Saturday, August 29, 2009

Council Makes Good Decisions

GREENVILLE — City Council dipped into the general fund and casino gaming revenue and managed to come up with a clearer image Thursday of what next fiscal year’s budget will look like. Thursday’s workshop on the city’s finances was the last before the council hosts a public hearing on the budget 5 p.m. Wednesday.

The vast majority of funds taken from the general fund Thursday went to the Mid-Delta Regional Airport, which at the time the meeting started was $35,000 in the red. That deficit however was a big fiscal improvement for the airport, which was running close to a $267,000 deficit earlier this month, mostly for want of a fire suppression system.
To reduce the deficit, Lane Rodgers, airport director, offered a compromise last week. He suggested putting a “Band-Aid” on the airport’s current fire pumps instead of investing $219,000 in a new system. The patch-up job ran a tab of $30,000, and with other cuts and compromises, the airport’s deficit was significantly reduced.

To eliminate the remaining negative balance, the city took $33,000 from gaming and $2,000 from the general fund. The council also dipped into the general fund for computer technology, granting almost $11,000 to the police department for computer equipment and giving the Information Technology department almost $16,500 for maintenance contracts.

Council took another $18,090 from the general fund to supplement the city’s health insurance plan with Air Evac services. After Councilman Errick Simmons issued a proposal to repair the roof of the Brent Day Care center, council scooped another $5,000 from the general fund for that purpose. The city owns the day care’s building, and Simmons said that when he last visited the center six buckets were dispersed to catch water from a leaking roof throughout the property.

“These are children we are talking about,” Simmons told the council. Although the money won’t be enough to replace the roof, it will suffice to make needed repairs, Public Works Director Brad Jones said. With all the proposed cuts, the general fund cushion will run at about $20,000.

I know how we can save over $300,000 a year... elect a mayor who does not need body guards or an international visa! All of the above expenditures will benefit citizens far more than "Hudson's Horsemen".

I hope we get it right in the next election, because Greenville is spiraling down faster every day!


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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. The mayor did not seem to need her bodyguards when she attended the Riverside - St Joe home football game last week.

Anonymous said...

She don't need them, she is just employing her buddies.

Anonymous said...

I was outraged to read that the Greenville-Weston Choir is no more. What was that idiotic school board thinking? They have taken the only two programs in the GPSD that were successful and destroyed them. R.I.P. Stern Gifted Program and the award-winning GWHS Choir. You couldn't pay me to send a child to the Greenville Public Schools.

Anonymous said...

Hey 11:23A.M.,

Do you think that the buddies are on the low end or high end of salaries for policemen?

In other words, a "rookie", just out of the academy or a high-ranking officer?

Seems like it would not take a high level of skill or experience to guard just one person! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh, you can bet the bodyguards were around. Don't ever believe she leaves home without them. She probably had them stay back in the dark or away from the crowd to keep down backflack from it.

Anonymous said...

Too many school buildings trying to do the same thing!

They should put ALL 7th. graders at one jr. high/middle school.

And then put ALL 8th. graders at the other jr. high/middle school.

Next, put ALL 9Th. graders at one of the elementary schools.

All 10Th. graders should be at TLW.

GHS campus could house ONLY 11th & 12TH.

This was done years ago...with 10th. at TLW & only 11th. & 12th. at GHS campus.

It worked for years & then, you guessed it, GPS changed it.

If it ain't broke--don't fix it!

Separate the different age groups,
and they'll have less fights & gang activity!

And if the students don't behave & study, well, then, they will have to stay behind & repeat the whole grade--not enter into a "recovery" program!

I don't think that they will have many 17 year olds still at the 7th. grade school....they will be too embarassed!

Anonymous said...

Guards, fights, medal detectors, discipline are just some of the reasons that most people would dig ditches to not send their children to a Greenville Public School.. Plus the Mayor needs GUARDS!!!!! What does thay say for Greenville. Not much!!!!!! I don't forsee any big industry headed this way... I must say, the county schools are MUCH better...

Anonymous said...

GOD bless America and GOD bless Greenville.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Heather Hudson had THREE bodyguards with her at the St. Joe game last week. They were in plain clothes and leaning up against a car in the main parking lot. Believe me, she and her secretary who was with her, had their panic buttons with them.

Anonymous said...

You're right about never getting any type of industry here. Can you balme them? I wouldn't open up a lemonade stand here in G'ville much less an industry here. They can't pay high enough wages to the employees to move here and work. Private schools would eat their paycheck. Plus taxes are way out of line with other states. I saw a report a couple of years ago from a cosulting company that said no industry would make it if they were above I-20 in the state Mississippi. That the workforce was not in the area to draw from .

Anonymous said...

Well, then, if someone REALLY wanted to pop a cap in her, they would have a hard time taking that bullet for her leaned up against a car in the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

Having all kids at separate campuses would take too many teachers to teach the same thing. All 12th graders do not take the same classes. There are some 10th graders that take classes with 11th graders. That would never work.

Anonymous said...

Take a bullet? Are you kidding? They would be the first ones OUT of the parking lot!

Concerned said...

Any update on Phil Vazanna? Where is he living and did he lose everything? Someone told me they saw him at the salvation army looking for furniture. That is too sad. I would like to help him and I have got tons of stuff I need to get rid of.

Anonymous said...

Got any twin size beds you need to get rid of?

Anonymous said...

Separate campuses would not mean extra or more teachers.

The only difference is that the teachers would be teaching to a FULL classroom, instead of teaching to a half-empty classroom.

It has been done in the past & worked.

In the past, ALL 10th graders went to TLW...and ONLY 11th & 12 graders went to GHS. I was a product of that concept (class of 1977) & finished in the top 10% of my class.

The ONLY difference would be an additional separation, which separates each of the following:
7th, 8th, & 9th.

9th graders (& 10th graders) are limited... as to their course options & selections.

The concept that is NOW in place at the "combined" campus of GHS & TLW is not working.

It was initiated several years ago,...and several superintendents ago, Dr. Cartlidge (& his wife), a former athletic coach.

It is based on what is used in very large metropolitian areas, such as Washington D.C. & New York.

It's called Small Learning Communities, (SLC), and according to WHAT the students plan to MAJOR in (in college!)...designates WHICH campus the student attends.

Similar to a "prep" school!

The students at Greenville Public School need the basic subjects.

Toto..."We aren't in Kansas".

And we aren't in Washington, D.C.

And we aren't in New York.

We are in the Delta, in G'ville with a very high drop-out rate.

Anonymous said...

Does this sound familiar!!!! Like two peas in a pod.

I usually don't concern myself with other people's vacation plans, but I could not resist commenting on the Obamas' plans to take a week off to visit Martha's Vineyard and spend $25,000 (just to rent the place). A White House spokesperson states in the AP article that he's just taking a vacation like "millions of other Americans".
Everyone knows that the rental is only part of the cost. What about the transportation? Secret Service? Security? Please....don't insult people who are down and out any further. Have yourselves a nice barbeque in the White House backyard, make popcorn and watch a movie together, even bowl in the White House bowling alley or swim in the White House pool......but please don't insult us by taking a high-dollar vacation in these economic times. Try leading by example....and yes, Americans DO mind.

