Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lessons We Should Learn

RHS Parent Responds:

To: high school fights are not abnormal said....

Ok, first let me correct you. This was no typical high school fight. There were three adult outsiders arrested on Riverside campus who were involved in a fight inside our school with students. Why were they there? Who was not doing there job for morning duty? We instituted uniforms for this very reason. Now, suppose those outsiders had decided it would be a good idea to bring a weapon to campus. It sounds as if no one would have noticed until it was too late.

Also, this fight was not just a hormonal spur of the moment outburst -- this was a pre-meditated and well discussed plan which had been brought to the attention of our fine Milton Gaston, Sheriff of Washington county as well as RHS officials. Now, both dropped the ball. They all better be thanking their lucky stars that weapons were not involved. Otherwise, CNN and FOX news would be asking why did county and school officials allow this to happen. Those who are trying to downplay this need to wake up. It is serious.

There is no room for violence in our schools and it certainly sounds as if some are trying to make it all ok. ITS NOT. The students involved should be expelled PERMANENTLY. If you choose violence and endanger others you lose your right to a public education. Parents who raise their children to not participate in such are sick of this and want something positive to come from this.

Sign me -- A RHS PARENT

The Riverside "fight" has many disturbing elements, but the breach of security is probably the most alarming. As the RHS parent notes, if weapons had been involved, we would probably be the latest of school tragedies reported on FOX news. We need to learn from this incident and take actions to prevent similar events from occurring.

It is very disturbing that AFTER someone is killed, the cost of increased security is no longer a cost that "we can not afford". What a shame that we can not be more proactive in the Delta!

The Glen Allan busing issue is generally to blame for most all problems at RHS. The truth is that these kids deserve the same quality education as those who live in the RHS district; however, their numbers no longer warrant a separate facility that is fiscally responsible.

When the Glen Allan high school was open, teachers at Riverside and O'Bannon would gripe about Glen Allen teachers making the same salary to teach 8 kids in a class, as opposed to 30. There is no simple solution to the waining numbers of students who inhabit our rural communities, but public education is still a privilege that should be afforded to all.

Lets all get beyond the "blame game" and work together for solutions... to keep us off of FOX News!



Anonymous said...

Excellent perspective, Forthright.....In fact, all eyes should point on the school system's leadership NOW that schools have been combined.

It's their job to secure the schools, period.

It's a shame that there's such social disruption, but it isn't "being negative" to suggest that school leaders actually lead instead by playing helpless or hapless.

Sick of supporting the lazy!! said...

Off the subject,

So Obama is wanting to rob from the rich and distribute the wealth.

My question is, who is Obama going to Give this wealth too?

More food stamps? More section 8 housing????

I feel like we need to get rid of PART of these programs that people have made a way of life to ride out.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of working all day everyday and watching folks who don't work at all enjoy good healthcare for free. It is sickening. They come in with their salon nails and blackberrys but tell you they can't afford a 4$ prescription at WalMart because their Medicaid punches are all used up. My theory is this -- get off your lazy wohonkus and get an education. Get up early every morning and go to work. The rest of us are busting our tails and so can you. Support yourself and stop looking for handouts from those of us who have made an effort to be successful. Don't get me wrong; care for the sickly and the elderly, but if you are able to work then you should never be able to be a long term welfare recipient. Everyone needs help at times, but it is sadly a permanent way of life for many here in the Delta. The general population would be horrified if they could spend a day working in our local healthcare industry (and other industries I'm certain)and see the dynamics of the Delta. I am praying everyday that Obama will not be our next president. The very deadbeats I described earlier are all gung-ho for him as he has promised to generously spread more wealth to those who do not earn it. --- Working Gal

Obama-lies said...

For what he spent tonight on his $5million info-mercial, he could have spread HIS own wealth in many better ways than his self promotion. Afterall, he in his fans are convinced it is all a done deal, so why isn't he sharing his wealth with his fellow man or at least contributing to worthy charities for children, for the ill, for the elderly???? Good question!

