER! LOL

Anonymous said...

to 8:45--u are right on the mark. I think you explained it where even heather can understand.

Anonymous said...

No one can keep her from going on all those trips. She just plans them and leaves. She tells no one that she is going anywhere but just turns in a "reimbursement request" when she returns. Then, she never reports back on any positive outcomes from those trips.
She has an "unlimited personal spending account" with City funds to use as she wishes.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could tour the world and let Greenville pay for it and then not be accountable.

Anonymous said...

12:35 pm

If what you say IS true, and don't get me wrong..I don't doubt you...
then, THE mayor and the WHOLE city council need a good "talking to".

Cross your fingers. Here goes, again:

"Heather and Council Members,"

"You can NOT 'run" a business, regardless of the type...WITHOUT some sort of policies, guidelines, and limits."

"Even THE boss is accountable!"

"Heather, you think that YOU are THE boss".

"Councilmen and councilwomen, you think that YOU are THE boss".

"Well, I'm here to tell ALL of YOU, that WE, the citizens of Greenville, MS. are the BOSS."

"The City of Greenville is a business."

"Heather, YOU do NOT own this businees. You might be co-owner of your Daddy's law firm, but you do not OWN this business."

"YOU are a "hired" employee for the City of Greenville. Whether you like it, or not...EVERY citizen in Greenville, MS. is your boss."

"Yes, THAT is hard for you to swallow, but it is the honest to God truth."

"You were NOT forced into working for this establishment. You WANTED this job and you GOT this job."

"ALL expenditures that ARE paid with City of Greenville monies, regardless of the funding-local, state, federal, or grant- will be voted on and approved by the council "before the fact".

"We will NEVER again provide monetary reimbursements for ANYTHING that has NOT been voted on and approved by this city council."

"And to re-fresh your memory, you need to review the employee handbook. It clearly states the number of days that an employee can be absent from work due to illness and vaction leave."

"As the mayor of Greenville, MS., you are ALLOWED the annual trip which is scheduled in June, and is usually on the coast. But, that is the LIMIT."

"You can NOT, just "on a whim", decide to take a trip, without the
city council's vote and approval and EXPECT , THE citizens and THE city to reimburse you."

"It will NOT be allowed."

"And, another thing. Vacation leave time must be approved prior to taking the times. Fill out the proper forms and submit it to the city council for approval. However,
in cases of emergencies, such as a death in the family , or family illnesses, we will work with you as long as your contact at least three of the city council members via the phone and explain the situation."

"Heather, wipe your eyes and go blow your nose. You have plenty of work to get done before 5:00P.M."

"Thank you for your time, help and understanding in THESE important matters."

Anonymous said...

3:04 pm post, you need to write that post to Heather in a letter. She is NEVER going to read it on this website.

Anonymous said...

People need to start mentioning this blog site to each other, while standing in line at Wal-Mart, the bank, and anywhere else that it could be overheard.

Just CYA and don't name names or say specifically WHAT was written.

Just do a whole lot of hinting.

And be sure that you choose the right audience.

Pretty soon, the word will be "out on the street" and she'll read it, if she hasn't already.

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that she doesn't read it, but she does know about it. She calls it "garbage".

Anonymous said...

NEWS ALERT! THE Mayor is sponsoring her yearly Blues Fest Reception tonight (9-14-09) at 7:00at Harlow's. It is usually opened to the public but this year it is "BY INVITATION ONLY". Taxpayer's monies going to another fun filled evening with the Mayor. Boo Hoo, I wasn't invited but still have to pay for it. What shall I do? Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo.

Anonymous said...

The City of Greenville HAS a garbage dept. Even has an e-mail address. :)

Anonymous said...

Just because a person receives an invitation in the mail....does not mean that they will attend the reception.

Let's ALL go to the City Hall tomorrow morning, to eat the left=overs, from this reception. :)

Small turn out. Very Small.

Heather, Daddy, Mama Dee, Erick,
MACE employees, and Eden Brent.

