Monday, February 19, 2007

What's Up, Docs?

An Ex-Greenvillian Comments:

I think it’s time for Ray Humphreys and his team players to go, so that the city of Greenville can have a better health care system available for the public. DRMC has caused so many good doctors, nurses, and other medical staff to leave its community. Why can’t the public see what is actually going on?

We need new board members who are actually going to keep their eyes on Ray Humphreys and what his team players are doing. We need younger people with fresh new ideas that are not part of the GOOD OLD BOY’S GROUP.

You know once they get together and want you out you are gone for sure. I’ve never seen a community that just sits and let things happen like they have in the DELTA. I know people who work over there at that hospital and they tell me how horrible it is there, but believe me no one will go on record and admit to it. Why? Because if they do they are subject to losing their job and where else do they have to go when GREENVILE, Board of Supervisors and Board of Trustees have allowed DRMC to buy up just about every medical facility in Greenville.

Do they not know how MONOPLY is played? I knew as a child when I played Monopoly that you buy all that you can buy so you can control everything. I guess the next thing Ray will do is rename Greenville to Rayville.

What about what he did to that other hospital he came from? No one bothered to check his references??? Or were they so desperate they just settled for anything. This community deserves better and we could if we could get these quacks out the hospital. There are so many doctors in Greenville that should not be practicing and the community doesn’t have an idea because everything is covered up. I’ve heard so many horror stories of patients dying on ventilators and at the hands of doctors that have no idea of what they are doing.

I was told that they have not had pulmonologist on staff for the past 8 months, and as of today there are about 4 more doctors that they are running off and will be gone in the next 4 months. Guess what? If a patient has a stroke in Greenville they are straight out of luck, because they no longer have a Neurologist on staff. God help our families for they have created a monster at DRMC.

Here is a list my friends have gathered for me of some of the doctors they have got together and run off in less than 2 years:

1. Dr. S. Sathanandan MD (Neurology)

2. Dr. E. Muller (psychiatrist)

3. Dr. M. Cassada (psychiatrist)

4. Dr. N. Viyouh (OB/GYN)

5. Dr. S. Dyer (anesthesiologist)

6. Dr. E. Egger (ophthalmologist)

7. Dr. T. Firozi (Gastroenterologist)

8. Dr. M. Kurdi (pulmonologist)

9. Dr. J. Perkins (OB/GYN)

10. Dr. J. Taylor (Cardiologist)

11. Dr. J. Almond (Orthopedics)

12. Dr. Swong (ENT)

13. Dr. M. Atubra (Pediatrics)

14. Dr. A. Tatum (Internal Med)

15. Dr. A. Martin (Pathologist)

16. Dr. F. Hadidi (Neurology)

17. Dr. A. Yates (Radiology)

18. Dr. A. Diamond (Cardiovascular Surgery)

19. There are too many nurses, and other medical staff to name.

20. The Burn Center is gone. That was the main objective when Ray took office as CEO.

21. KDH is gone too. What’s going to happen when they can’t pay the loan back to the banks when they acquired KDH?

Think about it. This city will have to pay it and your taxes will increase because it is a county hospital. This community needs to wake up and smell the coffee or they will get burned!!!


A former Greenvillian that will never be a "Rayvillian"

Well, well... another dissatisfied customer! I can't add much to this commentary, but the writer poses a very valid question: If we are "Better Together" (as the billboards tout), then why are doctors and nurses fleeing Greenville in mass?

Talk to your friends who work at DRMC. Talk to the physicians who are on staff at DRMC. Talk to the patients who have sought treatment at DRMC... and then pick up the phone and talk to your city and county officials. Greenville deserves quality medical care, but we will never get that until YOUR voice is heard!



Anonymous said...

I don't necessarily disagree with the sentiments expressed by this writer (although I question whether all of the listed physicians were "run off" -- I know that several of them simply left for greener pastures).

One caveat however. The City government -- while probably/certainly wishing the hospital well -- has absolutely no control over, responsibility for, or even any influence in the operations at DRMC. Efforts at change should be directed at the hospital's Trustees and the Board of Supervisors. Those are the only entities that can accomplish anything in that regard.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Cassada has not gone anywhere. She relocated from the Greenville Clinic to a private practice.