Funny, McCain has not spent anything close to what this Obama has spent on advertisement, yet McCain is gaining on him. Who is the wiser man with the dollar? Obvioulsy McCain!

As for Sarah Palin's wardrobe bruhaha, what a joke! Let's price out those fancy suits of Obama and Biden, how about Michelle?? If any one believes she wears Target or Kmart brands, I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you too!
Get real! This woman has had prior positions of prestige in Chicago, anyone believe that she did not set style every chance she could?

Between the media, liberals and Hollywood freaks the entire Obama campaign has bought and paid for many votes and many insiders to help along the way. Every day is a new "change" of the lies, if folks would only make note and listen it is just too obvious. Yet, somehow Obama has attained Rock Star status, in spite of the lies, in spite of the false promises, in spite of his affiliations, associations and suspicious donations or contributions. Acorn and Obama are definitely tied together in more ways than friendly support. All of this fraudulent voter registration should be shutting this election down until further notice. It should at least delay the election until the false registrations are removed and cleaned up....that is what should happen, but it won't. Apparently, justice is so blind to all of this, it has been nearly ignored, until this very last minute...how convenient for Obama!!

I predict however this election goes, especially if it keeps going the way it is right now, our world will never be the same again after his inauguration, and the changes he talks of will result in chaos, mayhem, war and eventually a revolution.

Get ready America, the enemy is within!

Anonymous said...

Thank's alot of past due taxes!

Anonymous said...

With all of the problems at RHS, the crossing guard issue at St. Joe has come to a head. Our enept city decided to post a school zone in front of St. Joe. Then they put crossing guards who apperantly never went to school, along with a whole lot of traffic cops to raise funds for Hudson. And with parents complaining daily about how bad traffic was being screwed up by these nit wits with stop signs, nothing was done. And then it happened: One of the guards who was notorious for directing cars into oncoming traffic directed a student into the path of a speeding car. And he about paid for it with his own life. It is time the Greenville PD and Paul Artman at St. Joe look at this mess and bring it under control. If it continues, who knows how big the next wreck will be. These guards are suppose to protect our kids, not pose a danger to them.

Anonymous said...

I want a smart president this time.

Voting for OBAMA. Get over it.

Country first! said...

Smart????? Con artists are smart, felons are smart enough to gain plenty before getting caught. McCain outshines Obama in intelligence and wisdom. Obama would have to take a lifetime to catch up.

If we had listened to Obama, we would have failed in Iraq with our tail between our legs and the lost lives would have been for nothing. Have you heard the recent news? We are winning and soldiers are coming home! That is what smart does! The surge that Obama denied and McCain pushed through, worked!

As for where we are today, thank those lovely Democrats in Congress! It all starts at their door and with Carter and Clinton, two other shyster Democrats that were also "smart". Smart enough to pad their pockets and luggage before leaving the White House.

Obama smart? Smart enough to cover his tracks, smart enough to buy folks off, smart enough to pay for fraudulent voting, smart enough to be involved in suspicious alliances.....no thanks, that kind of smart is the last thing this country needs!

Country first!
And then you can get over it!

Big taxes due said...

**past due taxes*
Wow, that is a lot of past due taxes.
Is this the old Cinema bldg? I assume so, a church is using last I saw. So apparently there is income for the use of it.


COUNTY 43961.37 0.00 47917.89
CITY 25134.08 0.00 27396.15
SCHOOL 0.00 0.00 0.00
TOTAL 69095.45 0.00 75317.04 9% Penalty + Print Fee


New Halloween neighborhood rules said...

As a matter of enjoyment for the kids and crime prevention for the homes on Halloween night, neighborhoods are setting the rules.

Here is a notice for Terrace Gdns and Cloverdale has adopted this as well. The entire city should do the same and doing so would be a great improvement to everyone's Halloween experience!

Terrace Gardens Association – Terrace Gardens Subdivision
161 Primrose Street . Greenville, MS 38701

Darrel Haley - President

Terrace Gardens Subdivision will be accepting Trick-or-Treaters from the hours of 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM on Halloween Night, October 31, 2008. We ask that the Trick-or-Treaters respect the houses with the lights turned off, meaning No Trick-or-Treaters. The Children should be in costume and accompanied by a parent. This request is with relation to the Partnership with The Greenville Community Crime Prevention Assocaiation.