Oh, yeah, THE bodyguards. I hope that they don't eat EVERYTHING in sight.

Monday night, everyone else will stay home.

And a newspaper report to take a photo of Heather for
tomorrow's newspaper!

And don't cry. Would you want to spend an eveving with HER--sure the eats and drinks are FREE? You would be miserable. :)

Let's meet for lunch one day and
you'll certainly enjoy that. :)

Anonymous said...

Trust me, if there IS any food left over, her secretary will take it all home with her!

Wish I knew who you were. I would probably be delightfully surprised and would love "to do lunch:.

Anonymous said...


Wish I knew who you were also.

Wish I knew who Forthright was.

Anonymous said...

Why is it, whenever there's an "eating" at work, there's always that same one person that claims all of the left-overs?

Or, they initially prepare two plates of food--one to eat then and there and the other to take home?

And it's usually a woman!

Anonymous said...

I bet Heather's appetite for her Blues Party was lost after reading Ms.Jones' letter. Pepto Bismal might have helped!ha!

Can't wait to watch Tuesday's council meeting on TV. Between the DDT letter and the e-coli disaster that seat of her's is going to be the hot seat!LOL Or at least it should be...let's see what our City Council does with all this...probably nothing as usual!

Anonymous said...

What would really be funny, is if everyone, audience and all council members started crying,.. wiping eyes, blowing noses...and said that they did not have any more money for travel and or trips for the remainder of this year.

Anonymous said...

Might need to make some phone calls or send an e-mail for verification.

The city's webpage has the next council meeting listed as 9/18/09.

That's this coming Friday.

Surely, she or her staff did NOT make a typo error. :)

And with the Blues Festival this weekend.

And will it still be televised, with the supposedly change of date?


Anonymous said...

8:02 post

Give her a dose of her own medicine.

Counter act her drama with some of their own drama.

Or crawl underneath the tables, like they do in Leland! LOL

Order a case of Kleenex.

Anonymous said...

Below is the opening paragraph on the Mayor's Bio page listed on the
City of Greenville's web site:

Marian Anderson was heard saying,
"Leadership should be born out of the understanding of the needs of those who would be affected by it." Many would argue that age and experience are among the most important virtues of leadership.
But for this daughter of an attorney and retired school teacher, the most important quality in a leader is having the confidence of those that follow you. Heather McTeer Hudson, Mayor of Greenville has that confidence.

The only ones that are following her lately are her bodyguards!

The City Council needs to led, because obviously, Heather's age and experience aren't getting the
job done.

She does not understand the needs of those who would be effected by it--example the swimming pool!

Heather really loves this bio. It is also posted on the National Council for Black Mayors website and was also "used" on her campaign website.

Yes, the word is "used".

Anonymous said...

Did Heather grow up in a home without mirrors? Does she still live in a home without mirrors?Why does she constantly have the need to tell everyone that she is black and that she is a woman? Does she think that we don't know her gender or race? Does she preceive the rest of the world as blind?

Anonymous said...

Each of the council members needs to arrive at the next council meeting with their own privately paid "rent-a-cop", with each one standing directly behind their respective "guardee".

It would be televised and the media and public would go nuts, with questions and complaints.

And then, everyone could simply, turn and point the finger at the mayor.

The rent-a-cop agency could defray the council members' fee in exchange for the FREE publicity for his business and his charitable contribution to his community.

The council members could then be enabled to be the true leaders that they were destined to be, instead of merely,.. being puppets on a string!

Hey, it's ALL about politics. And ONE of them wants to be THE next mayor!

On your mark! Get set! Go!

Anonymous said...

Life to Heather is: My Way, No Way or Hit the Highway.

Anonymous said...

Council meeting is today 9-15-09 at 4:00 on channel 12. The Agenga date of 9-18-09 is apparently a typo from the City Clerk's office.

Anonymous said...

And THE mayor did not see fitting to correct a mistake. That's normal for HER.

