Monday, September 24, 2007

"Trench" Warfare

"Amazed" adds the following:

I love the banter surrounding this blog. It promotes thought and entertainment. I think it also promotes a healthy dose of truth....

I do not totally disagree with the "semi regular reader"...

I think that you should look in the mirror everyday. You should reflect on the prior day. You should commit to doing your best the current day. You should want to play nice with your co-workers. You should want your patients to fair well. You should want to do the job you chose. It's true that mental misery serves no positive purpose. I think the patients would definitely agree. The problem is that should everyone in the "trench" that think things are going from bad to worse and have experienced a decline in their job satisfaction were to bail... there would be a lot of echoing in the halls sure to be left empty. If this advise is supported by administration and management, y'all better find some scrubs and kiss your 8-5 jobs goodbye. For that matter, I do not think that this reflection should only be advise for those in the "trench." I think that those in administration and management should partake in this daily recommend allowance of reflection, as well. Assuming, of course, their preoccupation with self promotion will permit time to do so.

I think doctors and nurses are interested in promoting positive patient outcomes and patient satisfaction. I think they would love to sit around and talk with the patients about their visit satisfaction. The problem is that they do not have the time. That is about to get a lot worse. The ER staff is being slashed. The tech positions are now cut in half. The people the nurses relied so heavily on to run patients around to xray, to take specimens to the lab, to enter orders into the computer, to file charts, answer the phones, give those ever important pillows to the patients will be gone. This role will now also be the job of nursing. Nurses didn't already have enough to do. So "semi regular" If you have any ideas how to accomplish all of this and promote positive patient experiences, I'm sure the staff in the ER would love to hear it. You don't have to shout it, either. Despite what you seem to think. There are no "high horses" to be seen. I agree that those in the "trench" lend to the patient's perception of their care. Absolutely, positively. Should it not be obvious, then to those in administration and management that patient satisfaction may benefit from a positive work environment???? HMMMMM....

No. Instead, add it the role of the nurse... They apparently do it not have anything to do... Hardly. Milling about is not a privilege of those in the "trench." It is absolutely only for management and administration. In those roles, most spend the entire day rushing from one "important" meeting to the other, looking exhausted as they wander from 1 East to administration. Poor things. Poll that audience and see how many miss a meal or a break or go 12 hours without the luxury of a bathroom break. Ask them how many have a soda or a cup of coffee at their desk. They are exempt from the conditions suffered by those in the "trench."

I also agree with "Forest." These managers and administrators would benefit highly from a class on therapeutic communication with educated adults. Most educated adults do not respond to intimidation tactics. They do not respond to an environment where "tattle telling" is encouraged. They certainly do not respond to an environment where you may find your performance and professionalism called into question based on these "tattles" I was raised professionally in a place where people work together. They sort out their differences when they occur. Problems did not fester. They were addressed immediately. You moved on. Sometimes you agree to disagree. But because you are an educated adult, you can still work together. This is apparently unacceptable in the new er. Tell boss hog who the problems are... Are we adults or have we all landed in some crazy playground and are now giant first graders? Hasn't he heard of team building? Ye Gads!

I absolutely, positively disagree that those who are staying are doing it because they "like it." I am inclined to believe that it may be more because Cleveland and Greenwood are a little too far to drive everyday. Most of the "trench" workers have families at home and dread the thought of adding a long commute to the 12 hour shift mix. Instead, most of them come to work, hopeful that things will get a little better. Hopeful that nobody will make the work environment worse by "telling" some ridiculous story to the boss. Hopeful that people have grown up a little from the day before. Hopeful that they have looked in the mirror and made a commitment to be a little nicer to everyone. As impossible as it may seem, It is my sincere hope that they do move in that direction.

Of course "semi regular" may also be right. Those in the "trench" may love things the way they are. They may adore "chewing hay and spitting stubble." I think that it more likely that they are either hopeful for a better tomorrow, or have decided to suck it up. Of course behind door number three are those destined for promotion at DRMC. Not by virtue of their educational background. Not by their talents in the arena of team building. Not even because of the pay they'll accept. Definitely not because they have positive reviews from the "trench workers." Certainly not because they are capable of making a cocktail of the four, most likely it is because they have acquired a tolerance to and a talent in the performance of "analingus". It seems that is more of what it takes.

I have to agree with "Amazed" that if you are looking for the "fat" at DRMC... it ain't in the trenches! Most hospitals are run quite effectively with only three levels of employees: Administration, Managers and Staff. DRMC has created so many levels of management, they are in danger of running out of titles.

If they took one-third of the nurses from behind desks and put them on the floor to care for patients, they wouldn't even have a nursing shortage. Instead, they abuse the few remaining nurses who have been loyal throughout the acquisition nightmare, while paying exorbitant wages to travel nurses who couldn't care less about DRMC or its patients.

So, what have we gained from the merger of our two hospitals... fewer jobs, fewer physicians, fewer patients and fewer choices in health care.

Ray has given the exact same speech to every civic group who will listen, touting growth, development and the great things he has done for DRMC, and yet... we see nothing but a deteriorating health care system with a bleak future. When will we wake up?

While we continue to "snooze", I have a suggestion for Ray which might help him offset some of DRMC's growing fiscal woes:

In the spring of 2008, rent three buses. Load and escort all of your management "team" to your 240 acre "field of dreams" in south Greenville; give them all a "golden shovel" and LEAD them... in planting corn.



Anonymous said...

I would like to make a comment regarding the Leland School District. I know for a fact that the district has thousands of dollars in federal funds earmarked for teacher training and recruitment. The district has not brought in any outside speakers for teacher training in many years. So where is the thousands of dollars in federal funds going? Let's ask Dr. Richards since she is the one with the consulting company. Or better yet, someone needs to check the books. If any of you taxpayers are concerned about the misuse of your tax dollars, wake up and do something!!!!