Thank you,

Darrel Haley

President of Terrace Gardens Association

Anonymous said...

This is not the old Cinema, it is the new Nelco with the past due taxes!

Down on deadbeats said...

Why are we surprised by delinquent taxes in Greenville. Every night I walk down my drive to pick up the DDT but only once a year does it feel like the New York Times...that's the delinquent tax report.

You see the same names, year after year, and nothing is ever done about it. I pay increased property taxes every year on a house whose value has been reduced by half in the last 5 years. Over half of Greenville is for sale, but there is no one stupid enough to move here. When the local realtors give up and either move out of town or change professions...duh...it's a hint!

Anonymous said...

The 12 comments above reflect a very sad picture: Greenville is full of hopeless racist unsatisfied individuals that love the blame game.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh...I hear that Greenville Christian School has inherited one of the RHS troublemakers. Also hear he is going free on an athletic scholarship. What will GCS parents think when the Glen Allen posse shows up? At least he was expelled from Riverside, as he should have been!

Anonymous said...

WHEN gcs can't even cover their payroll nobody should be going for free.

I am shocked said...

Hey guess what? Victor McTeer is asking us to vote for B. H. Obama. Go figure.

McTeer should share! said...

Yeah big surprise...why doesn't he SHARE his wealth from all the lawsuits against the tobacco industry??? He made millions and now owns a mansion in Florida and only visits his old home here....share it Vic...put up or shut up!

Meanwhile-copy and paste this website below. I had forgotten this tidbit of history that Democrats today should loudly remember!!!
Why was Martin Luther King Republican?

answer on this web site:


Vote Obama said...

Vote Obama and spread the wealth!!

I am quitting work and getting on gov. assistance!! Got to love the new CHANGE in the American way! Forget the American dream of owning your own business that want work any more, you will have to pay to much in taxes and will have to fold anyway.

Remember Vote Obama so we will be able to have the new change in the American way!!

Anonymous said...

Bad news is Obama is leading, but that should change once the working people get off

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!How true!

McCain is the honorable one, man of his words said...

As for Obamanites, remember, you asked for it....careful what you wish for...cause you and the rest of us, who did not ask for it, are in for it now. Open your wallet wide, you are about to be part of the contributors and enablers of those who refuse to work for a living, don't pay taxes and finally got the biggest free ride of their lives.

One woman actually said on the news tonight, "Now I won't have to worry about taxes or my mortgage, Obama is going to help me out!"....if she has a house, then she might want to rent some rooms out...she will need the money to pay her new taxes...oh no...that might be too close to being a small business, she is doomed!

A Taxpayer said...

Do you assume that Obama will do this-or-that because he is black? Do you assume that all blacks have their hands stuck out for your tax dollars? Do you form all of your opinions based upon the unfortunate conditions that you observe here in the Delta? Broaden your horizons a bit. Life is good. People are good. Yes, even black people. Even racists like yourself have redeeming qualities somewhere. Give Obama a chance to improve the quality of life for ALL of us before you condemn him. But remember, no one man can do it all. But you can help immensely by simply having a positive attitude.

Also a taxpayer! said...

My opinion is not based on color at all! I have always thought Colin Powell is an outstanding man, in spite of his recent support of Obama...that was to be expected. My opinion is based on character, experience, reputation, associates, honesty, review and research of his policies,beliefs and faith. He changes his policies to please, he does not take a stand in office or actions to stand by what he believes. He thinks taxation is patriotic....He apparently missed the history class on the Boston Tea Party.

Racism can also be in reverse, voting for someone just because of his color....and if you don't believe that was a major part of his win, that the majority of blacks and some whites would have voted for him, even if he was satan himself, that Liberal whites with "guilty" consciences and distorted beliefs of what the USA should be about, voted for him....then you need to think again! God BLESS the USA, now more than ever!!

Dollars and bought votes said...