Anonymous said...

i need a used guitar case for my son. does anyone have one for sale?

Anonymous said...

About 75% of the families that DO
take a vacation,even "scaled down"
and vacationed near home or at home.

Where did he and the family vacation in previous years?


Power and authority has gone to his head...and Michelle's also.

And the sad thing...what are they teaching their two children?

Maybe, Michelle can "cut back" on her clothing budget to pay for the vacation.

Anonymous said...

Last I heard, Phil was staying with his brother in Leland, MS. I am sure he would appreciate any help, I just wonder where he plans to live, to put furniture, even from the Salvation Army. That is the question.

Anonymous said...

Keep us posted about Phil.

He is a very talented guy.

Maybe, he'll design & re-build at the old site. That would really teach them!

Anonymous said...

Where's all the money Phil saved on paint, weedeaters, etc.?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that our country run so smooth on a system for so many years and all of a sudden when Obama gets into office the system is no good and needs change??

Anonymous said...

You need to be nice to Phil.

You don't paint antiques!

The weeds hid the snakes, trained to bite trespassers!

Anonymous said...

O'bama's vacation? What did you expect? It all started when he (& Michelle)hopped on a plane & flew to N.Y.C. for dinner & a broadway show for a "date night".

I don't have a problem with the man taking his wife out on a date.I don't have a problem with the man taking his wife out to dinner. I don't have a problem with the man taking his wife to a broadway show. I just have a problem with me being stuck with the bill.

He's living in his house rent-free,
doesn't pay for utilities or health insurance. He doesn't have a car note, nor car insurance or car tags. And all of his family's clothes are paid for.

Anonymous said...

If my Daddy wrote a letter to the editor of the DDT and said that he was proud of you think it would be printed? LOL

Anonymous said...

I once was a Daddy's Little Girl, but now I'm an adult and ALL grown-up. I live and work with other adults. I treat them as adults and they, in turn, treat me as an adult and more importantly, we respect each other.

I wasn't taught respect at school. I learned it at home, from my parents, before I even started school. They, my parents, had ALL of the power and authority, but still, they gave me respect.

I've graduated, gotten a FULL time job, married, had children and never, not even once, has my Daddy (or his hired help)ever felt the need to be my own personal P.R. person.

Why not? Because he respects the fact I'm an adult.

Anonymous said...

Any new DRMC scoop? Haven't heard anything in a while. Things must be going good...

Anonymous said...

Heather is an Africian American Princess (AAP). Because she has no children of her own, she has not grown up to accept the responsibilities of an adult. She is still child-like and will always remain so because without children of your own, life is just all about you and no one else. I feel sorry for her but she is digging her own grave. What will she do when daddy is no longer around? So Pitiful.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you, but, I was little disturbed about yesterday's article in the DDT about GPSD Deputy Supt.

He mentioned the "blame game" in reference to parents,..but, it seemed like HE also was using the
"blame game"...budget cuts, meetings, etc.

Everyone knows that he and all other school administrators run around with cell phones with ear plugs all day long, even in meetings.

Anonymous said...

Update on Phil. He can be reached at his old number 332-0788. He appreciates everyone's concern and would appreciate any help with restoring his life.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Phil update.

Anonymous said...

From Brad Jones-City of Greenville

Please be advised that the City of Greenville is under a Boil Water Notice effective September 3, 2009. This is the City of Greenville Press Release.


Effective Thursday, September 3, 2009 the City of Greenville is under a Boil Water Notice.
Water sampling showed the presence of e. coli bacteria in a routine sample drawn from the water system.
Health officials strongly recommend that all water be boiled vigorously for one minute before it is consumed. This precaution will last at least six full days and water system officials will be immediately notified when the boil water alert is lifted. Please watch for further notices regarding the Boil Water Notice.
The United States Environmental Protection Agency sets drinking water standards and has determined that the presence of e. coli is a public health concern. Checklist for Safe Water Use

Do not drink tap water while the water system is under a boil water advisory.
Do not drink from water fountains in parks, public or private buildings that receive water from the affected system.
Do not use ice unless it has been made with boiled water. Freezing will not necessarily kill harmful bacteria.
Do not use tap water to make drinks, juices, or fountain soft drinks.
Wash your dishes in boiled water, or use paper plates for the next few days.

Wash your fruits and vegetables with boiled or bottled water since they may have been exposed to affected water from grocery store sprayers.

Wash your hands and bathe as usual. Bathing is safe as long as no water is swallowed.

Brush your teeth with boiled or bottled water.

Cook with tap water if the food will be boiled for at least one minute.

Properly chlorinated water in swimming pools is safe.

Fish in aquariums are not affected.
Bringing water to a rolling boil for one minute will inactivate all major types of harmful bacteria.

MSDH Bureau of Public Water Supply: Melissa Parker, 601-576-7518 (8am - 5pm)
Epidemiology hotline: 601-576-7400 (24 hours)
Press Contact: Liz Sharlot or Carol Jones, 601-576-7667 (8am - 5pm)
Local System Contact: Milton Davenport, Water Operator, 662-378-1699,
Brad Jones, Public Works Director, 662-378-1538,

Anonymous said...

Heather McTeer Hudson

For immediate release
September 3rd, 2009
Contact: Attorney Gaines Dyer – 662-378-2626

Mayor Hudson Announces Divorce Filing

It with sadness and regret that I announce my husband of nine years, Abe Hudson Jr., and I have decided to dissolve our marriage. The legal documents were filed by our attorneys today at 2:00p.m.
This painful decision is one that we mutually reached after prayer and counseling. The citizens should be assured that this will not impair my work in their behalf. We appreciate positive thoughts and healing prayers. As we remain committed friends and have deep respect for one another, we ask for consideration of our privacy as we move through this difficult process.

Heather McTeer Hudson
Mayor, City of Greenville

Anonymous said...

Maybe her husband has been the reason for the need for her bodyguards. Maybe he has been threatning her!

Anonymous said...

Dominick Cross's article in yesterday's (9/2/09) edition of the DDT concerning security guards in the school system was great.

Please, read it, if you haven't already done so.


Anonymous said...

I loved Bill McGraw's letter. He hit some great points on the head!

Anonymous said...

That letter is in today's paper-Thursday. 9-3-09

Anonymous said...

Maybe her hubby's girlfriends are after her or her boyfriends wives or girlfriends are after her, either way, I wish she would just leave???LOL

Anonymous said...

The GPSD was granted an Education for Homeless Children & Youth grant by the MDE.

Can someone please define the criteria for a homeless child?

I was told, years ago, that a homeless child is: a child that does not live in a (the) home with
his/her parents.

