Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Right to "Question"

Anonymous offers...

Here is a new topic. I was shocked to see in the DDT today pictures of the Greenville Public School teachers and right up in the middle of them is the teacher who was accused in Leland of touching a female student.

This is the teacher Dr. Richards with all her wisdom let resign instead of call in the authorities like she is legally supposed to do. So now he can do the same thing to some poor Greenville children because Dr. Richards is smarter and above the law.

Some day I hope she and this man get their just rewards. She wouldn't be so flip if that had been one of her grandchildren!

Although everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, if this alleged incident was never reported to authorities or covered up by school district personnel, there is a serious problem with this educator... and Dr. Richards.

There is a great shortage of teachers in our state and certain "standards" have been lowered to help fill vacancies, but allowing even the perception of impropriety with regard to our children's' safety and welfare is inconceivable! Teachers, like the rest of mainstream American employees, should be subject to random drug screens and background checks to insure their "accountability".

Okay Greenville parents, it looks like you just inherited a potential problem. What say you?



Anonymous said...

If this teacher does do something inappropriate to a student in Greeenville, like he did in Leland, could it go back on Dr. Richards for not taking legal action against him? Where is the parent of this child that he touched inappropriately? If I had a child and that happened to her, I would be at the state department so fast everyone's head would be swimming. Teacher's are suppose to be trustworthy and moral. Even though some jr/high school girls try to act sexy and "all that", it is still the adult's responsibility to stay away!

Anonymous said...

who is the latest dept/group on ray ray's chopping block? any cutbacks coming up?

Anonymous said...

Forthright, it seems again as if no one pays attention to the topic at hand LOL@anonymous 7:06 AM. Anyway, Yes, Dr. Richards deserves to be placed in this problem due to the fact that she's destroyed Leland's moral, student's moral, teacher's moral and all that has graced her smart #%#@#$!!! I still don't get it. Why do good people suffer and bad people succeed. Go Figure. This is just another thing that the Dr. may avoid or get away with.

Pissed said...

NEWS FLASH... Not only do we have a part time Mayor, now we will have part-time garbage pick-up...for the same price we pay now. In October, the city will begin garbage pick up only once a week instead of twice. There is no savings to the taxpayer, but the CITY will save on fuel costs. There are only three people in my household and my garbage can is completely full BOTH days that the city picks up now. Are we going to get larger dumpsters...NO! Anything you put beside the dumpster gets left, because they are too lazy to get off the truck and do their jobs! This is just another example of how this city has gone to Hell!

Anonymous said...

If anyone from the Greenville Public Schools read this, it needs to be brought to the attention of the superintendent or some of the higher administration. This is a serious problem to have a teacher teaching that cannot keep his/her hands off of students. This needs to be addressed immediately by the Greenville parents and school administrators.

DDT news reader said...

Once weekly trash pickup approved
By ELEANOR BARKHORN eleanorbarkhorn@ddtonline.com

GREENVILLE - Greenville will no longer use Mid-South Waste Disposal for trash collection, the City Council decided in a unanimous vote. Beginning Oct 1., the city will hire its own employees to conduct once-a-week trash pickup and disposal.

As of press time, neither public works director Brad Jones nor Mayor Heather McTeer Hudson returned calls requesting details.

Outraged said...

I totally agree with Pissed, everyday our leaders make decisions with no thought to us as citizens or consumers. I will pay another dollar or even two, as long as my trash is in fact picked up regularly and efficiently.

During holiday season we are all lucky to get one pick up a week, yet we pay for two. Do we get discounted?? NOPE. So now we are to be grateful for once a week?? what happens when that one day falls on a holiday? Zero? That seems to be the policy on twice a week, no make up day, just one pick up.

We all understand fuel costs, so for now, while rates are up, increase it reasonably, but do not cut the service, in fact take measures to guarantee our holiday pick ups too! There is a new and creative idea, make sure we are being served as we already pay for!

I predict citizens wil be scouting for dumpsters rather than having garbage build up in or around their homes with the local (ignored by the city) stray dogs dumping the mess in the yards or streets. Or worse yet, people dumping around the city to any secluded barren spot or ditch that they can find. Greenville will be lovely in garbage by Christmas!

City workers taking the job?? Good grief, we are really in trouble now!

Now is the time to call the Action Line at City Hall and let our illustrious?? City Mayor and Leaders know how we feel about this ignorant decision on our behalf-662-378-1500 or

Be heard! said...


Even easier, e-mail the leaders.

Go to the Greenville web site:


Locate your City Council person's e-mail accordingly and while there, include the Mayor's -


and let them all know how you feel. That way you won't get a busy signal from everyone else complaining, but they will get the message!

Anonymous said...

I will be paying half of my bill from now on, as I will only be receiving half the services.