All those millions and millions of advertising and suspicious dollars he spent could have done a lot more for his fellow needy Americans than waste it in such a manner. How about spreading that wealth??

He agreed to a policy of public funding and then disregarded his own agreement. He is not a man of his word. Spending is his game, tax and run with funds wasted will be his fame.

Why do you think Hillary hung around and supported this man after such a vicious race between them???? He has agreed to pay off her advertising debts and bills in exchange for her support!! I will not be surprised, if he gives her an appointment of high status too, as more compensation for her efforts in stifling Bill from "foot in mouth disease"!LOL

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know how much of the stimulus checks went to support Presiden-Elect Obama? I guess you could call that public funding?

Dollars bought votes said...

That is a stretch!LOL... but very possible!

I saw Victor McTeer at the polls yesterday, protecting HIS investment!

The Honey Mooner said...

It will be impossible for him to deliver on all his promises. The country is broke. Watch him continue to ask for patience and more time. Then watch as his supporters turn on him and accuse him of being an Uncle Tom. It aint going to be what you think, remember those dem congressmen have to run every two years and a lot come from conservative districts. There will be no free ride for the big O. The honeymoon will be a short one.

Anonymous said...

I arrived at work this morning and was immediatly stared at by blacks with smirks on their faces, leaving me to believe they truly felt superior to whites. So much for equality. This is the start of a spiral into racial tensions that will rival, if not exceed the 60's. Is there hope; I don't think there is. With a race that has a high percentage who will not stop until they achieve superiority over all, seperation and segregation are well on the way back into everyones lives. The sad, if not sick part is that these same people are not shy of using vocally provocative and violent actions to get achieve what they perceive as justice. This will lead those in the new "lesser-class" race, whites, To take issue an to take action. There is a name for this: Civil Unrest. Let Civil Unrest fester and grow and it becomes Civil War. It is disheartning to think we could actualy be so close to this becoming a reallity. Storm clouds have been cast, now we stand watch for the coming storm.

Anonymous said...

5:45pm,,,, I have thought this also.

I work in the hospital. There was an attitude today that I have noticed and seems to have been growing for the past few months.

President Bush is not to blame said...

So many throughout this campaign have degraded, insulted and defamed our President Bush. Yet those same folks expect so much more for Obama from us!

I have no issues with Bush, his powers were limited by the Democrats in House, Senate and most especially Congress. Those folks are the culprits of the economic crisis. It is documented beginning with Jimmy Carter, then Bill Clinton and then those quacks of present day, Pelosi, etc.

As for Iraq, Bush based his judgements on his staff's research and information, if he was wrong, then it is because someone dropped the ball to his facts. Obama will have the same issues in his decisions to come.

Bush has his faults as all Presidents have before him, because he is human after all. Most of all he has protected this country and allowed/assisted those who have been under cruel dictator powers, to seek democracy, freedom and free commerce.

Bush is only one man, he can not control everything as President, there are check and balance systems in place for that, so if there is blame and surely there is on some subjects, it is widespread amongst the present leaders and members of the House, Congress and Senate, as well as State governments.

One good thing about Bush, he has never cheated on his wife while in office, there are no special "Monica aides" entertaining him. He is a man of honor and respected by many all around the world, as a force to be dealt with. Neither Clintons can claim those facts! As for Barack, well time will tell about his character and he has already shown he says one thing and does another, soon the OBAMANITE fans will have a slap of reality to come.

As for me, I do look for silver linings and here is mine to smooth my ruffled feathers, "why not have a Democrat President and Congress???" They created the mess of the economy, it is well documented!!! Let them be the one to clean it up....if they can...if not...four years is not too far away to come back and show them how. Let them be cursed and criticized by the citizens, let them sweat the media scrutiny, let them have to explain how they made too many promises that can not be kept.

Believe me, come January, many hands will be out for those promised checks, for those who choose to not work, not pay taxes and want to be cared for by the government...they are already planning on how to spend it all at Wal Mart!

Stay tuned!

Tag alongs jumping on said...