So, a child that lives with his/her
grandparents (or aunt/uncle) is considered homeless.

Is this true?

Anonymous said...

Oops! Sorry. Dominick's letter is in today's paper.

Day late & a dollar short.

Day early & a dollar short.

Anonymous said...

**we ask for consideration of our privacy as we move through this difficult process**

Who does she think she is? Heather Hudson Jackson??? Who cares? If she wants privacy, how aout NOT putting the news in a news release~LOL

Anonymous said...

A column was written in the DDT and recommended enforcing misdemeanor laws among other important improvements in public education (we are last in the state and our state is last in the country), employment, crime and public welfare in order to succeed as has many small river communities — (Pete Johnson of the Delta Regional Authority). Let’s clean up Greenville from the airport, from Leland and from the river bridge. Clean up trash, junk cars, appliances, plant more trees and other plants, home and business owners need to clean up their homes and yards and anything else to make visitors feel welcome without cringing on their way through a trashy roadside into Greenville. No wonder these families of new business owners don’t want to live here.

I have always regarded Greenville as my heaven on earth. I fondly remember my high school days at GHS and the weekend cruises up and down Washington Avenue, out highway 82 for the turn around at Frost Top and back down town again until the gas ran out or an 11:30 p.m. curfew, imposed by my parents, sent me home. The downtown area was alive with thriving businesses. My love for the city I once cherished has ended.

The current economic issues affecting all of America can’t be blamed for what I witnessed this past weekend in Greenville. Our beautiful city is a total slum. Not only are there only a handful of businesses in the downtown area, but the city is as unkempt as any place I have ever seen. The obvious absence of manicuring the vegetation all over the entire city and the absolute filth of curbs full of waste materials from DDT newspapers to contents normally found in a garbage can.

I cannot believe our city fathers have let this happen to such a vibrant city. These people and the voters that have elected them are responsible for this atrocity, not the economics of this year. It has taken quite a while for the city to deteriorate to this level. In fact, my wife and I were escorted by a Greenville police officer into and out of a nationally famous tamale restaurant in downtown Greenville because there are issues with security in that neighborhood, according to this very nice policeman (unbelievable in my home town).

I have never been this upset over something that should never have happened. I worry that there is no more pride in what was one of the most desirable cities in Mississippi to live in for many years.

Anonymous said...

Looks like daddy is in denial. He needs to come and see for himself how his partime, international traveler, divorcee, and can't pay her bills daughter has run this city in the ground.The only attention G'ville is getting is all bad. Not one thing has she done to bring this city back to when it was known as the QUEEN CITY. Take a look at his idiotic letter to the ddt.

Hudson is a reason for Greenville pride

Thursday, September 3, 2009 12:27 PM CDT


Your articles on my daughter have failed to include a critical issue. Nowhere do you ever express the pride this community feels for the national recognition one of its own is receiving from national leaders throughout this country for her efforts on Greenville’s behalf.

If Heather were in the NBA scoring 20 points a game, you would be proclaiming her a national hero.

This week the Washington Post ran a front page article on Mayor Hudson’s efforts gain stimulus money for the benefit of our city. The article lauded her efforts and commented on the respect she receives from the White House and other national leaders for her persuasive advocacy on behalf of the city of Greenville.

Well you should consider the impact she is presently having on the people of this town through the manner and content of her advocacy on our behalf.

Greenville is now front and center on the national agenda because there is a young leader in the mayor’s office who has artfully and effectively put us there.

I am so proud that she is my daughter, and I hope that you are proud that a favorite daughter of this town, born and raised on the streets that we share, is being recognized for effectively putting the people and the interests of Greenville, Miss., on the national agenda.

Victor McTeer


Destin, Fla.

Key West, Fla.

Anonymous said...

We ALL make choices.

We can choose or elect to be a....
private citizen.


We can choose or elect to be a.... public official.

But, we can't choose both!

One or the other.

Anonymous said...

DADDY wrote a letter to the DDT.

Is this a conflict of interest?

Attorney's code of ethics?

Mississippi Bar Association?

Anonymous said...

Is the divorce filing a true fact or just another "scam", like the need for body guards?

Anonymous said...

It might as well be true as they haven't lived together for years.

Anonymous said...

Oh it is true, that news announcement states it by herself in her words. Why is this news? We have all heard the stories of her philandering and his. That was a marriage of convenience and nothing more. Just for show. I guess he (he filed) had enough of the show finally!LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, DADDY "set up" that marriage--to a hometown boy from a family that is well respected in the community (mostly by the GPSD)-
to "help" her with her political

DADDY & DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL had a game plan, which was put into place, years prior to the first election.

Game Plan:

1. Get her married to Little Abe

2. Take GPSD students to Memphis to basketball games.

3. Put on a gospel concert at Civic Center.

Yes, she & DADDY both were buying &
counting the votes!

So, now what's their game plan?

Is she now dating Erick, DADDY's
hired help?

Anonymous said...

Errick is a newlywed.

Anonymous said...

Newlyweds can date. LOL

Anonymous said...

Will she keep the "Hudson" name or will she re-claim her maiden name of "McTeer"?

My bet is on DADDY's name!

Anonymous said...

Pampering Father & Spoiled Daughter

The father makes a "pet" of his daughter, giving her everything she asks for, and more, without requiring her to earn it.

The daughter learns to control others through charm or temper, yet lacks inner control and a sense of personal competence.

He's in denial of the effects of indulging his daughter's spoiled behavior, rudeness, arrogance, and indifference to rules or consequences.

And he (and she!) has an unhealthy
attachment that far exceeds the normal boundaries in father-daughter relationships.

They both need therapy.

Anonymous said...

Pygmalion Father & Companion Daughter

The father mentors his daughter,
molding her into his ideal companion. The daughter grows up feeling "special" and "privileged",
yet believing that she owes it all to her father.

Anonymous said...

Playing the field is all well and good-heck, part of the joy of life is keeping your options open. Even
so, you should make an effort to act honorably at all times. So if you've got a ton of choices, please remember that other folks are involved too.

Anonymous said...

Pampering Father & Spoiled Daughter......Pygmalion Father & Companion Daughter.....One is in common language and one is in the medical term....all the same, both mean the same thing and I am in TOTAL agreement with you both. Father has created a real monster who will never be able to stand alone.

Anonymous said...

Where is mama Dee in this senario?

Anonymous said...

Mama Dee?

Pushed into the background, but is allowed a fine house, and a nice car and clothing budget for her silence and acceptance!

And the presumed status of being married to HIM.

Anonymous said...

HU$H?!? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Victor really wanted to be THE mayor, but he knew no one would vote for him.

No one in Greenville likes him.

However, they are nice to him so that he'll continue with his charity contributions, which he in turn, "just writes off" at the end of the year.

His only friends are the "hired"

So, he pushed his little girl into
"trying" to do what he could not.

It's a true mess.

Lord, help us all.

