Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Rise and Fall of Racism

A Black Racist speaks said...

Very good insight from both of you. Now if I may, as a black Deltan who still has hope, I’d like to add my two cents. There seems to be a tradition in the Delta (and the whole country for that matter) where black people, unable to come up with a strong enough argument against a white protagonist, almost out of desperation calls the white person a racist.

This, of course, implies an unwritten assumption that black people are not capable of being racist and that all criticism of black people by white people is based on racism.Well, I think it is time to debunk that myth. Black people can be as racist, or even more racist, than some of the worst white racists.
I sincerely believe that black people use the race card when they are unable to come up with convincing arguments against white people. This is not to say that sometimes the criticism by white people of black people is not based on racism, but this is not always the case.

I believe that, by calling somebody a racist, it probably says more about you than about the other person.In any case, how in heaven’s name are we going to be able to have decent debates here if all white people are going to be scared to criticize black people? No one likes to be called a racist, and it is inevitable in the Delta for whites who criticize blacks to be tarnished with that label.

I try to deal with this issue by confessing that I am a racist. Once I have done this, I believe that it levels the playing ground for us to have a conversation about race and racism. And it is important for us to have this conversation. I believe that in our haste to become a “rainbow nation”, we did not deal with the issues that caused us so much pain in the past, and racism is one of those.

Unless we deal with the issues of race and racism, unless we talk about them, they will always come back to haunt us.

Now let’s say this together: I am a racist. You are a racist. Let’s talk.

And what better time to do it than now, before it gets worse for us here and more of the good ones that could lead in the future leave us.

The author makes a good point. To some degree, we are all racists. "Racism" being defined as a dislike of a group or groups of people based solely on their ethnicity. Here in the Delta, we generally label racism as black vs. white. In the mid-west, both blacks and whites are accused of racism toward Hispanic people.

Racism is simply another word for hatred and it only displays one's ignorance. It is easy to blame all of Greenville's woes on one race or the other; however, the real battle is not black vs. white, but educated vs. ignorant. The educated of both races are fleeing Greenville, leaving us with only those of an "entitlement" mentality.

The best thing that Mayor Hudson has done for Greenville is prove that neither the sex nor the race of a mayor matters at the end of the day. Greenville's decline started decades ago under mostly white leadership and has steadily progressed.

Perhaps now that both races have failed to produce the "magic strategy" to save Greenville; it might be a good time to join hands and work together.



What if said...

As long as we have politicians who are all about self serving and not serving the public who elected them, things will not change.

Surely,we can find an astute business leader next election?? Someone who knows how to conduct city business in a professional and hopefully profitable way???

We have a good amount of very wealthy men and women in this city in spite of the majority...if we could just talk one of them who has learned and earned it the hard way and knows what it is going to take to bring back businesses and industries to Greenville, and if the City leaders would listen...oh what a miracle time that would be!

email them! said...

Everyone should sent the link to this website to out so called leaders. And have some If they pay attention maybe some ideas will come on here as to what route they should take in there leadership. Suggestions on how to improve should be listed here for them to see.

But I imagine our leaders are on a power high and no local blog (local people) is going to tell them how the city should be ran!

email them! said...

opps proof reading I should have done!

Everyone should send the link to this website to our so called leaders. If they pay attention maybe some ideas will come on here as to what route they should take in there leadership. We should have some comments on here to suggest how to improve the city. If you have some, you might want to tell us so they and we can see..

But I imagine our leaders are on a power high and no local blog (local people) are going to tell them how the city should be ran!

Anonymous said...

Of course blacks can be racist. Our Congressman is a prime example of that.

Anonymous said...

Ha, Blacks can be racist?? I think the majority of racist are black!

Anonymous said...

Racism only matters when someone has control or power over one's life or assets. You know it is easier to blame what someone called "the bottom feeders". There are enough problems and blame to spread around including the bottom feeders and the top feeders. I too am comfortable with talking openly and honestly about race; just let our discussion be factual and provable, not opinions and personal bias. For one when the welfare system was first set up in the 1970's; it was set up and meant to be temporary. Somehow it moved to permenant and the father was not allowed in the home (no intact families could benefit) WHY? Now your are seeing the fruits of those decisions. And, for sure there was no black person (s) in the federal and state gov't to push these policies. Let's talk, I think there is hope for the Delta.

Anonymous said...

Federally funded and governed welfare began in the 1930’s during the Great Depression. The US government responded to the overwhelming number of families and individuals in need of aid by creating a welfare program that would give assistance to those who had little or no income.

This is not a recent invention.

Anonymous said...

Just recent abuse!

