Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just Plain..."Duh?"

With Eliot Spitzer's career and reputation sizzling on the grill, at least nine other rich -- and likely powerful -- men have already begun to sweat. The federal complaint that describes the sexual and financial history of Client 9, otherwise known as Spitzer, also gives tantalizing details about the nine other men caught in the same net.

Spitzer, who may have spent as much as $80,000 on the call girls according to some accounts, announced his resignation today.

Judging by the complaint, each of the clients were wealthy, traveled a great deal, liked to meet the women while on the road and were willing to pay a lot of money for time with a beautiful woman. While the complaint does not identify the men or their professions, it has to be giving a great deal of heartburn as the prostitution case makes its way through the legal process and the media pry out details.

The court papers provide an inside view of the exclusive world of the Emperors Club, its customers and its employees. One man asked that a woman be flown from Los Angeles to Chicago for an evening, while another requested one of the high-priced prostitutes to be flown from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

One apparently lusty client had the Emperors pimps scrambling Feb. 2 because he was looking for "three girls, possibly four, for four hours each." Those guys were cheapskates, however, compared with Client 7, who was quoted a price of $25,000 to have a woman join him in Vienna.

Client 7 "has enough credit that they can take their time this evening and tomorrow morning," wrote one of the Emperors Club's pimps, who was caught by the feds text messaging another club manager. "She ... doesn't necessarily have to race out @ 9 a.m." Aveline, who made the Vienna rendezvous, was one of more than 50 women whom the club allegedly had available to its high rollers in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris and London.

Hooking was often a sideline for the women and they sometimes asked for shorter assignments because they were answering casting calls the next day. One griped that she wasn't being paid enough. "This is the kind of money I make very easily in photo shoots," she complained in an e-mail to the club's managers. The men who hired the women were generally wowed. Client 4 told the agency he was delighted with his last two dates. "Two A+s in a row ... I don't know where you get these young ladies."

It is hard to believe that anyone could be so stupid. Spitzer is a brilliant attorney who has spent his life prosecuting people for the same types of crimes and has authored several articles on how these crimes can be easily detected. What hypocrisy... what nerve... what a "schmuck"!

This "public servant" ought to be tried on every single count including the Mann Act, for which HE convicted numerous wrong-doer. I am sure that when the full "role" is called, there will be many more elected officials who believe that they are "above" the law.

The truth is that "prostitution" and "politics" are pretty much the same concept in our country today. Both deal in lies, deceit, illicit behavior, cover-ups and the exchange of "favors". Spitzer not only violated his public (and private) trust, but did so with our money! We will have allowed a great travesty of justice if this man is permitted to quietly disappear into the footnotes of corrupt politicians.

And what about Spitzer's wife... Silda. In standing by her man, she evokes an even more frightening concept of blatant stupidity. Have we grown so accustomed to this gross indifference for corrupt politicians, that we expect everyone to be cleansed by a public apology? If I were Silda Spitzer, the only public appearance the Governor would have made today would have been telecast from an ICU bed in Albany!

THIS is what is wrong in America! The norm is for politicians to be liars, cheats and thieves. If you are "caught", you simply wave good-bye to the suckers who supported you, retire to the talk show circuit and hope for a Hollywood mini-series on your life!

Spitzer needs to stay on the "spit" until he is fully roasted!



Average White Guy said...

If I was him I would have done It also!!!!!!!!!! Where all human!!! Woooooo

Anonymous said...

Last time I looked, this was a SIN!

Southern Girl said...

I keep trying to have an open mind about this Obama fellow. But The more observe him the more I wounder why people are for him. My church welcomes black people and teaches to welcome black people into our church. If I was in a church that talked like Obama's preacher does I would have to find another church. He makes racist remarks and sexual smut about our former pres. Obama has been with this church for 20 years. He must agree more to the statements then he admits..
I think Hillery is correct with her statement.

Ciao! Bella! said...

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Temple Of Janus said...

Do all black preachers teach in this manner?? I know white preachers do not teach this way.

Average White Guy said...

I wounder if we can get Obama on the next 5 dollar bill?

Anonymous said...

In the past, there were many churches in the South that promoted racial segregation and even harbored KKK members. Does that make all actual church members racist idiots that are not fit to run for public office?

rd said...

