Thursday, September 07, 2006

Git 'er Dun?

An anonymous contributor asks...

WHY was Washington Avenue destroyed MONTHS AGO, with no further progress made since? Nor any word of such progress published in the local news outlets?

WTF??? Is someone deliberately trying to destroy Greenville? It's been my experience that local leaders have always stepped forward when times were tough. We have plenty of those here. Of the nationally-known variety.

Ambassador Retzer? Sons of Senator Dyer? Chairman Reed? Mr. Cox? Mr. Alexander? Mr. Hafter? BILLY PERCY????? Many have the influence to affect changes in your hometown. PLEASE HELP US NOW.

I am here for the duration. I have no choice. The above-mentioned gentlemen differ in religion and political party affiliation, yet they all call Greenville HOME. DO SOMETHING.QUICK.

"Ambassador"... "Senator"... "Chairman"... but, not "Mayor". I am afraid we have seen a major power shift in the last two decades. I liken it to selling tickets for the Titanic 100 years after it sunk.


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