Tuesday, November 28, 2006

100 White Men?

An anonymous writer brings it home...

To clarify a point for readers---and Sis from Seattle: The newspaper did not label the lawmakers as "black." This is the label of their own choosing. Not all segregation begins and ends with the white man.

Imagine a headline that read "White Lawmakers Convene." Or Hispanic Lawmakers or Asian Lawmakers, etc. How would that make sense?

100 Black Men. Miss Black America. BTV. As long as black Americans want to be considered ONLY black as a priority over their status as Americans, then they will always seem to be struggling for acceptance. My ancestry is Scotch-Irish. Yet I do not label myself as such, nor do I feel the need to make the constant reference to my "homeland."

I am an American.

This writer drives the point home! How long would a group named "100 White Men" survive in the Mississippi Delta?

Question... can white females join "100 Black Men", and if not, how would they refuse them? "I'm sorry Ma'am, but we only allow black men in our club"? Any employer who made such a statement to a job applicant would spend the rest of his/her natural life in court.

So, why is it that the only color we are allowed to "discriminate" is black? Sociologists maintain that the "pendulum of life" has to swing just as far to the left as it does to the right in order to maintain balance. I don't disagree with this theory, but I think in 2006, the Delta should be getting pretty darn near close to plumb!


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