Anonymous said...

10:16 post

The highway is a public road.

The highway has two-way traffic.

It works both ways.

Even numbered highways run east and west.

Odd numbered highways run north and south.

THE mayor should know this, being a graduate of TWO-LANE!

Anonymous said...

But, can THE mayor fire a council member(s)?

Anonymous said...

10:38 That post is TOO FUNNY!!! LOL,LOL,LOL

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Heather has been ALLOWED to
view life as:My Way, No Way, or Hit the Highway!


Her perception needs to CHANGE!

People view Heather as a controlling, spoiled, selfish brat.

Brat..not bratz..cause she ain't no doll! :)

Anonymous said...

Let's hear it for TWO-LANE HEATHER!

Turn HER, "always in the road butt" around and sent her in the opposite direction.

Make a U-turn!

Anonymous said...

Quote, Unquote:

Many would argue that age and experience are among the most important virtues of leadership.

Yes, they do argue about THOSE
virtues when referring to the childish mayor of Greenville.

Anonymous said...

I watched the Council meeting today. THE Mayor began the meeting by saying, "Welcome to City Council Meeting today, September 18, 2009". TODAY is Sept. 15, 2009 and she still didn't catch it. How smart can that be? Mrs. Two Lane. Mrs. Shutupimthemayordontaskanyquestions.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, ALL of this is really getting to HER. Maybe SHE is rattled. Keep it up and she'll surely break and lose her composure.

Anonymous said...

Ahh..The supposedly legal tactics that SHE feels SHE must use.The council meeting was posted on the website with the 9/18/09 date, SHE opened the council meeting and in her "welcome address", still mentioned the "wrongful" date of 9/18/09. And now, the minutes will be written to also reflect the "wrongful" date. This was ALL done by THE mayor of Greenville, MS., with council members present and as witnesses. Also present were additional witnesses, the audience. And it was televised, and now it's ALL on tape. Simple mistake---I think not. If she will so innocently(yeah, supposedly), and willingly instigate this for a council meeting, then how many other times has she "wrongfully" changed dates and perhaps numbers on a budget!Hmmmm. Really makes one stop and think about her true character and honesty.She's a liar.
Please, note today's date is Tuesday, September 15, 2009. According to my clock, the time is now 7:14P.M -give or take a few minutes, but certainly not DAYS!

Anonymous said...

Today's date is approximately 9/18/2009! LOL

Tomorrow ,which is Wednesday,will approximately be the weekend.:)

Anonymous said...

THE Mayor made the comment on tv that she had "lost 27 lbs." during the million pound weight off project. Looking at her on tv at the "Blues Reception - By Inviation Only" and on tv at Council Meeting today, if she's lost 27 lbs., then I've lost 200. She looks like an NFL LINEBACKER. Keep dreaming Mrs. Two Lane and quit eating all of those chocolate rasinetts and Snicker bars that you hoard.

Anonymous said...

And could THIS televised council meeting be put on
"You Tube" and viewed before the REAL September 18,2009 calendar date?

Anonymous said...

One of Leland, MS.'s council meetings showed up on
"You Tube".Heather and her soon-to-be ex-husband, both have pages on She is very pro-technology.

Anonymous said...

7:00PM Post

That's the same technique that she uses on people - with the additional help of her "hired" buddies. However, she cleverly stays in the background directing every action.

Anonymous said...

To: 11:49 post...You my friend are positively and absolutely correct in your accessment of how our Mrs. Two-Lane Shutupimthemayordontaskquestions operates. She is a direct decendent of Hitler. You must have been in her "employ" before. But I must assure you that her "hired" buddies are NOT all buddies, just suck ups. Once she finds out that you question any of her actions, she gets rid of you.

Anonymous said...