Anonymous said...

No one likes him? Hummmm....Like father, like daughter

Anonymous said...

But, "the people" like Little Abe.

Now, that advantage is "dissolved".

Anonymous said...

Won the election because of who her HUSBAND WAS--

not on who her DADDY IS!

Anonymous said...

Who's her husband? Been bankrupt several times, hasn't paid payroll or state taxes and had his businesses closed down and hasn't had a real job in years. So who is her husband?

Anonymous said...

1. Isn't married to Abe

2. Mama Dee isn't on school board

Anonymous said...

Abe is the son of Mr. & Mrs.
Abe Hudson,Sr.

Mr. Abe Hudson, Sr. was an assistant principal at G'Ville High School for a few years, and then he was transferred over to the Alternative School.

Mrs. Abe Hudson, Sr. was a secretary at G'ville High School in the counselors' office for many years.

They both may have retired now.

And then their son, Little Abe married Heather.

Heather's mother served on the Greenville Public School Board for several terms. Prior and during that time, she owned & operated the
Pyramid Learning Center, a day care center.

And Heather's father is...well, everyone knows who he is because of his continual "writings" in the Delta Democrat Times newspaper.

Little Abe had the sandwich shop in the Wal-Mart shopping center.

And then he opened up another sandwich shop in Cleveland.

Then, he closed the sandwich shop in Greenville.

Anonymous said...

Last posting: You are way behind in your knowledge. Please go back and re-read all the comments.

Anonymous said...

Abe tried his hand at having a local gospel radio station.

Heather talked him into doing it!

She thought there was some type of city ordiance that if YOU are the
MAYOR, then you must have a radio station.

The previous MAYOR had/has a radio station! LOL

Anonymous said...

I received some flyers at my office a few months ago for a seminar Abe was giving on how to run a business, I always thought that was amusing.

Anonymous said...

Abe teaching people business skills??? Blind leading the blind!

Anonymous said...

Abe teaching people business skills??? Blind leading the blind!

Anonymous said...

Which is more wrong?

Abe teaching people business skills


Heather trying to be a mayor!

Blind, deaf & dumb!

Anonymous said...

nepotism: (noun) nep-uh-tiz-uhm
patronage bestowed or favoritism shown on the basis of family relationship, as in business, politics or school districts

Anonymous said...


You've got to check out his myspace
page. I Just love the one friend-
it looks like she is sitting on the foot of a bed in her photo-and
the photo keeps flashing "do you like me?" Yes or NO

A youth minister?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that seems to be the "new" thing lately.

Go online & get a degree in preaching.

The last GPSD superintendent went
"on line" & got a doctorate degree.(Or maybe someone did it for him!)

Anonymous said...

Have you ever watched the T.V.
show "Show Me The Money"? :)

Anonymous said...

That's the way Greenville is.

What's acceptable for SOME people,
is NOT acceptable for OTHERS.

It ALL depends on WHO you know.

Anonymous said...

How are the School Board Members

Who votes for their appointment?

Anonymous said...


1.Have a family member that has recently served on Greenville Public School Board.

2.Have family members employed at Greenville Public Schools.

3.Have spouse that has family members employed at Greenville Public Schools.

4.Sponsor Greenville Public Schools' students' out-of-town field trips.

5.Get a passport.

6.Have father take a crash course in journalism.

7. Obtain a radio station.

8. Select which police officers to serve as bodyguards.

9. Get a part-time job.

Anonymous said...

School Board members are appointed by the City Council with each council member getting a turn. The full Council then votes on the acceptance or denial of the nominated person. Board members serve for a 3 year period and then are up for a re-nomination.

Anonymous said...

And if a City Council member has a family member employed at the school, or for other ethical reasons--does that member still vote?

Anonymous said...

They all vote unless they are a relative to the nominee and then they abstain, I think.

Anonymous said...

So, "supposedly" they ONLY abstain
from the voting process, if the
NOMINEE is a family member.

The fact that they (city council members)may have an immediate family member EMPLOYED & under the school board member's supervision is not taken into consideration.

That would seem like a very reasonable and ethical reason to also, abstain from the voting process?

And how would the general public know if city council members abstained from voting?

Is the abstained vote "left up to" each individual city council member
or can the mayor determine when a council member should or should not abstain from voting?

Or the city's attorney?

Anonymous said...

The general public would know if the Council member abstained by watching the Council meeting on tv or by attending the meeting in person or by reading the minutes that are available on line at the City's website or by obtaining a copy of the minutes from the City Clerk's office.

The abstained vote is left up to each individual city council member. If they all abstained because they had a family member working in the school district, then I am afraid that there would be NO school board because all the council members have relatives that work for GPS in one form or another. That's just the way it goes.

Anonymous said...

I think that ANY time a voting process is needed on ANY issue concerning the Greenville Public School District ,then the mayor SHOULD NOT vote because of her in-laws' employment with the school.

Also, Kenny Gines should not vote because his wife is also an employee with the school.

Additionally, Carl McGee should not vote because his wife is also an employee with the school.

Now, who else is remaining with family members employed at the school?

"That's just the way it goes"--is not acceptable.

Where can I find an ethical lawyer in Greenville?

Anonymous said...

The GPSD is one the city's largest employers, if not THE largest. It would be hard not to have a council member with a relative that is employed by the GPSD. Get real.

Anonymous said...

Does the word "neptoism" ring a bell?


I hear a school bell ringing!

Anonymous said...

My compliments go to the chef!

Real chefs use spoons!


Anonymous said...

What the heck are ya'll talking about?

Anonymous said...

Keep on stirring, honey!

Anonymous said...

This blog has degraded into a mess of personal attacks. Is it not going "downhill just like Greenville?" Perhaps the people on this board don't know how to make Greenville any better because they can even make a blog go downhill.

Perhaps everyone on this board, instead of sitting at their computer typing, gets off their duff and actually does something--like go to the unattended city council budget meeting.

Nothing worse than a bunch of lazy bitchers....

Anonymous said...

But, hey, aren't you "on this board",also, or you would not have been able to type the 6:32 comment.

Takes one to know one.

Everyone else is fine with 'this'

People (like you)just get upset with the truth.

Did your toes get stepped on?

Are you Heather? LOL

Anonymous said...


I think that the reason 6:32 comment was sooooo upset is because the votes were posted at the top of this blog page.

How do you rate Mayor Hudson's
performance? 64 votes

Excellence 2 votes
Good 1 vote
Unremarkable 3 votes
Substandard 16 votes
Unacceptable 42 votes

Anonymous said...

Notice that 6:32 comment mentioned the "unattended city council mtg."

Must have been someone that was required to attend!

Anonymous said...

Daddy + Erick = 2 votes!

Anonymous said...


How many lazy people in Greenville have a computer & internet access?



The lazy ones spend their money on drugs-not computers!

Anonymous said...


It gets hot in the kitchen when that chef starts stirring!

