Sunday, June 20, 2010

Barriers Between Us

GREENVILLE - The Rev. Frank Hall felt that the Delta Democrat Times’ recent community forum at the Washington County Convention Center, was good for Greenville. However, he was disappointed with the turnout of a segment of the city’s population.

The forum on home invasion was held May 20.

“I felt there should’ve been more African Americans there,” said Hall, pastor of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. “Many of the crimes that occur in the city, like it or not, happen to African Americans and, like it or not, happen in the African American community. It was disappointing to see the turnout didn’t have more African Americans, especially when you consider that the city is 70 percent African American.”

Because of the poor showing, Hall is hosting a community forum on crime at the church, 322 North Street, June 24, at 6 p.m.

“I want everyone to come out,” said Hall. “And I do mean everyone. It is open to everyone because the crime problem in this city is everyone’s problem.

“I’ve had whites at my church, and they have been welcomed and will most certainly be welcomed at the forum,” he said. “We need to hear from everyone.”

Hall decided to hold the forum because “perhaps people couldn’t get to the convention center for whatever reason,” he said. “By having it in the community, at a community church, we’ll be able to reach those people.

“A lot of good ideas and information was shared at the last forum,” said Hall. “ Many of the people in the African American community should’ve been there to hear what was said.”

If I am not mistaken, this forum was originally scheduled at a local high school. It was subsequently moved because of the concern that the "white" community would not venture into the location of that particular high school.

Now the African American community is claiming low participation at the forum because "people couldn't get to the convention center for whatever reason". I think this speaks volumes about the state of race relations in Greenville.

The truth is, that neither race wants to accept responsibility for what Greenville has become. Sure we can all gather at the convention center (or in a cotton field) to celebrate the blues... because it is the one remaining thing that is marketable about the Delta. The area that was once noted for its culture, art and literary figures is now touted as the "Crime Capitol of the State".

So, how did we get there? Was it "white flight" from integrated schools over the past 30 years, or was it the "entitlement mentality" of reparations that society still owes a great debt? The answer is both! It is quite clear by now that changing the "color" of our local leaders has had no effect on Greenville's spiraling demise.

With the race card out of the way, you have to look at cultural values to define Greenville... and that is where there is a great divide! You can not expect cultures to ever mesh when the two races work so hard to be separate. If the residents of Greenville can not even agree on a common location to discuss the fact that crime is ruining every one's lives, there is little hope left to turn Greenville around.



Anonymous said...

The truth of the matter is....the reason the Africian Americans did NOT attend the community-wide meeting at the convention center about crime and home invasions is because....THEY know that the crimes and home invasions were committed by their own...meaning Africian Americans.

THEY did NOT and could NOT face the truth because it was being spoken by a white person!

End of story.

Anonymous said...

LOL...whatever! Be it a white person or black person speaking, it wouldn't have mattered. People just don't care anymore including "Whites" and "Blacks". Throughout history, people have taken a toll on our society, so history just has to play itself out again before things get better. My generation, the younger generation has to start over again in regards to letting go of the past meaning, white people keeping their children away from black children. If we start raising them wtihout any boundaries regarding accepting each other and helping each other at a younger age, the future will be better. Hey, but as we say, it only takes one bad apple to ruin the whole litter. I love Mississippi still! Change is going to come!

Anonymous said...

8:50 AM

...."keeping their children away from black children. If we start raising them without boundaries regarding accepting each other and helping each other at a younger age, the future will be better. Hey, but as we say, it only take one bad apple to ruin the whole litter. I love Mississippi still! Change is going to come!"

Yes, and THAT bad apple is THE president of the United States!

Just because HE is a product of a
"mixed" relationship...doesn't mean that IT is right!

THAT change will never happen!

That is THE truth and ALL must accept it!

Wazz-UP said...

GREENVILLE - According to figures, the instances of burglaries and home invasions in the city of Greenville is alarming.

Through April of this year, the Greenville Police Department had recorded 203 home invasions; by Friday, June 11, the number stood at 372.

“It’s troublesome,” said Greenville Police Chief Charles Patterson.

It's troublesome??? That's all he has got? What a town you folks have.

Anonymous said...

Offer a free buffet and see a crowd show up! You may even catch a couple of the thieves!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back Forthright.

Greenville is hopeless and lacks leadership in all sectors. There are too many incompetent people working in every city, county, and state office in Greenville. All they want is their check every month. They don't know how to earn that check.....they still have that entitlement's still a guv'ment check any way you look at it.

