Sunday, April 15, 2007

Is Santa Claus Racist?

Anonymous readers said...

"Two words... "Double Standards"

Another added...

"Look for yourself..."

NOTE: This video clip is from Chris Rock's actual live performance and contains graphic racial and sexual content.

A third writer offer...

"Aw----you gotta see the Dave Chappelle skit where he's a blind black man who's in a white supremacist group---every other word is the N-word. "

"It's OK if you're black and make black jokes, and you can even make fun of white folks.....but just let a white man make one wrong move and BAM---he's out! And yes, Imus is a pig, and no, he won't be missed by people with high standards, but do you realize that he didn't even use the N-word?"

"The term "ho" is one from the ghetto culture, not a term that Imus or the white man originated. "

Well, like him or not, it seems that the Imus affair confirms what George Orwell once wrote... "All men are created equal, however, some men are more equal than others."


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Semi-Regular Reader said...

I read in Monday's paper that a woman who publicly spews racist comments to her neighbors is now the victim of "pranks" like setting her garbage can on fire (maybe, that could be interpreted as a prank or harrassment) and a Molotov cocktail which was thrown at her house and burned up her A.C. unit. Indianola police say...well, buy the paper or read it online.

Now, THERE'S a debate on what are "appropriate responses" to racially tense communication.

By the way, the double standards DO exist. I saw a guy on ESPN (Yes, ESPN) who offered a good analysis of the Imus firing. Rap artists and comedians can say what they say with no regard to advertisers and they make money doing it. Is it right? Probably not, but I'll err on the side of free speech. Michael Richards didn't have to apologize, but there was market pressure on his career that required it. The "market" handles these things best and not more gov't intervention over the #1 protection in the Bill of Rights - Free Speech.

Don Imus was losing most every major sponsor except Bigelow Tea, which offered public support. The firing was premature and wimpy, but the marketplace spoke on the Imus situation in certain terms that get networks' attention.

That said, I believe Imus could return to the airwaves within months and his old stations will resume his broadcasts over any replacement morning show offered through CBS or Westwood One Radio Network.

The market spoke and it's given Don Imus new and nationally-based attention.

A great conversation would be to discuss the likely political proposals which could come forth in the wake of the Imus firing. I guarantee you that ALL of them will suggest restrictions on everyone's speech as a result.