Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The "Tourism" Tax?

Anonymous writer offers:

As you may or may not know: Washington County collects an additional 1 percent tax on all hotel rooms rented, all restaurant meals and Nightclub revenues. This tax is called a Tourism tax. The money is used to fund the Washington County Convention and Tourism Center and employees.

But the way I see it is: I have yet to see a tourist much less a convention that has been attracted by the million or so dollars collected. This money should be directed towards economic development NOW.

I would like to know how much money is collected and just where the money is going? The CVB has a glossy web site but that's about it. They also have a new HQ which would have made a better community center with indoor basketball courts and all.

I say, Take this money and direct it toward attracting business and jobs. Tourism might come when we have something to offer.

Ahhh yes, the tourism tax... just another by-product of our beautiful casinos where we tax the poor to pay the rich! I, too, would like to know where these tax dollars are spent. How much do we pay to maintain the "Welcome Center" which appears to be more of a trucker's rest stop than an information center.

I walked in there one day to see how we welcome visitors. There were two employees there: one was giggling on a cell phone and the other was eating. Neither one ever spoke a word to me as I perused the various literature and brochures.... so much for southern hospitality!

The last time I encountered a "tourist" in Greenville was at the Conoco by the mall. A couple from Ohio was on a tour of the historic south and asked if I could tell them how to get to Vicksburg. Thank God for gas stations!



Anonymous said...

The new WCCVB offices do not include the armory -- only Ft. Nicholson, the two-story building.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info.
Please help me understand what they