Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Visiting the "Zoo"

Anonymous writes about DRMC:

That place is a zoo. I went there this morning to visit my neighbor and the hospital is very understaffed. Upon arrival, the first floor was full of bosses dressed in dress suits, coats and ties. But, ride up to the second floor and the scene is very different. I am not a nurse, but I truly felt sorry for them. They were running their behinds off and there were several complaints from other patient's family members in the few minutes I was waiting there.

How sad that this brutal leader is so concerned about new construction while the existing hospital is in such disarray. We must have a horrificly incompetent board of trustees in addition to a board of supervisors who are not doing their job very well. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if somebody harasses the CEO in a subtle way. He is supposedly responsible for the hospital. Let him face the music. I'm tired of seeing him in the media proclaimaing how great things are. We all know those are lies. Things are less than great. Dangerous to say the least. So, go ahead, call him.

In terms of paitent care, yes the hospital is grossly understaffed... even though DRMC's census is also at an all time low. It seems that patients are finally getting the word that DRMC is not a safe place to be.

As for calling Ray at home to expidite your ER visit, I am afraid that will have a very limited effect. Even Ray will figure out how to screen calls or simply get an unlisted number. (It's like poking a jackass with a stick. While it may bring you pleasure for a moment, It will merely annoy the jackass and make him more likely to "kick".)

As to notifying the previously mentioned board members and administrative "elite"... that is an excellent idea. Call and/or write these people and let them know that Greenville has had enough of Ray Humphreys and his club. Demand that he and his lot be removed from service immediately. The only hope for DRMC is to get a competent, caring administrative team who will put the money where it belongs... which is by the bedside, rather than the board room!



Anonymous said...

Part of the problem is that the census has been at an all time HIGH here the last two weeks.

Add the HIGH census and LOW staff and you have a mix for disaster.

It was proven again this week and will be time and again.

(1) If the patient or family are a "VIP" here in Greenville and run into a problem at DRMC they call Ray and the Board members and they WILL get what they want!

It doesn't matter if it was right or wrong, or even within the set policy of the hospital or Medicare. They WILL get results!

(Here I will have to add SELF APPOINTED VIP because I believe no one is more special than me just because of what their name or position is.)

(2) The nurses will ALWAYS get screwed in the end.

So. If the elite SELF APPOINTED VIPS can call on Ray and the board to smooth out their ride, shouldn't everyone be able to expect the same service?

Did you know that there is actually a specific check box during admission to mark in the computer to designate if the patient is "VIP". Did you know these patients have fruit baskets and catered meals from the caffeteria? They have personal visits from our very own physicians (many of them) and from Ray himself to make sure their visit is 'red carpet' all the way. They can also get computer hookups and excused from the rules that the rest of us have to follow.

You can bet your bottom dollar that when Ray's wife was in the hospital she DID recieve the BEST of care and did not lack any attention that the rest of the patients did without. They were not fortunate enough to have the right 'name' or 'status'.

Anonymous said...

MEDICAL CARE should be the same regardless of who you are and your ability to pay.
However, if you want warm almonds, a glass of a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, leg room and an extra blanket, you have to pay first class fare. If you travel coach, the airline will make sure you arrive safe to your destiny, but you get what you pay for.

Anonymous said...

Your saying someone who is getting all this 'special VIP' treatment is paying 'first class fares'?

How? All of the hospital rooms suppose to cost the same. The nurses get paid no more for waiting hand and foot on these spoiled VIPs. They actually take time away from others who paid the same amount if not more for their care! I have seen several of these 'self stated VIPs' actually get out of the bill because of who they were.
Please, do tell who gets all this extra payment? Then please prove that they pay it.

The last time I was in the hospital, someone could have bought a nice house in a nice neighborhood! That is after BOTH (two) of my insurances paid and I was still left with an astounding bill!
Did I get ANY treatment close to that? If you go by the amount paid, EVERYONE should be getting warm almonds, a glass of a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, extra leg room and an extra blanket!

I think it would be very interesting indeed, to see exactly who is sitting back at DRMC snacking on the almonds and sipping the wine these days or who there thinks they are 'above' everyone else and thinks they actually 'DESERVE' it?!?!

Anonymous said...

I have already called some board members more than once. They could care less. Ray has them in his hip pocket.

Anonymous said...

It makes little difference to tattle on the puppet to the puppet masters.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you pay the same, ya just get preferential treatment if Ray deems you a VIP. Yes, I was around working when his wife had surgery. You would have thought we were hosting a wedding reception in her room. The spread catered by the cafeteria was enormous.

And, you are also right about tattling to the puppet masters...they are in on his schemes. I have taken the liberty of writing letters to all of the board of supervisors. However, since Paul Watson is chairman and one of Ray's personal friends, I fear that it will do no good. I am hoping that someone will stand up and do the right thing.

Census has been way up over the last two weeks. Bad decisions have been made. Patient care has been compromised. JCAHO will not like it at all. Patients who are infectious and intubated being held in a make shift ICU in the RECOVERY ROOM where folks are being recovered post op with fresh wounds. The nurses are worked to death and have to do the best they can. They are exhausted, frustrated and worry about not meeting their patient's basic needs. Many of them mumble they can't take it much longer and will start actively looking elsewhere. But, no worries, because DRMC is the ONLY place in the entire US without a nursing shortage. Now, mind you the Office of Nursing Workforce in our state capital states that there is a widespread nursing shortage not only statewide, but nationwide. Well, apparently, they didn't check with Allyson Williams to confirm that!