I heard on the news that car manufacturing companies are jumping on the bail out program now....here we go again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you 10:26

Very concerned said...

I received this yesterday and it does make me stop and ponder...as well as want to scream out loud!

After researching this fellow I found it that he is a white supremicist and likely not anyone that would be really caring about this country ....but...what IF he is telling the truth...what if what he says in this video is to happen....then what? I don't know, but before we laugh him off, we better start paying closer attention to what is going on and see if we need to do as he says.

Copy and paste this web site below. Take a look...listen to all of it...let's hear your thoughts. The second web site gives details about this guy...not a good resume.



Anonymous said...

I actually heard two Wal Mart employees today carrying on a "side" conversation while one was checking me out say, "Just hang on Sister. We are about to see these folks get what's coming to them. Obama is gonna get us our $9.50/hr. You just wait." I was astounded that so many uneducated people could believe that Obama can cure all of their financial woes. No more worry about mortgages, increasing minimum wage to unrealistic levels, providing free health care to all, and an umlimited supply of gas and electricity to their home even when the payments fall behind. Wow. Sadly, they are all setting up Mr Obama to fail. Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...


To very concerned: Please go to above website to see that this is B.S.

An Old White Lady said...

To Very Concerned.....

I'm very concerned about your gullibility! And your evident ease in believing such preposterous garbage from someone who is admittedly a hate-spewing monster. Try focusing on more positive and REALISTIC issues and leave the crazies alone!

And to the paranoid, racist, and uber-conservative sad souls that commented above: calm down. You will be proven wrong sooner than you think. Obama is a man of integrity and I have every reason to accept his message of hope.

Concerned said...

"Old white lady", after the things I have seen happen in this world in the last few years and most especially the last two months, things that were "impossible" to happen have proven any thing is possible.

I never said it was fact....if YOU can read I said "what IF"... and I also included the fact of this man's unlikely reliable character....don't fool yourself into a false sense of security....as many were told prior to the economic crisis by the Democrats in charge of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (Pelosi and friends) "All is well!! Great mortgages being offered to wonderful folks who can afford them all just fine."....who would have thought all of that would bring the USA to her knees in financial crisis...so "old lady"...ya just never know what could happen next, no sense in being blind to possiblities!!! And none of this has to do with race, it has to do with the politicians that have put us where we are and how or what it will take to get us out of it. Obama is ONE man, not the messiah that so many think he is, he is not a genius, he is just a man that was in the right place right time for all of this. Personally I agree with another's comments, if Colin Powell had run, I would have been ecstatic, regardless of his color, he is a well experienced, solid character, intelligent reasonable man and leader of our military...heck yeah I would have voted for him or even Ms. Rice for VP. I think she would be great at either VP or even Pres. in comparison to Mr. Obama, McCain, etc...She is outstanding and I respect her immensely!

So not to worry about me or my mentality...I am just open to possibilities. I pray to God, my God, none of that fella's words occur, but I would not swear to it that they won't. Any thing is possible in this day and time of this world, any thing.

Anonymous said...

I'm the one who wrote the blog about over hearing the Wal Mart employees. Look, I have enough sense to understand that the people who say these things are plain ignorant. However, I have been alarmed at the NUMBER of such comments I've heard in less than one week since the election ended. Old White Lady, I sure hope you know what you are talking about! I am as calm as a cucumber, but let's face it -- anyone who's not concerned about our nation at this time of economic crisis coupled with the ever impending terrorist threat, you must have your head stuck in a hole somewhere. So, trust me, I don't believe the hate mongers who are spewing foul and unrealistic ideas, but I just thought it "blog-worthy" to report such.
Also an old white lady

Anonymous said...

are you out of the country? please update!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, please update because it's November 11th and I've read that there are alot of mad white people on this site due to Obama being our next president lol. GO OBAMA!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm white, I supported McCain, but I'm not mad about Obama being president. I hope he can do some good. So, not all white people are angry -- don't you think that you are a tad bit racist for that comment? Why is that ok?

Anonymous said...

White people are not as racist as the black people.