And it's MORALE. Not moral. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone ever wonder why property owners in the city limits pay the same amount of county taxes as property owners in the county. To my knowledge they do not pay a garbage collection fee. I think that if you live in the city limits, you should pay a reduced county tax, What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I think that I will take my garbage to my friend's house in the county and tell the city I wish to discontinue service, "Please stop my garbage bill"

Anonymous said...

County home owners do pay for garbage collection. Once per week.

Anonymous said...

I agree totally about the garbage situation. It is already a bad situation. If the wind happens to blow over your trash can, your garbage does not get picked up.
I think there are 2 solutions to this problem:
1. Give every tax payer an extra trash can at no cost
2.Reduce the garbage charge on our water bill in half, since we will be getting half the services.

Also, why not start charging a late fee for all past due water bills. This would help to generate more revenue for the city. I would be willing to bet there are MANY MANY water bills every month that are not paid or paid very late. Also, charge for a reconnecion fee.

Going to a once weekly trash collection will sure help keep Greenville beautiful. This will also aid in spreading disease and infestation of rats, roaches, and other unwanted pests.

Anonymous said...

To 6:11pm

Yea, I tried that site. Sent an email with questions to the police chief and never got a response. Probably just deleted it.

Anonymous said...

Page A10 DDT 08/20/2008

$615,000 USDA Rural Grant to provide broadband internet service for the citizens of Mayersville! $615.000 divided by 212 household units (http://factfinder.census.gov/)
= $2,900 per household unit!!!!!!!

I wish someone would pay for mine!!!

Anonymous said...

I made an error, only 190 homes are occupied so that is $3,236 per occupied house!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the grant includes buying everyone a Super Dell or HP with a good DVD burner!

Anonymous said...

Satellite internet service: $60/month and a $300 equipment charge (stimulus check could have easily paid that) Why $615,000?

Greenville website answer said...

Police Chief Carter is not computer savvy or internet friendly, better to direct Police questions to the Mayor, if she does not respond, she will get her secretary to handle it for you, but at least it will get there and be read somewhere along the line...okay forget it...just call her office and get it done....oh yeah, leave a message, she never returns calls unless she deems it worthy, otherwise her secretary will handle it...didn't I just say that??? Hmph...wonder what her secretary gets paid for doing the Mayor's job???? haha

Anonymous said...

County residents have garbage pick up once a week. Every item in the can must be bagged or it is left in the can. They will not even pick up a cardboard box unless it is bagged. I might add that pick-up is all done by hand. They don't use trucks that lift your can and dump it automatically.
So be careful what you wish for!
BTW, county residents do pay a fee for garbage pick-up. It is not free.

What is he thinking? said...

What good is broadband, if the household has no computer?? Which I am guessing most don't!! So, does that individual household figure cover that too?? Well that will cover the computer and a few months of broadband, then what???? How stupid! It should be invested in schools and libraries for computer and internet access or even better spread that through the community in many good ways including libraries and schools!

Anonymous said...

Can any county resident tell us how much you pay for garbage pickup?

Raise Cain said...

Okay it was on the news, here is their wonderful plan. We lose one of our pick ups a week, the city will sell a second garbage can per household for an EXTRA $7.00 a month ($84 per year). So that means now, if you have an average or above average amount of garbage from your home, you now have to deal with TWO ugly cans to fill and deal with in your driveway, on your property and pay dearly for the second one to be emptied. So I guess you have to accumulate for your pick up or hold back to get your money's worth???...heck none of that makes any sense!!! Wouldn't it have been simpler to have an across the board rate increase of a dollar or two a month per every household than deal with this nonsense?? It is supposedly due to fuel costs, everyone can understand that, if so, raise the rates a dollar or two and WHEN the rates go down and they are already falling, reduce it!

You know the old saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"? The City Council apparently has nothing else to do than deal with garbage. Not only are we getting the shaft, but this action caused job losses or cut backs to the businesses who were dealing with the city. Soooo, landfill rates will go up in retaliation, wait and see! Our leaders just started a snow ball affect that will be far reaching across the city.

Didn't we go through this a few years back, not long after the Mayor took office for the first time and she and the council came up the the "dumpsters from hell around town" plan???? Oh yeah, what a genius idea that was, garbage was flying out of dumpsters in the streets, county and city folks were dumping mattresses, washing machines, old TVs, it was horrific and a giant mess! It did not take long for the City leaders to figure that out, once folks started raising cain. Do we have to wait to raise cain this time to see the garbage on the highways and streets again??? I say NO...start now!

As "be heard" said:

Go to the Greenville web site:


Locate your City Council person's e-mail accordingly and while there, include the Mayor's -


or call City Hall! 662-378-1501

Good old days come back! said...

Anonymous 6:40 pm, paying half will NOT be an option, you can be sure of that. It will not work that way to be an option.

