Saturday, December 27, 2008

Edent Brent: A Jewel in our Crown!

Okay, some news is worth "stealing". Thanks to the Delta Democrat Times and Logan Mosby for this great article on one of the Delta's most incredible treasures! If you haven't heard Eden Brent play and sign... you haven't been treated to one of the greatest talents in the South. Thanks Eden for proving you don't have to be black... to sing the blues!

You can purchase Eden's DVD at several locations around town or at You can even download it right onto your computer!

‘Mississippi No. 1' earns Brent blues nods By LOGAN MOSBY
Wednesday, December 24, 2008 1:32 PM CST

Greenville blue artist Eden Brent has been nominated for four of the Blues Foundation's Blues Music Awards, including one for her new album, “Mississippi Number 1.” The ceremony will be in May in Memphis.

A Port City blues artist is making her way in the world and is picking up nominations left and right along the way.Most folks around these parts already had a head's up on Greenville native Eden Brent's talent, and now, with the release of her latest CD, “Mississippi Number One,” the rest of the world has been let in on the secret.

And it looks like the world, as well as the music industry, is standing up and taking notice. Tuesday, the Blues Foundation announced the nominees for the 2009 Blues Music Awards, and Brent has been tapped in four categories - Acoustic Album of the Year, Acoustic Artist of the Year, Best New Artist Debut and Pinetop Perkins Piano Player. “I feel so honored,”

Brent said Wednesday after learning of the nominations. “I've looked at the list of other nominees and to be recognized with the likes of B.B. King, it's just amazing.

“It is so nice to be mentioned among so many of my friends, as well as stellar artists that I have looked up to for so long. It was a wonderful surprise.”

Brent's love of music began at home with her family, and continued through high school, where she played flute in the marching band, all the way to the University of North Texas, where she earned a bachelor's degree in music.

But it wasn't until she began studying under the late, great Greenville bluesman Boogaloo Ames that Brent really found her musical footing. Brent spent 16 years learning the art form from Ames, earning the nickname, “Little Boogaloo.”

Since launching her solo career, she was named a 2004 inductee into the Greenville Blues Walk, the 2006 winner of the Blues Foundation's International Blues Challenge, and has headlined venues across the world, including the Kennedy Center, the British Embassy, and tours in South Africa and Norway. Brent has taken her success in stride, and this week's nominations have only reaffirmed her dedication to the blues and the Delta.

“I'm happy that I've been recognized with this album, ‘Mississippi Number One,' because it really is a tribute to Mississippi, and in particular, this area,” Brent said. “The Delta can really share in this recognition, because were it not for the people here, and the experiences I've had here, I wouldn't have anything to write about.”

Brent says that no matter where her career and success may lead her, Greenville and the Delta will always be her home.“I'm a Mississippi Delta gal, and I always will be,” she said. “I belong here, this place belongs to me.” The Blues Music Awards will be held May 7, 2009, at Cook Convention Center, in Memphis.

Get Eden's DVD... you won't be disappointed!



Jm said...
LOVES Eden Brent!!!!
Come and listen!

Anonymous said...

Don't shop at dollar general. the return policy stinks. they wouldn't let me return the outfit my relative gave me because i didn't have the receipt. (no she didn't give me a gift receipt. i doubt they offer one anyway). i never shop there anyway, and this incident just proved my low opinion of them.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I love Dollar General!!!!!!!!!!

Pissed said...

Who cares about Dollar General? Eden Brent has put Greenville on the map for her great talents and concern for the Delta!

Nobody lets you exchange merchandise without a receipt... particularly in Greenville... the theft capital of the world! So, I guess you will just have to kiss that $9.95 away... if it wasn't stolen to begin with!

Big Mama said...

dats pritty good

Anonymous said...

Um, I'd be more concerned about the cheap relative who gifted me with a stanky outfit from DG. He/she coulda spent that ten-dolla on something way cooler at McCormick's or Lagniappe or just about anywhere else.

Cross Harp Chronicles Blog said...

"If you heaven't heard Eden Brent play and sign... you haven't been treated to one of the greatest talents in the South."

I have heard much about Edent Brent. She is suppose to be a remarkable talent.

Now that I know that her act is for the hearing impaired, I have to see her.

How does she manage? Playing piano and signing?

Is that Edent or Eden? I want to catch the right act.

Also, apparently the deep south has not changed that much. "Thanks Eden for proving you don't have to be black... to sing the blues!"

Anonymous said...

Our Eden SINGS, not SIGNS.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Eden COULD sign. She's a pretty sharp gal.

And go figure....Southerners are the only ones who make insensitive comments about other races or ethnic groups. (Not.)

Anonymous said...

Different subject, but has anybody seen a worse paper than the DDT. Everything is straight off the associated press, or editorials and articles from McComb, Greenwood, or Vicksburg. How about some human interest stories. Maybe we should just have a Wednesday and Sunday DDT..Things to ponder...

Brent web link said...

FYI RE: Eden Brent

DDT going Green said...

I have been considering dropping my hard copy subscription for an online save trees!ROFLMAO!!!! DDT must be trying to go green...any thinner and it will be non-existant!LOL

Anonymous said...

Give the new editor a chance. He's already made some noticeable improvements. And his editorials have been EXCELLENT. Eleanor Barkhorn and Laura Smith have been recent additions that have performed well, also. Laura seems to be making an effort to work with schools and community organizations to get their news in. Be patient. Pick up the phone or send an email to the DDT. Give them your kind and considered suggestions. Ask appropriate and reasonable questions, and you might find that they are very responsive when they are not being unfairly (and anonymously) criticized.

No, I don't work for the DDT and never have, but I do recognize the need for a community-based newspaper that represents our interests while giving us access to news from the rest of the planet. I've learned that making an enemy of the editorial staff never helps. Play nice.

kennard said...

helen keller needed two hands to play with herself: one hand to play with herself and one hand to moan with.

Anonymous said...

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