Black people seam to have a chip on there shoulder that they are treated inferior to the white class. So they in turn try to put the white person down to try suppress the feelings. In return the white people resist the black people. But most white people that I know go out of there way to be nice to the black people and try to teach there kids equality. Yet from my observation the black people want equality but do not teach it instead teach how to bet the white people or take advantage of offerings.

White people are not upset that Obama is president because he is a black person. Most white people are not for Gay marriages, we believe people should work for a living, we believe in the right to bear arms, believe the working people should not pay taxes to support the people to lazy to work. We believe that Bin Ladon should be caught. ..On and on there are many more things My point here is not to dis the black people my point is that we vote for the issues not color.

Obama thoughts are different then those I listed.

Anonymous said...

Please place the book there.

It is their choice to make.

They're doing well.

Anonymous said...

say huh?

Anonymous said...

And we believe in the Holy Bible!

Thank You 9:16

Same Old White Lady said...

To Anonymous at 5:09----

"White people are not as racist as the black people." Excuse me, but that is a racist comment.

"...seam to have a chip on there shoulder..." It's "seem" and "their."

"Most white people are not for Gay marriages..." How does one go about making this assessment? How did I end up lumped into this stereotyped comment?

Before you (again) expose yourself as an illiterate and woefully undereducated racist, please check your own comments for sweeping generalizations. I detest associating with the like.

Is there a Delta-based blog where like-minded individuals might actually have intelligent conversation? Local Reflector, you are missed.

Anonymous said...

Wow, people are harsh on this network I see. I guess people will never be able to get along. Oh Well!!! God Bless!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL@ 5:09 He or she is really stupid for that comment!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I thought Oprah was a pretty good person until she did the obvious and voted for Obama. The obvious is that she voted for Obama just because he is black. She supported Obama before he even laid what he stood for. To me she is no different than a white racist that would only vote for McCain because he is white. There's no difference. I hope and pray that Sarah Palin is not dumb enough to go on her show.

Anonymous said...

I am tired of hearing about folks in the Delta that are on poverty. These same folks that don't work and get all these free checks, food stamps, crazy checks, welfare, and whatever other checks have more money to spend then a person that works forty hours a week. I'm not talking about the ones that actually need help. I'm all for them getting assistance. For example, I was in the grocery checkout line and the customer had some dog food that the EBT card wouldn't pay for. The customer told the clerk that I'll just get my pet some T-Bone steaks. He likes steaks too. This irks me when all I can buy is hamburger meat and have to split the package in half and freeze it. I need some food stamps for me and my cat.

Anonymous said...

So she would not have been a racist if she voted for McCain @anonymous 10:36? I am so tired of people saying that they only voted for Obama because he is black. We've voted for white presidents over and over and over again and I've never heard anyone say, hey, black people are racist because they only voted for a white president. Now watch, when an asian or a hispanic run for president and win, people will say, oh, they are racist because they only voted for them because their asian or hispanic. It's really funny to read some of the messages regarding how Bush, McCain, Palin are just good people. Yeah, no one is perfect, but to keep making excuses saying, he only won because he is black is crazy. Believe it or not, mostly white people voted for Obama. Now, if Palin won, people would have said, oh, she won because she's female and all the females voted for her. Is that racist? Noooo, i bet the white female or male wouldn't say that's racist at all. They would say, oh, she's the right person for the job. You know what, the bible is right, there will be more people in hell than heaven. We don't know what color God is, but if he turns out to be dark skinned, what are you going to say then, oh, he's a racist because he's not white. Go Figure!!!

Oh, and I'm mixed, Half indian, half white. So don't go think that a black person wrote this!!!!

No issues on skin said...

I highly DOUBT God has skin, as for the rest of us, we all know the skin is left behind at the graveyard.....so no issues there! :>)

Anonymous said...

He has no skin??????? What??????? Is he a ghost?????? A martian??????? Let's leave "we all know the skin is left behind at the graveyard and God has no skin" at your own opinion. Ya don't speak for me. Take care and God bless.

Anonymous said...