Anonymous said...

toushe', stand corrected

Anonymous said...

touche', I stand corrected

Anonymous said...

You say there is hope for Greenville ??
Man i hope and pray you are correct !

If i could just see one city in the delta that is making progress under black leadership i might beleive you.

The majority of the voters that put our council and Mayor in office draw a check every month form the govt.and pay little if any taxes. FACT Thirty per cent of the voters in Greenville pay 95 per cent of the taxes. Fact
Majority of the citizens do not want change because they are content. Fact.

Greenville was built by business leaders that cared and always wanted better. Mind you i said successful business leaders.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that black people do not work, nor pay taxes. Example the real reason the old business community has diminished, black folks have options of where they spent their dollars.

Anonymous said...

That's property tax! not sales tax

Racism out front said...

Racism at its' best: Miss BLACK America, Jet Magazine, Black based colleges, etc....just try and say Miss White America and wait for the uproar! Here is the topper, our diva Mayor was recently appointed President of the National Conference of Black Mayors. Is she a member of the National Conference of Mayors??? Not as far as I have been told....the question is, "why not?" Are only black Mayors worthy to be approached or to learn from??? I don't think so Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Black folks own property and taxes are taxes. By the tone of this blog's comments I can see that there is no real interest in talking about racism and then moving on to work together and improve what can be improved upon. Peter Drucker said that best way to predict the future is to created. The past is just that, and blame can be assigned everywhere. Can we move forward?

Anonymous said...

Just like what was posted 35% of the population pays 95% of the taxes. If you are in that 35% white or black then you should understand the post.
No !!!! The blame can NOT be assigned everywhere.

Our fine Mayor has proven that we cannot work together. If she cannot save a sub shop how in the world can she save a city ? HELLO !

Anonymous said...

Thats funny

Anonymous said...

Goody's is closing and some store in the Mall is also. Buckle up Greenville... it's gonna be a rough ride!

Anonymous said...

The downfall started in G'ville back when the flight from public schools by the the whites started.If the whites stayed then G'ville would still be the same it was back then. Private schools divided the community and sent many packing to get away as fast as possible. Most families back then and still today can't afford to send their kids to private school so they left for better places to live.Just do the math. Say you have two kids at 150 dollars a month per kid for 14 years that includes kindergarten they also attended. Then at least 3 to 5 dollars a day for lunch, then you have the building fund, plus other expenses. Get the picture now? Thats when the downfall of G'vile started. Lets just say it would cost a family with just two kids close to 4000 dollars a year. Say 4000 dollars a year times 14 years. Thats 56,000 dollars. And this is probaly a low estimate. Thats quite a bit of money for most familes. Most did the math and had to move or send their kids to public schools and be looked down upon by thier peers.

Anonymous said...

Busing should have never occurred.

Anonymous said...

Well, try 4000 per kid per year.

Also, do you want to be the one to save the public schools at the expense of your children? I, for one, want my children to be able to write a complete sentence before the graduate.

I think not.

Sign me:
Non-public school parent and proud of it.

Anonymous said...

AMEN, i don't want my kids speaking ebonics. it's at least 4000 per kid per year at ws. you can't blame the whites for leaving Greenville or the public schools. blame teenage pregnancy, one parent families, crime, gangs, welfare, parents who don't care, etc. i feel safe at ws. i don't feel safe at greenville public schools. Some of the parents are as scary as the students. i know that will be taken as racist, but it's how i feel. i want to go somewhere where i have the same lifestyle and values as the other parents. My family doesn't live off government handouts. I believe in working for what you get. I don't want to be around people who have an "entitlement" mentality.

Anonymous said...

Private Schools were a blessing to this community. Oh yes a lot of parents cut budgets took a side job and worked extra hours to make sure our children got the best education available to them. My children went to private school and they are now well educated and contributing to their respective communities which by the way does not happen to be Greenville.
I graduated from Gville High and got a good education. I was there before metal detectors and guards walking the halls. I have watched classmates who come back for a reunion and have not been in Gville for 20 yrs or so just cry when they see the city now. In fact there are several upcoming reunions that are thinking about having theirs outside of Greenville because of the present condition of the city. They want to remember Greenville as it was when we had leadership in Greenville.
Whether you are black or white just ride around and look at your city and see if you are satisfied. Tell me your elected officials are making a difference. Ride down some side streets like S. California and tell me you like the way it looks or McCorkle Circle. Try 82 Hwy or Main St. Just tell me at what point Gville was in this condition under white leadership. It is natural to defend your race but you sure as the devil do not have to vote for them if you want a better Gville for both black and white.