Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Follow the Spray-Painted Road...

"Tencent" changes the subject:

I'm going to veer away from the county story (not that it not interesting and certainly deserves public discussion) and I want to comment on something else I read in the paper tonight. Mayor Hudson's new health initiative.

Are there that many people in Greenville that need to be told to get off of their duffs and walk? I see walkers and joggers all the time in my travels around town. Who is the mayor trying to point to with this initiative? My parents and their neighbors used to walk every evening for their health. Until the crime got too bad.

Marking walking paths in the streets is just as bad as putting signs on the people saying MUG ME, MUG ME! The plan would probably work in some neighborhoods, but not all. Nope. I think the mayor is just trying to add a shiny star to her list of political brouha.

And if the mayor is going to list meals from local eateries, I'd like to see the break down of calories, fats (saturated, unsaturated, transfats), carbs, sugars, sodium, fiber, cholesterol, vitamins. There are more people in Greenville that are subject to stroke and heart failure than those worrying about having their thick thighs show up at a social. Any meal posted by the mayor should be reviewed by a dietitian for it's values.

Exercise should be a daily part of anyone's regime. But not set down by city workers spray painting streets.


I must admit that I was a bit amused by the "simplicity" of Mayor Hudson's "walking trails". If spray-painting a street makes it a walking trail, we should bill Greenville in August as a "public sauna".

I commend the mayor's efforts to stress the importance of exercise and good health, but the writer makes a valid point about crime in our city. This is the perfect time of year to be out walking, but safety is a major concern.

Okay... let's get out and enjoy the Blues this week! Like it or not, this event does bring in a lot of revenue for Greenville and has put us on the map. It is an important part of our heritage as "Deltans", because even if you don't enjoy listening to the "blues", we all know how to sing'em!



Anonymous said...

Painted lines in the streets? Ha, I'm trying to figure out the justification of filling in the ditch on Bowman for a walking strip.
Look out folks with there backyards against the ditch, you might want to add an electric fence with razor wire!!
Is this going to be done with MY tax dollars??

Anonymous said...

It won't cost anything, it's a grant!

I think some people actually believe That!

The US government trillions in debt and continue to fund grants for worthless projects everywhere! When China stops buying our treasuries, watch out!

L.R. said...

Cities will paint a small edge of their streets so bikes have a place on the asphalt theoretically out of cars' way. I don't see the big deal if the city "brands" walking trails by breaking out paint. It's cost effective, reminds folks they should be exercising - giving them a track to walk upon if not a trail. What else is it supposed to do?

I say give it a shot as it can't hurt anything. It's different, creative and works within the strained local finances. My money is betting that those who instantly scoff at the idea - the idea mind you - are the same ones that excuse brown water in years past as not being an important issue. Hmm..

Anonymous said...

The city's engineering department needs to make sure that the markings and signs meet all of regulations. We sure do not want an accident! I see reckless driving every day! We do not want a walker hit by an automobile.

tencent said...

Yep, the idea of filling in the ditch on Bowman is ironic. Nice place for a jogging/walking trail if you can get though the flooded streets after a rain.
I don't scoff at the city putting in PROPER walking and jogging trails. They need to be properly marked, maintained and patroled.
I see no one has responded on my comments concerning the possible listings of local restaurant meals. Did I go over someone's head?
Brown water rears its ugly head again. When was the last time someone actually went out and read their water meter? If you can find it. The Water Department rarely does. They just guesstimate your usage and bill you. So I'm not going to pay increased taxes or rates for someone to water their lawn or wash their car when the city is not accountable for collecting on the usage of crystal clear water. And who would maintain such a facility? The city has enough problems fixing the roads and trying to figure out the traffic lights. If someone want clear water out of the kitchen sink or ice maker, then go to (insert commercial ad here) and get a simple purifying kit. They are easy to install and only cost pennies a day. Then you can sit back with a cool drink and watch Bubba next door wash the mud off of his 4x4.
OK, where's the next scoff?


Anonymous said...

Filling in the ditch on Bowman is a dumb idea considering all the places money should be spent in our fair city. I am so tired of dodging pot holes in this town I could scream! I could list a lot of places money could be better spent but apparently the mayor is more concerned about filling in a ditch than bringing in new tax paying business's. We can never have a good city until we can afford to pay for it. Grants are great but we can not continue to depend on the federal government for our salvation. We must stand on our own.

Anonymous said...

Can we just have a new mayor????

Anonymous said...

i agree with the last post...it is certainly time for new mayor. if the mayor had death threats doesnt that say that people dont like her. what has she done so great for this place....put DOWDY in!!! she is a great person...she did alot for KDH! there is no one better who can do that job!

Anonymous said...

If you want to put dowdy in you must go vote today and get hudson off the december ballot.