Anonymous said...

There was a big bruha at T L Weston this morning. Lots of police officers there. Does anyone know details?

Anonymous said...

If you haven't read "The Help", you need to. It is an excellent snapshot of Greenville in the 1960's. I was raised by a black maid who not only changed my view of the races, but my entire life as well.

She made me look at many harsh realities around me, but loved me as much or more than my mother. She was not black... she was my "other" mother.

I did not learn about racism until it was taught to me in college. I loved Mis "E" as much as anyone in my family. I only regret that I did not do more for her in her lifetime.

Life is too short to hate. We are all products of our environment... but not bound by the bigotry of our past.

Anonymous said...

8:11 PM

Back in the 1960's, your Mis "E", not only raised her OWN children with morals and values, but the employers' children also!

Now, the Misses "E" in the world are non existant.

They can't even raise their OWN children with morals or values, much less some one else's children!

Anonymous said...

8:16..You got that right!....This generation of black girls can't even cook like their grandmammas did. All they know is fast food, EBT cards,SSI checks along with Medicaide cards, free breakfast and lunch programs, free Head Start, TANIF, Section 8 housing and what else have I missed?

Anonymous said...

How do you judge if a "mixed" marriage between to human beings that love each other is a good or a bad thing?

Anonymous said...

In instead of giving students free lunch and breakfast, I propose that we give them several rolls of quarters at the beginning of each school year. Lunch will cost a quarter. This will teach a couple of things: responsibility (keeping up with the quarters) and also letting them know that "there is no such thing as a free lunch". If they loose there quarters or spend them elsewhere, they will have to do without! When I was a child in school, we would purchase a lunch card that was good for a month (about 50 cents per meal). If we lost that card, you had to pay extra to get a replacement and they would not let you eat unless you had that card. The cashier would punch it everyday!

Anonymous said...

9:54 AM

People that choose to "enter into"
a mixed marriage are selfish people. They are only thinking of their OWN selves,(mostly for lustful reasons!), never once stopping to think of their families, and how their "selfish",
"mixed marriage" will affect them.

And last, but, certainly, not least...THEY never once stopped to consider THEIR own childen, that will be
"mixed" and never fully accepted by either race.

So, now I ask you, IF they truly loved each this good or bad?

Anonymous said...

10:00 AM

You are so right.

I too, remember the "punched" lunch tickets. No lunch!

You either bought a lunch ticket or brought your "sack" lunch from home.

Now, wait a minute. Isn't that "double dipping" to be giving mom food stamps AND giving her child a "free" lunch at school, also?

Can't she use her food stamps wisely and econimically, and just send a "sack" lunch (and breakfast)to school with the child.

Anonymous said...

I heard about this site this weekend. I also heard that Mr. Forthright was fair. Sorry to say I am dissapppointed in both. These people "hate" black people. I have worked since 1971. My husband and I never got section 8, food stamps, an EBT card, SSI or Medicade. my parents paid for my lunch and I intern paid for my children's lunch by the week.All of my children finished high school, the oldest completed twenty years in the military, the middle child has her masters in accounting and the youngest who chose not to go to college is working. My husband an I did not attend college but we stressed education to the children.My oldest grand is in college and the next one starts in August. I tried to teach them values and took them to church. So why do you hate me simply because I am black?

Anonymous said... are an exception to the rule in Greenville, MS

Anonymous said...

1:28 PM

If YOU and YOUR husband can do it...then the others in your race can do it?

But, the majority of THEM do not.

Explain THAT to them and the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...



You write about mixed marriages like if we were breeding cats with dogs.

Is your all-white marriage better to the eyes of God than the one of a black man and a white woman?

Also, I believe the offspring of an interracial couple that is raised in a loving household, instilled with strong moral values could actually do really well and contribure in a positive way to society.
At least he/she will not care what a retrograde old white lady, from a small town in MS, think about the color of his/her skin.

Anonymous said...

7:59 PM

SOME people...married and not breed like cats and dogs.

AND then, the government has to support the bitch and the whole litter!

Anonymous said...

11:55 AM

You are clearly a bigot living in the past. You do prove what I have found is true: in other states in America and the world, mixed-raced marriages are more common and accepted than they are in Mississippi. We have a ways to go, and when folks like you die off, we will all be better off! So don't let the casket lid hit you on the way out! LOL

Anonymous said...

10:52 PM

AND we also have a ways to go, and when folks of mixed raced marriages
(and you!)die off, we will all be better off!

