Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Jackpot" or "Jeopardy"?

Anonymous writer offers...

"Looks like Ray hit the jackpot. People on the gulf coast are still living in tent homes, but HUD just pumped millions into a failing public hospital.

How can he use the burn center? I thought they were separate. There is some real problems at Delta Regional. We need to wake up."

Yes, Ray has pulled another one out of his hat; although, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul has never been considered a long term solution. A HUD loan is like borrowing money from your local "Cash for Title" establishment. It is a last ditch effort to prevent the inevitable, and the odds are always in THEIR favor.

Tax payers would have better odds if Ray took a million in cash down to the Jubilee Casino and put in all on red... or perhaps black would be a more appropriate bet.

As for HUD's responsible appropriation of funds, I think Katrina speaks volumes. After all, it is a government program... mistakes will be made... pockets will be lined.

DRMC graciously donated the space for the burn center and thus welcomes it back in its attempts to become the "Cardiovascular Center of the Delta".

Pouring millions of dollars into DRMC with its current administration is like siphoning the Titanic with a bucket... it may buy you a little time, but the ultimate outcome will still be the same.


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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what is going on wiht the Emanuel Baptist Church and Greenville Christian School? Rumor is that the pastor of the church is not answering questions, acting like he has a big secret. Rumor also is that the school will close if the church does not step in. Comments, please, if you have any information.