Thursday, January 17, 2008

Your "Delta Scoop"

Mr. Lowe Speaks Up...

I attended the first Board of Supervisors meeting for the year 2008. After the election of the president of the Board was made I witnessed quite an attitude change, perhaps some would probably label the display as hostile from some of the members, and employees of the board.

After panning the audience, I noticed that there were quite a few clergy, politicians, and civic leaders among those in attendance, and according to conversations overheard this tactic was designed by the clique to intimidate board members especially the new one, however this tactic was like the previous moves made - far from effective. It is sad that some elected individuals get the notion that a position belong to them, or individuals that they choose, or the ones that’s in their clique.

It’s high time that the meeting place at Buc_’s County Court House be returned back to the Washington County Court House where it belongs. I would like to commend new board member Jesse Amos, and those who voted with him for the courage that they exhibited by voting their conviction instead of bowing to the pressures that be, and the will of the corrupt. I am sure that he has been called everything under the sun, but a child of God in the past hours after his swearing in.

Once, again I commend leaders like Jesse Amos who do not have to use the race card as a crutch, but instead his wisdom and knowledge to get things done as in the display that was exemplified in his first board meeting. It is individuals like him who’s on the cutting edge that’s going to get this County back on track and second to none in the State. Again, thanks Jesse for a great beginning.

James W Lowe, Sr.

Let me comment about the DRMC controversy. As a blog-master, I do not have control over the "hot" topics discussed on this blog. Readers and contributors control the topics and flow of this blog, as they should. It so happens that DRMC and Leland Public Schools have been the most controversial topics of 2007. These are topics that seriously impact our jobs, lives and welfare as citizens of the Delta and thus elicit the most "controversy".

Many have criticized the Scoop for dwelling too much on the same topics, but these same critics have yet to propose other topics for debate or discussion. I am open to any topics or discussions which interest the readers. I do ask that contributors avoid obscene language, but other than that, I consider what is printed here to be "opinion"... be it yours or mine.

What makes a local blog interesting is seeing how much support your views have from other readers. If you are a racist imbecile, like "Big Mama", you will be virtually "run out of town" by the blog readers. However, if your opinions rally the support of countless other readers, perhaps your "opinions" have some basis in fact... and that is why this blog has become so popular.

So, if you are tired of DRMC and LSD, let's move on. You propose a topic and I will print it. I do admire Mr. Lowe who has no problem expressing his opinions openly; however, I also realize that anonymity often protects people from illegal retaliation. I want the Delta Scoop to be fun, interesting and informative. When it ceases to be, I shall relinquish my position as blog-master to a new host, as did my predecessor.

Until then, let's continue with lively debates about issues which concern us all, keeping in mind that this is a blog, not the New York Times, CNN or even the Delta Democrat Times. My involvement in the Delta Scoop is for entertainment; I don't get paid to host this blog which is why I can express my opinions freely and honestly... and you can as well. I love a spirited debate and we have had many! If discussions here move people to seek change by offering their views of reality, that is simply a good thing.



Anonymous said...

FORTHWRIGHT, you speak so intelligently. This blog is so interesting. i look forward to checking it every day. thanks for being the blog master.

Fly said...

I second that! Forthright, you impress us all with your eloquence and knowledge of community dynamics. You are not afraid to speak the truth. Thank you for a job well done!

Anonymous said...

Ignore the complainers, Forthright. You are my hero :)

Different Delta Thought said...

I live south of Greenville, New county codes have been put into place that may effect you!
I do know know the extent of the codes. But here are a few that I have heard of.
If you are one of those that bought one acre of property south of town for a elevated rate. Your property to is now worth nothing if your place burns or can not be replaced for what ever reason your out of luck, you must have two acres now. I believe you are able to sell your place that has something on it with no problem but if you have one acre with nothing on it, it is useless!! Why two acres???? Thats silly!!

Second if you do have more then one acre, you will not be able to put down a septic tank($1500.00). You must put down a chlorination system that will cost you over ($5,000.00). This system chlorinates the water and then is setup as a yard sprinkler and the waste water is distributed into the yard as if it was a regular yard sprinkler.. Is this wise? I don't know about you but when my kids are out playing around that area I hope the automatic sprinkler does not come on! I don't feel like it is a good idea to put this nasty water on the top of the ground. This also attracts mosquitoes that carry unknown amounts of disease. The ground stays wet. But you will have some green grass to keep cut!!

If you do any type of building or improvements to your home you must have a permit to do so.! That includes adding a deck to your back yard.

I personally live outside of the Big city so I can be a little more free to do as I wish. But now the county has dropped the value of my property and I am unable to use my other lot.
Please correct me if I am wrong, I hope I am!! Also does anyone know where I can get a copy of the new codes??

Upset Flight!

Just a suggestion said...

Dif. Delta,

I would think the new codes would be available at the county courthouse and certainly your County supervisor would know. If you have concerns you should ask him about the changes, as well.

If it affects that many in these changes, the codes should be appealed and rectified. They work for us, we don't work for them! Complain!

Southern Girl said...

Dif, Delta,,,

I have heard there was new codes,, but they were not supposed to change them like that.... I read the codes that they said was going to be put into place... There was nothing like that. I guess the papers I read was just so everyone would be ok with the idea of the codes.

Thank you for the information.