So, I hope the casket lid doesn't hit them on the way out (or you, either)!

Oh, and by the way, why is a person called a racist or bigot when THEY choose to not have an interacial personal relationship.

Anonymous said...

Just because THE President of the United States is....a product of an interacial personal relationship....does NOT mean that it is politically correct!

Anonymous said...

You. People. Are. PITIFUL! Yeccchhhh! Spend some time getting to know people of another race. You may be surprised to realize that (gasp!) they're just like YOU. (But hopefully not as racist.)

Anonymous said...

I DON'T use medicaid or ssi, food stamps, ebt, free lunches or head start, so i don't have much in common with these folks. no one should get a "free ride". I have to work to get what i have. I don't have money to spend getting my hair and nails done every week.

Anonymous said...

7:28 AM


I am much too busy working at my full time job and helping my wife to raise our children with morals, values and respect for other people's property to associate with YOUR kind of people.

YOU are NOT just like me, or the people that I spend time with!

Like the previous post....I don't have much in common with YOUR kind of folks.

I DO have values and morals, and IT
determines whether or not I associate with CERTAIN others.

IT has nothing to do with bigotry or racism!

People with low self esteem because of their life styles and behavior ALWAYS seem to want to "play" the "race card" instead of changing their ways.

It's time for a change!

Anonymous said...

If I had gone to the "forum", my home would have been broken into.

Anonymous said...

7:25 I'm with you....wonder how many peeps showed up?

Anonymous said...

Probably half of the people that showed up at the church forum are either related to the theives,or ARE the theives!

Now, the "word on the street" will be what the designated action plan is....which will help the theives with their planning strategies!

Did THE mayor show up?

Is Rev. Frank Hall related to the "wanna be" politician Freddie Hall, the barber?

And Freddie Hall's sister, Joyce know...the one with ALL of the "supposedly" grant money for her organization "Better Citizens for Greenville"? (A subsitary division of Southern Echo based out of Jackson!)


Anonymous said...

I am sick of tired of hearing the word GRANT. People act as if it were money grown on a tree!

Anonymous said...

11:32...Just because someone writes does not mean that they get the grant. 98% of all grants that are written are not granted. It is very competitive and many strings have to be pulled.

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting site from the DDT. It shows the locations of the 372 homes that have been broken into in Greenville in the last few months.

Check it out and see how close you are to being the next victim. Both of my neighbors got hit! Note that some of been broken into as much as 3 times.

What a city!!!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is G'ville is a lost cause! Where is all that money being spent that was matched by the guy from Texas? I haven't seen or heard of any good where it has been spent. I believe his name was Dowd that challenged G'ville to match his 50,000 dollars.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they'll now have to use Dowd's $50,000 AND
the "matching" $50,000 to find the theives that are responsible for the home invasions!

That would be a good cause!

And would be a "challenge", since the police department can't seem to find the theives!

Why use the money to fix up the "broken "downtown area when it would make more sense to use it to "help" the ones that already work hard to take care of their OWN propery!

Anonymous said...

It would be great if the DDT would print the names and locations of ALL crimes committed. It would make people more aware of things around them. They might use the Indianola small weekly paper as a guide line.

Anonymous said...

Fruity that's a fruity idea. Stupid, stupid, stupid to waste $20,000 grant money on absolutely nothing. All of the parks in Greenville are in dire need of repairs and $20,000 could go a very long way in repairing swings, sliding boards, walking trails, bathhouses, etc., etc., etc. What a shame....Shame on you Mayor Hudson.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, I lived in Washington State. I could count on one hand, the number of Blacks I saw for the first few weeks. The Blacks I met up there were,indeed,just like us and I actually forgot they were "Black". They were just friends I had over to the house.

Now I live in Greenville, MS. I have to constantly remind myself that there are Blacks living here who have the same goals and values that I do. However, the "70% here" have made me racist!

Why, pray tell, would "white flight" have caused the schools to fail? The public schools still have the monies the taxpayers (mostly White in this county) are paying into the system along now with private school tuition?

Crime? What ethic group commits most of the crime in Greenville, and why do lawyers, when addressing prospective jurors, speak as though talking to a group of first graders? I so often want to scream out, "these people here are not MY peers! And these "prospective jurors" are the same people who elect our public officials. Greenville frightens me.

For those of you, who work, pay taxes, raise your children with values - you have my deepest respect whatever ethic group you belong. But please do not judge me because your neighbors have taught me an unpleasant reality.