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know when the boil water alert will be lifted?
Not only do we have to put up with a nasty looking and tasting water, but also with .... in it!!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there really IS a need for a boil water alert.

We've NEVER had one before.

Ironically, IT (the boil water alert) was issued just days after the mention of a "certain"
Washington Post newspaper article
& "someone" is seeking funding
for a new water filteration system.

Hmmmm....something smells fishy,
and it's not the water.

Drama. Drama Queen & staff.

Anonymous said...

Mature adults ALWAYS know when children are not telling the truth!

Anonymous said...

It all sounds like another one of her attention getting ploys to get her way. That's her usual MO.

Anonymous said...

No need to filter water in Greenville? I hope you are kidding. This is the worse water on the planet. Between the mosquitos and the water, this is the Third World right here. The only good thing is that you will not need prophylaxis when traveling to Mexico or Africa.

Anonymous said...

The water has not changed in appearance, nor taste in decades.

I, also have lived in Greenville my whole life.

What's really going on is..drama.

Heather,supposedly an attorney & a self-proclaimed actress (and drama queen)is trying to make a "connection" between "our" water and the water in Julia Roberts' movie "Erin Brocklevich". (misspelled)

Anonymous said...


Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally. It includes the ability to engage in reflective and indepbendent thinking.

Someone with critical thinking skills is able to do the following:

understand the logical connections
between ideas

identify, construct and evaluate arguments

detect inconsistencies and common mistakes in reasoning

solve problems systematically

identify the relevance and important of ideas

reflect on the justification of ones own beliefs and values

Generally speaking, most politicians do not like the fact that Mr. John Doe Public or staff members can acquire these skills.

Hence, the "supposedly" need for bodyguards. The policemen are not protecting her body or guarding her life.

Their purpose is to protect and guard the untruths & "underhanded dealings" and to assist in illegal
covert operations, ordered by their, boss, the mayor. In other words, CYA. (And that does not stand for Catholic Youth Association!)

These skills are taught in school,
but, alas, school administrators
also do not accept the fact that both staff members and Mr. and Mrs. John Doe Public can comprehend facts and "put 2 and 2 together".

Again, a need for security guards at the schools. True, school security guards are used for supervising students and students' school activities "according to their funding", which is provided by the Safe and Drug Free Schools grant. But, they (school security guards) are also "used" by the administrators for their "own"
"in house use"!

Mrs. Shutupimthemayor and
Mr. Shutupimtheschooladministrator
both "use" security guards for their political purposes.

The issue is NOT dirty, poo-poo WATER.

The issue IS dirty, poo-poo POLITICIANS.

Both, in the city and in the school. And they are connected.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ with 10:11 Anon. The water has changed, to worse. If you live in Greenville, I challenge you to tell me that you are not affected. Most everyone I have asked says the same issues are in their water. I live south of Greenville. My relatives live nearer to the Mall and they have the same issues.

My water sometimes, not always, has a smell like dead fish, there is something in it that not only leaves a slime ring in tubs and commodes; but in the tank to the commode. Therefore I am constantly having to brush them out for this gook. When I water my yard,the first few minutes of water is soapy and sudsy before it runs clear. When I make coffee in the morning, after hours of the water not being in use, again, I have to let the water run for a few minutes to get to clear.

None of this was the case before the 1994 ice storm, ever since then these issues are there, with no acknowledgement from the city. All this talk of brown water and not a word about this film or smell. I can live with brown, I hate living with the film and smell. Bottled water or filtered drinking water is a staple in my home.

Anonymous said...


Is the water situation worse, after a rainstorm?

Matty Akin Elementary School & the Terrace Gardens subdivision, always have "plumbing" problems after a rainstorm. Toilets won't flush and water pipes get "backed up".

Perhaps, a "pumping" problem and not a "filtering" problem?

LOL! Oh, God. I can't believe that I wrote that...but, it's true!

Anonymous said...

I learn something new every day.

In all of my years, I would have never guessed it!

Greenville has a "pumping" problem!

Should we call the police?

I needed a good laugh.


Anonymous said...



Not Water.

Anonymous said...

Carla Hughes goes to trial this month. Any comments?

Anonymous said...


Ask the mayor.

She's the one that wrote a letter on City of Greenville's letterhead.

She had her personal letterhead at Daddy's office.

Or, maybe, you could ask someone in the teachers' union for a comment.

Or,perhaps, someone in the after-school program may care to comment.

Or, better yet, possibly someone at the Weston campus.

Anonymous said...

I am a law-abiding citizen.

I do not have an arrest record.

Can the mayor write me a letter of recommendation to show on possible job interviews? I very much would like to enhance my career.

And possibly, a letter also from the school superintendent and other school administrators?

It would be greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Carla's mom=tchers union rep. +

Carla's mom=21st century after school director +

Carla's dad=TLW coach+dr. ed tcher

Anonymous said...

What does 21st Centry After School Dirctor entail? Sounds like just another crony made-up directorship with big pay.

Anonymous said...

Your're probably right!

And the superintendent is already talking about budget cuts.

"Cut" the after school program.

They can take tennis lessons on mom's time and dime!

Anonymous said...

..crony made-up directorship with big pay.

They do that for their "pets".

Whenever one of the "pets" gets close to retirement time, guess what!,they do get a bigger pay.

Something to do with "upping" the salary for their last three years
so that they'll have a bigger retirement check.

It's based on the previous three years'salaray.

However, they also do it for "new" hirees, if they happen to be a tchers' union rep.

Several years ago, they hired a new principal at Solomon (from Riverside and prior to that, from Tupelo). But, did I mention that he was a union rep!?

After about a month, seriously, he
(and the superintendent, Taplin) both went to the school board and
gave some sort of story, and they both got a raise. But, did I mention that he was a union rep!?

Then, a few months later, he went to Stern. (smaller school, less staff, and less students!).But, did I mention that he was a union rep!?

He's in the same building with the duputy supt.'s wife. But, did I mention that he was a union rep!?

The other principals did not get a raise and had "in" more years. He only had "in" about 13 years and most of that was as an elementary classroom teacher. But, did I mention that he was a union rep!?

Anonymous said...

I agree. Do away with the after school programs. The teachers arrive at the schools at breakfast time, and at the end of the regular school day--they are tired.
If mom doesn't work, the children can go home. If mom does work, then she can pay for after-school babysitting at a day-care center.From what I've been told, there isn't much learning after school, anyway,-just playing. The school can't do it all. The parents have to do their part and help.

Anonymous said...

The mayor will write a "get out of jail" letter, but I hope you're not holding your breath, waiting on a job recommendation letter.

She doesn't even give the time of the day to honest, hard working people.

Anonymous said...

She CAN"T recommend anyone, NO one is that perfect for her to waste her precious time! :>/

Besides, her opinion is not worth the paper it is written on! Who would want it? No one believes or should believe a word she says any way!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to know that I'm not the only one who KNOWS that she is a pathalogical liar!

