Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sacred Secrets?

New topic... Thank God!

"Does anyone know what is going on with the Emanuel Baptist Church and Greenville Christian School? Rumor is that the pastor of the church is not answering questions, acting like he has a big secret. Rumor also is that the school will close if the church does not step in. Comments, please, if you have any information".

I will have to defer this one to those more in the know... Come on Greenville, let's hear from you. The Scoop counter says you are reading the Scoop... just not offering your thoughts and opinions, which we all have. Speak up!


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Anonymous said...

That great sucking sound you hear is the last morsel of Greenville "Christian" School as it swirls down the drain! The declining local economy (read: white/professional flight) cannot support three tuition-based high schools. Four, if you count Deer Creek. The better question is: what's up with Fred Carl and Viking Range? How is it that they figure Greenwood needs another private school?