Thursday, September 28, 2006

Billboard Fuels the Fire!

An anonymous writer comments...

Whats with the "I believe in Greenville" billboard in Cleveland? Is this more of that stupid courthouse issue? Who cares where a federal building is? Why dont we work on improving our city and our streets instead of fighting over stupid buildings. The politicians are going to put it where they want to anyway and nobody else matters.

I did hear on the local news that such a billboard would be posted in Cleveland. And yes, I do believe that its impetus is the Federal Courthouse issue; however, I am less sure of its strategic outcome.

It appears to me that this billboard is more antagonistic than competitive. The federal building's location is hardly the issue. It's the jobs that follow the building that are at the heart of this debate. This billboard is little more than "gang graffiti" intended to raise the ire of the challenger... and it has obviously done that! We all await the final outcome.


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Anonymous said...

I personally do not want any part of my Chamber Membership dues going to pay for a billboard in CLEVELAND!!
Some Advise for the Chamber:
Promote the locally owned businesses that we have now!