If all females had voted for Palin based on her gender, that would be sexist, not racist. (It would have been incredibly stupid, to boot.)

Anonymous said...

What is all of this going on about the mayor in Leland? Is that why our light bills have been EXTREMELY HIGH? Why is only her daughter going on these trips? Next election, I think James Lowe needs to run for mayor. And guess what? I am white....not black!!!

Anonymous said...

Why do we always end up talking about race in this blog and in this town?
Forget about the T-bones, the nails, and the cell phones of people living on welfare.
Instead of being upset with that, feel sorry for those who believe that is an acceptable lifestyle.
The problem has deeper roots than that. If somebody doesn't assume leadership and address the public school system and the corruption at local social security offices, unproductivity will keep bringing the Delta to the ground.

No issues on skin said...

To Anon: 9:50-
Last I read in the Bible, God is a spirit which, as far as I know by definition, means "skinless"
...fact? or opinion? guess that goes back to if you believe in the Bible and its words of afterlife and God the Supreme being....you think He has skin????? Now that is real news, what do you base that opinion on?

Save the City money! said...

With all the budget cuts: service and personnel, has anyone heard whether Mayor Hduson of Greenville is taking a cut in pay, since she has now chosen to go part time and open her own law practice??? If not, why the heck not!! Does this mean she still retains her medical and retiremment benefits being part time, although part time employees usually don't get those perks? Certainly a cost savings for Greenville, if she has forfeitted those dollars....but highly doubtful that she has.


No Cutbacks on GPD said...

RE: Last post of budget cuts-


The Greenville Police Department - which faces the city's second-largest cut, more than $280,000 - did not respond to repeated calls for comment.

Is it wise of our city leaders to cut back at this time on the GPD???? Crime rate is already up and this will only add fire to the flame if staffing and equipment needs of our GPD are shorted.

Not a likely encouragement for our economic, busines, industry or tourism growth. We are all in trouble, if these cutbacks happen!

Anonymous said...

As someone who has been out of the Delta for some time (as a student), I come to this blog and only find the disheartening truth that not much has changed back home. Maybe this election has opened some eyes, and maybe it hasn't. The truth is--it's over, Obama is the President.

We have the right to petition our government leaders IN WRITING DIRECTLY TO THEM. Please be educated and air your concerns in that matter on issues such as same-sex marriage, abortion, etc. Our congressmen are there to represent our veiwpoints on a national level.

I was a McCain supporter, and I am proud to admit that. That does not mean I will be mad about who was elected, but rather, support our new President whether or not I agree with him and voicing my concerns to someone who can actually do something about it in Washington.

This election wasn't about race, gender, or age. It was about progress and the ability to accept someone who doesn't necessarily believe everything you believe. If you voted as an educated voter in this election, I applaud you! Now go voice those opinions on the issues, whether or not your candidate was elected.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

is forthwright in the hospital?????

RE: Riverside/Western Line follow up said...

Follow up on Riverside High School:

Today there was a parents' meeting with Mr. Green, the School Administrator on the safety measures taken to prevent any more occurences at the schools of Western Line.

In the last few days, cameras have been or are being installed in the school hallways and around the exteriors to prevent any kind of misbehaviors and document events in question. The cameras will be on all the time and monitored in the school offices.

At Riverside, access to the school grounds is limited and monitored with only one entrance/exit after 8:30AM and not reopened until 2:30PM for the end of the day exit of children and staff.

In the case of any events, child or otherwise, such as extreme weather, flooding, etc. The parents will be notified through a new phone system of that event and be informed of the actions needed to be taken by the parent or are being taken by the school. All of these actions are fantastic steps of safety and security for the children.

I was thoroughly impressed by Mr. Green and staff's true concern for the children and the school. These steps and action should be key to improved security for everyone, children and staff.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Mr. Green and RHS! The extra steps they have taken swiftly help to ensure our kid's safety. RHS parents should feel much more confident that the security and safety of their children is aggressively being pursued. Great job!
PS - Where is Forthright?? We miss you!!!!! And I thought for sure you would be commenting on DRMC's latest plan to elicit donations in the millions to build a new hospital. I hear Morgan Freeman has donated a wad of money. However, if everyone knew of Mr. Humphrey's intentions, no one would donate. This new hospital is one of his delusion "visions". We are all sick to death of him.

