Thursday, May 17, 2007

More "Untold" Stories

Anonymous said...

"Extra- Extra read all about this here because you will not see this in our local media. Automatic gunfire erupts Saturday 05/12/07 at V.F.W. Almost 30 rounds filled the night air as gunfire erupted at The V. early Saturday morning. Two people have said to be injured. The Assistant Chief left the "Entertainment District" in a reactive move to make Greenville safe. "

Another writer offers:

"I heard that the Hebrew Temple suffered a big loss to copper thieves. This brings to almost thirty downtown businesses that have been hit. Estimated combined loss of almost a quarter of a million dollars."

It appears that much "news" gets missed by our local media. Unfortunately, I have no way of substantiating whether all or any of the stories are true; however, both sound quite plausible.

Copper is a hot commodity right now. Thieves recently stripped the abandoned Hollandale Hospital of much of the copper and sold it for thousands. As for the automatic gunfire, that is a common sound which can be heard throughout the city on any given night.

Let's not forget the rash of arson fires which occur almost nightly. City officials attribute them to teenagers who are "bored" and have nothing better to do. (I don't recall ever being that bored as a teenager.)

Thursday's news tells us of 15 car break-ins in the Country Club Estates area. This suggests that our thieves do not restrict their activities to the older sections of town. It also suggests that our men in blue need to get out of the "entertainment district" and into the residential neighborhoods.

What say you, Mayor Hudson?



Anonymous said...

The newspaper didn't report the burglary of at least 7 vehicles last week in the old Bowmanor neighborhood, although the police took a report. This is the MAYOR'S own neighborhood! One occurence was two doors down from Mrs. Hudson's home.

Anonymous said...

I for one think it is just a travesty that incidents like these are not reported to the public. Where is our media coverage? More importantly, where are our men in blue? If the police are in fact out patrolling as they should be why are they not making it known? And why does their presence seem obsolete?

Anonymous said...

You can't convince me that the police aren't part of the problem. Their leadership turns a blind eye to the problem.

Anonymous said...

There is very little true police work going on here. The officers just shrug thier shoulders. The detectives never follow up. The leadership disrepects and turns a blind eye to complaints. Try to get a incident report and it's a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

I read in the DDT today that they finally made some arrest involving the copper thievery! well there is no way that only three people are responsible for all the damage and theft. I wonder how long before they are back out on the streets.