Anonymous said...

Well said 4:30....I have lived all over the U.S. in cities with at least 150,000 citizens. Never have I seen such attitudes from blacks there in those cities that I have here in G'ville. Moving back here to take care of my parents is a shock from any other place that I have lived. Even in bigger cities there has never been nearly 400 home invasions or 9 murders. Why do these blacks feel they have to take from others here in G'ville? Why don't they have more pride in themselves to be better than the rest? Why haven't the black leaders in the churches or the black leaders in the community not out in the streets shouting at the top of their lungs to change these MORONS way of thinking? I have tried to be polite here in G'ville by holding the door for a black entering a store or even saying good morning or afternoon and they don't even aknowledge me. All I get is a look that would kill from them.

Anonymous said...

White People SMH!!! lol...gotta love them!

Anonymous said...

10:05 Same here..same circumstances, same results. The black churches teach this kind of behavior. They all have a mentality that just doesn't exist anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Black churches here in Greenville don't necessary teach religion...they teach politics.

Hmmmm. Sounds like O'bama's church
and THE mayor's church!

Anonymous said...

The black population and mentality here in the Delta is taught (and, yes, they do in fact try to "practice what they are taught"!)...the act of dominance and agression.

It is very similar to what Ceasar, the Dog Whisperer, practices in obtaining controll or dominance over an unruly, agressive, dog.

The blacks here glare and stare at the whites in a mean, agressive way, and if....the white person does not look them in the eye...or looks away first...THEN, the blacks go away with the unfalse feeling that they ARE dominant...and the whites are weaker and the "underdog"!

Psycho! Sicko!

It's simple a form of bulleying and intiminating.

So, remember...just "stare and glare" back at them...AND...if you catch them breaking and entering into your homes...."shoot to kill". Be sure to drag the body completely inside the home before calling the police. Simple case of self-defense!

Anonymous said...


Shotgun preteen vs. Illegal alien Home Invaders...

Two illegal aliens, Ralphel Resindez,23,and Enrico Garza,26, probably believed they would easily overpower home-alone 11 year old Patricia Harrington after her father had left their two-story home.

It seems the two crooks never learned two things: they were in Montana and Patricia had been a clay shooting champion since she was nine.

Patricia was in her upstairs room when the two men broke through the front door of the house. She quickly ran to her father's room and grabbed his 12 gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun.

Resindez was the first to get up to the second floor only to be the first to catch a near point blank blast of buckshot from the 11-year-old's knee crouch aim. He suffered fatal wounds to his abdomen and genitals.

When Garza ran to the foot of the stairs, he took a blast to the left shoulder and staggered out into the street where he bled to death before medical help could arrive.

It was found out later that Resindez was armed with a stolen 45caliber handgun he took from another home invasion robbery. That victim, 50-year-old David 0Burien, was not so lucky. He died from stab wounds to the chest.

Ever wonder why good stuff never makes NBC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, or ABC 11 year old girl, properly trained, defended her home, and herself......against two murderous, illegal immigrants.......and she wins,
She is still alive.

Now that is Gun Control! Thought for the day....

Calling an illegal alien an 'undocumented immigrant' is like calling a drug dealer an 'unlicensed pharmacist'

I like this kind of message. American citizens defending themselves and their homes.

Anonymous said...

7 AC units stolen and theives caught on camera! Johnson OUT! A water Park in 5 years!

Will we even have water in 5 years?

Anonymous said...

"Will we even have water in 5 years?"

Good One!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"The Comment (If the residents of Greenville can not even agree on a common location to discuss the fact that crime is ruining every one's lives, there is little hope left to turn Greenville around.)
"The Reply" ( The location and time was set ! The citizens that were concerned about Greenville were at the meeting. The majority that were concerned and able to attend were white ; so what does this tell you ? It tells me that the majority that are concerned about Greenville are white! " WHY " The majority of the taxpayers and property owners in Greenville are white ; they pay the majority of the taxes that pay for our parks and streets etc etc. This in return tells me that the majority of the black population is not paying taxes and probably try to survive on government money with no desire to do better. Now i do know that there are whites that ride that same pony and it is sad also ; but the difference is our population in Greenville is not made up of 70% white government check recipients. The 70% black population now has the power to elect our city and county govt. Now the 70% we talk about is black and without exact figures i will estimate that 45% of that number falls into the "i depend on the government check each month category" which leaves 25% black and 30% white that hold a job, own property, pay taxes and have a real concern for the road our city has taken.
That in return indicates that 55% of our population is letting 45% of the "non tax payers check getters " control our city.
When you go to the polls to vote just decide what % you fall in and ask yourself if you want to continue down the same road we have been on for the past 8 yrs under our city and county govt. Ask yourself if in the history of Greenville and washington County have you ever seen it in the shape it is now under White Leadership. Facts are facts and excuses are excuses but until that 30% white and 25% white in Greenville come together that 45% will take over as long as that check comes each month and they can park in a handicapped parking place.
Have a Great Day ! Just open your eyes and look around !