To 2:40PM post...Lucky for me, I have NEVER been in Mrs. Two-Lane Shutupimthemayordontaskquestiones' direct employment. However, I have friends and associates within the city and also, at the other,Hitler ruled establishment,THE school.I observe people. Ironically, both gang leaders at both establishments operate from the same 'rule' book...they always rule by their rules...regardless of the law...and seemingly always find some star-struck peon to do the diry work for them.They like to keep their own hands clean . THE school has a retired policeman heading up their security and then there's the two unions. But,one day they'll get caught.

Anonymous said...

4:25 pm post....You mean a retired Chief of Police heading up security. I know him well but maybe I am seeing him through rose colored glasses. He is nothing but nice and kind to me. As for the two unions....they can both go to hell.

Anonymous said...

A "direct decendent of Hitler"? Maybe that's why she loves to take those many, many, trips to Germany. People love to return to their roots.

Anonymous said...

P.S. THE Shutupimthemayordontaskanyquestions can go to hell too!

Anonymous said...

5:10 post: Amen,sister or brother!

P.S. Retired Chief has to do what the boss tells him to do, other than that, he really is a good guy. And he's usually a good judge of character on people--many years of experience.

Anonymous said...


So, she's part German and Nigerian.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. With so many, many people in Greenville...sucking up...this place would be a goldmine... for a vaccum cleaner salesman. New industry, perhaps? LOL :)

Anonymous said...

THE school boss is new to Greenville and I am not sure if he is aware of the suck-up procedures of the Mayor. Also, I don't know if he is that kind of person. Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

My advise to THE new school boss...
watch Lesson, or as everyone calls him,... "Little Sammie",... after his mentor,Sammie Lee Felton...and no one liked him--not even his three ex-wives!

He needs to just sit back and observe everyone for a while.

But, to be a good superintendent, he needs to really listen to his principals--they are "out there", and have the most contact with both teachers and parents.

Leeson knows the policy book frontwards and backwards--no exceptions--but has no "people skills" and is similar to a vaccum cleaner, himself!

And if 'new" bossman has the required experience, then, he'll be able to separate the wheat from the chaff, or whatever it's called.

That last supt. was a jacka..! Oops! I didn't know the microphone was on. :)

Anonymous said...

Be sure to check out the newspaper
article in the clarion ledger @

with her "butt always in the road"
again, went out-of-town, and again
talked about the water situation to the newspaper
media, and again we still see no results.

Read it for yourself. Don't forget the comments at the bottom. ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG! I just read the article in the Clarion Ledger:Greenville mayor stresses Delta problems, and all of the blogger comments. I couldn't believe how many people commented so negatively about THE Mayor and Greenville. I wonder how much she CHARGED to give that speech? She NEVER speaks to any group without charging an "HONORARIUM". The definition of honorarium is: a reward in recognition of acts or professional services for which custom or propriety forbids a price to be set. So, she charges her "Honorarium" based on how many heads are in the crowd. The more folks, the more $$$$. I know this to be fact. It's all about her. Bodyguards paid for by taxpayers and Honorariums paid for by anyone who asks for her royal presence at their event.

Anonymous said...

The more you read, the more you know, the smarter you grow, the stronger your voice when speaking your mind or making your choice.

Keep on reading.....this blog is EDUCATIONAL.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago, friends at THE school told me:"If a fight breaks out at school, ask the students, and they'll tell you what's going on and what lead up to the fight."
Hence, "the word on the street" is pretty accurate, both about THE school and about THE city.

Read,listen,talk,observe and learn.

I certainly hope that the new guy,
Dominick with the DDT, is getting the background history that true reporters need. Ah..maybe that's why he's new, he doesn't know.

Anonymous said...

And if an egomaniac,small town mayor decides to run for the Governor's seat, then ALL of the previously rewarded HONORARIUMS will be exposed. Now, how smart is that?

Anonymous said...

Also, "switch over" and read the other comments on the "Say it Ain't So Ray!" Don't want you to miss anything.
You need the "whole" picture.

Anonymous said...

