Monday, May 14, 2007

Our Men in Blue Causing the "Blues"

Regarding Greenville's Finest...

"I'm not sure exactly how many crimes took place over the weekend, but I do know that at least six officers entered one of the bars downtown waving flashlights for no reason on more than one occasion. It does seem that the police force would rather push their weight around in a safe bar that already has security than go out and do some actual police work, and why not???"

"We are merely all bowing down to them giving them all the power in the world to abuse however they see fit. How many murders happened here last year, and how many were solved? What about all the other crimes that take place on a day to day basis? It would be interesting to see just how many crimes take place between the hours of 10:00 pm and 2:00 am when they seem to be "working so diligently". I personally DO NOT feel very safe at all knowing this is the bunch that is supposedly "protecting" me and my family."

Another disgruntled patron adds:

"I also agree. I was told to get my f..king ass off the side walk or go to jail just for wanting to smoke outside one of the clubs. No one deserves this kind of disrespect from the Assistant Chief. To me it sets a bad example for the other guys on the force."

L.R. adds the following..

"It's always been that way regarding the police and nightclub and bar security. It's easier to patrol to "easily patrolable" not to mention it's 1/4 block from the police station. If nothing's happening inside the bar, then nothing will happen except you'll see cops waving flashlights. That said, having that "safe" feeling downtown is another matter."

When was the last time you read the headline: "Man Robbed at Gunpoint in Crowded Bar"? I would suspect that most fleeing criminals don't seek shelter in our downtown "entertainment district."

As for profanity from public servants, it should not be tolerated. The above "smoker" should have immediately called the GPD and lodged a formal complaint against this officer. Because they represent the law does not mean that they are above it!

Police officers have a difficult and often dangerous job. For the most part, they are underpaid for their often "thankless" jobs; however, they too, must play by the rules. Abuse of power at any level is unacceptable, but it will "always be that way" as long as we permit it. Everyone has a boss, whether appointed or elected. However low on the food-chain voters have become, we still have a voice.

Complacency is the fodder of tyrants!



Anonymous said...

Extra- Extra read all about this here because you will not see this in our local media.

Automatic gunfire errupts Saturday 05/12/07 at V.F.W. Almost 30 rounds filled the night air as gunfire errupted at The V. early Saturday morning. Two people have said to be injured.
The Assistant Chief left the "Entertainment District" in a reactive move to make Greenville safe.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the Hebrew Temple suffered a big loss to copper thiefs. This brings to almost thirty downtown businesses that have been hit. Estimated combined loss of almost a quarter of a million dollars.