Anonymous said...

We should ALL petition to have a new bill/law passed!

If THE Government is "supporting"
a citizen with a monthly check----
then...the "said" citizen does NOT have a right to vote in any political what so ever! AMEN!

If they are not physically or mentally capable of getting a job, supporting themselves and paying taxes....then they are not CAPABLE of voting! End of story!

Anonymous said...


We should ALL petition to have a new bill/law passed!

If THE Government is "supporting" a citizen with a monthly check----then...the "said" citizen does NOT have a right to vote in any political election what so ever! AMEN!

If they are not physically or mentally capable of getting a job,supporting themselves and paying taxes...then they are NOT CAPABLE of voting! End of story!

Anonymous said...


We should ALL petition to have a new bill/law passed!

If THE Government is "supporting" a citizen with a monthly check----then...the "said" citizen does NOT have a right to vote in any political election what so ever! AMEN!

If they are not physically or mentally capable of getting a job,supporting themselves and paying taxes...then they are NOT CAPABLE of voting! End of story!

Anonymous said...

Well, if they can take away the right to say the pledge of allegience to the flag...then they can most certainly take away "some" unqualified citizens' right to vote!

Anonymous said...

I completely get your point, however, be careful not to demonize all "illegal" immigrants.

In contrast with what Fox News wants you to believe, only a very small percentage of this group has criminal records. That is the reason you do not see it often in other news venues.

The data overwhelmingly supports the fact that "illegal" immigrants contribute more than what they take away.

It is believed that immigration reform will immediately contribute 1.3 trillion dollars to the U.S. economy by collecting taxes from this group. Watch it, this might be the only feasible solution for this double dipping recession.

Anonymous said...

I think it is the word "illegal" that bothers me. No one is against immigration to this country and there are laws to control it. Why should these "illegals" get special consideration just because their country is a shit hole and we are too stupid to enforce our own laws? If we grant free access to our borders to every SOB that is unhappy with their life, we will see a 300% increase in the population in the next 5 years.

Sure, America is known as the "melting" pot, but we are allowing ourselves to become the "piss" pot!

If you want to come to this country, do it legally... pay taxes, speak our language and respect this country.

If you can't follow these simple rules, you need to realize that the price of "freedom" is not free!

Anonymous said...

TO: 4:37

Would you be so happy if they were taking your job. There is no way $1.3 trillion! They would also become eligible for government entitlements, and believed me they know all about those!

Anonymous said...

IF the immigration reform WILL
immediately contribute 1.3 trillion
dollars to the USA economy by collecting taxes from this group...

THEN why doesn't the IRS and Social Security
Administration set up booths near the border and "officially" "sign them up"!

Anonymous said...

What happened at the Wednesday, July 7, 2010 meeting concerning the possiblility of "cutting" athletic/sports programs in the Greenville Public Schools district?

Those that want to participate in an athletic/sports program can always "sign up" for an "after-school program" funded by one of the numerous Federally funded programs within the district.

It's my understanding that ALL of the current (and immediately previous) DIRECTORS of these "so-called" Federally funded "after school programs" are/were ALL married to athletic coaches!

Hmmmmmm! Academics really are a top priority! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Never Worry ! Help is on the way !
Valley State will play 3 home games at GHS right here in Greenville this year. What a boost that will be for Greenville !
The renovation planning at the Valley was so bad they have to come to Greenville and play on a high school field. They are in the right town because we have leaders here that cannot get a water department going after 6yrs. Geesh can Greenville stand another 2 yrs of Hudson !

Anonymous said...

And GREENVILLE will provide game personnel, security, etc. for ALL three games?

What's wrong with this picture?

Budget cuts.

On the verge of the state dept. taking over.

And then Valley State has the "added" expense of transporting the WHOLE team and staff to Greenville?

Anonymous said...

Why are Greenville Public Schools'
Special Education students permitted to go to summer school?

