Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Free Fertilizer?

I live south of Greenville. New county codes have been put into place that may effect you! I do know know the extent of the codes. But here are a few that I have heard of. If you are one of those that bought one acre of property south of town for a elevated rate. Your property to is now worth nothing if your place burns or can not be replaced for what ever reason your out of luck, you must have two acres now.

I believe you are able to sell your place that has something on it with no problem but if you have one acre with nothing on it, it is useless!! Why two acres???? That's silly!!

Second, if you do have more then one acre, you will not be able to put down a septic tank ($1500.00). You must put down a chlorination system that will cost you over ($5,000.00). This system chlorinates the water and then is setup as a yard sprinkler and the waste water is distributed into the yard as if it was a regular yard sprinkler.. Is this wise?

I don't know about you but when my kids are out playing around that area I hope the automatic sprinkler does not come on! I don't feel like it is a good idea to put this nasty water on the top of the ground. This also attracts mosquitoes that carry unknown amounts of disease. The ground stays wet. But you will have some green grass to keep cut!!If you do any type of building or improvements to your home you must have a permit to do so.! That includes adding a deck to your back yard.

I personally live outside of the Big city so I can be a little more free to do as I wish. But now the county has dropped the value of my property and I am unable to use my other lot. Please correct me if I am wrong, I hope I am!! Also does anyone know where I can get a copy of the new codes??

The controversy over these new codes has been brewing for some time. The "logic" proposed by proponents of these new ordinances is that they are attempting to "maintain the residential integrity" of these county properties... more simply put, the want to keep out the "rif-raff".

By implementing these stringent codes, the county hopes to stall the rapid outward migration of Greenville residents who are tired of paying city taxes... for nothing. The county schools are far superior to GPS and parents who can not afford private school tuition have little choice but to move outside of the city. This places an increased burden on the county schools as more and more mobile homes spring up each year. Everyone knows that selling a house in the "Riverside" school district increases your marketability by 200%.

In essence, the supervisors are trying to prevent county land owners from developing "trailer parks" on their land. Proponents view this as a good thing, but not all property owners agree. Once again, why does the government have the right to dictate how you can use your legally acquired property? If you are fortunate enough to live in a traditional community and view modular homes as unsightly, you probably agree with these ordinances. However, if you are like many parents who sacrifice much to give their children the best educational opportunities available, you are most likely outraged.

If you want a copy of these ordinances, call your county supervisor. After you read the legalistic jargon, you probably won't be any more informed than you are now. That is why I offer this "quick read" version to concerned county residents.

Outrageous you say? Sure it is. It is just another example of what the unchecked power of public officials can do when we allow them to speak on our behalf.

Speak up, speak out!



Anonymous said...

look out your tax dollars are next!!

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that the King’s Daughters Hospital will suffer its final indignity tomorrow. Ray and his marketing gurus have decided that the “King’s Daughters” name is inconsistent with their current marketing strategies, so out it goes! Actually, Ray may be right on this one. The “King’s Daughters Hospital” has always represented quality, pride, compassion and dedication… all qualities that are quite foreign to the current DRMC.

Seems that they had a big send off today for Dr. Frothingham. The boot marks were quite obvious on Rodney’s rear end in spite of the “retirement” spin Ray was shoveling. Excellent marketing campaign Ray… you fire the only respected member of your administrative team and then abolish the name of the hospital that founded health care in Greenville! Gee, and we only paid 4 million dollars for these epiphanies.

Here’s an idea that could really boost your popularity: Why not hold a public burning of the King’s Daughters Sign (“In His Name”). Surely that will forever prove that you fear neither man nor God!

Check out the 10 PM report tonight on WXVT. It’s about a pregnant woman who is bleeding and goes to DRMC’s ER. She has to wait 7 hours to see a doctor!

Yep, Ray… you are building the “next great hospital” in Mississippi!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, I work in the healthcare field in a nearyby city (fled DRMC after years to be free of Ray's stupidity)and have the opportunity to see patients and their medical records from other facilities. You wouldn't believe the number of patients who were seen in Cleveland or Greenwood ER because they went to Delta Regional and were turned away for no money. I'm really surprised the pregnant woman was even seen in the ER - she must have been insured and been able to pay her co-pay on the spot...other bleeding pregnant women have been sent away because they didn't have the ability to pay. Yeah, its in all caps typed right in the triage form. PATIENT STATES SHE WENT TO DELTA REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER IN GREENVILLE WITH COMPLAINTS OF BLEEDING/5 MONTHS OB PATIENT BUT WAS TURNED AWAY FOR LACK OF PAYER SOURCE. Anyone who knows anything about healthcare here in Greenville will agree that Ray's lil campaign that he spent four million bucks on makes one sick every evening while watching the news. All those employees speaking all those lies. Ray is a despicable man for what he has done to this facility. Dr. Frothingham is 100 times the man he is. The next great hospital...yeah, right. I'm just sorry I missed the ten pm news. We are all hoping that one night we'll hear the lead story "Humphreys and his leadership team purged from DRMC". Now, THATS gonna be something to celebrate.