Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Patricia Lee: "Not Guilty"

A third trial for former county Tax Collector Patricia Lee ended today in Washington County Circuit Court with a verdict of "not guilty" to all charges. Lee was arrested along with eight former clerks in 2007 after an investigation found employees of the tax collector's office were placing car tag purchasers in cheaper tax districts to provide them a discount. A jury was seated for the trial on Tuesday.

Lee was being prosecuted by the state attorney general's office, which investigated the car tag discount scheme. Her defense attorney is Johnnie Walls. In addition to Lee, eight have been charged as a result of the investigation. Lee's two previous trials have ended in mistrials.

Now who would have predicted this verdict? Eight other employees in your department are participating in this "discount scheme" and you don't know about it?

What can I say? This is just another example of the perks of "club membership".



Anonymous said...

Good bet that her club members were on the jury too!

Anonymous said...

This might be a dumb question, I hope the answer is No, does that mean she gets her job back????

Anonymous said...

What did you expect? It's Greenville MS! Another payback for the Honkies.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Sure she will get her job back, probably with back pay. Remember, we are in the Delta where justice is defined by "beating the rap" rather than by guilt or innocense.

Anonymous said...

If she was innocent, wouldn't she deserve her job back? Or is this just justice reserved for some people

Anonymous said...

Good point. I guess it has to do with three trials to find her innnocent that concerns me....

kennard said...

Do the friends get to keep the tags?

Anonymous said...

You forgot farm subsidies; lots of big money there.

Anonymous said...

For the record, one is not found INNOCENT. They are found Not Guilty because there was not enough evidence to prove her guilty.

Anonymous said...

Aha! There is the correct perspective! Not guilty doe not mean innocent...right you are!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I can't help but wonder why andrewjeski wasn't prosecuted. All of her actions were swept under the rug. She trained the people and one of the witnesses said she taught him how to do it. Maybe this is just the good old boy system used back then,but when a black person gets the job lets prosecute. Is is possible it was three times because there wasn't any evidence.

Anonymous said...

Surely, there had to be grounds for charges or there would not have been the first trial.

Anonymous said...

mY gOD, lEE HAS BEEN IN OFFICE for more than one term. Andrezewski wasn't charged because there was no reason to.

Just because a black woman was charged, don't assume that the white woman was guilty too. If the situation had been reversed, and a white woman charged, and someone made this type comment, the AFLCIO, NAACP, etc would be all over that comment because it is RACIST.

Anonymous said...

Hey all of you, GET OVER IT!

NON race specific said...

**Sunday DDT
Council explains

Saturday, March 7, 2009 11:17 PM CST

Traveling votes


GREENVILLE - City Council members are speaking out about their votes last week over whether to approve funds for travel/training requests.

Betty Watkins, Carl McGee and Errick Simmons on Tuesday voted to send Police Chief Charles Patterson, Capt. Andrew Kaho and Lt. Xavier Redmond to Jackson to attend the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Region III conference. The cost is $288.50 each.

Ann Hollowell, Kenny Gines and Lee Owen voted against.

However, the motion passed when Mayor Heather McTeer Hudson broke the tie by voting in favor of approving the travel expenses.**

I have a problem with our city tax dollars paying to go to ANY Race specifc event. I would be more likely to agree a need, if the conference had been for Police Leaders in General and not "Black Only". Same goes for the city paying for the Mayor attending "The Black Mayor's Conference". Our tax dollars should be specifically related to the population in general. If these people want to attend a race specific event, then they should be willing to pay their own way. If Lee Owens requested funds to attend a "White Council conference", can you imagine the roar from those who do the same???

If we are going to get past racism, we need to get at least past the tax dollars paying to support race specific events and groups.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is that she will be voted back in at election time

Anonymous said...

Since when do our elected officials have the right to use tax dollars to attend functions to support and advance a specific race, with tax dollars collected from all races? Worse yet, these events are of a personal nature. These events are in no way directly related to the jobs of the officials. Not unless furthering racial tensions and widening the racial divide are part of their job descriptions.

Enough is enough! said...

Exactly. How is it okay for tax dollars to be spent on race specific events? I am so tired of the double standards! This crap has to stop, especially when there are even fewer tax dollars to spare these days. Those types of trips are ripping off the city and the citizens! Enough is enough!

I have no problem with the organizations, well, not mostly. If these people feel it is so important for them to attend, by all means, feel free to go, take some time off that you have earned off and pay your own way to be there. Time for these events to get off the city paychecks!

No way! said...

As for Patricia Lee, my thinking is that even if she is not guilty, the fact remains it was her staff who were. She should be fired retroactive to the date of her arrest for poor office management and coverage of office business on her part as Director/MGR. NO back pay, No job!

Anonymous said...

Lee is guilty -- we all know it. She just had enough buddies on her jury. Another reason we all need to leave this place!

Anonymous said...

Change the subject. My college-age son and I were watching the local news and heard that the local Pizza Inn, A&W, and Long John Silver's all had closed recently. He commented that it was no wonder, as he had not visited any of those places in all the years he's been independently mobile---they simply did not interest him. I quote: "If people want to have a successful restaurant in Greenville or anywhere else, why don't they simply appeal to the desired demographic?" There are HUNDREDS of local folks---and thousands beyond our city limits---who crave a nice location for a meal, someplace they don't have to be ashamed to take a date, someplace that is as much a destination as a diner. How hard would it have been to open a McAllister's deli rather than a silly A&W/LJSilver combo. Totally wrong demographic! If you want your restaurant to survive, then appeal to the group that has the money to spend. We don't want another hot wings trailer or tamale shack. We want a location, a place to spend a pleasant evening with friends. We don't want another national pizza franchise---we want Lost Dog Pizza! We don't want another Taco Bell---we want Newk's Express or Sweet Pepper's Deli. Pay attention!!!! Heather, Betty Lynn, Ed: get the word out, please. We will THROW money out of the car window as we drive up! Just give us some better options.