I thought that summer school was to enable the student to re-take courses that were failed.

Special Education students neither pass nor fail their course work.

They are EXEMPTED from ALL state mandated testing from the State Dept of Education.

I guess the summer school teachers just continued their "babysitting" duties.

Anonymous said...

As did all public school teachers!

Anonymous said...

What is going on at DRMC? No applicants for the job... or they just can't find one as dishonest as Ray?

The next "great hospital" seems to be a pretty hard sell!

Anonymous said...

4:57 PM

Another waste of government money!

And a waste of school funds!

Let the "unemployed","monthly check
receiving" mothers of the students
care for them during the summer months.

They "supposedlly" have to care for them for a week at Thanksgiving and spring break and for two weeks at Christmas!

And I heard that the students were NOT of the "limited learning disabilities", but....severe and profound!

So, it certainly was NOT a case of
"remediation" of materials previously taught for the purpose of advancing to the next school grade!

Anonymous said...

I really dont understand why checks are given to people. They need food, safe places to live, and the basic needs. This could all be accomplished easily.
Maybe then, Section 8 house owners would lose their money because they generally do not provide good or well kept up housing. This would free up a good bit of tax money.
The food could be provided and would be nutritious.
Why give money to parents that dont have the responsibility to spend it appropriately? Money will not teach responsibility.
Why in the world do we provide day care for children whose mothers dont work? Let them take turns watching them. That is a dose of reality.
The government has paralyzed the people, provided a lifestyle that is abused, and made not one of the people in this system want to have anything better.
This is what they are given for free, yet entire generations are losing their will to do better.
We need to shake the system up and not give out free money. Make everyone accountable. Drug test. Take the poor little children and show them there is a great big world out there with so much hope.
Throw out the "wheelchairs" and let them walk without their government paralysis.
Reality is if we dont change these things more and more generations will pay for our mistakes.
By the way, my mother is in a nursing home and we pay out of our pockets for it. She gets the same treatment that the free patients do.
I worked and paid for my own childrens daycare.
Go is not fair, but everything is negotiable.

Anonymous said...

I really dont understand why checks are given to people. They need food, safe places to live, and the basic needs. This could all be accomplished easily.
Maybe then, Section 8 house owners would lose their money because they generally do not provide good or well kept up housing. This would free up a good bit of tax money.
The food could be provided and would be nutritious.
Why give money to parents that dont have the responsibility to spend it appropriately? Money will not teach responsibility.
Why in the world do we provide day care for children whose mothers dont work? Let them take turns watching them. That is a dose of reality.
The government has paralyzed the people, provided a lifestyle that is abused, and made not one of the people in this system want to have anything better.
This is what they are given for free, yet entire generations are losing their will to do better.
We need to shake the system up and not give out free money. Make everyone accountable. Drug test. Take the poor little children and show them there is a great big world out there with so much hope.
Throw out the "wheelchairs" and let them walk without their government paralysis.
Reality is if we dont change these things more and more generations will pay for our mistakes.
By the way, my mother is in a nursing home and we pay out of our pockets for it. She gets the same treatment that the free patients do.
I worked and paid for my own childrens daycare.
Go is not fair, but everything is negotiable.

Anonymous said...

The blog printed my comment 3 times not

Anonymous said...

It is easy for you to talk like that because your ancestors were not brought against their will to this land. They were allowed to own land, get remunerated for their work, get good healthcare, etc. It is a matter of leveling the play field. Historical retribution. Reivindicating the Constitution as Doctor King said.

Anonymous said...

5:38 PM

Dr. King is quoted as..."I have a dream..."

Do you or your ancestors EVER dream about working at a job and receiving payment for the job to "live on"?

Anonymous said...

5:38 PM

Why don't they just build/develope
BIG commune type facilities for the welfare receivers?

They could live in a "gated community" with housing and medical care. The ONLY differerence would be that ALL would the vegetable gardens, chicken coops, barns milking cows, kitchens preparing three meals a day, day care center for toddlers.

It is feasable and would WORK...literally!

Anonymous said...

5:38 PM

You and your ancestors can own just have to get a job in order to purchase the land.

And then you have to continue working on the job to maintain the upkeep and taxes on the land.

And with that same job, you can pay a monthly fee for you and your whole families' health insurance.

That's what the majority of the people do.

Get a job!

It is a matter of leveling the playing field.

Anonymous said...

