Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eyes Wide Open...

Anonymous educates:

Do you not understand that there is a difference between whites using the N word and blacks using the N word? Black people use the N word as a term of brotherhood or camaraderie. Whites use it as a term of hatred and ignorance. Blacks have taken an ugly word that was used against them and reclaimed it as a term of affection.

Chris Rock makes fun of black people. He can do this because he is black. Jerry Seinfeld makes fun of Jews. He can do this because he is Jewish. Jeff Foxworthy makes fun of rednecks. He can do this because he is a redneck. Being from a certain group allows you to say things that people from outside your group cannot.

Finally, do you not think that there is racism in Greenville? Look at the myriad of racist comments in this blog over the last few days. People arguing that the creation of the white academies didn't have anything to do with race, that Obama is not worthy to be president because his church celebrates its African roots, that the school integration of the 70's was peaceful.

It was peaceful for the whites of Greenville. But how many blacks were harassed, how many families received threats, how much anger and fear was directed towards the black community?

You don't have to open both eyes, but at least open one.

Wow! Now that I have both eyes open, I can see the problem. We aren't teaching our children that there are "black" and "white" definitions to the words in our "shared" language. I feel cheated that my Miriam Webster only defined the word, part of speech and offered pronunciation guides. A modern dictionary should also include cultural meanings of the words depending on what race uses the word and to whom it is spoken.

Why not? The Latin language assigns a specific gender to each word, so why can't we assign a race? That way our children could clearly understand whether the "N" word was being used as a "term of brotherhood and camaraderie" or a "term of hatred and ignorance". Once again, our educational system has failed us, but my eyes are wide open now.

In my next life, I want to come back as a black, Jewish redneck. I could pretty much slam everyone!

(Okay, a little "tongue-in-cheek", but I have to agree with a previous comment that we need to lighten up a bit. Racsim wasn't born in this country and it won't be abolished in our lifetime. Why don't we just bury the "N" word for both races. It seems less complex than revamping our dictionaries.)



Anonymous said...

Nope. They are still closed.

Anonymous said...

New topic, please. Preferably one that doesn't invoke an air of superiority from the woefully uninformed.

Anonymous said...

How about the handicapped parking issue? And how that situation was handled? Mr. Alcott, YOU ROCK!

Anonymous said...

How about the discussions going
on for a new prison to be built in
South Greenville? Just saw it on the 10pm local news. It's so sad to
see we have so little new industry
and such limited growth here. Yet we need a big new prison!

Anonymous said...

"New topic, please. Preferably one that doesn't invoke an air of superiority from the woefully uninformed."

Uniformed about what? Racism in Greenville?

What emergency??? said...

In response to: How about the handicapped parking issue? And how that situation was handled? Mr. Alcott, YOU ROCK!

Chief Carter is trying to spin this thing, nice try Chief! Was the cop’s siren on during this so called emergency??? Did he have his lights flashing to alert people there was an emergency, get out of the way???? No, he got a call and drove to Blockhead video in regular speed and saw that if he parked in Handicapped spot he would be closer to the door, and wouldn't have to burn off those Donut calories. Plus how dare a white man question a black police offer in the NEW GREENVILLE!!!! Didn't the poor man know that things have changed and the old days are over. You don't question the new leadership. They stick together like glue.

You do ROCK Mr. Alcott, and it is going to hard for them to hide from this, yet another case of reverse discrimination that has taken hold here in G-Ville.

Average White Guy said...

ok,, What's the story here?? I have not heard!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Alcott DOES rock. Good for him. More of us should be inspired by his behavior. He questioned a black police officer about why he parked in a handicap space. Long story short, he ended up being arrested for causing a disturbance. It made state news - and they interviewed the sheriff in Warren county. He said that if it had happened there, the officer would have won himself a one day suspension without pay and that there was no need in the officer taking a handicap space. I agree. Greenville police officers somehow believe they do not need to obey our simple laws. So, you go Mr. Alcott. You have my support!!

Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama MAKES ME SICK with her comment "for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country". For what??? Voting for her husband? If that is the first time she has felt proud of our country, then let her take her tail somewhere else to live. What a terrible attitude. Very unAmerican!

Anonymous said...

Umm, I don't know who makes up the rules about which ethnic group is allowed to use racial slurs? However, they are mistaken. It is not ok for blacks to use the N word either. Nor is it ok for white folks to refer to each other as redneck or Jews to use their choice slang only to each other. This is 2008, get a grip and be a respectful grown up. This whole topic is ludicrous. There should be no double standard.

Anonymous said...

It was once asked that everyone please try to make up a nickname so we can use it to refer to that person.
It worked good once everyone did made up there names. I would like to ask that everyone please use a nickname when you post. No one can track you or will know who you are.
To do this all you have to to is click on the "Name/URL" and enter you nickname.
Easy as that!
Thank you!
Anonymous!! hehe

rd said...

This is one of those issues that has an odd double side to it.

On the one hand, yes, I think it would be better for all races to avoid all negative terms as much as possible .. move on and so forth.

On the other, I thougouly disagree with the notion that words mean the same thing coming from the same people. This leaves room for the, well they say it to eachother/about us so I am going to say the same to them. The speaker and what they represent has everything to do with the weight of what is said.

The point about entertainers is key. Does a racial slur in the mouth of Richard Pryor is the same as Bull Connor? Most everyone understands and appreciates Pryor I don't know of a 100 Best Comedians of all time list that doesn't have him in the top ten.

The speaker has everything to do with the message.

Wrong is wrong..... said...

I hate the 'N' word no matter who uses it.

The last time I heard it spouted off was by an African American kid who was calling my daughter. (We are white). While they are in the same group together and I know they sling it around a lot at school it was very insulting to me to actually hear it spoken that way, espicially from that child! Yes I did give him a lecture about never calling my house again if he couldn't speak civil when on the phone and it disturbed me to know that when away from my influence my daughter was using that word WITH the very people who didn't want to be called that name in the first place!

It's like a cuss word that only 'they' have permission to say?!

I don't think so!

It's a slap in the face after being brought up all of my life that WE are never allowed to say that word. When I was growning up, my friends didn't go around spouting it off either, no matter what their race was.

It's BS that when it suites them they can use it. You say it's used to bring them together? Used lovingly? I have also heard it used in a very nasty and racist way. That specific word does not belong to the African Americans to choose when and how they use it. If they choose to use it when and where they will, they shouldn't be surprised when others exercise that same choice in response. :)

When I hear all that BS spouted off, they sound like street trash thugs. Isn't that the image and rep they are going for? Then families want to act outraged and surprised when those children are arrested or killed. What is seen at home isn't always a true reflection of that child. The image and rep they have outside of the home because it's "acceptable"....like the rappers perhaps.....is what they have shown to the general population and what they are judged by no matter how much you know and love them.

A racist slur is a racist slur no matter which RACE is using it...

Anonymous said...

What do yall think about Bill Oreilly saying he may have to go on a lynching party against Michelle Obama?

Thug said...

A Black person is fine but a N I hate!
First, Def. of a Black man. A person with dark colored skin of the African Heritage, hard working, church going good person.
N A person of dark color of low class, deceptive, immoral, mooching off the system a cruel or vicious ruffian, robber, or murderer.
To be fair here.
A white person. a member of the Caucasoid race. Person of light colored skin normal of English heritage, but not limited. Hard working, Tax paying, friendly, non-racist.
White Trash A person of the Caucasian race, Low life thug, A cutthroat or ruffian; a hoodlum.

Hum . A black person is fine but a N I hate.. Understand now??

Both sides have their down fall. I do not feel like the general population is racist at all. It's the small amount of the ones that are racist that make for the misunderstanding that all of the the other side is racist. I have worked with many that have skin of a different color then mine. There are very few that I meet that seem racist. That being said I also feel like there are very few that are really racist in my own ethic group. But! There is that small percent on both sides that does have a chip on there shoulder. God Bless them all for they are the ignorant!