Anonymous said...


I don't know what that preacher man is preaching or what Bible he is using.

But, Daddy's Little Girl, just isn't "getting it". Don't know about the "other" members.

Maybe, she was out of the country when the preacher man gave his sermon about GOD being the only

As a matter of fact, she has "missed" numerous sermons!

Anonymous said...


How many past Governors of Mississippi attended college within the state?

How many past Governors of Mississippi attended college out of state?

Where is Spellman College?

Where is Tulane University?

Anonymous said...

Spellman is a black college in Atlanta and Tulane is in New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

Musgrove 2000-2004 Ole Miss

Fordice 1992-2000 Purdue

Mabus 1988-1992 Ole Miss

Allain 1984-1988 Ole Miss

Winter 1980-1984 Ole Miss

Finch 1976-1980 Ole Miss

Waller 1972-1976 ?

Williams 1968-1972 Ole Miss




Anonymous said...

Spellman is a black college for women--very small with only about 2100 students--located in Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

BIG fish in a small pond=G'ville

Small fish in BIG pond=J'son


Anonymous said...

I would like to know what the water solution would have been had the Blues Festival been this weekend.....

Anonymous said...

Ironic, that the boil water alert
happened AFTER the mention of the
Washington Post newspaper article,
but, ended BEFORE the Blues Festival weekend.

What's wrong with this picture?

On the other hand, if THIS Blues
Festival weekend is like ALL of the others, they will be so drunk that they won't notice, nor care about the water! They'll probably think that it's beer!

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, the additional cholorine added to our water wells this past week HAS made the water look clearer and smell a whole lot better. Why don't they just keep up the cholorine and forget about the expensive osmosis process that they want?

Anonymous said...

6:43 Comment



1. That idea is TOO simple

2. That would mean it was solved LOCALLY.

3. If she talks about Washington,DC
in the same breath...then that means, yet another excuse to take a trip to Washington.

4. Again, if she talks about
Washington, D.C., she can find another excuse to mention her close and dear friend, Obama.

5. The mayor loves "tripping"!

Anonymous said...

Close and dear friend my A--! When he saw her in DC a few weeks ago he said "Well if it isn't my little mayor friend from MS." Couldn't even remember her dang name.

Anonymous said...

How dare HIM?

Can't remember HER name?

DADDY will be sooooooo mad!


Anonymous said...

I agree.

Governor WOULD mean little fish!

Anonymous said...

As a citizen of Greenville, MS., I truly believe that if,perhaps, our
mayor could "tone down" her biography which is posted on the City of Greenville's web page-then perhaps we, the City of Greenville might possibly COULD entertain the idea of new industries in our future, but "as it is" on the web page, no one wants to come to a city that has a conceited mayor.
Sorry that I "rambled" and I really didn't mean "to lay it on so thick". And I don't know if I misspelled any words or not because I didn't go to Spelman.
Thank you and have a good evening.

Anonymous said...

:) Applause! Applause! :)

Anonymous said...

Obama Disapproval up to 52%.Public disapproval of President Obama's handling of health care has jumped hours before his prime-time address.

Approval Suffers a Blow

Everytime he appears on tv and opens his mouth his approval rating drops like a rock.

But you can bet your last dime you won't see it on any of the networks like abc,cbs,nbc,cnn,msnbc or cnbc.
They are scared he will shut them down.

Or my favorite source of news (NOT) the good ole fish wrapper known as the DDT.

Not one of these above will ever report his approval rating is falling so fast once we all figured out what a deceptive person he really is.

He sure fooled me and I am ashamed I was one of the idiots that would not listen to all that were trying to convice me that his kinda change would ruin this place called AMERICA. I'm sorry and I apologize to all of you for not understanding what he stood for.

I am black but right now I am certainly not proud.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for opening your eyes 1:35 pm.

Anonymous said...

He is a deceptive person. It really
makes one wonder what else he has lied about. Perhaps, his parents aren't really the ones that he claims. It just seems odd, that both parents are deceased (please, I'm not being disrespectful of the deceased)--and then he suddenly appears on the scene. Sources revealed that very few remember him as a child. Normally,if a man (or woman) is elected as President of the United States, then EVERYONE claims to personally know them. Hmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Obama is the Anti-Christ.

Anonymous said...

Greenville, Mississippi, has to be the only place on the planet that cannot get a boil water notice lifted in less than a week!!!! Think about the economic impact this has had on the local restaurants, hotels, etc.

Anonymous said...

And the economic impact of the businesses that SELL bottled water!

Anonymous said...

WHY is the Delta Blues Festival always scheluded in September?

Have you noticed that it rains EVERY year during the Festiva1?

I know that it's an annual, traditional event, but it's always

Anonymous said...

It rains every year so most of them can take a shower. Don't forget to bring soap.

Had Enough of this Silliness said...

This has to be the most racist, idiotic, uninformed, gullible, and uneducated group of neanderthals on the face of the earth. I'm out of here and won't return to this silly blog. I feel defiled just for logging on. Wally---be ashamed. The rest of you---put yourselves to better use. Work to make your community a profitable and harmonious place instead of whining about your perceived troubles with your neighbors. Your comments here are not productive.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like THE mayor has left the building.

Applause! Applause!

Anonymous said...

Well, if 8:16 WAS the MAYOR, now we
all KNOW that she wAS NOT at Wednesday night church services.

Another much needed missed sermon!

Anonymous said...

She skipped church to watch Obama on T.V. tonight.

Now, we really know where HER priorities are.

1st: Politics

2nd: Religion

Anonymous said...

I disagree.

These are HER priorities:

1. Her self

Everything & everyone else is at the bottom of her list.

Anonymous said...

She is not concerned about church.

As long as her Daddy keeps making contribution$ to the church, the preacher, nor any of the other members will approach her concerning her behavior, attitude, or how she treats people.

How sad. She truly thinks that her seat in Heaven has been bought and paid for by her Daddy.

Anonymous said...

All of you black folks who are talking on this forum voted for and put the Mayor in office. I am sick of her as it sounds like you are too as well. Now, get out and VOTE her OUT next time. She doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of making it through the primaries for Lt. Gov. or Gov. so that means she needs a job and will run again for Mayor because she can't do anything else and no one will hire her nor go to her for any legal services. LET'S BOOT HEATHER!

Anonymous said...

Oh we won't have to boot her, her kharma is coming back to do it for us...what goes around...comes around!

Anonymous said...

8:16 All of us don't have a problem with our neighbors, it's our racist, self centered, idiotic, mayor we all have a problem with.
And welcome back so you can read this. You know just like us that you will log back on and read what an idiot you are. And about being productive to help our community, what do you think we are doing on here? We get the facts on here so people like you that are brainwashed can learn the TRUTH,so we all can make better choices for our community to make it much better.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that they did not show Obama's speech on T.V. IN the local churches last night.

Prior to his election, the local preachers were using their churches for political arenas and telling the congregation WHO to vote for.