Anonymous said...

if forthwright is in DRMC he might not make it out alive LOL

Anonymous said...

Geez, give it a break already. Does every discussion in Greenville have to turn back to DRMC? Move on to a new topic. This is getting very tired.

Anonymous said...

i love discussing drmc, there aren't many topics to discuss. we can't discuss some things because that would label us racist.

DIVA Flies again! said...

Well, our budgets for the city depts. have been cut, staff laid off or cut to part time, city services to the citizens minimized...but guess what???

Our Mayor had so much fun in Germany last year (with no apparent or presented results of the trip for Greenville) that she decided to go back via Greenville tax dollars for another vaction disguised as business.

Apparently, budget cuts and cut backs for our part time Mayor DO NOT apply to her! How lovely for her!*sarc*

When will this City wise up to her?? She is all about her DIVA self and not this city! I can not believe our council condoned this trip with the tightening of funds all over the city departments...just incredible!

Anonymous said...

Forget Riverside... have you seen what has been going on at Greenville Public? Our esteemed interim superintendent McNair is micromanaging the district into oblivion. Don't think she is so greatly organized she can cover every school and every meeting. No, according to a source at a sister agency, there is a stipulation in McNair's contract stating that at least 3 people from her private educational consulting firm Excellence Group will be working with her, at a minimum of $1500 a DAY! But of course the school district is currently so broke it will not pay for out of town trainings, conferences, and is expecting to lay off 80 staff members before Christmas. Am I the only one seeing a problem here?

Where is the School Board? said...

Micromanaging? Is she friends with the Mayor? Same M.O.

$1500 a day???? Outrageous! She must have the support of the Board? Correct? If so, they should be held accountable for allowing this!

Change??????? said...

Here is the change you folks will get come January. All of Obamas folks are backing off the BS they feed us prior to the election. The CHANGE will be nothing only more of the same, only we will become a socialistic country with less freedoms and a lot less money to spend on the basics. See below:

A top economic advisor to Obama had a glum warning for the rest of us Thursday morning: Neither the job market nor the stock market will be turning around any time soon.

"This might be a long haul," said Robert Reich, who was President Bill Clinton's secretary of labor. "2009 is going to be a very hard year. Some economists say we won't be out of this for two years, others are saying it may be three, or four, maybe five years."

Now on Obama's transition team, Reich worries about what happens after the new president is sworn in Jan. 20.

"We all have to be very careful about the expectations that we are putting on this man, our president-elect," Reich said. "If we all assume it's going to be the first 100 days, we're going to be disappointed."

The man who was Obama's chief campaign strategist is moving to lower expectations, too.

"We are inheriting an array problems unlike any president has faced, maybe since Franklin Roosevelt in 1932," David Axelrod said. "It's not going to be easy, not going to be quick."

Anonymous said...

To Change????,
It sure sounded like they where singing a different tune a few month ago. But as anyone with half a brain knows, Politicos will say anything to get elected.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 655 --
If ya don't like it, don't read it! Always drama at DRMC and we wanna know! So, let's see.....out of the Dream Team, who's left? Just Alphe and Mazie with Ole Ray. What a trio! NOT! Wonder how long it will take for the two males to go, Mazie can stay as she will just do what she's told anyway. But Alphe and Ray need to move on down the road and create a buttload of debt and horrible morale in someone else's hospital.

Anonymous said...

Maybe something is wrong with Forthright.

Anonymous said...


Another delta gripe site -for DRMC said...

Wonderful an entire web site dedicated to the ills of DRMC....great...now this one can be directed to other in general issues!

Those who want to gripe or keep up with DRMC would do well to go to:

Anonymous said...

I will continue to discuss DRMC here thank you.

why not? said...

oh sure why not...nothing else is more important apparently.

Anonymous said...

why not? you must have an itty bitty mind to be so negative.