It is what it is! If you don't like it, then leave the Delta. You can take with you the Southern Living subscription, the stupid portrait at the beach in Florida with the kids all dressed up in jeans and white shirts, the Washington School car sticker and the condescending look you give us in Kroger everytime you see a Ribeye in our cart(no, it is not always for the dog!!!).

Anonymous said...

That last post is my favorite! How well you described the typical "Don't take my stuff" redneck! (I'm a redneck as well, I suppose.) But Lordy, it's the truth! And where do all these white folks get their money? (Don't fire back, Jim Bob, by saying that you earn a paycheck. I earn one, too.) I mean, how do all of these Southern Living subscribers manage to take all those ski trips and cruises and maintain their condos on the beach? I'm a regularly employed, college-educated white female, and I don't have those perks. Never got the white shirt-and-jeans family photo on the beach. (Did my family suffer for it? Not.) Condescending looks in the Kroger? Hmmmm. I try to smile at everyone who makes eye contact with me. I generally find that folks----of ALL colors----are pretty nice when they are treated like human beings.

Anonymous said...

My ancestors(grandparents) were treated worst than the pigs on the farm. They share cropped and worked all year and barely broke even when settling up with the land owner. They learned the English language, read books, self taught themselves about business and law and were able to get better paying jobs, save money, and risked it by buying small parcels of land and farming. No checks (welfare, SSI, Unemployment, Crazy), no food stamps (garden vegetables, and farm animals), no day care, no public transportation (they would walk 1 mile to get to the paved road for the school bus) , no section 8 (it would snow inside the house during the winter), and they were able to raise many children with those having many grandchildren, I am one of those grandchildren and am very proud of my ancestors!!!
I suggest listening to this song "Get A Job" by The Silhouettes

Anonymous said...

Hello there 9:40. This is 7:46. I think we may be cousins. Our circumstances are very similar. Identical, actually, except for our outlook.

Anonymous said...

IF you were brought over here against your will, you can leave at any time. I'll be glad to help you pack!

Anonymous said...

To poster 5:38 PM:

Is it "supposedly"...."a matter of leveling the playing field"..... to break into someone else's home
"against their will" steal items that the property owners worked to buy!?

In YOUR opinion, IS that Historical retribution?

In YOUR opinion, IS that reinvindicating the Constitution?

YOU need to "get real" and stop blaming others, including your ancestors and Dr. King for your (and your more recent ancestors'!)wrong doings!

Anonymous said...

8:28 AM post....

I agree with you!

If they or their ancestors don't like living here....then go back to your own homeland....oh, that is IF you (or your ancestors) have a valid birth certificate stating that you were born in another country.

Or, are you claiming that you also were born in Hawaii?

Just saying... said...

President Obama wants us to cut the amount of gasoline we use.....citizens are concerned about illegals crossing our border...WELL...

The best way to stop using so much gasoline is to deport 10 million illegal immigrants...
Then that
would be 10 million less people using our gas.
The price of gas would come down.
Bring our troops home from Afghanistan to guard the borders...
When they catch
illegal immigrants crossing the border, hand him a canteen, rifle and some ammo and ship him off to
Tell them if they want to come to America then first they must serve a tour in our military... Give a soldier's pay while he's there and tax him on it...
After his tour, he will be allowed to become a citizen since he defended this country...
He can also be taxed as a legal resident.....
If they refuse to serve, ship them to Afghanistan anyway, but without the canteen, rifle or ammo.....
problems solved.

Anonymous said...

5:48 PM

Good idea!

Start a petition and get signatures.

Then send it to our congressmen!

Your FIRST signature should be Ross Perot, from Texas.

He ran as an Independent several years ago for the Presidential election.

He is adamently against illegal immigrants and strongly supports the patroling the border.

Hell, I even voted for him!

Anonymous said...

This should make your day. Click on the link at the end of this
I just knew either Hank Jr or Charlie Daniels would come out with a song to make us laugh and to show us the truth.....Thanks.Hank will probably go to number 1

Straight from Obamas mouth all the broken promises and LIES!!!

Anonymous said...

If anyone is curious, the former "Libby Story" store, will be changing one of its owners and the new name will be "Suzi Paige".

Anonymous said...

Lets all just agree that G'ville is a lost cause and it SUX to be stuck here to try and make it.

Anonymous said...

Greenville Public Schools: Don't you just love them!

To receive a registration form for the Summer Enrichment Program, which is for remediation of coursework or for the "passing" of state mandated tests ...OR...for more details...visit the Special Services Department!

