Sunday, February 11, 2007

A "Bumpy" Ride

"Local Reflector" replies:

No one can argue greed, ego, ignorance or apathy are critical ingredients of your argument and the fact of the situation. I must say that I believe DRMC was profitable earlier this decade and that it held a nine-figure savings account.

Something led the local lenders to "invest" in the county hospital. Now, using the words "investing" alongside "county-run hospital" is another tangent altogether. I can't speak for "nervous" local lenders but conclude that HUD's loan interest rates would be a better choice of leveraging the hospital's debt. At least, that's a correct move.

But Medicaid reimbursement cutbacks will really choke DRMC. It paid (when I was in the area) high salaries to recruit doctors - some of whom only scheduled a handful of procedures a year. So, the old financial albatross returns to the nest.

You really can't debate the really can't. At best, you can interpret the landscape and see where the economy and society are taking us and assess whether you really want to be along for the ride.

No, debating the facts would be pointless and yes, it does come down to a question of who wants to be along for the "ride".

From the looks of the local real estate guide, it appears that a great majority of our residents are responding "Not me". Greenville taxpayers are tired of the empty promises of local officials who boast of "significant progress" while on their watch. (Mayor Hudson's state of the city address in Sunday's DDT)

Downtown resembles a post-war third world country, the schools are deplorable, roads impassable, health care in shambles and property values at an all time low. All the "spin" we can muster doesn't negate the fact that Greenville is in a spiraling decline!

Can it be saved? Perhaps, but not as long as we continue to believe in the Svengalis who led us into this political and racial quagmire. Quit believing in Greenville.. and start believing in (and being a part of) what Greenville COULD be!


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