Thursday, January 18, 2007

DRMC Ousts Azomani

Colleague supports fellow physician...

Dr. Hosan Azomani is one of the finest Pediatricians that Greenville has ever known. Tonight's news that he has been denied privileges at DRMC is just more evidence of the corrupt politics by Ray Humphreys and his current administration.

As a fellow physician, I know the circumstances leading to this event. It has nothing to do with quality patient care or concern for the countless patients who depend upon this dedicated physician's skills.

It is purely a political act of retaliation and exposes the pettiness of DRMC's administration as well as their total disregard for health care in our community.

Greenville and the Delta should be outraged! Why do we continue to allow this self-serving group of administrators to run off qualified physicians? Ray Humphreys needs to go... not our dedicated physicians!


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