Semi Regular Reader said...

To "Amazed" :

I only write those comments as a potential customer of Delta Regional and from a standpoint that seems quite obvious to anyone who has been in job positions where they feel trapped, burned out, apathetic and ignored by a "white-gloved" management staff. I've been there - not at DRMC - but a bad corporate environment is a bad corporate environment. If the working environment is horrendous or abusive or steeped in an office political paranoia, you have two choices. Those choices are to ride out the corporate trouble in hopes the administration changes or find another job. Honestly, you can drive 45 minutes each way to work or risk having someone else do a form of "driving" called "driving you crazy." When corporate chaffeurs are doing that kind of driving, the trip isn't a long commute, it's continuous torture.

As far as management partaking in reflection, they should do it every single day and view the fact that worker unhappiness is a reflection of their communication competence.

It is regrettable that DRMC is losing staff and the reductions do not inspire confidence to reverse outward migration of potential candidates. However, E.R. care, which is the hot topic, doesn't offer customer choice because the medical need can be so dire, one doesn't have time to choose between Greenville, Greenwood, Cleveland or Jackson.

In summary regarding ER care, with this captive audience of emergency care patients, where is the incentive to improve DRMC's service if this blog is a truly accurate reflection of working conditions and not a niche online location for the most hardened employees?

Does Ray H. and other management read this blog? I'm betting "absolutely." But, more importantly, is this forum offering information that could be useful IF they're trying to improve conditions or trim dead weight? To Forthright: At what point does a group label someone a "villian" in such terms that even good-meaning intention is interpreted as a ill-intent?

I don't have a dog in this fight, but do like the medical care issue and think common ground - or common information - could be learned and examined by employees, management and the general public.

Regarding Leland Schools, the person seeking such a debate on the consultant hirings should dig a little and come back with some numbers. Most of us are in no position for such research, yet without it, the blog becomes nothing short of incendiary and too emotional.

Besides, what elements to any allegations would truly "shock" you? You have county managers and small town mayors heading to prison. A bigger town mayor's offering sanction of an alleged double murderer's moral character. Even if an allegation (pick your issue) is proven - what will anyone in authority do about it given the acceptance of what's "commendable" behavior by persons of political authority?

All you have are state and federal investigators. Their interventions do bring justice many times, but it hardens locals in that time-honored "Us vs them" political tradition where alleged frauds are accepted because "they're out to get us." Everyone uses that tactic that walks on two legs, holds a public office and tries to "get away" with naughty behavior.

Anonymous said...

Well, I see the esteemed Mayor of our fair city has shown her arrogance once again. Using city letterhead to ask for bond for an accused murderer? And her self serving response and demand that BS letter be run in the DDT. I have it on good authority that unpublished figures now put Greenville at approximately 80-85% Black. Way to go Ms. Mayor you will soon have your own little country to rule over, once you can chase the remaining 20-15% whites out. Keep this kind of stuff up and it won't be long. My question is, if the accused had been a white person would the Mayor have done that for them? You all know the answer to that one! Many of the current residents have adopted a new spin on Greenville’s slogan. It goes like this….“I Be Leavin’ Greenville!”

Anonymous said...

I found the Leland School District;s web site through the Mississippi Board of Education's web site. The Leland School's website is still showing 2001-2002 school year. The last update for the web page was November, 2001!

With all of the computer equipment available at that school, it is a disgrace that they do not have an up to date web site!

Anonymous said...

I think our "esteemed" supervisors should put DRMC up for sale. As for the mayor and the complete arrogance she showed in her response to the DTT - keep talking and doing what you do best cuz its gonna put you right out of a job! Everyone needs to vote on Monday and put an end to this self absorbed reign of error!

Anonymous said...

How long will it take people to realize that Ray is doing EXACTLY what he did in Hattiesburg, and will eventually run DRMC into the ground while padding his pockets? The ER is not the only area that has lost good nurses, and when you have a management team that is bigger than 1000 bed hospitals in NYC, you can see where the fat is and that its time to start trimming.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Mayor said she would continue to have the body guard if re-elected because:
Hudson said she would never forget the threats and phone calls she received when she was first elected, adding that many elected officials have bodyguards. Dowdy and Winston both said they would not have personal bodyguards if elected.

It is my belief that those threats where made up to justify having a driver and footman. Has She ever presented any evidence of those so called threats???? NO SHE HAS NOT!

Anonymous said...

i am having a hard time with the issue of the mayor putting her "letter" on Greenville letterhead. i believe by doing that she is saying that the "CITY" is behind her in what she is writing. I don't think she should be able to do that. Who is this "person" that she is 'glamorizing"? have you read about the murder in the paper?? HORRIFIC! if my best friend did something like that I would not write a recommendation for her/him...does anyone else have a problem with this??
In addition, I have a problem with the woman being pissed about not being able to play in the men's tournament at the country club. Someone told me it was the topic of conversation on supertalk MS yesterday....that they were somewhat bashing GGCC for not letting her play. that is what i heard....however, i did not hear the program. that woman should get over it....just understand that is it a MEN'S tournament...if someone wants to call it be it...would she sign up to play in a children's tournament???would that not be considered discrimination??? get real...get over it. i do not think she should be allowed to play. i was really pissed that people are mad that the "woman" could not play. hell, if that is the case, then dont have tournaments and there will not exist this type of thing. it seems no matter what the case is, there is ALWAYS someone wanting to make a GRAND ordeal out of something so stupid.

Anonymous said...

At DRMC- too many Chiefs and not enough indians!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i think the mayor wants to keep her bodyguard to have someone to park in the cemetaries after hours with.....