The booster clubs have "pledged" to raise $20,000.....and the Greenville Public School District will contribute $25,000 towards coaches "save" SIX sports, slow pitch softball, tennis, soccor, golf & powerlifting!

Yes, it's ALL about Teach for America!

Anonymous said...

Why IS Greenville Public School District's Special Services Dept.
(or Special Education Dept.)"funding" a summer school program?

The "funding" that Special Services receives is "earmarked" for Special Education students ONLY!

So, the "low" test scores can NOT be blamed on the Special Education students. The "low" test scores are made by "regular" education students.

The students "enrolled" in the Special Education(or Special Services) program ARE EXEMPTED FROM TAKING THE STATE MANDATED TESTS!


Anonymous said...

Where are all the men and the daddy's? Take back our city. Your children are killing each other. It is time for you to take a stand.

Anonymous said...

4:52 PM


Obviously, THE welfare women and mamas aren't doing a very good job!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Harvey Franklin did NOT do so well during his FIRST high salaried year on the j.o.b.!

Anonymous said...

I really hope that Greenville Public Schools does NOT hire Teach for America corp members instead of teachers for the next (2010-11)school term.

They are NOT certified, nor qualified teachers. They are only college graduates who complete a five week "crash course" training during the summer, which upon completion...ensures them with a temporary teaching degree.

They are paid the same salary as a certified teacher and an additional bonus.....that "pays off" their student loans.

Get rid of THEM...and maybe the test scores will improve!

All of them are very arrogant and thnik that they are better than certified teachers...even the ones used to teach to the Special Needs students.

Anonymous said...


They "cut" the GPSD administrators'pay by 10 days!

Why not just get rid of some of the administrators?

They do not need FIVE administrators at the Greenville campus, running around talking on walkie talkies!

Send Leeson Taylor back into the classroom...he needs MORE classroom experience if he EVER hopes to be a SUPERINTENDENT anywhere!

And....the elementary schools do NOT need a guidance counselor....even IF she IS married to Leeson!

Anonymous said...

Leeson can always "join" his mentor, Sammy Felton in Alabama! LOL

Two peas in a pod!

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Anonymous said...

Talk about a crackhead with a computer!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 6:46 PM!

Anonymous said...

Jeez....what was that? Wally? Where are you?

Anonymous said...

Ward, don't you think you are being hard on the Beaver!

Anonymous said...

This blog site has become uninteresting and boring. No one is paying attention to it anymore. Forthright where are you?

Anonymous said...

The saga of Carla Hughes was on NBC Dateline tonight (Friday). Johnnie Walls is appealing the case, but Carla got just what she deserved....2 life sentences without parole. Enjoy prison.

Anonymous said...

10:28 PM

Yes, TWO life sentences...for taking the lives of TWO others....Ms. Banks and her unborn child!

And Carla never testified.

Can't start talking now and "changing" the story!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much money NBC paid Linda and Carl to do the show on Carla? I know Linda well and she doesn't do ANYTHING for free. Maybe they contributed to Carla's appeal. I hope not.

HHudson said...

We have Boo Hollowell filing lawsuits against DRMC; Boo’s cousin representing DRMC (Scott) and Boo’s brother (James) on the Board of DRMC who happens to be the cousin of the person representing DRMC – does this sound ethical to you?

Anonymous said...

I think that Forthwright must be in prison, and only gets a furlough every 3 months or so. Because that is about how often he visits this blog now.

Anonymous said...

Ditto. I've totally fallen out of the habit of checking in. This is stale news. Bye!

Anonymous said...

I have done the same Ditto
Forthwright isnt much of a host

Anonymous said...

I agree, Its hard to get a local website with enough followers to keep it going. You would think Forthwright would take care of us followers.

Anonymous said...

Come back, Local Reflector!!!!

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Anonymous said...

And so it ends.

Anonymous said...

8:38 I think you are correct. I'm gonna miss the gossip!

Anonymous said...

Good bye delta scoop, I enjoyed it when we was going, but its dead now, could have been better if we had a host that was interested in the site. Maybe I will check in next year and see if we have a differnt subject posted. Or maybe even a new host that would build the site back up. If you come across a good Greenville site, Please post it I will come.. man, If only I was saying goodbye to Greenville!! would I miss it as much as I miss the old D/S..

JustSaying said...

Yep, Delta Scoop needs revamping. I read with interest an article in this past Sunday's DDT about the lack of debris removal in our city, I think the writer of that letter needs to take over the Delta Scoop or start another blog. Just saying.

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