Health and Beauty Tip:

I went to the store and purchased a jar of Brown Sugar Scub and it was awful. It was a true waste of my money.I would have been better off, just pouring the money directly down the drain. So, now I use Sea Salt Srub. It is very thorough and leaves everything clean, without any slimey residue and not nearly as messy! It's also very cost effective. Once, I ran out of it and just used regular table salt and that seemed to be effective also. Just remember to really rub it in. Try it! :) LOL

Anonymous said...

Several years ago,in one of THE
school's administrator's office, a book was seen that listed all minority owned businesses in Jackson, MS. Does Heather also have a copy of the same book? And who published the book? Never mind,
they are probably all out of business now and it's more trouble than it's worth to continually re-print a new edition every month or so.
Do they get to keep the computers that they bought from Howard's Computer, or will they be used as evidence?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh..I see, Sea Salt Scrub indeed!

Anonymous said...

A reliable source told me that Dominick is another one of Heather's suck-ups. She and dad have threatened the DDT with lawsuits if they print anything about her that is not a direct quote. But letters to the editor can be printed if they state facts like the one in Sunday's paper from Jennifer Jones. She had her information accurate but Dominick called THE Mayor for a rebuttal before he printed it and she did not give a statement. Probably because she could not rebutt true facts

Anonymous said...

To 2:43 post

No, she can't rebutt true facts...because her butt's always in the road!

99% of what is said about her is true!

Everyone just needs to start getting their own documentation,in writing or on tape. Just like the
televised "wrongful" date of the council meeting.

Soon, everyone in Greenville will be walking around with steno pads,hidden recording devices,and taking photos with cell phone cameras.

And those lawsuits work both ways!

Anonymous said...

People write letters every day to the editor of the newspaper.

Whether it be the DDT or another newspaper,the public is allowed to voice their opinion about issues, concerns and yes, elected officials. There is no law against it.

Heather is not the only person that walks this green earth... that has an attorney in the family.

She is just the only one that uses the "attorney in the family" as a threat to others.

Anonymous said...

3:52 post....true, anyone can write letters to the Editor, but the Editor has the right to publish or not publish. He chooses not to publish MANY. I know of a person in town that is keeping track of the ones not published in a folder and will bring them out sooner or later.

Anonymous said..., if an Editor of a newspaper kept a folder
of letters not published, then one day, sooner or later...they might be worth $omething. LOL :)

Anonymous said...

I doubt if the letters would be worth money...but the Editor is not the person that I know who is saving the letters. People send copies of letters that they write that don't get published to this person. It will all come out sooner than later. People will know what a scum bag the DDT is for a newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Oh. I understand. I was thinking that maybe THE mayor and Daddy were paying to have letters not published!Not.They don't pay. They bully.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone contacted John Grisham?
It's about time for him to write another book about corruption.

Anonymous said...

There are you hear me?...7 pages of blogg comments to the article in the Clarion Ledger about Greenville Mayor Mrs.Shutupimthemayordontaskanyquestions. NONE, absolutely NONE, of the comments are good. GET RID OF HEATHER.

Anonymous said...

Correction:Someone had reported either in this blog, or
an earlier blog..that the people in the Jackson area had never heard of a HMcH.

Well, they know of HER now and I don't think they like
her. There goes the Governorship. And Bennie Thompson's spot.

Maybe Daddy will hire her.

Anonymous said...

Daddy will hire her? Where? He is living it up on the millions he collected in the Dickey Scruggs scam & the tobacco settlement. He's on his sail boat in the keys of Florida.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Was Daddy for or against Dickey?LOL

Anonymous said...

Never trust a man that makes money off of Dickey.

Anonymous said...

Never trust a woman that makes money off of Dickey.

Anonymous said...

Daddy partnered with Dickey in the deals. Just a matter of time before he is indicted also. Dickey ain't talking, but Ed Peters is talking to save his butt from prison. Just wait and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Oh My! She's in a pickle and has "gone religious" on us. She's lost for words for her actions so she "remains quiet to hear God"...see "Moving towards the peace of God"

Anonymous said...