I am looking at this with some amount of interest. At the same time I am not ready to buy it all at face value or let Obama's minister speak for him.

Preachers aren't politicians for better or for worse. They don't hold much power and sway over our situations and national future so we pretty much let them say what they want. As such we view what they say more distantly and let them provide inspirational new ideas even very emotional and fantasitic ones.

On the one hand this is great because they are far more clear and less clipped then out politicians. On the other hand they say some pretty outlandish things for the sake of attention (aka firey sermon )and we don't panic as if they were our president.

The media has found a tasty treat in digging through the this outspoken preacher's old audio tapes and relating them to Obama.

So I'm not too worried. Obama already distanced himself from this guys rehtoric.

I guess Obama would have done well to have been a member of say Joel Osteen's church. For any Osteen fans out there I'm not saying he is bad. But you have to admit he is paper thin on doctrine and politically-polished-as-punch compared to Obama's old minister

Anonymous said...

Fed up with the Obama nightmare...
The media nor anyone else chose Obama's church and pastor for himself and his family. HE DID. Obama has been a faithful member of this "church" (and I use that term lightly to describe the maniacal definite non-Christian behavior) for at least 20 years. There is no way on God's green earth Obama didn't know what was being preached. ABC news bought many sermons, they all contain racist remarks that damn America. We are not talking about a preacher who is having a bad Sunday. So, rd, go ahead and down play the entire fiasco. There is no way I would ever put my trust in a political candidate who openly and independently supported this organization and leader full of hate for our United States. And, laugh if you like at Joel Osteen. He's not pick either, but at least he does not proclaim,
"God Damn America" from the pulpit. So don't blame the media, don't blame anyone but Obama for choosing to be a sheep in this lunatic's pasture. It is hard to believe that all of a sudden he wishes to "distance" himself from this pastor...I mean he has been his spiritual advisor for two decades and is a part of his official campaign? Hopefully this will be a sign for Americans to wake up and see past the white veneer and the eloquently delivered motivational speeches. And all I have to say is GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Average White Guy said...

Well said anonymous,,, Like I have always said, its not the fact that the man is black. It is who he is that I do not think he is the man to be pres.
Black people choose your man to rep. you carefully!! Let Colin Powel run and vote for him, I would!! Don't vote on a man JUST because he is black, like Obama voters have done so far.

rd said...

Perhaps you don't go to church or have gone to a VERY litergical one but I am just speaking from experience. I have been to a fair spectrum of churches and there have always been points where I disagreed or even disagreed strongly with what was coming down from the pulpit. If I ever thought someone would gather up every sermon I attended and say " take a listen to what rd REALLY believes " I would want to go hide under the sofa.

I think this is a case of the plank in the eye. I havn't decided to vote for Obama and I probably won't ... I just find it interesting that everyone is so quick to say "listen to that guys preacher, now he MUST share that guys views" and I want to ask " would you promise me that you agreed with everything YOUR preacher said over the past 6 months ?"

As many wonderful pastors I have known, I wouldn't make that offer on a one of them!

rd said...

Now I would vote for Powell most certainly. Had the pleasure of meeting him in person once. Always thought he was a great guy. Probably too smart and has his prioroties to straight to run for president. grin*

Anonymous said...

Obama voters are very diverse. If you look closely at the polls, there are a lot of not-so-average white guys that have voted for Obama too. They are usually well educated and earning over 75K a year.

Ghost said...

rd... If your going to a church for 20 years you must agree with what the preacher is preaching or you would find another church... Exp if the preacher acts like Obamas preacher did. He is a radical.

Anonymous said...

Fed up...
Exactly ghost...20 years of membership to the same service sends a message that you agree with the fundamental beliefs of the church and its leader. And come ON!! I cannot imagine hearing a sermon like Wrights...because trust me, God gave me a brain and I would have immediately thought...whoa, this fella is bad. He is preaching hate and damning my country...I'm outta here. Sure, most of us have sat through sermons that we didn't agree 100% agree with, however, this is over the top. There is no way to play this deal down like it means nothing. Today, on a talk radio show, person after person called in (both black and white) and said they had voted for Obama, but had they been privy to this information then, they would not have done so. It matters, face it.