But, that's not news. It's been going on for years.

They believe everything that the preacher tells them.

Anonymous said...

HOW many people will be leaving greenville due to monsanto's layoffs?

Anonymous said...

WHY did Obama feel the need to give a speech to children under the age of 18 who do NOT have the right to vote?

Because HE could not give the speech to the PARENTS. The parents are the ones that put him in office.

If HE is really concerned about today's children, then HE must address the "real" problem, their

Back in "my" day, if a child got into trouble at school, then he
most certainly got into bigger trouble when he got home and mom & dad found out about it.

Additionally, if a child went next door to a friend's house or across town to visit another friend and
was doing something wrong, well you had better believe that the friend's mom corrected you, along with her own children.

But, today's parents don't correct their children and certainly don't want the childrens' friends' mother correcting them.

And they do not want the school personnel to correct them either!

If someone attempts to correct them, they "holler" lawsuit or discrimination.

Change? Yes, the parents need to change!

Anonymous said...

I called the water department and the Mayor's office to ask if there was any news about the water alert. The Mayor's office said "watch the 5 o'clock news". I then called the MSDH Bureau of Public Water Supply in Jackson and was advised the Wednesday samples did not get to Jackson until Thursday morning and that the notice will not be lifted before Friday. I was also told that the testing could have been done any time during the weekend had someone driven the samples to Jackson. If you want to know the real story, call 601-576-7518 and ask for Karen. There is also a website that might be helpful. It is It has a section for water alerts and will probably be faster than the 5 pm news on Friday.

Anonymous said...

The City has a water scientist at the Water Treatment Plant. That person could have taken the samples to Jackson but NOOOOOOOOOOO, it might have interfered with their holiday time off. What a way to disrupt the entire City including all the lost sales of beverages from the fast food places, movie theater, and restaurants. Way to go Public Works Department.

Anonymous said...

THE mayor could have traveled to Jackson. She does like to travel!

Or perhaps, one of the body guards could have driven the samples to Jackson, you know, do something
useful and productive.

Anonymous said...

But, THE mayor knows EVERYTHING!

She didn't know, nor did she make phone calls to Jackson to check on the situation?

You just wait and see. She'll put ALL of the blame on Brad Jones and try to fire him.

Anonymous said...

Did you know?

Key words:

10 or 15 years ago



Abusive Husband


Anonymous said...

Yes she will put all the blame on Brad Jones. As obvious, she has been no where in sight during this whole week of bad water. Maybe she's on VACATION! Having fun as usual.

Anonymous said...

Another one of her's and Daddy's

Wrote the letter to the newspaper,
praising her in her efforts in "trying" to solve the water problem by going to Washington and talking to the President.

Planted the e-coli.

And then when the supposedly "shi!
hit the fan", she laid low!

But, snakes usually do lie low!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, and next THEY'LL mention the fact that SHE is experiencing
emotional stress in her personal life regarding her divorce.

If SHE wants to know about emotional stress in one's personal
life, maybe SHE should discuss it with the former mayor.

He went through the emotional stress of a child's tragic death and STILL performed his mayoral duties.

Anonymous said...

If I were Brad Jones, I would be looking over my shoulder. His comments in the DDT are putting a target zone around him and she is going to come a gunning for him and his job!

Anonymous said...

They are "setting him up".

Go back to the first newspaper article. It states that the first original water samples was taken by the FIREMEN when they were flushing the hydrantes.

It is very common, when flushing hydrants and checking their water pressure, that it "stirs up" the sediments.

For this very simple reason, it is done infrequently. And it takes a few days for the water to "clear up" and in the meantime, citizens complain about the water.

This is not limited to just Greenville. It happens everywhere.

Anonymous said...

And she still works in the school library.

Anonymous said...

Brad was his own worst enemy stating that no one offered to give faster service in Jackson, that he was not aware the service was available..Good grief! ASK! Man! ASK! That is what you do in an emergency situtation, you make it happen!

Anonymous said...

I rad that WAshington Post article, no where did it say to me that she was on the inside loop with Obama. In fact, it appears she has gotten lost in his memory of who or what she is about. At the end of the article, she expresses her disappointment in not seeing any action to date and continues to hope for "change"...wake up Heather...Obama used you for votes and now he is done with you and your Daddy's money!

Anonymous said...

You want Brad to ASK questions?

Remember, his boss is

Mrs. Shutupimthemayordontaskquestions!

Give him a break.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, 12:44. You don't know if the lab is open on Sunday? ASK!!!!! Seriously? You don't know if a house is on the historic register so you just bulldoze it? FIND OUT! I am so fed up with people in charge around here. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

In my business, I deal with Brad occasionally, believe me he is the best thing we have in City Hall! You would believe the number of caps he wears!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Brad should have asked!!!! Because our mayor has been invisible during this fiasco, I think the business community and the citizens should demand her resignation.....she does nothing for the city anyway. Let her go home to deal with her emotional stress. When a call is made to the mayor's office about what to citizens is a crisis, and the caller is told to "watch the 5 o"clock news", what does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

In reference to 1:00 AM post, "Mrs. Shutupimthemayordontaskquestions", you are absolutely correct. She tells EVERYONE, "DON'T ASK QUESTIONS, JUST DO AS I TELL YOU TO DO". She thinks she is the be all and end all to humanity.

Anonymous said...

ACORN,an acronym for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, founded in 1970, calls itself "the nation's largest grossroots community organization of low-and-moderate income people". The group says it has more than 400,000 member families organized into more than 1200 neighborhood chapters in 110 cities.

Besides voter registration, the group focuses on issues such as predatory lending, minium wage and funding for public schools, according to it's website.

Yet, it does not list addresses for the offices, nor phone numbers.

However, a "pop up" page appears for donations.

Same with the City of Greenville's webpage. Very few phone numbers listed as a contact person for ?

Businesses that DO NOT list phone numbers or addresses are ususally

Does the City of Greenville have a need to hide the "contact information" from it's citizens?

Didn't the citizens, in actuality
"pay" for this website? It should be more "user friendly".

And will the mayor's personal bodyguards' cell phone numbers be made available. As a taxpayer, I might have an emergency and need their services or maybe just to ask a question., if permissable

Oh, yes, and did Agape remove it's website. Can't seem to find it anymore? Why?

Anonymous said...

Same with THE school. They have not updated their telephone listings and addresses in the phone book or their website in years.

Ahhh, but THEY, seemingly promote
technolgy & require that ALL staff are computer literate certified.

So much for their "open door" policy.

For years, they knowingly send out Purchase Orders to vendors and businesses with the "old" 601 area code!

However, the teachers' union website has been removed from the Mississippir Department of Education website. It is a separate website--both unions, there are two of them!

Anonymous said...

Greenville Website: Hit Enter Site. Go to the top of the page. Click CONTACT. All Dept. heads can be e-mailed. Call 378-1501 or 378-1502 to be transferred to anyone with the City. How simple can that be?