Trying to get the "church" vote.
(And prayers, please pray for me,...
my classmate,...and

Anonymous said...

"Greenville Mayor Heather McTeer Hudson said sometimes the best thing to do — is to do nothing at all." She does Nothing At All, ALL THE TIME.

Anonymous said...

Well,... now, truly can't do nothing at all...if your butt is always in the road.Stay in Greenville, save gas money, and do nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

Nothing AT ALL..except travel.

Anonymous said...

An idea for a NEW industry in agency!

And possible an agency that books
and provides guest speakers for
speaking engagements.

And another rent-a-cop agency!


Anonymous said...

we have an atheist in the emergency room...and over a week later... after our own emergency...
the boil water alert...THE mayor is quoting Bible Scriptures in the DDT. Now, that beats all I've ever seen. Folks, we "ain't" making up any of this's all true.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of travel agencies....THE Mayor and her husband (soon to be ex) have a multi-level marketing business that is an on-line travel agency. Just book your trips with them and you are suppose to receive some kind of discounts. And, they get a cut.

Anonymous said...

His travel agency is listed on his My Space and Facebook pages. I think it is Hudson Consulting.

Anonymous said...

Lotta' fingers in a lotta 'pies, and...none of them worth a dang.

Anonymous said...

8:18PM....I agree with you totally......SOOOOOO educated and does nothing profitable or meaningful. What a waste.

Anonymous said...

SHE has on her bio page at the
NCBM website that...she and her husband Abe, own two Lenny's Greenville and Cleveland. Not so, anymore.Did she provide THEM with a press release of her pending divorce?

Anonymous said...

THE mayor of Greenville did nothing at ALL, during the boil water alert. A week later, she is praying and quoting scriptures.

Guilty conscience?

Delayed reaction?

Anonymous said...

THE Mayor was on "vacation" in the keys with Daddy during the Boil Water Alert. How Convenient!

Anonymous said...

In the Keys plotting & scheming THEIR next move.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, Daddy told her to "go hide."

"Hide behind the church, no one will ever think to look for you there." LOL

And that's literally what SHE is doing.

Anonymous said...

9:39 am post..YOU GOT IT!

Anonymous said...

Did THE bodyguards travel to the Keys with her, also?

Another question: Did THE bodyguards also go with her to the Bobby Henry pool whenever she supposedly went for swims?

Anonymous said...

Years ago, her church,... Agape, which is also HER parents' church...bought land on Colorado
street,located between Second Baptist Church and Smith Funeral Home. It was rumored that THE church would build a private, christian school for blacks.Then,
SHE moved back into town and the next thing that we knew, she was "running" for the mayor. I guess that Daddy could not fund the NEW school...
and her campaign,ahh,excuse me,..I meant to say campaignS, meaning more than ONE.Daddy was/is THE church's biggest contributor. How interesting that THE church was pushed into the background then...and Now, well......

Anonymous said...

New industries in Greenville.
Well, they won't come because of the private schools, you say. Horse feathers, I say!

Years ago, Sacred Heart was a private Catholic school for blacks. I think it went up to the 8th grade,and it
closed. Now, it houses Head Start students.

So, the next time that SHE starts talking about the private schools in Greenville, she needs to stop...and remember that her OWN church wants one, also.

And, the President of the United States sends his own girls to a private school in Washington, D.C.
As do, the majority of Congress members' children. The girls also attended private schools in Chicago

Ahhh...aren't Spelman and Tulane,
BOTH private colleges. Hmmmmmm.

Talk the talk, but does SHE walk the walk.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if a bodyguard went on vacation with her, but one DID go to the pool. He was seen "playing in the pool" with her with those colorful long noodle things. How could he "guard" her while playing like kids? Where was his weapon? Laying around somewhere or stuffed in his swimsuit getting water logged? I wish that the person who saw them would have taken a picture of them. It was one afternoon when no one else was at the pool and before the pool pump stopped working. She used that pool as her private country club.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't "walk" any walk but her own....she is VERY racist and hates everything about St. Joe. Yet ALL of her rich black friends send their kids to St. Joe. She shows up for one or two football games a year, especially if she needs votes or anything else special to HER needs. She puts on a big front.

