Friday, September 28, 2007

The "Letter" of the Law

Anonymous addresses the letter...

I am having a hard time with the issue of the mayor putting her "letter" on Greenville letterhead. I believe by doing that she is saying that the "CITY" is behind her in what she is writing. I don't think she should be able to do that. Who is this "person" that she is 'glamorizing"? Have you read about the murder in the paper?? HORRIFIC! If my best friend did something like that I would not write a recommendation for her/him...does anyone else have a problem with this??

In addition, I have a problem with the woman being pissed about not being able to play in the men's tournament at the country club. Someone told me it was the topic of conversation on super-talk MS yesterday....that they were somewhat bashing GGCC for not letting her play. That is what I heard....however, I did not hear the program.

That woman should get over it....just understand that is it a MEN'S tournament...if someone wants to call it be it...would she sign up to play in a children's tournament??? Would that not be considered discrimination??? Get real...get over it. I do not think she should be allowed to play. I was really pissed that people are mad that the "woman" could not play. Hell, if that is the case, then don't have tournaments and there will not exist this type of thing. It seems no matter what the case is, there is ALWAYS someone wanting to make a GRAND ordeal out of something so stupid.

Okay, we have all had time to digest the letter that Mayor Hudson wrote on behalf of her family friend. Many such letters are written every day on behalf of both the innocent and the guilty. Do they sway the opinions of our courts in the dispensation of justice? I rather doubt it.

So, why the uproar? Because Mayor Hudson chose to write the letter on official city government stationery. Illegal? No, just a very poor decision. The mayor is an intelligent woman, as well as an attorney, who should have clearly foreseen the negative ramifications of this "innocent" act.

If she had not intended her position as mayor to be in some way influential in this case, she would have simply used personal stationery or plain paper. I find it hard to believe that our mayor is so naive as to not understand the inherent "conflicts of interest" that this letter represents.

Impeach Hudson? No, but at the end of the day, this act simply adds to her list of incredibly bad judgement calls and arrogant posturing. I guess we will see how it plays at the polls on Monday.

Now, as to the men's golf tournament at GGCC. This is just further evidence that our Mayor is nobody's fool. Do we really believe that Mayor Hudson truly wants to play in this tournament? Is it a valid gender bias issue or simply a ploy to keep her name in the headlines as an election approaches? My money is on the latter.

We have to remember that most Americans don't vote for the most "qualified" candidate... they vote for the one who most closely matches their socio-economic and demographic profile. That is not to say that I believe that the election will be determined by black, female golfers. None-the-less, whenever issues of race or gender become controversial in the press, there are those who would go to the polls for the first time in their life just to "even the score".

As a once famous actress noted, "There is no such thing as bad press; it is when they stop talking about you that you are dead".



Anonymous said...

Bingo on the political calculations regarding a request to play in a men's golf tournament.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. Hudson is not the female in question regarding the Men's golf tournament at GGCC. Don't confuse the issues.

But if either I or my spouse were to write any personal recommendations on the letterhead from our employment, we would be terminated.

tencent said...

I will agree on one thing. The act of voting is the most powerful action that every citizen of Greenville should use in the upcoming elections. It is time to clean up the pig sty.
The woman in question regarding the golf tourney (can't recall her name)is a "law enforcement professional" if I recall correctly from the DDT.
I'm surprised there are no comments on Hudson's letter to the editor. That was an interesting read. I had to throw up a couple of times.

Anonymous said...

We can bitch about the mayor all day long and not accomplish anything. Just go out and vote today! If you want change - go to the polls. Bump Ms. Mayor and her bufoon of a sidekick Kenneth Gines out today and make a difference!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see over the weekend where Erik Simmons was allowed to have a rally in a Greenville city park and another candidate was not? I hear the mayor attended Simmons rally.

Anonymous said...

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