Monday, August 14, 2006

Back to "Scoop" Days

Okay, is everyone on vacation? I take a few days off and the entire Delta gets quiet. Let's hear from you. I have made commenting on the Scoop even easier by eliminating the need for a pen name or an email address. All you need to do is send me your ideas, rants, raves or topics for discussion and let's see what develops.

July and August certainly seem to be the months that most Deltan's travel. Whether I visit Destin, Gulf Shores or even NYC, I never fail to meet two or three people from the Delta. For a diverse community, we certainly seem to stick together when it comes to vacations.

So... the kids have gone back to school... so let's get back to Scoop.



Anonymous said...

You'll have to rebuild the lost momentum on the local issues.

Anonymous said...

I guess it is too hot to post!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wote a comment, it has not shown up.

Anonymous said...

It appears that everyone that cared about Greenville has given up or moved!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's time to speak up, Forthright.