Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Stealing" the Courthouse?

Our friend, "Local Reflector" responds:

You can't possibly believe that Cleveland was given the idea of "stealing" the federal courthouse by reading the Delta Democrat Times.

I do believe it's conceivable that the newspaper followed on rumors - or not such rumors - and something came of it. If the DDT has influenced such a momentous change of venue for the federal courthouse, they deserve credit which cannot be measured. These things take too much time to organize. Because Greenville leaders didn't know what was at play - that's just par for the course and reflects more on Washington County's relationship with state/federal leaders than anything.The federal courthouse is NOT the final nail in Greenville's coffin if it leaves, no more than Textron's departure was the "final" nail.

I can't imagine there's a ton of economic "boom" in the federal courthouse's job creating possibilities. There is a ton of "prestige factor" that stands to relocate into Cleveland should it actually move.When an existing casino pulls up anchor and sails away, get worried. That's would be over a million in tax revenue floating away. Monopolized gaming ownership makes this, somewhat, a possibility however unlikely it may be.

Greenville's lost its annual cultural offerings this past year. The medical market is "correcting" after a half-decade of an arms race to see which hospital "wins." So, there are other agenda items which probably stand higher in scope than the Federal Courthouse.

For debate's sake, that's my opinion. There's the disclaimer.The paper was ahead of this issue in media reporting terms. But, the idea that Cleveland would recruit the Federal courthouse is an idea, that I'd bet a million dollars, beat any newspaper headline by at least months.

Forthright: Okay, Stealing might be a rather harsh word. Recruiting seems more appropriate. Anyone who has visited Cleveland lately can certainly see that there are vast differences between Cleveland and Greenville.

Cleveland has a downtown area that is flourishing with quaint shops and restaurants. Residential real estate is difficult to find on the current market and businesses are actually moving into Cleveland. Their public schools are quite good and Cleveland's health care facilities are thriving.

Sure, they have DSU, Baxters and several other prosperous industries, but why do you think these businesses chose Cleveland over Greenville? It has to do with "quality" of life and the community's vision. As a community, Cleveland looks forward in anticipation and growth. Greenville simply looks back with remorse.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the Judge and Court Employees don't feel safe here in Greenville. They do hear many cases!