A reminder about the county getting one pick up, most folks in the county burn off their paper garbage, it is allowed outside of the city limits. My relatives only get canned items and large debris picked up by the county.

Before we were annexed in to the city against our will, with lots of promises of improvements made and very little to show for it, we had a great group of fellas picking up our garbage for a reasonable rate. Not only did they pick it up, they came to the back of the house to load it and if any fell out,they actually picked it up and put it on the truck. It was great! I have missed that kind of service ever since we have had to do it the city way.

Seems to me, if the City does not want to give us our money's worth at our convenience, then we should be allowed to have these same businesses to come back and start up serving those who prefer hands on and personal service garbage service and pay them directly. No charge on our water bills! Oh now there is a great idea! I will happily pay extra to not have to haul my big full, heavy, ugly, garbage can to the street twice a week in the rain, snow and freezing weather to come in the next few months. Where do I sign up???

Confused said...

Did anyone catch if or when they would be picking up the 'road side' trash? Like boxes and things too big to go in the trash cans? It use to be Mondays here in my neighborhood but now I just don't know. I never get to see the news and don't get the paper. Anyone know when all of this goes into effect and how we will know what our days of general pick up will be? It's not like they have given any notice, details or options on the actual bill or anything like any other normal business does!

Anonymous said...

Wow, these people on here will not stick to the topic. To busy worrying about what the Mayor is doing, but not focusing on what Forthright has posted. Forthright, stop posting topics if people are not going to stick with it LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous @ 8:46,
Comments is the only place to post.
How would this blog progress if we only stuck to the topic posted? We would still be talking about stuff that happened when Reflector ran this thing.

Billy Willy

Anonymous said...

Just so everyone will know, county residents DO pay for trash pick up.

Anonymous said...

anonymous @ 12:27 PM.

We will ask again:

"Can any county resident tell us how much you pay for garbage pickup?"

Is it included in your millage? Is it included in everyone's millage (including the residents in the city limits)? I would like to know!

City dwellers may be due a refund!

Anonymous said...

After much investigation, we think we found the county garbage fees. It appears that the county residents pay 2 mills for garbage pickup. (Seems like it should be a fixed rate for each household). So if our math is correct a $100,000 home with an assessed value of +/- $10,000 would pay $20.00 for a year of garbage pickup. Is this correct? Does anyone know?

History will repeat itself said...

I have heard county folks commenting that they already have one day a week pick up, but what they have that city folks don't have is the advantage of paper burning in the county. Leaves, paper, whatever burns is allowed in the county not the city, so no wonder that they do not need more than once a week pick up! Try once a week during Christmas in the City, by the time garbage day comes around, my can is overflowing and I have two or more large bags filled! I have to watch for the truck, so I can reload the can to get it all out at the same time.

As for the idiotic idea of two cans, how can that be nearly helpful, unless you have a household of 12 and need two on a twice a week basis too. My household creates two nearly full cans a week, NOT all at once, but a week....so how do I do that in one day with two cans???? Build up and save a can's worth...?? lovely, the flies, stray dogs, bugs will love the aromas to come soon! YULK! It all begins October 1st!!!!!! Once a week for refuse, leaves, debris, etc and once a week for garbage. The Mayor says that we will have an adjustment period, "oh gee thanks Mayor, I am glad you think we will adjust so easily!"...get ready to see trash all over the city once again, just as in 2005 when the stupid dumpsters (as per the Mayor's idea at that time) were parked around town and overflowing...what a mess that was...here we go again!

Anonymous said...

I am not really happy about the garbage situation either, but I can say that I have never lived anyplace else that offered trash pickup twice a week. I think that is pretty out of the ordinary.

I hope this is the push citizens and Greenville need to improve recycling efforts here, as a bin in the Walmart parking lot is hardly effective. I plan to do more of that myself.

Recycle by all means said...

Someone else said this to me and suggested the income made for reccyling by the city could pay some bills....that makes a lot more sense to me! I doubt our City leaders have that kind of vision for a greener earth and a better way of raising money.

Anonymous said...

the idiots in this town aren't smart enough to understand recycling. i say we deliver our excess to mayor hudson's house or city hall.

Anonymous said...

I just do like everyone else I see in the Wal-Mart parking lot. I clean out my car and just dump it in their parking lot. Damn shame to see that everytime I go there but hey, if they don't care why should I? Our citizens are not only the fattest in the United States but the laziest too! So join me in dumping your trash in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

Anonymous said...

you idiots! if they are picking up all the garbage that you generate in one week on one day per week, then you are getting full service,not half service. you are not paying for the truck to come by your house,but for them to pick up and dispose of all of your garbage. what part of this is so hard to understand? there is no such thing as a free lunch,someone has to pay for it.