Anonymous said...

Greenville Website:

And ALL questions and answers are
"electronically" documented!

Anonymous said...

And cell phone numbers for
ALL Dept. heads and ALL city officials for citizens to use "in case of an emergency"-
after hours, weekends, holidays,
or in the event of a city hall power outage and computer systems are down.

How simple can that be?

The taxpayers pay for those "city issued" cell phones and they (cell phones) should be made available to ones paying for them.

Anonymous said...

We ALL learn by asking questions.

Now, if only, WE, the public could
"ask" questions and be given an answer by ALL city officials, city department heads and city workers in a nice, caring, polite, non-condescending manner and superior attitute, then ALL would be great.

Public officals and all city (and state) employees must take extreme care in what they say, but, more importantly HOW they say it.

This concept is true in ALL businessed. To stay "in" business one must be nice and polite to customers (and employees).

Anonymous said...

9:55 How simple can that be?

Thanks for the information.

But, if you plan on a career that
"deals with the public", please,
"brush up" on your condescending manner and superior attitude.

It is not appreciated. You will be fired.

Anonymous said...

Al that info is great if it is current, which a lot of it is not. The Annual Report is for 2007!!!! Where is 2008???

Anonymous said...

According to WXVT, the boil water alert has been lifted.

Anonymous said...

A condescending, superior attitude is something that is taught at home or/and at law school.

Often, it is an inherited trait.

Anonymous said...

1:45, Please, let Brad know.

Anonymous said...

It’s a serious matter, and that matter is an issue of trust in our government.

While our unboiled water still might not have been drinkable or usable for washing dishes, etc., at least knowing that our city was on top of the situation would have made the past eight days more bearable. This fiasco is not acceptable with today’s technology, or in the management of the largest department in the city.

Restaurants have lost thousands of dollars in the purchase of bottled water as well thousands of dollars on customers who were afraid to go out to eat. One small restaurant, Posecai’s, puts its loss through Thursday at $3,000 in water, and $7,000 in lost business.

Delta Regional Medical Center has experienced many of the same issues and has spent more than $10,000 on water and ice and overtime hours paid to process water and food in a different fashion.

Greenville has many wonderful reasons for people to want to live here, but it is fast becoming a town that is not business-friendly — or consumer-friendly. When residents want to eat out and not worry about their health, they shouldn’t have to worry about a glass of water or ice cubes being contaminated.

Visitors to Greenville last week — over the three-day Labor Day Weekend at that — found that a city of approximately 40,000 did not have a safe water supply. They will definitely put us at the bottom of the list of places to visit, relocate their home, or maybe even start a business.

Mayor Hudson, City Council men and women — where is the fiscal responsibility we should expect as taxpayers? Where are our tax dollars being spent and where is ALL that grant money that was supposedly coming from Washington?

Anonymous said...

She spends the majority of the city's money on bodyguards and traveling.

Who do we call for an external audit?

What is the phone number?

What is the address?

What is the e-mail address?

Numerous calls, letters and e-mails will warrant a response.

Anonymous said...

City of Greenville
Released on September 11, 2009. Water from this system is now safe to drink

from MSDH

Anonymous said...

THE mayor does not write the grants.

According to the city's website, Greenville has it's own grantwriter. However, I really don't know if it takes 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks out of the year, with vacation and benefits to fullfill that job!

But, you can bet your sweet a.. that if Greenville does get rewarded a grant, past or future, THE mayor takes full credit for it.

Perhaps, we can start e-mailing the grant writer and give suggestions of how a possible grant could be used for our community interests and concerns.

We could "band together". And to make it easier, do what others do.

Write the e-mail, post it here, and then we'll ALL send the same e-mail to the same person.

And then, come election time, tell us who to vote for!


Anonymous said...

The grant writer on the web-site is no longer with the City and has not been for almost a year. There is a new part-time grant writer and she is not listed on the web-site. The City is paying a monthly fee to keep the website updated... little good that is doing.

Anonymous said...

WHO updates the city's website?

Is it done "in house" or is it
contracted out?

Who submits the data and info for the updates?

Is the info and data submitted directly to the website coordinator or is the info and data
submitted to the mayor for prior approval?

If a monthly fee is paid for the website, then isn't it understandable to submit info & data EVERY month, with the monthly payment check?

I thought that the G.G. lady in graphic design did the layout of the webpage.

Is the city attorney aware of these
falsehoods on the ciy's website?

Anonymous said...

So, if I called and asked for Gloria Traylor, I would be told that she no longer works there.

Would my phone call be transferred to the part-time grant writer?

Would someone be able to tell me the available hours to contact the part time grant writer?

Would someone give me the name of the part time grant writer?

This is all public information.

Edumacated said...

You all realize, of course, that ALL of these asinine conversations are visible to the entire population of the world, right? You want to attract industry and investors, yet you show your ignorance and lack of ed-u-ka-shun with every other word that you type. I beg you: if you cannot spell, if you cannot string together three words that don't reek of racism or bigotry or ignorance, if you can't defend an argument beyond what yew thank iz whutz goin on, then please don't poison the pool for the rest of us. There are some literate folk in the area. We want to preserve what is left.

Anonymous said...

I would rather the world KNOW that we are not "content", that we are not "satisfied", that we are "mad as hell and not taking it anymore", than to think we are a bunch of wusses, standing by watching the world go by in oblivous, stupid wonder.

It is time to make our city politicians accountable!. Our City Leaders stepped up to the job and got elected because they wanted the job. Now they need to "get 'er done!"

Anonymous said...

So....Looking at the next city council meeting....

Are we "re-signing" the sister city agreement....or are the German's resigning? LOL

Aren't those German's intelligent folks?

Anonymous said...

We have a lot in common with the Germans.

They had Hitler.

And we have Heather.

Anonymous said...

7:54 was THE mayor, again, with her condescending, superior attitude from Spelman!

Anonymous said...

Look what's on the City Council Agenda for Tuesday, September 18, 2009: "Consider approval of travel/training requests for Charles Patterson (Chief of Police) and Melva Carpenter (Mayor's Secretary) to travel to Las Vegas, NV, Oct. 19-25, 2009 to attend the National Conference of Black Mayors in the amount of $894.00 (Hotel Only). Two questions are to be asked: 1. Why would either of the above have to attend that conference due to the fact that neither of them are a Mayor and 2. Who's paying for their travel and meals for that week? Well let me guess....Chief Patterson is going to bodyguard the Mayor who is the President of the NCBM and has to be there and Melva is going to be her gopher. And AGAIN, the City taxpayers will be picking up the tab. Let's watch and see if Council approves bet is THEY WILL.

Edumacated said...

I rest my case. (And no, I'm not Heather. Nor black.)

Anonymous said...

And they will BOTH be paid overtime for a week's vacation in Las Vegas, Navada. When is this stupid crap going to ever end?

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