Anonymous said...

She, as THE mayor of Greenville, does NOT need to be
playing around with those 'long noodle things' the water,... out of the water, the cemetary,..and hubbie away, studying to be an ordained minister!

And you can bet your sweet a.., THE bodyguard, DID have his weapon,.. stuffed in his swimsuit!

Did he feel that she was threatened at the pool and did he "quick draw" style, draw out his weapon?

Anonymous said...

10:49...You are TOO BAD LOL. Don't tell me hubby is studying to be an ordained minister? Another degree is all he needs. Oh by the can get those kinds of "degrees" on-line from a degree mill. What the heck is he going to do with it after he gets it? Hang it on his wall with the rest of his "degrees"? Guess he will start his own Pro-Sexdemonational Church.

Anonymous said...

Bad...but truthful! LOL

Anonymous said...

If "they" are so Spirit- filled and devout, then how come they don't abide by the 10 commandments, i.e Thy shall not steal. Thy shall not commit adultery. Thy shall not covet thy neighbor's wife. Thy shall not covet thy neighbor's goods. ???????????

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, do you remember when, shortly after being elected THE mayor of Greenville, SHE, fussed,
complained, and "dang near" threw a hissy fit because....the Greenville Country Club was sponsoring
an ALL MEN'S fundraising golf tournament and would not allow her to enter.

Nor, did they then, or before, or after,..allow women to enter their MEN'S golf tournaments.

And she graduated from an ALL black, ALL female, college, Spelman, and could not comprehend.

They held their ground, held their golf balls, and stood up to her!LOL

Anonymous said...

Years ago, before SHE even became THE mayor, a reliable source told me that THE church, Agape, waits until everyone enters the church and BEFORE the preacher starts his sermon, they LOCK the church's front door.

And I don't think that it had anything to do with the neighborhood or safety, I think it is because of WHAT is being preached and THEY don't want non-members to know.

I don't know about you, but, I'm pretty skeptical of "secret" religions.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so now SHE plays golf? SHE'S SO SPECIAL.

Anonymous said...

I have been to Agape many times. It is a good church and Pastor Williams is a devout Christian and preaches the Word of God. It is a non-demonational charismatic church. They lock the doors for safety and have men of the church standing outside to protect the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if she plays golf or not..she never did get to play in that particular tournament,.. and since then, there has been no mention of golf ever again. There's a City Golf Course, out by the airport, but she's never played there, either. She's not very athletic, remember, she was in the school band. And might have twirled a baton! LOL

Anonymous said...

Or twirled her butt!

Anonymous said...

To post 11:20 AM...

Let me see if I can delicately
explain about the churches in the black communities.

Well, the majority of the church members are females. They have female ushers, or what we normally know as deacons, to "take up" the offerings.

Knowing that he will be preaching to a mostly..all female congregation..the preachers tailor their sermons,.. or in other words "cater" to the congregations, and ahhh...well, certain issues or behaviors are just NOT preached about.
A large portion of the congregation are,
in fact, unwed mothers.But, ALL of the preachers realize that those $5 bills in the offering plate DO add up.

Anonymous said...

She still likes to twirl a baton,
hence the bodyguards from the police department. They all carry batons...they just aren't silver and shiny.

Anonymous said...


If "the men of the church (are) standing outside to protect the parking lot", then I ask,...arenty 't they serving as security guards? Might not the same security guards at the church,serve as her personal security guards on her mayoral post? It could be their individual charitable contribution to the city. Of course, they will need to be retired, but do we not also have a retired council member, which saves us $6,000 a year? Get retired church members to serve as security guards and save about $300,000. I'm certain that pastor T.P. will endorse this arrangement.