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt Bill O'Reilly made that lynching comment. I listen to him daily and it doesn't sound like him at all.

Michelle Obama was busted about her racist driven comment she made freely and openly about being proud of her country for the first time. Don't place the blame on someone else for her mistake!

Anonymous said...

Good suggestion above. It is hard to respond to various "anonymous" authors. Choose a name so your comments can be responded to directly. You can still choose "anonymous" on the identity list, but sign you comments with a name... any name. It makes this blog more interesting.


rd said...

Another aspect to all this is the generation gap. I'm a 25-30 something and find a suggestion that Rock or Pryor are doing a disservice to the African American community, a bit old and short sighted. Age or at least the age that you associate with can play a big role.

I pulled a couple of examples earlier about white people in the community that used racial slurs in front of me. These people were in their 50-60s and plenty old enough to have known what they were saying and WERE saying it to reveal their hatred and bias.

With the younger crowd I would be inclined to take them to task , much as the mother above, but I wouldn't assume they were meaning the same as these older people. Rather I would be warning them to be careful NOT to be mistaken for them.

"Thug", from any circle I have been a part of ... and I have been a part of a fairly broad spectrum. I can't say that the N term is the one racial equivalent for what White Trash is to another. Not sure why an alternative term for thug, down and out, or loafer needs to carry a racial moniker anyhow except to make the cheap claim that the term is inherent of the race. The N word is very heavy and loaded. Thus the two ways of using it are 1. to say something very heavy and spiteful or 2. to use this extreme weight and ugly speech to comedic affect.

If you don't understand what I mean by the latter case then take this example:

Walmart Customer: How much are the cookies?

Girl Scout: Five dollars

Walmart Customer: How much will they cost if I just take them and run?

Girl Scout: Your life, the lives of your spouse and children, your pet dog woofy, and everything that you love and hold dear.

The scout used a weighted and cruel statement .. because those qualities gave it a comedic affect in this particular context.

rd said...

For everyone fed up with all the Anonymous posters. I just use the first few words of their post to identify them.

For example: "What do yall think" - I didn't see that one. Why isn't it all over the news?

It will take time for everyone to start using a name and this keeps things clear until they do.

Thug said...

"rd" The definitions was only for the statement that was used in a earlier comment. I agree with you there the word is used for comic use and slander use.

New to the delta! said...

Does anyone have any information on the supposed off road motorcycle recreation center at the park and other places to ride. I'm in need of some off road motorcycle stress relief!
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You have to look back where Greenville was.And now since the new dark elected heads of state are running Greenville into the ground.Look around Greenville and see how many people have gotten out.there are alot of people moving.It will be another MT.Bayou soon.

Put up said...

*you have to look back*

Okay, let's be fair, Greenville has been sinking for years, ever since we lost our towboat industry! At that time it was all white everywhere. Today's Black (and white)officials have no control over where we have come from, only what our future can be, with everyone's help!

It is a total cop out to blame it on a race of today for what began in the late 70's during the Carter administration. It was then that our delta was hit hard and we have never recovered. Once we lost the towboats, we lost the subsidary industries, the businesses that supplied them and so on and so on. THAT is why so many have left...NO JOBS!!!!!!! It is not a race issue, it is an economy issue and has been for years and years!

Until we can find and attract more industries to replace the lost, we are in limbo and sinking further into oblivion.

First thing that has to happen is to stop the blame game! We have to work together to turn it around, finger pointing and blaming has gotten us no where so far...duh? Let's try something new, let's think of what can be done and get it done!

In order for new business/industry to even consider Greenville, we have to have something to offer. A clean city, great schools and safe neighborhood communities. We need attractive shopping and variety dining, activities for everyone, young and old, culturally, physically and spritually.

WE ARE NOT DEAD YET! Don't make it worse by sucking what little oxygen we have left out of the city with negative and non-productive complaining...take actions, let's turn it around!

Put up or shut up!