Then, our city policemen can do their "real job" and
"protect" the WHOLE city from crime and drugs.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand all about black church members being mostly female. And you know, sometimes a woman has to do what a woman has to do to put food on the table. But that doesn't make it right.

Anonymous said...

You mean " sometimes a woman has to do what a woman has to do to" to get her nails and hair "did".

Anonymous said...

The government just really ought
to send the designated amount of ALL welfare checks..directely to the nail salons and hair salons.

I work FULL-TIME and so does my wife and we can't afford for her to go to either the nail salon or hair salon as often as welfare check receiptants do!

Anonymous said...

You know what they say...Black women, when faking a climax, ALWAYS call out God's name.

Anonymous said...

sexual climax?

Anonymous said...

Yes know, one of those whoooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhh things.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I meant to say, "one of those WHOSE YOUR DADDY things? lol

Anonymous said...

"Oh, God!"

"Yes, Dear Jesus!"

"Yes, yes, yes, Oh! Oh! God!

"Right there!"

"Thank you ,Good Lord, Jesus!"


Anonymous said...

The question IS: Now, who really is Dickey's partner..Daddy or daughter? LOL

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Comedy Club.

Come one, come all, or don't come at all.

The admission is free.

But, everyone has to put in their
two cents worth.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if all of us were in a room together......would we all be chatting to each other in person? I doubt it, LOL

Anonymous said...

Maybe so. We do have similar likes
and dislikes. A lot in common. And we "listen" to each other. And we do take turns talking. And one person does not "hog" the conversation. And no one thinks that they know everything.

Anonymous said...

Back to 10:40 AM post...

"She hates everything about St. Joe."

Does she really hate St. Joe,or just the headmaster, the former mayor of Greenville, Paul Artman?

I don't believe she "likes" anyone that is white.

Anonymous said...

She hates them both. And yes, she is a true racist in every sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

Definition for racist
- based on racism: based on prejudices and stereotypes related to race
- prejudiced against other races: prejudiced against all people who belong to other races
- racist person: somebody who hates others who are not of his or her own race
Encarta World English Dictionary

The above describes Shutupimthemayordontaskanyquestions to a tee.

Anonymous said...

Is she a member or associated with the New Black Panther Party or Nation of Islam?

Both group are anti-white and have activity here, yes,in Greenville, MS. Check out the website of Southern Poverty Law Center. And "read up" on these two groups. Interesting.

And our mayor went to what country

And the major religion of that particular country is what?

And she is the president of what
national mayoral organization?Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

5:25 pm...She went to Nigeria... she calls herself a "Born Again Christian"..but she doesn't practice what she preaches.

Anonymous said...

Jesus loves the little children,
All the children of the world,
Red, and yellow,black and white,
They are precious in his sight.

I don't guess she learned that song in Sunday school or Vacation Bible School, either. LOL!

Anonymous said...

She and her husband "teach Sunday School". Wonder what they teach?

Anonymous said...

Don't know what they teach. The doors are locked and "men of the church are outside protecting the parking lot". LOL

Anonymous said...

Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. They believe that they're superior to others and
have little regard for other people's feelings.

Although some features of narcissistic personality disorder may seem like having confidence or strong self-esteem, it's not the same. Narcissistic personality disorder crosses the border of healthy confidence and self-esteem into thinking so highly of yourself that you put yourself on a pedestal. In contrast people who have healthy confidence and self-esteem don't value themselves more than they value others.

When you have NPD you come across as conceited, boastful or pretentious. You often monopolize conversations. You may belittle or look down on people you perceive as inferior. You may have a sense of entitlement and when you don't receive the special treatment to which you feel entitled, you may
become very impatient or angry. You may insist on having "the best" of everything-the best car, athletic club, medical care or social circles, for instance.

Does this describe anyone that you know?

Anonymous said...

It most certainly describes Shutupimthemayordontaskanyquestions. I have been saying that she was a Narcissis ever since I first met her a few years ago. Thank you for posting the definition.

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